If you’re a pet parent who has recently learned that your beloved dog has diabetes, you’re probably worried. You might wonder how that will affect your pet’s life and whether it’ll be shorter.

The good news is that diabetic dogs may flourish with regular veterinary care followed by optimal non prescription diabetic dog food.

The bad news is that all brands claim their recipe is the greatest, so it’s easy to get lost in the quest for proper nutrition. Luckily, our research team has already done the legwork for you. All you have to do is read and choose the ideal option for your dog’s needs. Let’s get started.


Here are the evaluation criteria we used to investigate and research the science diet for diabetic dogs. 

First Five Ingredients

You must read the back of your dog’s food label. That’s where you’ll find the ingredient list, and the first five items are the most crucial. We only picked diabetic recipes that are grain-free, with real meat as the first ingredient, followed by meat meal, nutritious veggies, and fruits. 

Guaranteed Analysis

The guaranteed analysis is the nutrient ratio per bag. One diabetic dry dog food had an extra high protein content of 60%, while others varied between 32%–40%. The overall fat content was around 15%–17%, while fiber came at 3%–%8. Moisture was more or less the same in all foods, ranging from 10%–12%. 

AAFCO Guidelines

AAFCO, or the Association of American Feed Control Officials, establishes the guidelines for animal and pet meals. Food for diabetic dogs must fulfill the AAFCO nutritional criteria, meaning it must be complete and balanced. Luckily, we found a handful of AAFCO-approved companies. 

Extra Nutrients

Most companies include additional nutrients, such as glucosamine, chondroitin, omega-3, minerals, and antioxidants. So while these recipes take care of your dog’s diabetes, they also aid the digestion, brain, bones, muscles, skin, and coat. We also recommend checking out dog vitamins to see if it may be a good option for your pupper.

Place of Manufacturing

We’re happy to say that every diabetic recipe we analyzed was manufactured in the US. Some ingredients were locally sourced, and all came from trusted suppliers. 

Value for Money

Pre-portioned meals are always fresh and of the highest quality, so naturally, they cost the most. Still, diabetic canned dog food is a great budget-friendly option as it often comes in bundles of twelve cans. But dry dog food remains the most affordable and long-lasting solution. 

Customer Reviews

We believe that customers speak the truth. That’s why we take the time to read the most and least positive reviews. You’ll find all the necessary information for each of the foods below.

Ketona Dry Food for Adult Dogs

Ketona dry food

US-made dry kibble with minimal amounts of carbohydrates, starch, and sugar. Rich in proteins. The first component is non-GMO chicken fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Ketona has a unique product that combines the low carbohydrate content of a raw-ingredient diet with the affordability and convenience of a kibble. It includes 85% fewer carbohydrates than its competitors, 5% less starch, 0.5% sugar, and more than 46% protein.

Ketona dog food is made in the US with natural ingredients, including non-GMO chicken raised by American ranchers. The recipe also contains pea protein, ground green peas, oat hulls, and chicken fat.

The kibble is also full of vitamins and minerals. It’s one of the leading meals for diabetic dogs, as it’s free from corn, soy, wheat, potatoes, sorghum, rice, barley, or rye. You can find this food in 4.2 lbs and 24.2lbs bags.

Product Specifics:

  • Made in the US
  • 4.2 lbs and 24.2 lbs bags
  • The first ingredient is real chicken
  • Non-GMO
  • Grain-free


  • Low amount of carbohydrates and starch
  • Only 0.5% of sugar
  • More than 46% of protein


  • May cause diarrhea 
  • Some experienced lethargy


Why we choose this product: Ketona is one of the best diabetic dog food brands and among the most affordable ones. Its recipe is ideal as it contains 85% fewer carbohydrates than other foods and more than 45% protein from non-GMO chicken. 

American Journey Dry Dog Food

American journey food

Grain-free meal for diabetic dogs. The recipe contains real chicken and nutritious fruits and veggies that are high in fiber. It’s manufactured in the US and comes in 4, 12, and 24lbs bags. 

