Almost every Austin and Kat review we found online was positive. “How is this possible?” we asked ourselves and decided to investigate further.

To our surprise, this brand’s CBD products turned out to be just as great as described by their fateful customers — amazing ingredients, calming and soothing properties, and excellent discounts.

So if you’re lost and don’t know what to choose for your anxious fluffy best friend, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll discuss:

All About Austin and Kat

Austin and Kat was founded in June 2014 by Kat Donatello. The project started in Kat’s kitchen in Maine and slowly grew into one of the best-rated CBD pet companies in the US. Her mission was to provide a natural supplement for pets to help them live happier and healthier lives.

What caught our attention was the Austin and Kat hemp-infused CBD biscuits for dog review that explained how much the brand’s products had helped their dog’s seizures and anxiety. And that wasn’t the only one. You can find hundreds of five-star reviews on the company website.

This amount of customer love isn’t a surprise. After all, the brand puts a great deal of effort into producing the best quality pet CBD oils and treats. Many Austin and Kat CBD oil reviews repeat this and share how much they trust the company. 

Hemp oils and CBD for pets have become incredibly popular in the last few years. Still, many are reluctant to try it and wonder how much THC is safe for dogs. That’s why Austin and Kat entrusted its cannabinoid extraction to the TreeHouse company. Its equipment allows for precise removal of most THC — only about 0.3% is left in the final product. 

But what’s the use of this costly procedure if you can’t guarantee an excellent product? Austen and Kat disclose all of its third-party lab results on-site to prove how amazing and pure its CBD oils and treats are. The company tests for cannabinoid contents, pesticides, and microbial contamination.

More than one Austin and Kat review praises Kat Donatello for her work. By choosing the best sustainably sourced foods worldwide, she’s created CBD products like no other. Apples, blueberries, chamomile, coconut oil, eggs, L-carnitine, and nutritional yeast are only a few of the fantastic elements of her CBD dog biscuits, oils, and supplements.


  • Free shipping on orders above $50
  • High-quality US-sourced hemp
  • Great holistic ingredients
  • Wide variety of CBD oils and treats


  • No CBD products for bigger animals like horses
  • Only one flavor of CBD oils

Austen and Kat has a nice variety of CBD pet products. Its CBD treats are every dog’s favorite, and the oils help with all kinds of ailments. Let’s see if these products are worth the hype.

Austin and Kat CBD Oils for Dogs

austin and kat for dogs

Austin and Kat has six CBD oils for dogs. Even though they’re all for specific conditions, the oils share the same quality and efficacy. People love them so much that the only Austin and Kat complaints are about the lack of flavors.

The company offers an amazing CBD oil for dog seizures. Many reviewers claim their dogs’ seizure episodes decreased after only a week of use. But if your puppy’s suffering from any severe discomfort, you should contact your vet before starting CBD.

Here are the six CBD oils Austin and Kat offers:

  • The Original CBD for Dogs — This oil comes in two strengths of 100 mg and 300mg. In addition to the full-spectrum hemp oil, Austen and Kat has infused it with CoQ10 (promotes healthy nervous system) and Black Pepper Fruit (increases CBD absorption). What’s more, it’s enriched with Organic Wild Alaskan Salmon oil to make your puppy’s fur shiny and its skin healthy.
  • CBD The High-Potency Hemp Extracts — In contrast to the Austin and Kat cannabis dog biscuits, this oil has a high CBD concentration. The potent formula (available in 600 mg and 1200 mg) contains USDA-certified organic coconut oil and full-spectrum Black Pepper extract. It’s perfect for bigger doggies or those suffering from a higher level of discomfort. 
  • Bailey’s No More Wiggles Oil — This anti-anxiety CBD oil is infused with calming ingredients like Chamomile, Lavender, Passionflower, and Valerian Root. The calm-and-quiet formula will improve your pup’s sleep and allow it to rest peacefully.*
  • Bakko’s Hip and Joint Oil — The unique formula contains organic cinnamon, Chondroitin, Astaxanthin, and Glucosamine to fight cartilage degradation and joint pain. One Austin and Kat CBD review mentions that this oil has helped their dog get back on its feet after struggling with arthritis for years.*
  • Brady’s Senior Formula Oil — Contains Bilberry, Reishi mushrooms, Ginkgo Biloba, and Hawthorn berry, making it specifically formulated for aging doggies. It aids cognition, heart and blood vessels’ health and reduces inflammation. The oil is perfect for dogs of 6+ years, but all can benefit from its calming properties.*
  • Austin’s Active Recovery Oil — For younger and incredibly active puppies, this recovery CBD oil contains blueberries, Alaskan salmon oil, Cordyceps mushroom, and Ashwagandha root. These ingredients will help your dog’s muscles rest and heal after a day of running or hiking. The Austin and Kat ratings show that people love this CBD oil and its effects on their pooches.*

*Available in 450 mg CBD strength.

