Americans spent $72 billion to provide the best possible life for their dogs, and that includes getting the best dog subscription box. After all, everyone gets excited when a package arrives, even pets.

These monthly packages are hard to resist, to the point that you might want to buy all of them. Luckily, you won’t need to as we have the best ones right here. Let’s see what these monthly subscription boxes have to offer and which one is our top choice.

Evaluation Criteria for Our Dog Subscription Box List 

As we deep-dived into the world of subscription deals, our list of essential factors was the first step to our research journey. Here’s what we considered.

Price Value 

The price value of dog subscription boxes has to do with each individual product’s quality, quantity, and cost. Most have a price value of $40–$75, but some cost half of that. We especially like the ones with handmade treats and products from organic, human-grade ingredients. Some toys were plush animals, while others were more heavy-duty. Many brands also included healthcare products, like shampoos and balms.

Number of Items 

While researching for our dog subscription box reviews, we established that a regular doggy package consists of three to eight items — usually two toys, two packs of treats or chews, and some kind of accessory or grooming item. Some brands also offer smaller monthly boxes with three to four things. Inside, you can also find recipes, ingredient lists, or tips and tricks for better dog care. 


That’s determined by how strong of a chewer your dog is. We found toys that resist all wear and tear, mostly made of rubber or tough nylon. While the ones filled with polyester may not be as durable, they should survive until the next package arrives.

Manufacturing Location 

When it comes to dog treat boxes, many companies manufacture their goodies in the US or Canada. Still, some use globally sourced ingredients. Their toys and accessories are also manufactured in the US or Canada. Still, we found items from Mexico and China, too.


There were quite a few companies that don’t allow customization. But we found many that focus on creating the perfect box for your pet’s character. They request information on the pet’s size, breed, age, health problems, chewing habits, or allergies, and they use that to pick the right items. Some companies even allow their subscribers to pick the items. 

Subscription Service 

Even though we didn’t find a dog subscription box with the first month free, some brands cover the replacement of damaged toys. Others offer 30-day refund guarantees or free shipping across the US. We like that many brands’ websites are easy to manage, provide helpful information about products’ ingredients or materials, have FAQs and active customer support. 


We dug deep into customers’ reviews and investigated the history and reputation of each brand. From family-run businesses to companies owned by veterinarians, we found it all.

Dapper Dog Box

The Dapper Dog Box

Monthly packages full of treats, toys, and accessories, specifically made to fit your dog’s needs. The treats are natural and made in the US. Also, there’s a toys-only option. The brand offers free replacements and a 30-day refund guarantee. 

With a price value over $60, Dapper’s customizes its monthly box based on dogs’ size, allergies, and chewing habits. There’s a surprise theme each month. Dapper offers two boxes. The first includes two treats, two toys, and a bandana, all for $35.99. The treats are made in the US from 100% natural (and sometimes organic) ingredients. The second box is toys-only plus a bandana. Their dog toy boxes cost $21.95 per month. 

Dapper donates a portion of sales to animal shelters. Plus, you can skip a month or cancel the subscription whenever you like. In case you don’t like an item, Dapper will replace it for free. Its boxes come with a 30-day refund guarantee. If you want to purchase a package without getting rebilled, you can use the “Gift a Box” option.

Product Specifics: 

  • Monthly themed boxes
  • Size & health appropriate items
  • Toys-only option
  • 30-day refund guarantee


  • US-made treats with 100% natural ingredients
  • Donations to animal shelters
  • Free replacements


  • Subscriptions automatically renew
  • Only one subscription


Why we choose this company: Dapper offers an excellent subscription service, including free replacements, 30-day refunds, and free shipping in the US. Plus, you can select a dog subscription box with toys only or a one-time purchase with the “Gift a Box” option. 



Size-appropriate subscription box filled with monthly-themed toys, treats, and chews. The treats are natural and allergy-free. Plus, you can choose between a twelve, six, or month-to-month subscription plan. The brand offers free replacements and great customer service. 

With over two million subscriptions, BarkBox is the best dog monthly subscription box in both sales and brand recognition. The company makes everything inside, including two toys, two all-natural treats made in the US or Canada, and a chew. There’s a unique theme for every month, which definitely increases the excitement. Also, you can buy items from previous collections and add more toys or goodies for birthday occasions.