American Journey’s recipes come with real, deboned meat and nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. The food is made in the US, and the ingredients are from trusted local and global suppliers. 

The recipe includes deboned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, peas, and sweet potatoes. It’s free from grains, corn, wheat, and soy, so it’s the best non-prescription dry dog food for diabetic dogs with upset stomachs. 

Your pet will benefit from this high-fiber formula. Because fruits and vegetables contain plenty of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, they can strengthen your dog’s immune system. Plus, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are beneficial to skin and coat health.

Product Specifics: 

  • Made in the US
  • Sourced from local & global trusted suppliers
  • Grain-free
  • The first ingredient is real chicken
  • 4, 12, and 24 lbs bags


  • High protein & fiber content
  • Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • Source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids


  • Not ideal for picky eaters
  • Sweet potato has a high glycemic index


Why we choose this product: It’s a non-prescription diabetic dog food that’s rich in fiber. This grain-free meal can help with tummy problems. Also, the first ingredient is real chicken.

NomNomNow Pork Potluck 

NomNom Pork Potluck

Subscription-based meals to fit your dog’s nutritional needs and health issues. The meals are freshly cooked in the US with locally sourced ingredients. The recipe contains ground pork, and it’s full of vitamins, healthy oils, and nutrients.

Nom Nom makes the best dog food for diabetic dogs as its meals are pre-portioned and well-balanced. Each component is carefully and separately cooked to preserve its nutritional value. 

The recipe includes ground pork, russet potatoes, green beans, squash, and kale. It also contains plenty of vitamins E, A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, and D3. Plus, the meal contains healthy oils, potassium chloride, and dicalcium phosphate.

Nom Nom is a subscription-based food service that’s designed specifically for your dog. The components come from respected US farmers.

Product Specifics: 

  • Subscription-based food
  • Custom-made
  • Cooked and sourced in the US
  • The first ingredient is ground pork
  • Home delivery


  • Well-balanced meal
  • Rich in vitamins, nutrients, and oils
  • Always fresh and carefully cooked


  • Pricey
  • Not portable


Why we choose this product: It’s the best diabetic dog food that’s specifically made for your pooch. Each ingredient is cooked individually, resulting in a well-balanced and comprehensive meal. Plus, it’s always fresh.

Royal Canin Glycobalance Canned Dog Food

Royal Canin wet food

Veterinary wet dog food for diabetic dogs with chicken and poultry flavors. Features high levels of protein and antioxidants yet moderate amount of fat and carbohydrates. 

Royal Canin offers a veterinary diet in the form of wet dog food that’s specifically made for diabetic support. The meal is made in the company’s US facilities in Missouri and South Dakota.  

Royal Canin dog food for diabetic dogs contains pork by-products, chicken, pork liver, chicken by-products, and water sufficient for processing. Its high protein and moderate fat content support healthy body weight and lean muscle mass. 

The recipe is also rich in antioxidants and has a low starch content. Although it can suit all breeds, Royal Canin highly advises checking with your veterinarian before choosing this food for your dog. 

Product Specifics: 

  • Made in the US
  • 20.1 lbs wet dog food
  • Chicken and poultry flavor


  • Veterinarian meal
  • Aids postprandial blood glucose levels
  • High in antioxidants & proteins


  • High water content
  • Not palatable for picky eaters


Why we choose this product: Royal Canin has been at the forefront of pet health nutrition since 1968. It’s the best dog food for dogs with diabetes that need a moderate fat content. Also, it’s low in carbohydrates and contains plenty of protein and antioxidants. 

Acana Dry Dog Food

Acana dog food

A low-sugar, whole-prey diet that’s suitable for all dog life stages. Acana’s meals are clean of artificial colors and preservatives, and the company’s award-winning facilities proudly prepare its local ingredients. 

Acana has been producing high-quality dog food since 1985. Its recipe includes 70% whole prey meat and fish, 30% vegetables, fruits, and botanicals. Plus, it’s free from grains, potatoes, or tapioca, so it’s truly good dog food for diabetic dogs. 