Austin and Kat CBD Oil for Cats

austin and kat for cats

What makes this product unique is Austin and Kat’s own blend of sardine oil, cranberries, Astaxanthin, and pollock oil.

The ingredients promote healthy kidney function, normal inflammatory response and regulate the immune system.

A 100% of the Austin and Kat CBD oil for cats reviews recommend this product for its calming holistic properties. It comes in 150 mg CBD strength. Customers report that it soothes pain and helps with arthritis. 

Austin and Kat CBD Treats Review

austin and kat treats

Austin and Kat have five recipes for hemp dog treats. They’re all soft, easy to break in two (if your puppy needs a smaller CBD portion), and infused with the best NASC-certified hemp.

These chews are made in small batches. One of the essential aspects for Kat is to always offer freshly-baked goodies for our fluffy besties.

Here are the available options: 

  • Kat’s Original Recipe — Austin and Kat wellness dog biscuits come in three strengths — 2.5 mg, 5 mg, and 10 mg per biscuit. They offer calming and soothing effects enhanced by turmeric, cinnamon, apples, and peanut butter. The treats are by far the most reviewed ones on Austin and Kat’s website. Some customers have been buying them since the company launched in 2014.
  • Bailey’s No More Wiggles — These dog treats are infused with lavender, Valerian root, and L-Tryptophan to fight anxiety and situational stress. They’re also excellent for puppies with separation or noise problems.*
  • Brady’s Senior Blend — The yummy chews are full of ingredients that will help your puppy age gracefully, like flaxseed, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and New Zealand Green Mussel. Dogs love these treats, and one Austin and Kat senior blend review even claimed that these are a fantastic alternative to prescription meds.*
  • Bakko’s Hip and Joint — Austin and Kat’s founder created these chews for her friend’s dog Bakko that was suffering from mobility issues. They’re formulated with L-carnitine, ginger, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin. Reviewers claim they soothe pain and decrease inflammation.*
  • Austin’s Active Recovery — Designed for younger and energetic doggies, these chewy treats contain eggs, nutritional yeast, salmon, and salmon oil. They’ll help your pup recover after an active day and support its stamina and endurance.*

*10 mg CBD per treat

Austin and Kat Supplement Toppers

austin and kat toppers

Austin and Kat CBD reviews on its supplements are incredibly positive. People appreciate the variety of health-boosting ingredients and see improvement in their dogs’ overall wellbeing.

These supplements come with a special measuring spoon, and you can add them directly to your pooch’s food. Usually, pets enjoy this. But if you have a picky eater, Austin and Kat suggest mixing the supplements with goat’s milk, raw, or canned food. 

There are two types of Austina and Kat supplements:

  • Bakko’s Joint Support+ — It’s similar to Austin and Kat hemp chews for hips and joints and enriched with Glucosamine and New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels. Also, the brand has added Boswellia and Reishi Mushrooms to support your doggy’s mobility and overall health.  
  • New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel for Dogs — This interesting supplement has only two ingredients — Longvida™ Optimized Curcumin (a turmeric extract) and New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels. The blend should help your doggy with daily activities and improve its quality of life.

Read more customer reviews on Austin and Kat

Austin and Kat Pricing, Discounts & Options

Like many other brands’ CBD oil prices, Austin and Kat’s fall in the mid-range. While they’re not cheap, the testing and extraction methods of the company aren’t either. This brand uses high-quality hemp and infuses its oils and treats with superfoods sourced worldwide. Quality comes at a price.

Still, the cost of Austin and Kat CBD-infused dog treats is a bit high compared to similar products from other reputable CBD pet brands. But they also come with more CBD (10 mg per chew) and a lot of fancy ingredients. So it’s up to you. Austin and Kat is excellent, but many brands have more affordable options with the same benefits.

Saving Opportunities

Austen and Kat’s prices can be a bit high. But they have some discounts and saving opportunities to brighten up your day:

  • Sign up for the newsletter and earn a 15% off Austin and Kat promo code
  • Earn Bark Bucks with every purchase and spend them as discounts
  • Refer a friend to get $20. They get $20, too.
  • VIP — the more you spend, the more you earn
  • Free shipping over $50

Warranty, Shipping & Return Policies

Austin and Kat’s shipping and return policies are flawless. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. What’s more, it encourages customers to try the products for a month and return them if they don’t suit their pet’s needs.