BarkBox offers a twelve ($22), six ($25), or month-to-month ($35) subscription plan. To ensure that every item is appropriate for your dog, BarkBox requires information about its size and allergies. Plus, the brand offers free replacements. All in all, each doggie box has a price value of over $40, and if you subscribe for multiple months, you’ll get a discount. On top of that, BarkBox donates 10% of the purchases to rescue organizations. Its website is simple to navigate and has an FAQ, blog, customer service, and tracking information section. 

Product Specifics:

  • Twelve, six, or month-to-month subscription
  • Custom box based on dog’s size & allergy status 
  • Fun themes each month
  • Free replacements
  • Pet-friendly items and all-natural treats 


  • All-natural treats 
  • 10% of profits go to rescue organizations 
  • Allergy-friendly and size-appropriate items 
  • Exclusive toys & unique themes each month 


  • Subscriptions automatically renew
  • Customization only available through customer service


Why we choose this company: BarkBox wants its customers to feel special, and the monthly themes deliver that. Not only are the items unique, but the treats are natural. Also, the gift box for dogs varies depending on the dog’s size, and you’ll get free replacements.

Bullymake Box

Bullymake box

Dog subscription box for aggressive chewers with heavy-duty toys and protein-packed treats. There are four subscription plans, a toys-only option, and a 14-day free toy replacement. Everything is made in the US. 

Bullymake is a dog toy subscription box for heavy chewers. Each month you’ll receive a package of two or three toys from nylon or rubber and four or five protein-packed treats. In case your pooch is a picky eater, the company offers a “toys only” box. Considering how tough chewer dogs can be, Bullymake has a free 14-day toy replacement

You can choose between four subscription plans — monthly ($39), three months ($36), six months ($34), and twelve months ($31). The brand picks every item depending on the dog’s size and allergic reactions. Even though Bullymake doesn’t have a dog subscription for multiple dogs, you can add an extra toy for an additional $9 per month. Everything in the box is made in the US

Product Specifics: 

  • Designed for heavy chewers 
  • Nylon & rubber toys 
  • Protein-packed treats
  • US-made 
  • 14-day free replacement 


  • Tough toys and allergy-free treats
  • Replacing a damaged toy
  • Toys-only option
  • Extra toy option


  • Subscriptions automatically renew
  • No multi-pet discount


Why we choose this company: Bullymake offers monthly goods for the most aggressive chewers. The toys are durable and made from nylon or rubber. Plus, the treats are strength boosters packed with proteins and allergy-free ingredients. 

Pet Treater Deluxe Dog Pack 

Pet Treater Deluxe

Pet Treater’s monthly package of goodies, accessories, toys, and treats. The Deluxe Dog Pack offers 5—8 items per box, depending on the dog’s size. Everything is made in the US or Canada.

Pet Treater offers one of the cheapest subscription services. Also, no matter how many months you subscribe for and what size your dog is, the price remains the same. The company has a regular dog pack of 3—4 items, a toys/treats only pack, and the customers’ favorite — the deluxe dog pack. 

The deluxe dog pack combines 58 toys, treats, clothes, or grooming items, all made in the US or Canada. The first box includes the best items from previous collections. Based on pet treater reviews, we can confirm the chew toys are solid and should last until the next package arrives. As for the treats, they’re hypoallergenic and made from natural ingredients. Also, you’ll find treats recipes inside. You can cancel the subscription without any penalty fees. And the best part is that the brand donates to an animal shelter for every box.

Product Specifics: 

  • 5–8 items per collection
  • Made in the US or Canada 
  • Hypoallergenic & organic treats
  • Homemade treats recipes
  • Free cancelation


  • Cheapest subscription service 
  • Fixed price, no matter the dog’s size
  • Organic treats
  • Donations for every shipped box
  • Box Varieties


  • Subscriptions automatically renew
  • No free shipping 


Why we choose this company: We searched for a cheaper Barkbox alternative, and we found one. Pet Treater’s Deluxe dog pack has everything from grooming items to outfits, toys, and natural treats. It’s a quality monthly collection for a much lower price. 