The top five ingredients are deboned beef, pork, and lamb, followed by lamb and beef meal.  Half of the components are raw or fresh, while the remains are dry or oiled.

Acana doesn’t contain any artificial colors or preservatives. It’s appropriate for all dog life phases. What’s more, the company uses regionally sourced ingredients prepared in its award-winning facilities.

Product Specifics: 

  • Made in the US
  • Whole prey diet
  • Bio-appropriate
  • Farm-fresh vegetables & fruits
  • 12 oz, 4 lbs, 13 lbs, and 25 lbs bags


  • Rich in animal protein
  • Variety of fresh meat sources
  • Low sugar content


  • Diarrhea
  • Unpleasant smell 


Why we choose this product: Acana’s recipe is local, seasonal, and bio-appropriate. Instead of fast sugars, it has farm-fresh vegetables and fruits, making it low-sugar dog food. Because of the whole prey diet, it’s also high in protein.

Raw Wild Premium Raw Dog Food

Raw Wild Premium Raw Dog Food

Raw diet for a diabetic dog from wild deer and elk, with fiber, oils, vitamins, and minerals. It contains 0% carbs and is AAFCO-approved. Also, it’s backed up by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and made in the US. 

Raw Wild is a family-owned dog food delivery service located in Park City, Utah. The food is made with natural and organic ingredients, mainly wild elk and deer. It’s free from fillers like corn, grains, or rice.

Apart from elk and deer, the recipe also contains sunflower seed oil, fish oil, and dicalcium phosphate. Instead of carbs, your dog will get plenty of fiber, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. It’s the best commercial dog food for diabetic dogs that promotes healthy muscle, coat, and brain development.

Raw Wild is AAFCO-approved. The company provides discounts for its one-time trial and free delivery for monthly memberships. Also, it backs up the food with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Product Specifics: 

  • Raw dog food with elk & deer
  • US-made
  • AAFCO-approved
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Zero carbs & fillers
  • Fiber, healthy fats, oils, vitamins, and minerals


  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Free delivery
  • Single purchase discounts
  • Ideal for weight loss and muscle strength 


  • Not portable
  • Some dogs don’t like raw food


Why we choose this product: Raw Wild is the best food for dogs with diabetes that enjoy a raw meal. It’s organic and high in protein. Also, the company adheres to AAFCO nutritional standards and offers a satisfaction guarantee.

Blue Buffalo Adult Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Blue buffalo small breed food

Natural food for small breeds with enhanced vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants. It’s free from grain, gluten, and artificial preservatives. The first ingredient is real deboned chicken. It’s made in the US.

Blue Buffalo offers a meal for your tiny diabetic pooch. The food is natural, wholesome, and free from grain and gluten. The kibble size is just right for small jaws and helps eliminate tartar. Also, it includes cold-formed “lifesource bits” that are packed with nutrients to boost immunity. 

The Blue Buffalo diabetic dog food includes real chicken, followed by the chicken meal, peas, potatoes, and pea starch. The ingredients contribute to a healthy dose of protein, antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. 

The formula supports skin, coat, joint, and muscle health. Plus, it aims to result in higher energy levels. Even though potatoes aren’t ideal for diabetic dogs, they aid digestion thanks to vitamins B and C, potassium, iron, and magnesium.  

Product Specifics: 

  • Made in the US
  • 4 lbs and 11 lbs bags
  • The first ingredient is real chicken
  • Grain-free
  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial preservatives


  • Small kibble size
  • Removes tartar
  • Full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals
  • Rich in omega fatty acids


  • Contains potatoes
  • Somewhat pricey


Why we choose this product: It’s famous as the best non-grain dog food for diabetic small breeds. Plus, it’ll take care of your dog’s skin, coat, muscles, and joints. The first ingredient is real deboned chicken.

JustFoodForDogs PantryFresh Balanced Remedy


The best dog food for high triglycerides with a rich protein source from ground turkey breast. The meal is freshly made, balanced, and AAFCO-approved. It’s an ideal gastrointestinal remedy due to its low-carb content.

