Our furry friends make up a massive part of our lives and shower us with love. It’s only natural to want the best for them. 

One of the most important people in your pup’s life is the groomer. You trust them in caring for your dog and making it look great. So how can you return the favor? Do you tip dog groomers?

Let’s explore what other pup parents and experts have to say.

How Much Do Groomers Make per Dog?

Grooming salons in the US typically pay their employees on a commission basis. These companies give groomers a payment for each dog they groom. It’s generally between 30–60%, with the average being about 50%.

Can You Make a Living as a Dog Groomer?

The quick answer is YES! Many full-time groomers have thriving, successful businesses.

Is Dog Grooming Good Money?

As of May 2017, the median wage for animal care employees in the retail industry, including groomers, was $23,000 to $24,000. The top 10% in this category earn more than $36,000 per year, while the bottom 10% earn less than $18,000.

How Much Do Pet Groomers Get Paid at PetSmart?

The average hourly wage for a PetSmart Dog Groomer is $13. That can range from $4 to $50 per hour.

How Much Do Petco Groomers Make?

The average hourly wage is $14 and can range from $9 to $25. This estimate is based on 77 Petco Pet Groomer salary reports submitted anonymously by employees or calculated with statistical techniques.

Do You Tip Dog Groomers?

Generally, your groomer should receive 15%–20% of the service fee. Tips are a sign of gratitude, so they can be whatever you can afford. But keep in mind that a groomer might include extra services, like conditioner, nail grinding, or scrubbing teeth, at no extra charge.

Do You Tip a Self-Employed Dog Groomer?

Tipping is a way of expressing your appreciation, and it’s totally okay to do it if you like the groomer’s work. Also, that can ensure the groomer welcomes you next time and goes out of their way to fit you into their schedule.

Do You Tip for a Dog Nail Trim?

Most groomers include nail trimming in the service price. If that’s the case with your groomer, feel free to give them a tip. But if they charge separately for nail clipping, there is no need to tip for it. Also, if you want to do it yourself, you can learn online and get professional dog clippers for home use.

How Do You Tip a Dog Groomer?

The average tip is 15%–20% of the total bill. But if your groomer goes above and beyond by tolerating your dog’s nippiness, catering to particular health needs, or doing you a favor, tip more.

How Do You Thank a Dog Groomer?

It’s customary to express gratitude to your groomer at the end of the year. You could write a thank you note to wish them “Happy New Year.” Alternatively, you can select animal-themed products as a gift for your groomer.

How Much Should I Tip a Mobile Dog Groomer?

Owners shared how much they tipped their groomer in a recent Reddit discussion. Most people felt that 10%–20% was the standard. Some sent their groomers cards and gifts if they were moving away after working with them for a long time, over the holidays, or when their pet died.

Consider tipping the groomer the next time you take your dog to the salon, just like you would when getting your hair or nails done. They’ll be grateful, and your dog might even become one of their most popular customers.

How Much Do You Tip Your Dog Groomer at Christmas?

Most groomers appreciate a big holiday tip or cash thank you card. But how much do you tip dog groomers? The Christmas tip typically varies from 1/4 to 1/2 the cost of regular grooming.

How Much Do You Tip Groomers at Petsmart?

Giving your dog groomer a tip helps them financially and reassures them they’ve provided you with exceptional service. Groomers are paid hourly and receive only 40% commission on each session, so a 20% gratitude might go a long way.

Are You Supposed to Tip Petco Groomers?

Yes! Tips are welcomed but not required. Petco has just implemented a tipping system on paper invoices that you present to the cashier. Also, you’re welcome to leave a cash tip; groomers rely on that to make ends meet. 

Unfortunately, the ones at my old Petco were paid the minimum wage with a small commission depending on the sales they generated during the week. Business is slow during the winter months, and groomers frequently work for the bare minimum.

groomers drying a dog

What Skills Does a Dog Groomer Need?

Above all, a dog groomer needs to love dogs. Aside from that, here are the essential skills for a good groomer:

  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent verbal communication
  • Organizational skills
  • Knowing how to work with misbehaving pets
  • Able to work in a high-stress environment
  • Able to work both individually and as part of a team

What Makes a Good Groomer?