Good Dog in a Box 

Good Dog in a Box

A training-based subscription box with textual and audio-video guidelines and exercises. There are basic and advanced learning programs, each lasting for six months. The dog packages consist of grooming tools, dental items, toys, puzzles, games, treats, and accessories. 

Good Dog in a Box designed a different kind of puppy box — a training program that teaches owners and kids how to better interact, train, and take care of their pets in the most fun and family-friendly way possible. The training consists of a basic and advanced part, each lasting for six months. You can buy them separately or together in a complete 12-month program. 

The box includes training tools, guides, exercises with training videos, grooming tools, and chew toys. The first part covers basic techniques like dog bite prevention, name recognition, and no pull walking. In the second part, you’ll learn how to brush a dog’s teeth, how to teach your dog to wait for food, and fun tricks like crawl, roll over, bow, and spin. The website shows everything inside the dog goodie box and every skill you’ll learn with the program. 

Product Specifics: 

  • Training program
  • Basic & advanced part
  • Six months training per part


  • Learning for pets, pet owners, and kids 
  • Textual guides, videos, exercises & games
  • Items for dental care, grooming, treats & KONG toys


  • No customization 
  • Long-lasting training program


Why we choose this company: This subscription box offers basic and advanced training followed by games and puzzles for fun. Apart from learning tools, there are grooming items, heavy-duty toys, treats, cookbooks, and dog leashes.



Description: Monthly subscription package for puppies, It’s filled with toys, treats, accessories, and training guides. Everything is handpicked based on your pup’s age and characteristics. There are four subscription plans, from one month to a year. 

PupBox is a monthly subscription service mainly focused on puppies. Your pup will receive an age-appropriate customized box of items that changes as your pet grows. For instance, if your young pooch is in the teething phase, you’ll receive extra chewable toys. Each box has a total of five to seven items, including toys, US or Canada-made treats, accessories, and training guides. 

While analyzing the Pupbox vs Barkbox subscription services, we found that Barkbox has cheaper services. Still, it doesn’t provide training guides or grooming and cleaning items. Also, Pupbox has a box for adults, with four to seven things that aren’t age-related. The company offers four subscription plans — from one month ($39) to a twelve-month deal ($29).

Product Specifics: 

  • Subscription box for puppies
  • Products change as the puppy grows
  • Four subscription plans
  • Includes training guides and accessories


  • Age-appropriate training for your puppy 
  • US or Canada-sourced treats
  • Age-related items


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Plans renew automatically


Why we choose this company: This company’s primary focus is to provide the best puppy gift box with toys, treats, training guides, and helpful accessories for your pet. The items change as your puppy grows, so you’ll always have the necessary tools and toys. 


Rescue Box

Monthly-based themed subscription boxes for small, medium, and large dogs. The company makes a donation to animal shelters for every purchase. Its box consists of treats, chews, toys, and accessories, all made in the US, Canada, or Mexico. 

RescueBox is a charitable subscription service that surprises dogs with monthly themed boxes. The company helps US-sheltered dogs to get properly vaccinated and has donated more than fifty million pounds of dog food. Inside these monthly dog boxes, you’ll find tasty chews and reward treats like smoked pig ears or large marrow bones. The toys and accessories vary depending on the monthly theme. 

After you receive the introductory box, RescueBox will start sending you themed boxes. Most products are made in the US, Canada, or Mexico. RescueBox doesn’t provide allergy-friendly options, but it customizes the boxes depending on the pet’s size. Every monthly box costs $29.95, no matter the dog’s size, and has a price value of over $40.

Product Specifics: 

  • Charitable monthly themed boxes 
  • Made in the US, Canada, or Mexico
  • Three size options 
  • Fixed dog gift box monthly price 


  • Animal shelter donations
  • Size appropriate packages
  • Monthly themes


  • No allergy-friendly option 
  • Only one monthly plan


Why we choose this company: RescueBox offers monthly subscription boxes with adorable themes, filled with tasty, entertaining, and useful items. Buying these boxes will help sheltered dogs get vaccinated and supply their home-shelters with food.


Box Dog

Quarterly and monthly dog subscription boxes filled with handmade treats and natural skincare. The toys, gear, and accessories are handpicked. Plus, the company offers a grain-free subscription box.