JustFoodForDogs is the number-one vet-recommended fresh dog meal with 100% whole food ingredients. It’s complete, cooked, and ready to serve. The recipe contains ground turkey breast, long-grain white rice and rice starch, sushi rice, and sunflower oil.

Aside from the high-quality protein, this low-starch dog food has only one carbohydrate source — rice. Plus, the limited ingredients meet the AAFCO guidelines, making this food an ideal gastrointestinal diet treatment. 

The packaging is portable. Because of the “Tetra Pak”, you can store the food in your pantry for up to two years. But you must refrigerate it after opening the meal.

Product Specifics: 

  • Made in the US
  • 12.5 oz
  • AAFCO-approved
  • The first ingredient is ground turkey breast


  • Number one vet-recommended fresh dog food
  • Whole food ingredients
  • Gastrointestinal diet treatment
  • “Tetra Pak” packaging


  • Pricy
  • Isn’t measured to fit dogs’ calorie needs


Why we choose this product: The freshly-made meal is a top vet recommendation. It’s AAFCO-approved and can preserve its quality for up to two years. The main protein source is high-quality ground turkey breast. 

Purina Beyond High Protein Adult Dog Food

Purina Beyond canned dog food

Purina diabetic dog food comes in a pack of 12 cans. It’s a high-protein recipe filled with nutrient-rich organ meats, with turkey as its primary ingredient. Plus, the food is grain-free and made in the US.

Purina Beyond offers a 12-can package of wet dog food stacked with nutrient-dense ingredients. The recipe is natural, prey-inspired, and rich in vitamins and minerals.

The main ingredients include turkey, turkey broth, chicken, liver, and duck. Thanks to the high protein contents, your diabetic pooch will develop lean muscle mass

The grain-free recipe ensures a low-carb wet dog food. Purina also claims that it doesn’t use artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or meat by-products. 

Product Specifics: 

  • A package of 12 (13 oz) cans
  • Made in the US
  • The first ingredient is turkey
  • Grain-free


  • Natural and protein-dense meal
  • No meat-by products
  • Rich in vitamins and nutrients


  • No option to buy one can
  • Too much water content


Why we choose this product: Purina is a well-known brand that’s produced dog food for over 90 years. With this recipe, you’ll get 12 cans of prey-inspired wet dog food. It’s 100% grain-free yet rich in vitamins and minerals. 

Wysong Epigen 90 Starch-Free Dry Dog

Wysong dog food

The ideal starch-free dry food for your diabetic pet. It’s rich in protein, mainly from meat and vegetables. The formula is AAFCO-approved and manufactured in the US. 

The Wysong Epigen 90 is supposedly the closest to natural dog food. It includes chicken meal, organic chicken, meat protein isolate, chicken fat, and gelatin. Also, it’s famous as the best dry food for diabetic dogs with the finest grain-free formula.

The chicken is rich in fatty acids, amino acids, and minerals. Also, its fat is naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols. The protein isolate is produced entirely from pork meat.

Aside from its unparalleled meat content, Wysong Epigen is manufactured following AAFCO requirements. Gelatin is high in collagen, which is beneficial for connective tissue, bone, and joint health. With a recurrent shipment plan, the brand provides a 10% discount and free delivery.

Product Specifics: 

  • Made in the US
  • 5 lbs, 20 lbs, and 40 lbs bags
  • Starch-free
  • The first ingredient is chicken
  • AAFCO-approved


  • Rich collagen source
  • Protein-dense
  • Plenty of minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids


  • Somewhat pricey
  • May cause diarrhea problems 


Why we choose this product: Wysong Epigen offers the best dry food for diabetic dogs and cats. It’s starch-free and full of the highest quality protein sources. Plus, the gelatin provides much-needed collagen. 

Zignature Dry Dog Food

Zignature dog food

Introducing a low glycemic dog food with limited ingredients. The recipe is grain-free, and the first ingredient is farm-raised turkey. Also, the food is gluten-free and ideal for sensitive stomachs. It keeps your dog’s coat and skin in good condition. Made in the US.

