Good Life has been making the life of dog owners easier for the last two decades. One of its most successful products is the Dog Silencer Max, making the brand immensely popular among dog enthusiasts.  

But before you decide to get one, it’s best to go through as many Dog Silencer Max reviews as possible. This one provides a holistic overview of the product’s features, pros, and cons.  Here’s what we’ll cover:

What Is the Dog Silencer Max?

Do you have a dog that barks too much? It can quickly get annoying. If you want to deal with this issue effectively, you can learn how to stop dog barking and get the Good Life Dog Silencer. It’s a device with a rechargeable battery and a plug-in option. Since it’s small, you can easily carry it with you wherever you go. The device produces a high-pitched ultrasonic wave when your dog starts barking.

Dog Silencer Max is fully automated, so you don’t have to turn it on every time. But if you want to stay in control, you can also use the remote for manual operation. Before you do this, make sure you go through the Dog Silencer Max instructions on the box. 

In the automatic mode, the device sends high-pitched waves that only your dog will hear. The strategy is a tried and tested way of discouraging barking. Plus, it’s safe. So you can relax peacefully while the Good Life Dog Silencer Max trains your dog or your neighbor’s dog without human intervention. 

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The Company Behind the Dog Silencer Max

Good Life, the company behind Dog Silencer Max, started its operations in 2002. But it took the brand ample time before it found its identity. In the beginning, Good Life focused on different products, but bark control was the market segment where they always seemed to shine.

Customers love their products because there’s no pain or shock involved in them. Every item is humane, and the positive reviews for Dog Silencer Max prove that.  And it all started as an item with nothing more than a box, speaker, and switch. 

In time, Dog Silencer Max became the powerhouse people call it today. The latest version has improved bark detection, snazzy faceplates, sensitivity adjustments, and waterproof seals. Plus, the newest type of product (the MAX) has 40% stronger speakers. These upgrades were possible thanks to dedicated research and feedback from dog bark suppressor reviews. 

Dog Silencer Max Features

Here are the main characteristics that make the product so popular:

  • Detects barks from 75 feet away
  • Offers a spray and shock-free humane solution to barking
  • It weighs less than two pounds.
  • Works for outdoor and indoor settings
  • Stormproof and water-resistant
  • You can easily set it up with mounting holes, wall mounts that can tilt or pan, or fold out feet.
  • Long lifespan with six AA batteries or an AC adapter
  • Among the Dog Silencer Max accessories, you’ll find a solar panel that you can buy separately for energy efficiency
  • 60-day money-back guarantee and a year-long manufacturer’s warranty
  • It has a sound-amplifying cone that can increase sound levels by 4 to 6 dB

But does Silencer Max really work? Let’s find out by examining the features closely.

No Shock Technology

The humane training with the Dog Silencer Max teaches your pet to associate its barking habit with irregular frequencies. Besides, you can use the device anywhere, and you’ll never need your neighbor’s permission. If you want to check out the alternatives, consider getting a wireless dog fence or the best dog training collar.

Good Life understands that barking isn’t always annoying. In some cases, the dog can try to alert its owner of a potential threat. So the Dog Silencer Max is designed to stop nuisance barking, but it won’t affect protective or instinctual barking.

Indoor and Outdoor Functionality

Good Life Dog Silencer Max reviews also mention that this is the world’s first outdoor and indoor control device for barking. Plus, it’s the first anti-bark device to work electrically or with six AA batteries for portability. Its high-pressure transducer carries the ultrasonic waves farther than any anti-bark unit. So even if your dog is strong-willed and attempts to run away, the Dog Silencer Max will still work its magic. 

Among the Dog Silencer Max accessories, you’ll find fold-out feet for any surface. There are also cut-outs on the back that let you hang the device anywhere you want. Lastly, you won’t deal with hefty running costs either. Using the device on the Ultrasonic setting will cost you $2 to $3 in electricity bills. Expect to pay $2.5 to $4 on the audible setting.

Remote Control

The device arrives with a small keychain remote control. If your dog is outside the Dog Silencer range, you can trigger the alarm yourself with the remote. And it doesn’t matter where you use the remote from. You can press the button inside your car or from your pocket. It’ll still work. 


The ultrasonic waves emitted from the Dog Silencer have a 300 feet radius. According to Dog Silencer Max reviews, that’s six times stronger than similar devices.

Bark Detection

Dog Silencer Max detects barks immediately. It responds with a frequency that only your dog can hear. Since this process is effective and humane, you can easily train your dog and reduce the barking frequency within a few weeks.