The finest groomers are excellent communicators, whether they speak with dogs, cats, bunnies, or people. They must engage with pet owners regularly and reassure them that their cherished furry pals will be in good hands for a few hours.

What Is a Master Groomer?

The highest degree of accreditation a groomer can acquire in the US or abroad is an Internationally Certified Master Groomer. One has to pass four levels of testing, each of which consists of written and practical exams. The tasks cover all areas of grooming dogs for each of the seven breed groupings and mixed breeds.

How Many Dog Groomers Are There?

In the US, there are approximately 40,778 dog groomers. Women make up 69.7% of them, while men make up 26.7%. On average, an employed dog groomer is 32 years old.

Can You Learn Dog Grooming Online?

Yes, you can learn how to groom dogs from the comfort of your home. Many dog grooming schools now offer online courses and in-person classes. Just keep in mind that even if you complete an online school, you’ll need to put your talents to the test before pursuing a dog grooming career.

What Does a Grooming Assistant Do?

We refer to a person who works in the pet care industry as a dog grooming assistant. They collaborate with the pet groomer to help with routine parts of grooming and conditioning. For instance, during hair grooming and nail cutting, the assistant might help the groomer by calming or distracting the dog.

Some dog grooming assistant tasks include:

  • Clean and bathe the dogs, brush their hair, clean the ears, and clip the toenails.
  • Trim, shave, and shape a dog’s coat according to the breed’s standard patterns or the owner’s instructions.
  • Answer the phone, make appointments, and greet guests at the front desk.

What Questions Should You Ask a Dog Groomer?

  • Is it possible for me to tour your facility?
  • What services do you offer besides brushing, shampooing, and haircuts?
  • Is it okay if I stay and watch you groom my dog?
  • Do you have any expertise with this breed?
  • What kind of education and experience do you have?
  • What will my dog’s living quarters be like?
  • Do you keep a first-aid kit on hand?

How Often Should a Dog Be Groomed by a Professional?

Your pet should receive bathing and grooming care once a month. It’s especially vital for curly or wavy-haired dogs to keep their coats in good shape so you don’t have to shave them bald. We recommend seeing a professional groomer every month.

Which Dog Is the Most in Need of Grooming?

Among the breeds that require the greatest care, you’ll find:

  • The Afghan Hound
  • Bichon Frise
  • Kerry Blue Terrier
  • Pekingese
  • Poodle
  • Portuguese Water Dog
  • Puli
  • Belgian Sheepdog
  • Affenpinscher
  • Bearded Collie
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Irish Terrier
  • Komondor
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Lowchen

What Exactly Does a Comprehensive Dog Groom Entail?

During a professional grooming session, the dog is brushed, cleaned, and dried, as well as trimmed or clipped with clean, disinfected brushes and clipper blades. Before the wash, groomers brush or comb off mats, so they can bathe the dog with shampoo easier.

How Often Should a Dog Be Professionally Groomed?

Generally, a healthy dog with smooth, short hair and no skin problems doesn’t require frequent bathing. Owners usually benefit more from dog baths than their pets. Even so, bathing your dog at least once every two to three months is a good idea.

How Long Does Grooming Normally take?

In most cases, bathing and blow drying a dog take less than an hour. But many professional groomers provide other services such as health checks, styling, trimming, and clipping that require extra time.

What Shots Does My Dog Need to Be Groomed at Petco?

Petco requires all pets to have their rabies vaccines and wait at least 48 hours following any vaccinations before checking in to ensure a safe and comfortable environment. It’s necessary to show proof of rabies vaccination in the form of paperwork.

How Much Should Dog Grooming Cost?

Grooming for small animals costs between $55 and $70. Pet grooming services for medium-sized pets can be anywhere from $55 to $80, while owners of large furry friends should expect to pay around $45 to $90.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Dog’s Nails Trimmed?

If you want a groomer to trim your dog’s nails, expect to pay $10–$25. Also, the typical cost of dog grooming in the US is $60–$80, including nail trimming, bathing, haircuts, and other treatments.

Wrap Up

It’s clear to see how much care and love goes into grooming. It’s no simple task, and it requires a lot of time and effort.

So, when it comes down to, do you tip your groomer? The answer, without a doubt, is yes!

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