Zignature is a grain and gluten-free dog food with premium proteins, low glycemic carb sources, and a limited number of ingredients. It uses a single protein source — farm-raised turkey from the American Midwest.

The recipe also includes turkey meal, chickpeas, peas, and sunflower oil. It’s free from corn, wheat, chicken, soy, and dairy, making it an excellent dog food for diabetic dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Chickpeas will promote stable blood sugar and enrich your dog with extra protein, copper, and dietary fiber. The sunflower oil is rich in omega-6 fatty acids, perfect for luxurious skin and coat. 

Product Specifics: 

  • US-made
  • 4 lbs, 12.5 lbs, and 25 lbs bags
  • The first ingredient is turkey
  • Grain-free
  • Gluten-free


  • Low-glycemic carbs source
  • Ideal for sensitive stomachs
  • Farm-raised turkey
  • Maintains healthy skin & coat


  • Not ideal for picky eaters
  • Possible diarrhea problems


Why we choose this product: Zignature differs from other brands with its limited ingredient recipe that includes a single protein source from farm-raised turkey. Plus, it takes care of your pooch sensitivities, as it’s 100% grain and gluten-free.

Nulo Freestyle Canned Dog Food

Nylo freestyle wet dog food

Nulo Freestyle offers a bundle of 12 (13oz) cans of diabetic wet dog food. It’s grain-free and made in the US. The first ingredient is turkey. Also, you can serve it as a food topper. 

Nulo Freestyle is a tasty mix of turkey, turkey liver, sweet potato, and peas. The ingredients are mixed in turkey broth and packaged in 12 (13oz) cans. 

It’s a grain-free recipe with pure probiotic strains, making it perfect for digestive health. The nutritious veggies, as well as the calcium and phosphorus content, enhance your dog’s immunity and help it grow strong bones

Nulo Freestyle is the best low-fat canned dog food (only 7%) with added vitamins D, B12, and A. You can serve this food as a main course or as a topping for dry kibble. The recipe is proudly made in the US.

Product Specifics: 

  • US-made
  • 12 13 oz cans
  • The first ingredient is turkey
  • Grain-free


  • Ideal for digestive health
  • Immunity booster 
  • Main meal or food topper
  • Promotes healthy bones and muscles


  • Not BPA-free
  • Can’t buy one can


Why we choose this product: Nylo Freestyle comes in 12 cans of nutritious and tasty dog food full of protein, vitamins, and amino acids. It’s also grain-free, making it ideal for sensitive tummies. 

Buyer’s guide

Diabetic nutrition for dogs can be overwhelming. Our buyer’s guide will show you how to pick what’s suitable for your fluff quickly.

How to Choose              

You can find the most suitable non-prescription diabetic dog food by following the essentials below. Let’s check them out. 


You can find diabetic foods for different breeds and sizes, like the best dog food for Golden Retrievers or other medium to large dogs. Also, there are vet-recommended formulas to suit all breeds, no matter the condition.

Weight Management 

If your pooch is overweight, it’ll benefit from a recipe with raw proteins and low-fat ingredients. Also, dog food for diabetes should contain fiber, which is another good weight-loss ingredient. 


Since every diabetic dish is grain-free, it won’t irritate your dog’s stomach. Still, always read the back of the label to check the ingredients, especially if your dog is sensitive to anything other than grains.


From chicken and turkey to wild deer and venison — there’s a flavor for every dog. All you have to do is figure out what your pet prefers, and find a high-quality brand that supplies it. 


It’s essential to estimate your diabetic dog food budget. Still, most brands have regular sales, so you can always get a delicious, high-quality dog meal for a low price.

Diabetic Food vs. Regular Food for Dogs

In most cases, the leading cause of diabetes is poor nutrition, which is aggravated by steroid medications. 

