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About Pawsome Advice

We gathered the Pawsome team to give you honest and expert advice on all pet topics. From care to training and play, here you’ll find actionable tips and insightful articles that will help you look after your furry friend. 


We strive to present facts as they are. No sugar-coating the truth.


Our team is set on making the lives of all pets better.


Clear and easy-to-understand tips make a pet owner’s life easier.


We share a goal of becoming the leading platform for pawsome advice.


We remain open and honest in our reviews.


The best way to care for your animal is to understand its language.

Our Mission

All creatures deserve health and happiness, but we can only do so much to help those on the streets.

Yet, every pet owner has the opportunity to create the best possible environment for their animal companion. That’s why we’re dedicated to improving the lives of pets and pet owners worldwide.

Our team believes that understanding your furry friend better will help you enjoy even more the moments you spend together. And we’re here to lend you a paw.

Who We Are

We’re a team of animal lovers from across the globe. Our passion for pets unites us in delivering professional advice to pet owners. We have just the right mix of expertise to give you well-rounded information on a wide range of animal topics. 

Our People

Terry Profile

Terry Stancheva

Sea, good food, yoga, and traveling adventures are just some of the things that excite me in life. I’m a curiosity-driven creature, addicted to SEO, UI design, and everything that makes the web easier to browse and use. If I’m not behind the keyboard researching everything digital, you can usually find me playing with my lovely fluff Bella somewhere in the world.

Vessy Profile

Vessy Genova

Hi, I’m Vessy, and the furry thing in my arms is Muffin. It’s a pleasure to meet you. We annoy each other daily but always end up bonding over our mutual passion for naps. When I’m not working with a cat on my lap, I enjoy exploring new places, reading, and Netflix. My mission is to teach others how to improve their writing and raise the overall quality of information online. I believe humanity has a long way to go, and we should all do our part to get there.

Emma Profile

Emma Miles

Hello, I’m Emma from sunny South Africa. My passions have many forms, but writing and research always come first. I immensely enjoy sharing information that may help others. My recently completed Master’s degree focuses on leadership through crises. I’m the go-to girl for any situation, and I love it. Giving a helping hand to others puts a smile on my face.

Monika Profile

Monika Lazarevska

Hi there, my name is Monika, and I enjoy the little things in life, like greeting the sun with a huge cup of coffee. I feel the most joyful when I follow my passion for art with painting and digital illustrations. Being a content writer gives me great opportunities for creative freedom with no limits. I aspire to provide authentic information that helps other pet owners build the best possible life for their animals. Looking after my two dogs has taught me a lot, and I can’t wait to share it with you. 

Megi Profile

Miglena Petrova

Hi, my name is Miglena, and I live for science, animals, and fashion! In my free time, I love walking my dog Rainy in the countryside. The small mountain town I live in offers great forest views we both enjoy. It’s also my way of resting after work. Aside from that, I enjoy baking sourdough bread, going to fancy restaurants, and researching topics like microbes, feminism, and wildlife preservation. I hope my love for our fluffy friends and passion for science will help me provide you with the best possible pet advice. 

Shushan Khachikyan

Hi, my name is Shushan. From nature to architecture and design, I get inspiration from many aspects of life. I dream of living in a pleasant countryside cottage with animals running around, a library with endless rows of books, and a twisting staircase. Combining my passion for writing and animals helps me create engaging content about pet care. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, watching movies, and visiting new places.

Kris Velickovska

Hi, I’m Kris and I absolutely enjoy animals, nature, and writing. Fortunately, I can often combine all three, particularly on weekends. That’s how I charge my energy and prepare for the workdays. Cats are my inspiration, but my general affection for all fluffy companions helps me share this love with the rest of the world through writing.

Natali Ajtovska

I’m always in the mood for a good book, a long walk, and a glass of wine. My passion for literature and research inspires my writing, and I’m at my best when I can freely express my creativity. I’m deeply intrigued by the special bond between a pet owner and their fur buddy, so I love digging into the topic.

Our Promise

We vow to research and write on topics you want to know more about. 

There’s a sea of information online. We understand what it’s like to feel lost and question the sources. That’s why our goal is to give you only the most practical tips and expert advice for the well-being of your furry companion. 

You can rely on our honest opinion. We’ll research, test, and review products and services so you could make the best possible choice for your pet. Most of us are pet owners who are just as dedicated to keeping our four-legged friends healthy and happy as you are.