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Dog Silencer Max Benefits

To give you a complete overview of the device, we’ll cover both its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the positive.

No Stress or Discomfort for Humans

Dog Silencer Max reviews online mention the sound waves produced by the device. But do you know that humans can’t hear these sounds? So the noise is only annoying for dogs, and it won’t disturb you. Your dog will feel a slight pinching effect that isn’t too stressful. 

Compared to the typical shock collar, the sound waves last longer and are a more humane approach to unnecessary barking.  

Detecting Barks From a Long Distance

Almost all Dog Silencer Max customer reviews rank the device among the best options on the market. It detects a dog’s bark from up to 75 feet, and its ultrasonic waves travel for 300 feet.  

Works With Multiple Dogs

You don’t have to get two Dog Silencer Max devices if you have multiple dogs. The device can still ensure that they won’t bark excessively. Plus, if you’re annoyed by your neighbor’s barking dog, the Dog Silencer Max can take care of that, too. That’s a significant advantage over shock collars, which can only discipline one dog at a time. 

Manual Settings

Even though the device is automated, you can control it manually if you prefer. It comes with a remote control that works in a 75-feet range. In the first few days, you may notice your device not reacting to your dog’s barks. If that’s the case, Dog Silencer Max user reviews say you may have put it in the wrong place. 

Experiment with different positions to know which works the best. Also, you might have placed the device in the right position, but there might be many obstacles interfering with the signal. Read the instructions carefully to avoid wasting time with adjustments.

Controlling Other Behaviors

Apart from barking, you can also use the device for other dog behaviors. For instance, if your neighbor’s dog has the habit of walking on your lawn and plucking the flowers, you can trigger the device. It will train the dog to remember that its behavior can lead to annoying sounds. Also, even if it’s raining or you have your sprinklers on, you can trigger the device with your remote to ensure your dog hears it. 

Finally, if your dog has a habit of jumping whenever it sees strangers, the dog silencer ultrasonic reviews say you can also help it quit by activating the device.

Dog Silencer Max Drawbacks

Nothing in life is without its drawbacks. So let’s see where this product fails to impress us.

Can’t Penetrate Objects

When installing the device, be mindful of where you place it. Its ultrasonic beams won’t travel through a solid object like a window or a wall. For instance, if your dog’s barking in the living room and the device is in the garage, the sound won’t pass through. 

For the best results, keep the device where your furry friend makes the most noise.

Shouldn’t Be Combined With Invisible Fence Systems

Invisible fence systems and electric devices often use a high-pitched sound beam to teach your dog that it’s getting too close to the fence. From a dog’s perspective, both of these sound strikingly similar. So, upon hearing the Good Life Dog Silencer Max sound, your dog will think it’s close to an electric fence. 

Consequently, dogs can become fearful and confused when they hear a noise but don’t see anything wrong. That’s why the manufacturer doesn’t recommend combining these two training methods. But we wouldn’t call this a deal-breaker since the pros outweigh the cons.

Dog Silencer Max Pricing — How Much Does the Dog Silencer Max Cost?

With a range of 300 feet, a remote, two settings, and an option to hang the device, the Dog Silencer Max price is $129

Dog Silencer Max Return Policy

The company offers 60 days to try out the product. If you aren’t satisfied, you can get a refund with deducted shipping costs. If you decide to stick with the device, you’ll have a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, starting from your delivery day.

Customers can also add two or three years to their protection plan with optional accidental coverage. 

Customer Service

To reach Good Life support, you can call them on 1-800-657-8214, send a message on the website, or start a live chat.

Dog Silencer Max Reputation — What Do People Say About the Device?

You can easily find Dog Barking Silencer reviews on Amazon and Trust. While some are positive, there are also a few Dog Silencer Max complaints. 

Many customers state that the device fails to get the job done as there are too many obstructions. Still, many reviews praise the device and say it works fine. The Dog Silencer Max has a 2.9 rating out of 5

Read more customer reviews on Ultimate Bark Control.

Wrap Up — Is Dog Silencer Max Worth It?

Many consider Good Life’s Dog Silencer Max as the most effective device out of all the pet silencers available on the market. That’s because it can work with multiple dogs. Plus, it won’t annoy you, it’s waterproof, easy to install, and portable. If you’re physically disabled or don’t have enough time for your dog, you should consider getting the Dog Silencer Max. Using this device with your dog can get a bit stressful, but you can turn it off when you’re leaving your house. No matter how many Dog Silencer Max reviews you read, its performance will largely depend on how you use it. Keep it in a room where your dog barks the most and put away any obstructions if possible.

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