Dogs on a regular kibble diet eat too many refined carbs (lentils, peas, potatoes) and sugar, causing damage to their pancreas and inability to generate enough insulin. Look for the carbohydrate percentage on the back label of the food packaging. 

In contrast, diabetic dog recipes benefit from fiber as the main carbohydrate source. It’s a super-nutrient that goes through the dog’s body and regulates sugar levels and hunger. High-fiber dog food for diabetic dogs helps maintain their weight and lowers blood pressure. 

There are two types of fiber: 

  • Soluble fiber: It’s in nuts, lentils, beans, and apples. The fiber dissolves in water and helps to decrease blood glucose and cholesterol levels.
  • Insoluble fiber: You’ll find it in brown rice, carrots, and tomatoes. It doesn’t dissolve and aids in the food movement through the digestive tract, avoiding constipation.

If you want total control over your dog’s diet, you can make it yourself. The most significant advantage of homemade dog meals is that you can manage each ingredient’s quality and quantity. But you need to know and follow the specific nutritional guidelines, or your dog won’t receive what it needs. It’s crucial to visit your veterinarian for recommendations on specific recipes and helpful components.

Acknowledging the Disease Before Buying a Diabetic Dog Food

Sugar is the main source of energy in the body. The brain can only use glucose for energy. So if the sugar can’t get to the brain (as is the case with diabetes), the brain cannot function properly. 

After a meal, blood sugar levels in diabetic dogs skyrocket. Because of the insulin absence, the blood sugar stays considerably higher and doesn’t return to normal levels.

Glucose higher than 180 mg leads to it leaking into the urine. In diabetics, glucose draws water into the urine, resulting in symptoms like increased urination and thirst.

Diabetes mostly appears in senior and pregnant dogs, but it can affect young dogs, too. If you catch it early and treat it properly, there’s no reason why your dog can’t enjoy a happy life.

Types of Diabetes in Dogs

Learning about the disease classification is as crucial as knowing the canine diabetes diet. Here are the three types of diabetes that are most prominent in dogs:

  • Type 1 diabetes destroys inflamed insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. Breeds like the Samoyed, Miniature Schnauzer, Poodle, and Keeshond are highly susceptible to it. 
  • Type 2 diabetes causes high blood sugar levels, leading to fatigue and issues with the eyes, heart, and nerves. Fortunately, dogs rarely get it.
  • Diabetes Insipidus is another rare dog condition characterized by increased thirst and increased peeing. Some dogs create too much pee to regulate it.

Causes of Diabetes in Dogs

Dog diabetes most commonly happens due to reduced insulin production in the pancreas. That’s why we shared our diabetic dog food list in the first place. Less commonly, resistance to the effect of insulin may cause this disease. 

Hormones like cortisone and progesterone naturally work against insulin to help the body increase blood sugar when it needs it. Synthetic drugs mimicking these hormones can also lead to diabetes. 

Pancreas inflammation or cancer can also lead to an insulin reduction or elimination. Obesity and excessive carbohydrate injection are major risk factors. That’s what ketogenic dog food brands aim to avoid. 

Conditions such as Cushing’s Syndrome, cystic ovaries, and an infected uterus can also cause diabetes. But we should never forget that genetics also plays a role. Diabetes is most common in breeds like the Beagle, Keeshond, Poodle, Pug, Fox Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Bichon Frise, and Dachshund. 

Symptoms of Dog Diabetes

How can you be certain that your dog has diabetes before switching to sugar-free dog food? Generally, there’s a steady onset of diabetes over several weeks that may go unnoticed for a while. The main symptoms include:

  • Excessive water consumption (Polydipsia)
  • Frequent and/or excessive urination (Polyuria)
  • House accidents
  • Greater than average appetite (Polyphagia)
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting
  • Sticky urine
  • Sugar smelling breath
  • Cloudy eyes or cataracts

You might not notice canine diabetes until your dog has symptoms. When finally diagnosed, about 40% of dogs have elevated ketone levels, and some are already in diabetic ketoacidosis when first treated.  