BoxDog is all about designing a healthy dog subscription box. The treats are handmade by its chefs, and the skincare is 100% vegan. The service includes products like handmade Oreo cookies and vegan oatmeal dog shampoo. When it comes to toys and accessories, you’re free to choose whatever you like. The items vary from bandanas, towels, and toys to doggie backpacks, collars, and leashes. 

BoxDog offers monthly and quarterly subscriptions. The price depends on how many items you pick, with the lowest being $35/monthly and $40/quarterly. You get two handmade treats in the monthly box, one skincare or gear item, and 2–3 toys or accessories of your choice. The quarterly package arrives every four months with four handmade treats, one skincare item, and 2–3 toys and accessories. As a part of the dog subscription box deals, BoxDog also offers grain-free options.

Product Specifics: 

  • Monthly or quarterly subscription 
  • Handmade treats
  • Vegan skincare
  • Customizable
  • Grain-free options


  • Exclusive items 
  • Natural treats and skincare
  • Pick precisely what your pooch needs 


  • Small selection of toys, clothing, and gear
  • Price goes up with every selected item 
  • A bit expensive


Why we choose this company: BoxDog offers the freedom to choose whatever you like for your dog. The items are one-of-a-kind, so you won’t find them in regular stores. Also, the box includes handmade treats and natural skincare.



Chompbox is a monthly subscription service with free shipping and a fantastic discount. The box includes four nutritious chews, a durable toy, and doggy gear. Also, chews are natural and free from artificial preservatives and flavors. 

Chompbox offers delectable treats, engaging toys, and fantastic doggie supplies in a curated monthly box. Inside, you’ll find four treats in total, including three gigantic bully sticks, marrow bone, pig ears, and jumbo cow ears. 

The Compbox dog delivery boxes contain durable toys, like a tug of war rope or a squeaker fox toy. In some, you may also find extra items, including poop bags or microfiber towels. Plus, the treats are 100% natural, and free from artificial preservatives or flavors, which we love. They’re nutritious, too — low in fat and rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, glucosamine, and chondroitin. 

Compbox costs $24.99, but you can get it for only $5 if you subscribe. Shipping is also free. 

Product Specifics: 

  • Monthly subscription box
  • Natural chews
  • Durable toys
  • Essential dog gear


  • Free shipping across the US
  • USDA & FDA approved chews
  • Huge discount for the first order
  • Chews aim for dental, joint, muscle health


  • Not breed specific
  • Lacks good toys


Why we choose this company: We included Chompbox in our pet gift box review because of its high-quality treats and huge first-order discount. Plus, the chews are nutritious and irresistibly tasty.


Kong Box

Monthly KONG package of doggie goodies. It’s the best dog subscription box for chewers, filled with heavy-duty toys and delicious treats. There are three subscription plans with an option for early cancelation. Plus, the shipping is free. 

KONG is famous for designing some of the best heavy-duty toys for the most aggressive chewers. And now it has monthly packages full of great items for chewers. Each dog surprise box is based on dogs’ size, age, chewing tendencies, and health issues. The 6-month box subscription costs $44.95 per box, with a prize value of over $75

The first box includes one KONG classic toy, a rubber training toy, and one personality toy based on your dog. You’ll receive three unique treats, including the KONG Calming chews. Also, the box includes personality tips for your pooch and easy-to-make recipes. Plus, KONG offers one toy replacement per package and early cancelation for a small fee. 

Product Specifics: 

  • Toy box for dogs with chewing habits
  • KONG treats included
  • One or six months subscription
  • Toy replacement
  • Early cancelation
  • Free shipping in the US


  • Heavy-duty toys
  • Customization based on the dog
  • Tips and recipes for dog care


  • Not suitable for dogs without chewing habits
  • No allergy-friendly options


Why we choose this company: Since the brand offers the best heavy-duty toys, this is a great chance to try out its products. You’ll pay less and receive more. KONG guarantees that its toys will survive all wear and tear and considers your pet’s profile for box customization. 

VetPet Box 

VetPet Box

Monthly subscription-based supplies handpicked by veterinarians. The dog subscription includes food, healthcare products, toys, and educational materials. Also, boxes vary depending on size and health condition. Cancelations are free of charge. 

