The moment you meet your new furry family member is a moment you’ll never forget. And naming your dog is a special event that sets the first brick of your unique relationship.

Although fun, choosing the perfect name is sometimes a difficult decision. Some pet parents base it on the dog’s character, others on its appearance. Either way, Native American dog names are always a good idea since they’re unique, mystical, and meaningful

Let’s learn more about them and look at some examples.

Native American Dog Names

Native Americans are popular for living in tribes and having dogs as their constant, loyal companions. Aside from love and cuddles, their pets helped them with hunting and protection. Let’s see some dog name ideas inspired by them.

Warrior and Tribe Inspired Names

The name Yuma comes from an American tribe famous for being great traders and skillful warriors. And Yuma sounds like an excellent Native American warrior name for a female dog. It’s a good choice if your furry friend is an intelligent and social breed.

If your pal has had a difficult time coming into this world but managed to survive, Cailan is the perfect fit. It represents a warrior in life.

Do you know the cartoon “Brother Bear”? The youngest bear is Kenai — a clumsy but heroic warrior. If your baby fits these characteristics, that’s the name for it.

Owning a puppy from a rare breed deserves a unique name. For example, you can pick Yazoo. It’s a small tribe that lived on the lower course of the river Yazoo in Mississippi. Such tribal names for dogs are entertaining and educational. 

Is your pal a good hunter? Then Wichita may be a good alternative. The people of this tribe were excellent hunters and farmers.

If you have an ancient breed popular for its strength and beauty, your pup could get the name Taos. That’s where one of the eldest Native American tribes lived.

Here are a few more tribal names:

  • Cherokee
  • Calusa
  • Ottawa
  • Oneida

Spirit Animal Inspired Names

Native American spirit animal names for dogs are excellent for people who see their pets as spiritual guides. Plus, some dogs are trained to provide emotional support and help people on their wellness journey.

All dogs have a purpose — making human life more spiritually fulfilling. If your four-legged friend helps you have a meaningful and peaceful life, consider one of these names:

  • Hiawatha means a “spiritual guide” and “peacemaker”
  • Achak means “spirit” in Siksika
  • Alo means “spiritual guide”
  • Angeni means “spirit angel”
  • Axe means “father of peace”
  • Wahkhan means “sacred”

Your dog can be a constant reminder that life is beautiful, and you should embrace it spiritually in all its glory.

Strength Inspired Names

Do you have a powerful dog? Then you can check out some strong American Indian dog names. For example, Bidziil in Navajo means “someone strong.” Pronounce the name loudly, and you’ll hear its strength. Another name with the same meaning is Maska. Whichever you choose, you won’t make a mistake.

But being strong isn’t always enough. You also need a brave companion, and Koa is the right name for it. In Hawaiian, this means someone strong and brave. If you want a funnier name with the same meaning, try Kitchi. Maybe your doggo will like it.

Pocahontas and Nina are meaningful Indian female dog names you should also consider. Pocahontas was the daughter of a powerful Native American ruler. She was courageous, free-spirited, and strong. Also, Nina means someone outstanding and strong.

One more name that’s a good choice is Tama, especially if you consider your dog as strong as thunder.

Female Names

With so many beautiful pet names, it’s impossible to put them all in one category. 

Let’s check out some Native American female dog names and their meanings:

  • Name: Nova
    Meaning: Chasing butterflies
    Use: If your pup is cheerful and likes to chase butterflies, this is the right fit.
  • Name: Koko
    Meaning: Night
    Use: If your dog is black and reminds you of night, why not choose this one?
  • Name: Una
    Meaning: Number one
    Use: Your pal is the most important thing in your life, so why not choose a name that perfectly describes your relationship?
  • Name: Lulu
    Meaning: Rabbit
    Use: If your furry pet likes jumping around or has long ears, Lulu might be the perfect name.
  • Name: Ama
    Meaning: Water
    Use: A suitable choice for a clever furry friend that likes playing in the dog garden pool.
  • Name: Yoki
    Meaning: Rain
    Use: Some people find rain calming. If your doggo calms you, too, this is a great name for it.
  • Name: Naira
    Meaning: A girl with huge round eyes
    Use: It’s perfect for a female dog with large eyes.
  • Name: Henna
    Meaning: Red
    Use: It’s good for a puppy with reddish fur.
  • Name: Nayeli
    Meaning: I love you.
    Use: Express your love whenever you call your four-legged friend over.
  • Name: Sayen
    Meaning: Someone who is lovable
    Use: Every dog deserves a name like this.
  • Name: Tadita
    Meaning: Someone who runs
    Use: It’s perfect for highly active breeds.
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Male Names

Native American dog names are a great inspiration for male pup owners. Check out these adorable names:

  • Name: Chaska
    Meaning: First-born son
    Use: If this is your first time getting a puppy, the name would fit well.
  • Name: Ahote
    Meaning: Someone who is restless
    Use: It’s awesome for breeds that just cannot sit still.
  • Name: Nikiti
    Meaning: Something that is round and smooth
    Use: Do you have a cute little teddy bear? This is the best name you can choose for it!
  • Name: Tokala
    Meaning: Fox
    Use: If you have a dog with fox-like features, this is the best name for it.
  • Name: Iye
    Meaning: Smoke
    Use: It’s suitable for a doggo that seems mysterious and secretive.
  • Name: Aditsan
    Meaning: Listener
    Use: It’s among the most appropriate Native American Indian dog names for a therapy-trained dog.
  • Name: Skah
    Meaning: White
    Use: Isn’t this a wonderful name for a white pup?
  • Name: Etu
    Meaning: Sun
    Use: This is an exceptional name for the furry friend that warms your heart.
  • Name: Paco
    Meaning: Eagle
    Use: If you have a bright dog, this name will surely be an excellent fit.
  • Name: Ashkii
    Meaning: Boy
    Use: It’s a cute choice for every adorable doggo.
  • Name: Elan
    Meaning: Someone who is friendly
    Use: If your dog loves spending time around people, this is a good choice.

Random Popular Dog Names

A cool puppy deserves a cool name. So, here are some more popular Native dog names you can pick:

  • Name: Gall
    Meaning: A leader who was very important in Lakota’s fight against the US
  • Name: Pontiac
    Meaning: Popular Otawa chief
  • Name: Ootek
    Meaning: Very friendly, kind, and helpful Native American character in “Never Cry Wolf”
  • Name: Mukwa
    Meaning: Bear in Ojibwa
  • Name: Anoki
    Meaning: Actor in Sioux
  • Name: Ahanu
    Meaning: “He laughs” in Algonquin
  • Name: Dakota
    Meaning: It’s a unisex name meaning “friends” in the Dakota language.
  • Name: Geronimo
    Meaning: It means “someone who yawns,” but he was also the leader of the Chiricahua Apache tribe.
  • Name: Black Hawk
    Meaning: He was a fierce and brave chief of war, so this is among the most famous Indian names for black dogs.
  • Name: Squanto
    Meaning: He was the one who saved the pilgrims.

Suitable Names for Wolf-Like Dogs

The names listed below can be wonderful for giant breeds or wolf-like dogs. They describe large, strong, and fierce animals. Check them out:

  • Name: Kitchi
    Meaning: Brave in Algonquin
  • Name: Hanska
    Meaning: Tall in Sioux
  • Name: Denali
    Meaning: Great
  • Name: Wakanda
    Meaning: Someone that possesses magic in Sioux
  • Name: Nokosi
    Meaning: Bear in Seminole
  • Name: Micco
    Meaning: Chief in Seminole
  • Name: Miwak
    Meaning: The growl of a bear in Miwok
  • Name: Honi
    Meaning: Wolf in Arapaho
  • Name: Maikoh
    Meaning: Wolf in Navajo

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Suitable Names for Cute Puppies

Owning a cute puppy you can’t take your eyes off of requires an appropriately sweet name. Check out the list of Native American dog names below:

  • Name: Sihu
    Meaning: Flower in Hopi
  • Name: Miki
    Meaning: Little in Inuit
  • Name: Kimi
    Meaning: Secret in Algonquin
  • Name: Kaya
    Meaning: Pure
  • Name: Kasa
    Meaning: Dressed in furs in Hopi
  • Name: Tiva
    Meaning: Dance in Hopi
  • Name: Abey
    Meaning: Leaf
  • Name: Tupi
    Meaning: “To pull up” in Miwok
  • Name: Wapi
    Meaning: Lucky
  • Name: Yancy
    Meaning: Yankee

We hope we’ve helped you with this shortlist of cute Native American puppy names.

How to Choose the Perfect Dog Name

There’s an abundance of names you can choose for your pal, and choosing just one is challenging. When you have so many great options, you need a guide.

Here are some tips that can help you out:

  • Character: Observe your puppy, and its character will give you the proper name.
  • Keep it short: Dogs pay more attention to short words. Plus, a longer name will be difficult to pronounce often.
  • No confusing names: Avoid choosing a name that’s similar to the commands you’d teach your dog. For example, naming your dog Nolan is easy to confuse with the command “No.”
  • Acceptable in public: You’ll say your pet’s name out loud wherever you are. So, choose one that’s not offensive or ridiculous.

Considering the tips above, you can now choose the perfect name from our Indian dog names and meanings suggestions.


Becoming a pet parent is a huge responsibility that starts with choosing the most appropriate name for your furry friend. While some prefer cute names, others like those with a specific meaning. It’s all up to you.

We hope you choose one of the Native American dog names above, as we love them all. But if you still hesitate, check out some cute Hawaiian names for your dog. We have many adorable suggestions for your charming furry companion.

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