Pets are big parts of our families and have a special place in our hearts. So, it’s essential to find the one that matches your lifestyle and personality.

If you don’t enjoy long walks and prefer an easy-going companion, lazy dogs are a perfect choice. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t require some exercise to remain happy and healthy.

These adorable couch potatoes come in all shapes and sizes. From charming little Pugs to big fluffy Chow Chows, they’ll warm your lap and your heart. 

Keep reading to find out:

What Makes a Doggo the Ultimate Couch Potato? 

Couch potato dogs are laid-back pets that don’t enjoy being active that much. They don’t appreciate a hectic lifestyle and prefer relaxing to the max.

From their point of view, a good snuggle session while you binge-watch your favorite show makes an ideal afternoon. Snoozing the day away is their favorite discipline, and believe me, they’re very good at it.

On the whole, couch-loving dogs are pretty chill and won’t get mad if they skip a game of fetch. As long as you give them lots of love and some fun dog toys to play with indoors, they’ll be happy and satisfied.

Time to Meet the Slugs 

Low energy dogs are famous for their sedentary lifestyle and nap superpowers. Fortunately, you can find a lot of breeds that fit this description.

We’ve created a list of some cuddly couch potatoes that will gladly take the responsibility of warming your lap while you enjoy a good book. So, let’s meet the world’s cutest slugs:

Japanese Chin — The Sophisticated Lap Lounger 

Affectionate, charming, and noble, the Japanese Chin was pretty popular in the imperial court. Hailing from China, these small lazy dogs were initially bred as lap dogs.

The breed isn’t the most active, and the only exercise they do is jumping into your lap for a nap. Chins would much rather curl up and sleep than exercise.

If you aren’t looking for a jogging partner, this breed will meet your needs. Easy-going, elegant, and intelligent, the Japanese Chin is a perfect choice for a cuddle buddy.

Bichon Frise — The Small Teddy Bear of the Animal Kingdom

Do you want a laid-back teddy bear dog that won’t trigger your allergies? If yes, Bichon Frises are the perfect lazy and hypoallergenic dogs.

Friendly and cute, an average Bichon usually weighs 10–18 pounds — a perfect size for snuggling while nestling by your side. No wonder they’re so popular.

These adorable doggies love to sleep but don’t be surprised by their occasional burst of energy. Just like they explode all of a sudden, they also quickly transform back into calm and gentle dogs.

English Bulldog — The Majestic Snorer

English Bulldogs have a stocky build and low exercise requirements. They aren’t the tallest dogs standing at only 14–15 inches, but they are on the heavier side.

Like all the other flat-faced breeds, they’re prone to breathing problems. That makes these lazy medium-sized dogs famous snorers in the animal kingdom.

If you’re thinking about getting an English Bulldog, it’s good to know that they sleep a lot. These chill dogs can sleep just about anywhere and anytime. On average, they sleep 12–14 hours a day, so be ready for a lot of snoring.

Bullmastiff — The Mellow Guardian

Bullmastiff is a popular cross between a Bulldog and a Mastiff. Once a fierce guard dog, today, this is a mellow dog that loves spending time on the couch.

Friendly and calm, these lazy guard dogs don’t need a lot of exercise. A short daily walk is enough to keep them in peak condition.

With their large size, they take up a lot of space on the couch, but they’ll make up for it with lots of love. They’ll be the perfect companion dogs if you can get past their drooling.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel — The Royal Cuddle Bug 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small, royal toy breed. They’re sweet, gentle, and quite affectionate. But if you get one, you won’t be able to go to the toilet alone anymore.

Adaptable is their middle name. They sense their owner’s personality and will equally enjoy cuddling up on the couch and chasing birds on a long walk.

When indoors, Cavaliers are absolute lap dogs. These lazy family dogs adore cuddling in your lap and getting belly rubs. With their gorgeous, silky, flowing coat, these dogs are the center of attention wherever they go.

Pekingese — The Fluffy, Little Companion

A small, friendly dog with a flat face, the Pekingese is the perfect-sized toy pet. This fluffy dog doesn’t love exercising a lot but appreciates some activity in the park. Despite its love for outdoor walks, the Pekingese prefers more of a relaxed lifestyle. Jumping on and off the sofa is their ideal type of exercise. 

These dogs are known for their distinctive walk and are generally good around other pets. But the breed isn’t the best choice for families with children as they won’t tolerate it if a kid unintentionally grabs them roughly.

French Bulldog — The Compact Snuggle Buddy

French Bulldogs are the best dogs for lazy owners since they’re not demanding. A 15 to 20-minute walk around the block will be enough to keep their weight healthy.

Frenchies also love lying around on the couch all day. And they need a lot of sleep — up to 14 to 16 hours a day is entirely normal. Snuggling up with a beloved person is their favorite thing in the world.

This adorable breed is popular for a reason. With its large “bat ears,” compact little body, and great personality, a Frenchie is an ideal pet.