VetPet is a vet-owned company that offers monthly subscription boxes for dogs filled with wellness goodies and quality toys. Its boxes are highly customizable, so you’ll get proper items for your dog’s size, breed, and health. All of this determines the cost, which varies between $35–$49. 

VetPet selects mentally stimulating toys that support chewing, scratching, and biting. The treats are made in the US or Canada. The company pays special attention to allergies and offers grain and protein-free options. Also, it includes supplements for arthritis and anxiety and products for luxurious coats, healthy teeth, and clean ears. Besides, VetPet sends educational materials for your dog’s health. If you want to cancel, pause or skip the dog gift box subscription. You can do that without paying a fee or penalty. 

Product Specifics: 

  • Healthcare items and supplements
  • Heavy-duty toys
  • Educational materials
  • Made in the US or Canada


  • Handpicked by veterinarians
  • Size-appropriate items
  • Free cancelations
  • Grain-free and protein-free treats


  • Cost depends on the dog’s type and size
  • More focused on healthcare than entertainment 


Why we choose this company: Experts handpick every product. Plus, they test all of them for safety, so the box is a healthy and pet-friendly offer of monthly goodies. 


Gnaw Box

Naturally-sourced monthly goods made of human-grade ingredients. There are two boxes, depending on dogs’ size and chewing tendencies. The products are made in the US.

GnawBox is a family-run business that sources natural products from responsible and trustworthy farmers. The company aims to provide simple, natural, and delicious food with human-grade ingredients. It has over 90 natural chews and treats for dental care, stress, boredom, and training rewards. Also, there are two monthly subscription boxes — one for smaller and lighter chewers and another for bigger, more aggressive chewers. 

Each box consists of 15–20 US-made treats and chews, ranging from jerky chews to salmon treats and bully sticks. Also, you’ll receive special items like a tennis ball and brush. The little dog subscription box costs $24.99, while the large dog box is $29.99. Cancelations are free of charge. 

Product Specifics: 

  • Natural chews and treats
  • Made in the US
  • Toys and accessories included
  • Two boxes based on the dog’s size and chewing habits


  • 100% natural with single or limited ingredients
  • Supports dental health
  • Free cancelations


  • Poor toy options
  • Only one monthly subscription


Why we choose this company: GnawBox offers affordable chew packs that are natural, rawhide-free, and with single or minimal ingredients. Plus, the dog treat box is specifically designed for supporting dogs’ dental needs. 

Super Chewer Box by BarkBox

Barkbox Super Chewer

BarkBox’s monthly subscription box for heavy chewers, filled with heavy-duty toys, chews, and treats. You can choose between a monthly, six months, or yearly plan. Also, there are free replacements for destroyed toys. 

The Super Chewer Box is a hybrid of the original BarkBox package specifically designed for power chewers. These monthly boxes are full of heavy-duty toys and 100% natural chews. But how much is BarkBox a month? The Super Chewer Box ranges from $29 to $45, depending on the subscription plan — monthly, six months, and yearly. 

The box has a monthly theme, and all items are designed in-house. So you’ll always receive unique toys and healthy treats. The allergy-friendly options exclude turkey, beef, or chicken ingredients. Every box has two nylon/rubber toys, two packs of treats, and two chews. Also, BarkBox provides free replacements for destroyed toys. The company is famous for its excellent customer service that offers lots of customization. 

Product Specifics: 

  • Nylon/rubber toys
  • 100% natural chews
  • Monthly themes
  • US or Canada made


  • Allergy-friendly options
  • Free replacements
  • Unique and durable toys
  • Takes care of dogs’ teeth 


  • No indestructible toys 
  • Not suitable for smaller and lighter chewers 


Why we choose this company: It’s a great BarkBox alternative for heavy chewers. The monthly themes will surprise your pet, and the heavy-duty toys will resist your pet’s strong jaws.

A Guide Toward the Perfect Subscription Box 

Are you getting overwhelmed by searching for the ideal dog subscription box? Do you want to purchase all of them? Well, not every box is suitable for your dog.

Here’s What to Look For 

Toys, grooming items, or healthcare supplies — every box has its specialty. Let’s see what’s important to consider when choosing a subscription box.


