The Russel Terrier is an adorable and fun-loving energetic ball of fluff that never ceases to wear out its energy. These dogs are tenacious, a bit loud, and fearless. Also, they’re incredibly affectionate and friendly, even to strangers.

They’re full of life and confidence and love to explore or roam around in the open for hours and hours. Due to the breed’s popularity, it’s common to meet a Jack Russell Terrier mix dog.

The Jack Russell Terrier

Initially bred as a hunter, the Jack Russell Terrier is full of energy, friendliness, and love. These dogs are incredibly playful, outgoing, and a little bit stubborn at times. They’re also among the most vocal breeds, so be ready to hear them bark often. 

Proper training and devotion are crucial to avoid a dissatisfied or neglected Jack Russell. Despite their tiny size, these dogs can cause big problems. Jacks are terrific guardians, outstandingly brave, and loyal. So if you get one, you’ll pick a very loyal breed.

Physical Characteristics

Most dogs from a Jack Russell mix are jaunty and tiny, with their body standing anywhere from 10 to 12 inches at the shoulder. They have the cutest, most adorable almond-shaped eyes and small V-shaped ears. These characteristics represent the breed’s trademark, making it one of the most recognizable dogs. 

They have three coat types that are predominantly white with tan or black markings. The coat is dense, short, and smooth, requiring very little grooming to look impeccable.

Personality Traits

The most common personality traits of any Jack Russell Terrier mix are energetic, lively, impulsive, and friendly. These dogs are brilliant, but they require frequent outdoor activities and exercise. 

The Jack Russell is famous for being loud and a little wild, but this comes from a lack of proper training, care, and devotion. The dogs have a bold personality and high prey drive, so be ready to go on chases when their instinct kicks in.

What Diseases Are They Susceptible To?

Any dog from a Jack Russell mix is generally healthy. Like most small breeds, these dogs are susceptible to health issues related to deafness, eye diseases, and bone growth

If you get a Jack Russell Terrier, screen them for patellar luxation (loose kneecaps) and lens luxation. One of the most common problems in young Russells is a degenerative hip condition called Legg-Calve-Perthes disease.

List of 20 Best Jack Russell Terrier Mixes

Over the years, the Jack Russell has often been mixed with other Terrier crossbreeds and purebred dogs. This results from the breed’s popularity and the general notion of creating a calmer, low-shedding dog that will meet the needs of people who can’t handle a Jack Russell Terrier.

1. Jack Russell Terrier x Beagle (Jack-a-Bee)

The Jack Russell Terrier Beagle mix is the first and maybe the cutest fluff ball on our list. These dogs possess noticeable black, white and tan coat colors and the trademark floppy Beagle ears. The Jack-a-Bee is cheeky and intelligent, making it an adorable pawsome companion for everyone.

As both breeds were initially bred to hunt, the Jack-A-Bee is always ready for an action-packed adventure in the great outdoors. These dogs go on chases when their instinct kicks in, so it’s wise to keep them on a leash.

2. Jack Russell Terrier x Fox Terrier (Jack Fox Terrier)

You’ll recognize a Jack Fox Terrier by its fluffy and white coat and the muscular, square-shaped body resembling the Jack Russell. 

The Jack Russell Fox Terrier mix is small and looks like its parents. It’s an energetic creature that requires lots of open space and frequent exercise.

Playtime is essential for these fur buddies, as they get bored if kept in and start throwing temper tantrums. It’s best to begin training this breed as early as possible to avoid bad behavior.

3. Jack Russell Terrier x Pug (Jug)

The Jack Russell Pug mix, more commonly known as the Jug, weighs up to 18 pounds and can reach a size of 11–14 inches. So tiny! This is one of the most squishable dog faces you’ll ever encounter.

They make excellent family dogs, as they’re brilliant and very friendly. They can be very affectionate with their owners. Unlike most Jack Russell Terrier crossbreeds, the Jug only requires a modest amount of easy exercise as it can have some breathing difficulties.

boston terrier

4. Jack Russell Terrier x Boston Terrier (Bo-Jack)

Jack Russell’s cuteness and the Boston Terrier’s beauty form one of the most adorable breeds — the Boston Terrier Jack Russell mix, or simply Bo-Jack.

Bo-Jacks are great charmers. Combined with a fun-loving personality, they’re one of the most wanted dogs. They’re always excited to share an activity with their owner, so you’ll always be company on your daily adventures if you decide to go for this mix.