Dachshund — The Fiercely Loyal Sausage Dog

Dachshunds have won the hearts of people worldwide with their long bodies, short legs, and goofy personality. Once they were fierce hunters, but today, they’re perfect little family companions.

Dachshunds are also excellent lazy dogs for seniors, as long as they’re patient. But you also need to encourage them to do some daily exercise to avoid obesity.

These dogs are quite happy to snooze for hours, but when they’re awake, they’re pretty playful. They’re loyal and will follow you around the house even when you go to the bathroom.

Yorkshire Terrier — The Charming Comfort Seeker

The Yorkshire terrier is a rather small breed that doesn’t need a lot of exercises to stay in top shape. A good play session indoors with some toys for lazy dogs or a brisk walk will meet their exercise needs.

Yorkies love to be comfortable and enjoy snuggling up a cozy and soft bed. Due to their size, they’re an ideal choice for apartment living. They won’t turn down a good cuddle party for sure. 

Boston Terrier — The American Gentleman

Boston Terriers aren’t high-energy dogs, but many owners describe them as hyperactive. That said, with age, they become low energy dogs.

Boston Terriers are the perfect little couch potatoes, but they can also have bursts of energy and run around the house. That’s just how they roll. These dogs love to nap throughout the day, but they also enjoy a short walk.

Although Boston Terriers like to play hard, they sleep even harder. They spend more than half of the day sleeping — 12–14 hours.

Pug — The Zen Sofa Sentinel

With their round head, compact, well-muscled body, and curly little tail, Pugs charm everyone wherever they go. But it’s not just because of their appearance. They also have unique personalities — fun-loving, outgoing, and intelligent.

These handsome, smooth-coated lazy dogs are the perfect little companions for any couch potato. But they also need proper exercise as they can quickly gain weight. They’re also prone to breathing issues. So, instead of a collar, you should use a special harness for Pugs.

While they can be playful, they’ll equally enjoy taking time out for frequent snoozes. Pugs are the happiest when they snuggle up next to their owners.

Basset Hound — The Chubby Hunter

Basset Hounds have big, floppy ears, chubby bodies, and short legs. But their droopy eyes give away their laid-back personality and love of naps.

So, if you’re looking for a running buddy, the Basset Hound will answer, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Always ready to chill, they’re the best dogs for lazy people.

Even though this is one of the chill dog breeds, the Basset Hound is also an excellent hunter. Their heightened sense of smell makes them one of the best tracking dogs. The rest of the time, they prefer a slower-paced lifestyle.

Chow Chow — The Chilled Protector 

An adult Chow Chow resembles a lion with its fluffy fur, standing at 17–20 inches. Under all that fluffiness, you’ll find a devoted and generally calm guard dog.

The real-life teddy bear’s favorite activity is lounging around the house. But these lazy, big dogs don’t love cuddling. Also, Chow Chows can be a bit reserved with strangers. But they’re true softies around the people they know.

Chow Chows don’t have high exercise requirements. But they require a lot of grooming to keep that coat in good condition.

Lazy Doggos — The Ideal Apartment Pets

Are you low on space but still want a dog? Don’t lose hope because there’s an ideal breed for every home. For instance, sedentary dog breeds are the perfect choice for lazy apartment dwellers. 

If you live in a small place, getting a dog that won’t constantly romp around is better. Laid-back, good-natured breeds are definitely a better option for your case.

One Thing’s for Sure — Laps Are Their Favorite Place To Sleep

There’s no greater sign of affection than a dog picking your lap as their favorite sleep spot. But why do the laziest dog breeds like to do that? Here are some possible reasons:

  • They want to connect with you.
  • They want to cuddle.
  • They trust you.
  • Your lap is warm and cozy.

Whatever the reason, the only thing that really matters is that owners enjoy it as much as their four-legged friends.

Fun Facts About the World’s Cutest Couch Potatoes

  • A Fluffy Frenchie breed is a rare variation of the French Bulldog with a slightly longer coat.
  • The former US president Ronald Reagan owned Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.
  • Josephine, Napoleon’s wife, owned a Pug named “Fortune.” She used her dog to carry secret messages to her husband while she was imprisoned.
  • One of the best lazy dogs out there, the Chow Chow, is famous for its unique black tongue.
  • A Bullmastiff named SJ is the mascot of the NFL team Cleveland Browns.
  • Concord, Ontario, elected Basset Hound Victoria as a mayor in 2011.
  • A Chow Chow was Sigmund Freud’s beloved pet.


Are you looking for a cuddle buddy that won’t insist on playing in the park for hours? Well, don’t lose hope. Many dog breeds check those boxes, and you just have to pick the right one. Lazy dogs are the perfect companions if you love to relax on the couch while binge-watching Netflix. But keep in mind that even if your dog is the ultimate couch potato, it still needs regular exercise. A brisk walk around the block or some quality game time inside is necessary for a healthy life.

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