Start by deciding how much money you’re willing to pay for these monthly supplies. Focus on finding a subscription box that will fulfill your dog’s needs, whether that’s items for playing, grooming, or overall wellbeing. Go for a package that’s cheaper than buying the items inside individually.


Most dog toy delivery subscription plans offer free shipping only across the US. And paying for additional fees might significantly increase the price. Always consider the shipping cost and search for the most affordable option in your area. 

Multipet Option

Many brands offer larger boxes for multiple pets. They include more toys and treats or have an option for an additional toy. The ideal dog subscription box for multiple dogs should allow you to add another dog to your subscription plan, and sometimes these offers come with discounts, too. 

Chewing Habit

Pay close attention to durability. If your dog can destroy toys in a couple of seconds, consider a subscription box for heavy chewers. Our monthly dog box reviews include many options. 

Dog’s Profile 

We like that dog subscription boxes pay close attention to detail. Most ask about your dog’s character, size, health condition, allergies, and chewing habits. The best choice is a brand that customizes its boxes for your dog’s needs.

Subscription Plan

Determine how long you want to commit to a subscription. You’ll often find plans for one, three, six, or 12 months. For a lower cost, consider choosing a long-term subscription. Also, there are subscriptions with fixed prices, no matter the period.

What Are Subscription Boxes and Why Should I Get One for My Pet?  

Puppy subscription boxes monthly packages filled with toys, treats, grooming items, accessories, and health supplements. The box arrives at your doorstep after you sign up for one of the listed subscription plans. But first, you’ll have to create a profile for your dog, including its size, weight, breed, chewing habits, and allergies. Check if you can also pick the toys yourself. It’s a good idea to see what’s in the box and go through the ingredient list, too. If you no longer want to use the service, you can cancel the subscription at any time. 

Types of Subscription Boxes 

Authenticity is the key to good dog packages. And even though they all differ, we managed to put them in several categories:

Toy boxes are doggy packages for entertainment only. The toys can have monthly themes depending on the brand, and some might even be suitable for heavy chewers. They have different designs like plush toys, balls, ropes, chew toys, and treat dispenser toys. 

Seasonal boxes usually arrive every three months and are larger in quantity. They consist of various (sometimes themed) toys, several packs of treats and chews, accessories, or healthcare items. Their aim is to supply you with enough things for the next three months. 

Treat boxes are dog food delivery subscription packages with treats, chews, and kibbles. They try to provide the best nutritional diet for your dog. These brands aspire to make food from natural, organic, and human-grade ingredients.

Grooming boxes take care of your dog’s appearance. Their packages include shampoos, blades, combs, nail clippers, and accessories like bandanas and bows. Learning how to groom your doggo at home can make things a lot easier and affordable.  

One-time boxes have the same items as regular subscription boxes. But you don’t have to sign up for a plan to purchase their items, so it’s an excellent gift idea for special occasions like birthdays.  

Behavioral training boxes consist of materials that will help train your dog. They include video lessons, books, exercises, games, and stimulative treats or toys.  

Cost Details — Is It Worth It? 

A dog subscription box isn’t a cheap investment. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider it. After all, dogs need toys, food, and healthcare items to live a happy life. Plus, you’ll spend money whether you buy them separately or together. The only difference is that a dog subscription box might be a cheaper alternative

The price for monthly subscriptions ranges from $25 to $45. Depending on the number of items included (from four to eight), the price value of everything goes between $40 to $75. While some companies offer fixed monthly plans, others have discount options for three or twelve months plans. The alternatives come at a lower price, usually $5 to $10 less than the subscription. 

Subscription Box — Pros & Cons 

Let’s see the benefits and drawbacks of a dog gift box.


  • Exclusiveness: You won’t find many of these toys in stores as they’re exclusively for subscribers. Plus, most have unique themes that change every month. 
  • Convenience: You know what’s included in the box. Plus, it’s highly customizable. Many are based on your dog’s health status, size, and chewing habits, so you’ll always receive an item that’s the right fit. 
  • Entertaining: Unwrapping the package is a guaranteed fun time. You and your dog will have a blast trying out the tasty treats and playing with the toys.
  • Saves time: You don’t need to spend hours shopping for items. Instead, you’ll receive everything you need right at your doorstep.
  • Saves money: A dog goodie box offers a cheaper alternative than buying all the items separately. Plus, if you commit to a long-term subscription, you’ll pay even less. 