5. Jack Russell Terrier x Chihuahua (Jack Chi)

If you’ve seen a small, puny dog with a muscular body and a loud, high-pitched bark, you may have laid eyes on the adorable Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua mix or Jack Chi.

This mix makes a terrific family pet, and thanks to its small and compact size, you can take it anywhere with you. Talk about finding a new best friend! Their character resembles the feisty Chihuahua personality, and you’ll have a loyal pup by your side that will protect you and your family at all costs.

6. Jack Russell Terrier x Poodle (Jackapoo)

Poodles are one of the most beloved breeds, and they’re also the national dog of France. The Jack Russell Poodle mix is a crossbreed between a Poodle and a Jack Russell Terrier. They’re very playful, athletic, and the perfect family dogs.

The Jackapoo is a sweet and brilliant pup. It’s soft, fluffy, and curly, with a cute small-sized face that will bring you joy at first sight. The breed is intelligent and obedient, so training should be a walk in the park.

7. Jack Russell Terrier x Labrador Retriever (Jackador)

The Jack Russell Labrador mix is an active breed that’s always keen to go out in the open, especially in large, green fields and long, sandy beaches.

This dog makes a loyal friend and companion. It forms an instant connection with its owner and predominantly has the laid-back, fun-loving Labrador nature. These dogs are the perfect snuggle buddies that always look for hugs and kisses. 

8. Jack Russell Terrier x Shih Tzu (Jack Tzu)

Here’s a dog no one can resist. The Jack Russell and Shih Tzu mix is among the pocket-sized toy dogs that are curious and protective, making them even more adorable. These dogs are tiny and can grow to about 11 inches, weighing 14–22 pounds. 

Jack Tzu’s are very loyal and committed to their owners and family. They’re the definition of puppy eyes, as their dark, brown eyes are impossible to resist. Also, these dogs are outgoing and smart, making them fun to have around and easy to train.

9. Jack Russell Terrier x Dachshund (Jackshund)

A Jackshund combines a Jack Russell Terrier and a Dachshund. It’s a challenging dog to train, as it can be very stubborn and resistant. A Jack Russell Terrier Dachshund mix requires a lot of patience and commitment to get it to listen.

Besides being stubborn, this is a lovable and very affectionate breed that loves to play and run around. Ensure to provide many toys, so they don’t get bored. 

10. Jack Russell Terrier x Pomeranian (Jack-a-Ranian)

The Pomeranian Jack Russell mix known as the Jack-a-Ranian is among the most adored crossbreeds. They’re tiny and can grow up to just 13 inches in height. This combination is sure to melt your heart at the very first glance.

Their appearance generally resembles the Pomeranian, with a fluffy tan and white coat. These dogs are energetic and incredibly friendly, making them perfect companions. Remember that they need proper training as they can show signs of stubbornness.

11. Jack Russell Terrier x Yorkshire Terrier (Jorky)

One of the most sought-after lapdogs is the Jack Russell Yorkie mix. This loveable dog is perfect if you’re looking for a more energetic version of the Yorkie.

Jorkies are very loyal and affectionate dogs, with a spunky and fun-loving personality that excites everyone. They adore being around their owner and are the perfect travel companions. Due to their small size, you can take them anywhere with you.

12. Jack Russell Terrier x Corgi (Cojack)

The Jack Russell Terrier Corgi mix is among the most affectionate ones. These are the biggest snuggle-bugs in the canine world, and they love spending time with their owners.

The Cojack has a lively and very energetic personality, so you should provide plenty of exercise and activities in the open. Since they’re natural herders, you can expect some wild chases.

13. Jack Russell Terrier x Pit Bull (Jack Pit)

This is one of our favorite crossbreeds. The Jack Russell Terrier and Pitbull mix is a hybrid that will make you fall in love at first sight. They’re adorable, and their small size makes them even more precious.

Jack Pits are curious and playful by nature. They make the perfect family pet and will get along with everyone. Also, they’re lovely and affectionate with their owners. We’re positive that this little critter will melt your heart.

australian shepherd

14. Jack Russell Terrier x Australian Shepherd (Aussie Jack)

The Australian Shepherd Jack Russell mix is relatively new and was created around 2000. The first words that come to mind when we look at an Aussie Jack are cuteness overload

Aside from their gorgeous looks, these dogs are huge lovebugs, and they live to please everyone around them, especially their owners and family. Their Jack Russell roots give them a natural, lively, and energetic kick, so you won’t have a dull moment with these pawsome companions.

