Is there a better dog than the brilliant and good-looking Australian Shepherd? The Australian Shepherd mix might be just that. 

The incredibly social Aussie is among the rare breeds that excel at almost everything. Hence their popularity and the breeders’ interest to mix them with other dogs for even smarter, better-looking, healthier, and affectionate pets.

The number of Aussie mixes speaks volumes of how famous and loved these dogs are. And we made a list of the 16 most popular Aussie mix dogs that truly captured our hearts.

Working Dogs With Golden Hearts — General Characteristics of an Aussie

Bred as working dogs and to herd livestock, the most notable Australian Shepherd traits include their strength and energy, which help them excel in both roles. Owners often describe them as pooches with fun and faithful personalities.

Thanks to the impressive Australian Shepherd characteristics, these are among the most famous dogs, namely 15 out of 201 ranked by the AKC.

But bear in mind these pups have plenty of energy, so they’re better suited to active families. Alternatively, if you’re ready to spend a lot of time with your dog, it might also be a match made in heaven. Due to their impressive intellect, Aussies need a leader who will engage in physical and mental exercises.

Meet the Australian Shepherd Breeds

Although the Aussie is already fantastic, smart, and good-looking, its mixes aim to surpass these qualities.

They have a beautiful coat in 14 color variations, including merle, red merle, red tricolor, and blue merle. Add to that their irresistible blue eyes, and you’ll get the dog of your dreams. Plus, Aussie mixes are even healthier than the purebred Australian Shepherd. 

But we all have different dog preferences, so breeders cater to a wide range of mixes. Let’s learn more about the best Aussie mixes in the world.

1. Corgi Australian Shepherd Mix

The Auggie is a mix with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. It’s among the most popular because of its playful nature and affectionate character. Like their parents, these dogs excel at herding activities but are equally as good as family companions. 

Their outgoing nature makes them get on well with other pets and children. Due to their high energy, shedding coats, and barking, they’re most suited to people who live in a house and enjoy the outdoors.

 2. Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix

Aussiedoodle, Aussipoo, or Aussiepoodle are just some of the names for this awesome mix. You might also hear it called “Einstein” because of its brilliance. And since both breeds can read their owner with excellence, they make excellent therapy dogs.

These active dogs need frequent physical and mental stimulation. Otherwise, they get bored and might misbehave. 

Depending on which genes prevail, the Aussiedoodle needs brushing every other day or professional grooming every 8–10 weeks if it has a lot of curls.

3. Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Australian Retriever is the short name for this fun, intelligent and loveable mix. But you should know they’re very energetic. If you’re not that active yourself, nor live in a house with a large yard, this mix isn’t the best for you.

They’re devoted and form solid bonds with their owners. Also, the Australian Retriever is smart and easy to train. Regardless of its size and energy level, the mix is suitable for first-time owners. Also, many of these dogs help visually impaired persons.

4. Australian Shepherd Pomeranian Mix

Aussie Poms receive very high scores for their looks and temperament. The two words that best describe this crossbreed are “trainable” and “accessible.” They’re very social pets that are eager to please their owners. Also, Aussie Poms are excellent additions to families with children of all ages.

As they’re active and intelligent, they need a lot of stimulation up to 60 minutes per day. Walks in the park and interactive activities, like the dog suction pull toy, will do the trick.

5. Australian Shepherd & Boston Terrier

As expected from their Baussie name, these dogs can sometimes be challenging, even if they’re very lovable. This Aussie mix is low-maintenance when it comes to grooming, but training is a lot of work. As they’re independent and stubborn by nature, they need early obedience training.  

These high-energy dogs need 100 minutes of physical and mental stimulation per day on average. Regular walks in the park and playing with interactive toys indoors is a must to keep their body and mind healthy.

border collie in the snow

6. Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix

The Aussie Collie is among the most popular mixes as it’s energetic, intelligent, and affectionate. An interesting fact about this breed is that they often have eyes in different colors, a condition called heterochromia. 

Due to their high energy, these dogs are best suited for families that live on a ranch or houses with big yards. Still, they can adjust to an apartment as long as they’re physically and mentally stimulated enough daily.

Calm by temperament, Aussie Collies are obedient, quick learners, and loyal family-oriented pets.

7. Australian Shepherd & Dobermann

The Doberman Shepherd inherits the Australian Shepherd watchdog capabilities and the high Dobermann intelligence. Hence, these dogs are best suited for military activities, racing, and herding.

Although this Australian Shepherd Mix is relatively easy to train, we don’t recommend it for first-time owners. The dogs are active, courageous, strong-minded, and confident, so they need a strong leader. Also, the mix needs running, hiking, or walking for at least an hour a day.

Grooming-wise, they’re low to medium shedders, so you should brush them a few times per week.

8. Australian Shepherd Husky Mix

The Aussie Siberian dog, or simply Ausky, is a protective, loyal, and active pooch that makes an excellent family companion for outdoor people. These dogs love wide-open spaces, so they’re most suitable for hikers, naturists, and people who are often outside. They love to explore and have a high prey drive, so consider getting a GPS tracker for their dog collar.