  • Excess toys: Signing up to these monthly subscriptions may result in an overabundance of toys. But you can always donate the excess to animal shelters.
  • Commitment: You’ll be locked into paying for the service depending on the plan. The good thing is that many companies offer free cancelation. 

At a Glance — Summary of the Reviews

Dapper Dog Box: Best overall

BarkBox: Finest monthly themes 

Bullymake Box: Subscription box for aggressive chewers  

Pet Treater Deluxe Edition: Monthly box with the lowest cost 

Good Dog in a Box: Subscription box for training purposes 

PupBox: Subscription box for puppies 

RescueBox: Charity-based subscription box

BoxDog: Handmade treats and vegan skincare

Chompbox: Dog treat subscription

KONG Box: Nylon & rubber toys

VetPet Box: Vet-approved subscription box

GnawBox: Dog meal subscription box

BarkBox Super Chewer: Themed heavy-duty toys

Other Subscription Alternatives & Additions 

Looking for a subscription box with a different purpose? Here are our favorites.

Fresh Dog Food Subscription

If you’re searching for a convenient and healthy way to feed your pet, The Farmer’s Dog box subscription delivers fresh dog food made with human-grade ingredients. The recipes are vet-approved and formulated by nutritionists. As soon as you complete your profile, they’ll even suggest what’s the best meal for your pet.

One-Time Dog Box Gifts

For special, one-time purchases, we like Chewy’s Goody Boxes. Each includes five or more themed items. These bundles are excellent for birthdays, as they have the cutest toys and delicious treats. Most of the toys are exclusive, so you can’t buy them separately. The box also has food toppers and chews. You can find bundles that include potty training pads or collapsible wire crates. Plus, there are boxes for cats and puppies, too. 

Dog Dry Food Subscription

Heed Foods is a dog kibble subscription for all-natural products rich in fiber, carbohydrates, and antioxidants. The food is a mix of fresh meat, like chicken, salmon, or turkey, plus natural superfoods, like quinoa, apples, white beans, bananas, and carrots.

If your dog’s allergic to some of the ingredients, it’s better to check dry food options for dogs with allergies that won’t harm your pet. 

Grooming Box

We like the GroomBox monthly subscription. It offers quality grooming supplies like shampoos, blades, combs, shears, and accessories like bandanas, bows, and ties. Plus, professional groomers test and approve everything in the box. 

Dental Care Subscription

The best dental chews for dogs should effectively remove tartar while pleasing dogs’ natural desire to chew. Our top pick for a dog dental subscription box is the Bark Bright. It includes triple enzymatic toothpaste and dental sticks. The results are immediate, resulting in fresh breath in the first week and whiter teeth in four to six weeks.

Final Thoughts: The Optimal Dog Subscription Box for Your Pet

Our ride-or-die fluffy pals deserve the best, including a beautifully crafted monthly subscription box. It should consist of appealing and durable toys, delicious treats, and useful items, just like our top pick.

Each product in the Dapper Dog Box comes from a respected manufacturer. Plus, the treats are natural and sometimes organic. We love that the primary focus is on animal shelter donations. What’s more, the toys are themed and irresistibly adorable. For only half of the price value (60$), you’ll receive a box of items your dog needs.

Not ready to spend money on monthly dog boxes? You can still find good toys for dogs on the market or even make your own toy package.


What’s the difference between a heavy chewer subscription box and a standard dog box?

Standard dog boxes mainly offer plush toys that are great for entertainment but not for chewing purposes. Heavy chewer subscription boxes include items durable enough to resist the strongest jaws. Their toys are very strong, mostly made from rubber or nylon. 

What dog subscription boxes are for heavy chewers?

The most popular subscription bundles for heavy chewers include the KONG Box, BarkBox Super Chewer, and Bullymake Box. They arrive monthly with 2–3 heavy-duty toys and 2–3 bags of chews and treats. Plus, they offer free replacements for damaged toys. 

Are there subscription-free dog boxes?

Yes, there are. What’s great about them is that you’re free from monthly payments and cancelation fees. And we found the best dog subscription box offers for one-time use — the Chewy’s Goody Boxes.

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