15. Jack Russell Terrier x Cocker Spaniel (Cocker Jack)

The Cocker Jack is a friendly and active mix. Its parents are total opposites — the Jack Russell is a high-tempered, energetic breed, and the Cocker Spaniel is soft and reserved.

The mix is an excellent family dog that loves spending time with children and is devoted to its owners. These dogs love the spotlight and will always take a chance to be in it.

16. Jack Russell Terrier x Border Collie (Border Jack)

Meet the dog with a super brain. The Border Jack is a brilliant, sharp-witted, and energetic dog that will amaze you with its cleverness.

The Border Collie Jack Russell mix has a knack for challenging and interactive activities, including mental stimulation and logical thinking. These dogs are excellent for obstacle course running, as they thrive when faced with challenges. Ensure you always keep them active as you don’t want to neglect them or keep them bored.

17. Jack Russell Terrier x Cairn Terrier (Jacairn)

The Jacairn is a very sweet and loving dog that’s incredibly tiny but with a huge heart and lively character. These dogs are classic Terriers, meaning they love to run in the open and chase small animals. 

The Jack Russell Cairn Terrier mix is good for first-time owners due to its low maintenance and high intelligence. These dogs can learn commands quickly, so training is a breeze. Plus, you won’t need to spend enormous amounts of time tending to their coat.

18. Jack Russell Terrier x Basenji (Jackenji)

Here’s one of the unique dogs in the Jack Russell Terrier mix pool. The disparity between the two parents makes it an interesting crossbreed.

The Jack Russell Terrier is among the noisiest and most vocal breeds, while the Basenji is famous for barely making any noise. So if you go for this mix, you’ll get a loud or a silent adorable dog. It’s a win-win situation.

19. Jack Russell Terrier x Golden Retriever (Golden Jack Retriever)

When two of the most adorable breeds collide, you get a pooch from the Jack Russell Golden Retriever mix. These dogs will keep you entertained the whole day. They’re awesome goofballs with adorable personalities.

The Golden Jack Retriever needs a ton of open space to spend all its energy. A nice trip to the park or a nearby lake is a perfect choice. These dogs love the water and can spend hours swimming and splashing in it, so a pet pool can be ideal to keep them occupied.

20. Jack Russell Terrier x Siberian Husky (Husky Jack)

It’s a gorgeous crossbreed between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Siberian Husky. If you picture a miniature Husky with a small body, you’ll see this mix.

These dogs are carefree, happy, and enjoy many physical activities. The Husky Jack requires long walks and runs to stay healthy. But it’s best to keep this mix on a leash, as it can get carried away and roam freely.

What to Consider Before Getting a Jack Russell Terrier Mix

If you want one of these dogs for you and your family, you must first consider whether you can provide everything needed for your dog to live a happy and healthy life. For example, this mix needs plenty of space to roam around, so it’ll be best if you have a yard or large indoor area.

Diet is also crucial. We recommend about 1.25 to 1.75 cups of high-quality dog food daily, but this can vary depending on your dog’s size. Also, you don’t have to buy some luxury, overpriced food. Affordable brands can offer plenty of nutritious value. For instance, the Kirkland dog food is good and won’t cost you too much.

Adopting From Rescue or Shelter

Many Terrier mix puppies wind up in a shelter or a rescue center. These dogs are in dire need of a loving family, so check out these sites before buying:

Buying a Jack Russell Terrier Mix From a Breeder

Adoption is always better than buying, but if you decide to purchase a dog, ensure to find a good breeder who has all the health clearances and records for your new pup.

Depending on the crossbreed, expect to pay from $600 up to $1,200 for your new friend. If you’re buying a big or older dog, stock up on food for large puppy breeds

Last Words on Jack Russell Terriers

Whatever mix you decide to go for, provide them with a ton of love and affection. Almost all Jack Russells are very energetic and active dogs, so we recommend plenty of outdoor activities and fun playtime.

Remember to take your dog to annual vet checkups and keep their low-maintenance coat brushed and clean. A pup from a Jack Russell Terrier mix will bring a spark to your life and give you a loyal and loving friend for many, many years.

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