Although stubborn at times, they’re intelligent dogs that will be eager to learn anything you teach them. They make awesome service, rescue, and therapy dogs. As they’re loyal to their owners but wary of strangers, they also make good watchdogs. 

 9. Australian Shepherd Boxer Mix

Australian Boxherd is a playful, confident, and devoted dog. One role they take very seriously is protecting their family.

These active dogs need a significant amount of exercise — an hour a day to avoid their boredom and destructive behavior. A chew-resistant crate pad might come in handy for these times.

Overall, they’re bright dogs that you can easily train. Due to their confidence and intelligence, Australian Boxherds need a strong leader, and that’s why they’re not the best match for first-time or timid owners. 

They might need a weekly brushing if the Boxer’s genes prevail or a few times a week if the Shepherd genes are dominant.

10. Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix 

The Great Aussie Pyrenees is a dog with strong protective instincts, that’s also loyal and intelligent. They make food guard dogs. Unsurprisingly, this mix is famous for keeping its owners safe.  

Great Aussie Pyrenees dogs are the best choice for active and outdoor individuals. Since they’re guard dogs, they bark a lot, hence not ideal for apartments. They’ll feel at home in houses with large yards or with families that live on farms. 

These dogs are heavy shedders, and they’ll need brushing several times per week and even more frequently during shedding seasons.

11. Rat Terrier & Australian Shepherd 

The Aussie Rat Terrier or Raussie is a unique Aussie mix of two very different breeds. Unlike the sweet Australian Shepherd character, the Rat Terrier is fierce for its small size. 

That said, if the Aussie Rat Terrier inherits more Terrier characteristics, it will be a strong alpha dog. Hence, this mix is best suited for experienced owners and strong leaders. 

Energy-wise, these Aussie puppies are very active and need plenty of long walks or intense activities. So they’re not suitable for laid-back people. Still, they’re friendly and brilliant dogs, making them easy to train.

australian shepherd

12. Australian Shepherd & Chow

Like the Raussie, the Australian Shepherd Chow mix, or Aussie Chow, is a beautiful crossbreed with a strong character. The Chow is a protective dog, so mixing it with an Aussie makes an excellent watchdog.

Due to Chow’s independent and self-minded traits, this mix needs a firm and experienced owner. We highly recommend early socialization and obedience training. 

You should provide this dog with enough space to burn its energy down. Also, they shed quite a lot, so get your grooming tools ready.

13. Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix

Although the parents differ in character, the mix between them is a cheerful and happy dog. So this intelligent crossbreed is an awesome addition to every family. They’re charming and active pets that get along very well with children.

As both parents are energetic, the Aussie Beagle will need at least two hours of outside and inside activities. Otherwise, it can feel bored and destructive. 

Overall, this mix is a demanding pooch, as it sheds a lot and needs an owner who can keep up with its energy. Hence, we can’t recommend it for first-time owners, regardless of the dog’s happy and affectionate nature. 

14. Australian Shepherd Dachshund Mix 

If you love smaller dog breeds, the Australian Shepherd mixed with a Dachshund might be your best bet. Depending on the dominant genes, you can expect an energetic and impatient dog that will be courageous and dedicated to your family.

These dogs are a breeze to train, and it’s best to start socializing them as soon as possible. The Aussie Dachshund mix is brilliant, so don’t forget to provide mental stimulation, too.

15. Australian Shepherd & Dalmatian 

Dalmatian Shepherds or Aussiedals are brilliant and fluffy dogs with spots.

Due to the parents’ traits, these pups are very alert, protective, and energetic. So they’ll need a lot of exercises. But they’re also easy to train. If they’re more on the Dalmatian side, they can be stubborn, so you might have to arm yourself with patience. 

16. Catahoula Australian Shepherd Mix

The Catahoula Australian Shepherd is a mix of two energetic and strong breeds. Still, it’s a gentle, hard-working, and affectionate dog that would love to be involved in all house activities. 

Due to their alert nature, they’re good watchdogs. Also, they’re smart and easy to train. But if the Catahoula leopard dog traits prevail, the dog will need a firm and consistent leader. 

Where to Find an Australian Shepherd Mix

Although very popular, some Australian Shepherd mixes are hard to find. Still, if your choice is an Aussie mix, always look for reputable breeders, and stay away from puppy mills or irresponsible breeders.

A referral from a friend, vet, or dog trainer is your best bet. But you can also look for breeders online. Search for certified ones and read the reviews to ease your mind and ensure you’re getting what you want.

Wrap Up: Why Get an Australian Shepherd Mix? 

Aussie mixes shine with good looks, great personality, and high intelligence. What’s not to like? Their outgoing character made them popular worldwide.

On top of that, they’re healthier and smarter than purebreds. That’s because reputable breeders boost the good genes as best they can.

While temperament differs from one mix to the next, Australian Shepherd hybrids are all playful, alert, and strong dogs. Still, it’s essential to learn all about the mix you want to decide whether it’s right for you.Last but not least, note that due to their herding instincts, Aussie mixes are very energetic and need many activities. So if you’re an active person and love to hang out with dogs, whatever Australian Shepherd Mix you choose, you’ll surely get a fantastic companion.

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