At a Glance — Summarizing the Diabetic Dog Food Reviews

Ketona Dry Food for Adult Dogs: Best overall 

American Journey Dry Dog Food: High-fiber formula

NomNomNow Pork Potluck: Custom-made fresh meal 

Royal Canin Dog Food: Veterinary meal 

Acana Dry Dog Food: Whole-prey diet

Raw Wild Premium Raw Dog Food: Raw dog food

Blue Buffalo Adult Small Breed Dry Dog Food: Chicken meal for small breeds

JustFoodForDogs PantryFresh Balanced Remedy: Turkey breast fresh food

Purina Beyond High Protein Adult Dog Food: Non-prescription diabetic canned dog food

Wysong Epigen 90 Starch-Free Dry Dog: Starch-free kibble

Zignature Dry Dog Food: Low-glycemic turkey food

Nulo Freestyle Canned Dog Food: Food topper and wet dog food 

Tips on How to Care for a Diabetic Dog

As long as they follow the guidelines, many diabetic dogs lead long and healthy lives. 

Diabetes comes with dietary modifications, especially if your dog is overweight. Once you establish the correct diet, you shouldn’t modify or combine it with other meals. You must also adhere to a precise feeding time

Diabetic dog food should contain fiber, protein-rich ingredients, and complex carbs.  Your vet may suggest specific products depending on the dog’s age, breed, and health status. For instance, the best senior dog food is different from the one for puppies.

Be cautious of the treats you give. Pick a brand that helps regulate blood sugar and insulin, like the vet-approved Old Dog Cookie Natural Diabetic Treats on Amazon. 

It also helps if you keep your dog physically active with regular daily walks and playtime. It’s best to ask your vet for the exact amount of exercise as it varies by size and breed.

Additional Expenses for a Diabetic Dog

Putting aside the costs involved in a diet for a diabetic dog, pet owners may anticipate paying between $40–$270 per month for treating their dog’s diabetes.

Veterinary visits might cost up to $80 per month. Also, the insulin for a diabetic small breed dog is between $40–$80, and it can go up to $200 per month for a large dog.

Getting insulin from your vet will cost you more compared to online shops that sell large quantities and don’t charge for administrative costs. The syringes are around $8–$16 per month. 

You should also monitor the glucose levels of your dog. You can do that at the vet for $10–$40 per month or at home with a glucose monitoring kit. 

We prefer the AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit on Amazon that saves you money in the long run. The kit includes:

  • Glucometer
  • Guide
  • Daily record keeper
  • 30 lancets
  • Lancet pen
  • 50 test strips.

You can also get additional Blood Glucose Test Strips on Amazon once you run out. 

Final Thoughts: Most Diabetic Dog Food Brands Promise a Lot but Few Deliver 

Every dog owner will worry if their dog has diabetes or shows symptoms of the disease. But there’s a lot you can do to manage the condition.

You can start by replacing your pet’s kibble with a high-quality over-the-counter diabetic dog food, like Ketona Dry Food. Its lean meat and fiber-rich combination is a rare gem. The recipe is nutritionally balanced and full of protein, vitamins, and minerals. We also like that Ketona is free from fillers, preservatives, and low-cost ingredients. Also, unlike raw and fresh dog food, you don’t have to store it in the fridge. 

Do you have a diabetic pooch that’s sensitive to certain foods, but you don’t know which ones? A dog allergy test may help you find out. Plus, you can even make it from home.


Is peanut butter good for diabetic dogs?

Yes, if consumed in moderation. While peanut butter is high in calories, it contains vital nutrients. Before feeding your dog, make sure it doesn’t have much sugar, salt, or fat.

Is it safe for diabetic dogs to eat eggs?

Yes, eggs are high in protein and don’t increase blood sugar levels. Plus, you can even utilize the shells and serve them fresh or cooked.

What human food can my diabetic dog eat?

Non prescription diabetic dog food is a must, but you should also consider human food. We recommend healthy vegetables like winter squash, carrots, parsley, green beans, and broccoli. You can also add grains like brown rice, millet, quinoa, and sorghum.

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