Dogs vs cats is one of the oldest rivalries in the world. 

Dogs help us when we need it the most and offer us safety, loyalty, and protection. No wonder there’s a ton of information on why dogs are better than cats. 

Studies suggest dogs are the most loyal pet due to their loving nature and strong bond to their owners. Let’s explore some reasons why dogs are the best pets you may not know about. 

In this article, you’ll learn:

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. They can creep into the hearts of nearly everyone with their puppy eyes, excited jumps when you come home, and cute cuddles after a long workday.

 Why Dogs Are the Best 

Dogs are incredibly loyal to their owners. Also, most pups adore kids, as they can be playmates. Our four-legged friends’ positive energy brings laughter and joy to everyone. What’s more, they can get excited over nothing, like a piece of paper or a simple stick. 

Puppers are social animals, so they love to play with anyone giving them attention. They also make the best snuggle buddies, which is perfect when winter rolls around. 

We know they like to be near us. Our furry friends partake in the most mundane tasks, even if it’s merely lying at your feet while you work. That’s how pups show their affection. 

Why Are Dogs So Loyal?

You’ve seen those videos of a doggo recognizing its owner after years of separation. But can this display of love and loyalty be true?

Canines are loyal to their owners for many reasons, but let’s start at the very beginning. 

Dogs descended from wolves, so they’re pack animals. This is why your furry pal feels best among those that keep it safe. The innate need to be part of a pack remains. Only now, we’re the leader. 

It’s one of the indisputable reasons why dogs are better than cats.

Let’s have a closer look at history

The initial contact between man and dog happened on a reward system. Pups guarded humans in exchange for food. While this may not be the case now, such arrangements nurtured the strong bond we see today. 

Dogs, like humans, are social beings, so we mutually benefit from this relationship. We provide shelter and food to pups, and in return, they’re grateful and loyal. 

According to studies, 85% of US dog owners agree that pets reduce their loneliness

Advantages of Having a Dog

According to studies, 85% of US dog owners agree that pets reduce their loneliness. Solitary life, particularly in old age, can lead to mental health issues. Isn’t it great that dogs help us with that? 

Researchers claim that pets are great for preventing and reducing stress. They can lower your blood pressure by releasing happiness hormones that put you at ease. 

Expert opinion on why dogs are better than cats says one of the biggest advantages of having a pup is that they keep you active. Dogs need daily walks, which is fantastic for your overall health. Who knows, maybe you’ll also meet some fun people on the way? 

As if that’s not enough, studies suggest people are more comfortable and open around dog owners

Why Are Dogs Friendlier Than Cats?

Many people feel dogs are far friendlier than cats. But why? 

Studies suggest hormones play a significant role in how dogs respond to their humans. Mammals produce oxytocin when they feel love. As soon as they see their human, dogs can make up to five times more of this hormone than cats. But that doesn’t mean that your kitty isn’t happy to see you. 

Who knew there could be scientific reasons why dogs are better than cats?

So, dogs are social beings, and cats aren’t. Felines are lone animals that can survive on their own in the wild. Since they know that, cats don’t feel the need to be grateful to us. In contrast, dogs show their appreciation for their human companions through active signs of loyalty and love.

Why Are Cats So Mean to Dogs?

Cats can be mean to dogs, but there are scientific explanations for this. 

Let’s explore more scientific reasons why dogs are better than cats.

The difference between the two species is ginormous. What’s playful for a pup can be seen as an attack for a cat, causing a defensive response. You can avoid this by establishing clear boundaries for your pets. Your pup will learn them faster since dogs are better than cats at taking orders.

If you have two different animals in the house, you need to set some rules. Pet behaviorists recommend teaching your puppy to leave the cat and its food alone and not corner them. 

But why are cats so mean to dogs?

Unfortunately, cats are wired to attack anything if they feel cornered, no matter what it is. They don’t have as much emotive behavior as dogs. If your puppy has enough, it’ll growl and walk away. The cat will simply lash out. 

Cats can be mean to dogs, but there are scientific explanations for this.

Funny Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Cats are lovable when you obey their rules and give them everything they want. Dogs just need you to throw a stick. 

While your pup licks your face to show affection, cats bring you the almighty gift of a dead bird. When you get home from work, a feline will be mad that you left in the first place, but a pup will behave like they haven’t seen you in a decade. 

Besides, the dog will warn you if danger’s approaching. The cat will be a mile down the road, wondering when you’ll bring dinner. 

Why Dogs Are Better Pets Than Cats

Dogs are a lot easier to train than cats. They seek gratification for completing tasks, as they know this pleases their owner. We can teach puppers many tricks, behaviors, and commands. Not to mention that there’s a far greater variety of dogs to choose from.

So, how are dogs better than cats?

Dogs provide protection and have served humans throughout history. This instinct to safeguard is still very much alive in them today. Lastly, possibly the most significant reason why dogs are better than cats is that they don’t require a litter box. It can still be a nuisance to take them outside every time, but you can always install a smart dog door and let your dog go whenever it wants.

  Are Dogs More Fun to Play With Than Cats?

There’s no simple answer to this question, but in a general sense — yes.

Let’s see whether dogs are better than cats as a new pet.

If you are looking for a children’s companion, then dogs are the best option. They can play for hours and are brilliant at interacting with small kids. We recommend some indestructible pup toys, otherwise, you’ll be buying toys forever.  In contrast, cats prefer to play on their own time and only with the things they want. 

Dogs can make the most boring item into a fun game for the entire family. They’re also a lot more active than cats and need human interactions to release their energy. 

Wrap up

So, are dogs better than cats?

It depends on what you’re looking for in a furry companion, but studies show that dogs are the pet of choice worldwide. Plus, we keep coming up with new breeds, so the number of dogs gets challenging to predict.

Let’s recap the facts why dogs are better than cats.

Puppies are incredibly loyal and will protect you when necessary. Since they’re just as social as we are, our relationship is a win-win. 

Now you know why dogs are better than cats. They’re truly a man’s best friend. But there’s a lot more to say on the cats vs dogs debate.

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