Also, the brand ships all purchases with First Class USPS on weekdays, and all orders tend to arrive for four to seven days. Those made during the weekend get shipped on Monday. Austin and Kat ratings are pretty high when it comes to shipping — most people say that their orders arrived on time or even before the expected date.

To enhance your experience, the brand offers free shipping on all orders above $50. It’s $7 for all orders below that. Also, you can arrange priority and overnight shipping in most cases, but you’ll have to contact the customer service team by email or phone.

Customer Service

Austin and Kat’s customer service seems great. Its support team replies to most reviews and offers help with CBD dosing and returns.

A nice example shows how the company handled an angry Austin and Kat CBD price review situation. The customer was raging about the high prices of the products. Still, Austen and Kat’s customer support replied calmly and explained comprehensively how the company forms its pricing.

But some reviews claim to have submitted inquiries that never got a reply. There were only a few such cases, though, and Austin and Kat instantly replied and apologized.

Austin and Kat Reputation — Reviews and Testimonials

This pet CBD brand has an amazing reputation — 95% of its reviews are five-star. People love Austin and Kat CBD oils and ingredients. Also, some have even been with the company from its start in 2014.

The most common reviews praise its products for their calming and revitalizing properties. Many dog owners report their pups have become much more lively and active after taking the brand’s oils or treats.

What’s more, cat owners report less anxious kitties that are more fond of their humans, which is a miracle on its own.

There aren’t many negative Austin and Kat customer reviews. The ones we found complain about the products not working for their pets. While that’s unfortunate, you shouldn’t worry about it. Not all pets respond to CBD, so it’s great that the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Austin and Kat Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

While Austin and Kat products reviews are mostly positive, so are other reputable CBD pet brands. So if you’re new to hemp oils and cannabinoids, you might feel somewhat confused about what to choose.

We’re here to help!

Austin and Kat vs. Holistapet

Both brands work only with the finest pet-friendly ingredients. They’re also pesticide-free, and third-lab tested for potency and pureness. People love and trust them with their pets.

Some small differences between these CBD companies make them unique, like the amount of positive Holistapet and Austin and Kat reviews online.

Holistapet uses organic ingredients for its CBD tinctures and treats. Also, it offers horse- and cat-specific CBD oils and treats and various CBD strengths. But compared to Austin and Kat, the brand has less product variety — it only has one CBD oil and three types of CBD doggy treats. To compensate, Holistapet offers free shipping on all orders.

Austin and Kat vs. Honest Paws

Honest Paws is one of the best-rated CBD pet companies. It’s been on the market since 2015, and it’s won over many life-long customers. One Austin and Kat review even compared the brand to Honest Paws and eventually stated that they’re both an irreplaceable part of their doggy’s life.

Another Honest Paws review appreciated the brand’s devotion to sourcing only the best organic ingredients. And while organic doesn’t necessarily mean quality, it’s still nice to see that the company uses human-grade ingredients in its pet products.

On the other hand, Austin and Kat is highly valued by its community. People swear by the brand’s doggy treats. Also, they share that the products have helped their pets with separation anxiety, depression, and even seizures.

Austin and Kat vs. Paw CBD

One Austin and Kat CBD review mentioned how the Brady’s Senior Formula had lifted their pooch back on its feet after an arthritis diagnosis. Another claimed that their cat has never been calmer and friendlier.

Still, the brand’s products can be a bit expensive.

Paw CBD is an excellent affordable alternative. It has a wide variety of products — from CBD oils to treats, peanut butter, and even kidney support chews for cats. Also, it’s highly valued by its customers and even offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases.

Both CBD pet brands have their minor weaknesses, but disappointing customers isn’t one of them. Paw CBD and Austin and Kat CBD-infused dog treats and oils support our fluffy besties’ overall well-being by offering great holistic and natural products.

Wrap Up — Is Austin and Kat Worth It?

Austin and Kat started in the founder’s kitchen. Now, thousands of people in the US love it. Its high-quality Colorado-sourced hemp is 100% natural, pesticide-free, and provides all the calming and soothing effects your pet needs.

The brand’s unique blend of CBD, turmeric, Ginkgo Biloba, Green Lipped Mussel, and dozens of healthy ingredients make its oils and dog treats a fantastic all-around supplement for your pooch.

And if that’s not enough to make you try this brand, more than one Austin and Kat review states how great its customer service is. The company offers free shipping on orders over $50 and a guaranteed 30-day money-back policy, so you don’t need to worry about your pup not liking the flavor.

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