Why not enrich your dog’s life by giving it controlled access to the outdoors? Spending long hours alone at home is just as boring for your pet as it is for you. But what’s the best smart dog door you can get?

From reviews to a complete guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about electronic dog doors. Let’s dive right in!

Evaluation Criteria — Reviewing Smart Dog Doors 

Searching for the optimal smart dog door can get a bit overwhelming. To ease your choice, we followed a specific research approach. 

Quality and Durability — Materials

Spending money on what turns out to be a low-quality product is quite a bummer, so it’s crucial to do your research. Many dog doors come with waterproof collar keys and batteries that last from 3 to 12 months. Some offer excellent insulation, bulletproof flap, rust-proof hardware, and aluminum panels.


We aimed to find a good remote control dog door for every pet size. But many products are specifically made for small pets. Still, we found some that will fit even the largest dog breeds. 


Who doesn’t want to purchase a product and install it in the easiest way possible? Unfortunately, many companies don’t help with that. But most products come with instructions for better and quicker installation. Some offer a DVD guide, too.

Additional Features

The best smart dog gates offer special features like an automatic opening and closing. Some lock immediately when the sensor no longer detects the smart key. Others use an app that controls the dogs’ movements. Safety features, such as reopening the door in case of obstruction notice, could also be helpful. 

Warranty & Customer Support

Product guarantee? Yes, please! While many dog doors don’t come with a warranty offer, some companies guarantee replacements in case of malfunctions. Generally, the warranty varies from one to three years, with a 30-day return policy. Most brands also offer customer support available 24/7.


We dug deep into product reviews and read customers’ questions and opinions. Their impressions and honest feedback helped make our electronic dog door review as reliable as possible. 

High Tech Power Pet Automatic Door Mount

High Tech Power Pet Door Mount

An automatic door for all pet sizes that opens and closes with an MS-4 collar key. The door weighs two lbs, opens vertically, and closes by gravity. The Automatic Safety feature reopens the door in case of obstruction. You can install it on walls and doors, and it runs on a battery or AC adapter. 

The High Tech Power Pet is a wall panel installation with a directional sensing system and a motor-driven vertical sliding door. It’s available in medium and large sizes, fitting on doors and walls. 

The door has a four-way access setting — full or blocked access, out or in-only. The Automatic Safety feature reopens the door if your pet’s still passing or standing at the entrance. The closing feature isn’t motor-driven.

It’s a doggy door that opens with a collar, an MS-4 ultrasonic collar key. The door weighs less than 2 lbs.

You can detect the collar up to 10 ft. This product has a one-year warranty and a 30-day return period. It runs on AC power or battery, which lasts about three months. 


  • One year warranty 
  • Insulates
  • 30-day return
  • Automatic Safety feature 
  • Waterproof MS-4 collar


  • Closes a bit slow
  • Pricey batteries 
  • Low durability collars


Best for: It’s an excellent solution for dogs that don’t like to push doors with their heads. If you’re traveling or working during the day, this door is a reliable way for your pet to go in and out of the house. 

Why we chose this product: This is the best electronic dog door that stops other animals or burglars from entering your house. Also, in case of a fire, your dog can easily escape through the door. 

SureFlap Microchip Cat Door

SureFlap Pet Door

It’s an automatic pet door for microchipped cats and RFID collar tags. The door runs on a battery that lasts up to 12 months. It has Curfew Mode, which is connected with a Petcare app for movement control.

The SureFlap Pet Door responds to your cat’s existing microchip and has a memory for up to 32 microchips. Only your cats can fit through these microchip pet doors. The door offers great security and automatically closes on sensing non-microchipped animals. 

The system supports 9 (Avid Secure), 10 (FDXA), and 15 (FDXB) microchip numbers. If your pet doesn’t have one, you can use the included RFID collar tag. The four C batteries run smoothly for 12 months.

The electronic doggie door offers a three-year warranty and an installation manual for a simple and easy setup.


  • 32 microchips memory storage
  • Three-year warranty
  • Installation manual
  • 12 months battery life
  • One-button programming 


  • Not suitable for dogs
  • The magnet securing the door is a bit strong
  • System adjustments are lost after the battery change  


Best for: This product comes with memory storage for up to 32 microchips, making it the ideal solution for multi-cat households. 

Why we chose this product: This is the best microchip pet door with memory storage of 32 microchip IDs. The security system stops non-chipped animals from entering your home. The battery lasts for 12 months, and you get a three-year warranty.

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

PetSafe Smart Door

The best electronic dog door that opens and closes with a smart key and runs on battery. You can adjust it to automatic, open, or locked mode, and it responds to five smart keys. The door is made of plastic and comes in small and large sizes. Plus, it insulates and protects from the sun. 

This automatic pet door is battery-driven. It unlocks after signaling the waterproof smart-key on your pet’s collar. You can adjust the door’s system to automatic, open, or locked mode. When it no longer senses the smart key, the door closes and remains locked.

It works with up to five smart keys, and it’s available in small and large sizes. The door comes with detailed instructions if you need help with the installation and programming.

This automatic dog door is made of plastic, suitable for surfaces like wood, PVC, aluminum, fiberglass, and metal. The insulating flap also protects your dog from the sun. 


  • Access to five smart keys
  • Insulates and protects from the sun 
  • Waterproof smart-key 
  • Instructions included


  • No warranty
  • Opens up slowly 
  • Smart key might be too heavy for small dogs. 


Best for: This is the ideal smart dog door for families that like to control their pets’ yard access. Also, it’s great if you live with a dog and a cat, as you can allow your dog to get out while keeping the cat inside. 

Why we chose this product: The smart door helps keep out wild animals or even the neighbors’ dogs. Plus, the three-way door system is great for controlling curfew hours. This door keeps the temperature out and has a UV-protected flap. 

PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors Electronic Automatic Wall Mounted

PlexiDor Automatic Wall Mounted

The best smart doggie door for large pets. It comes in two colors, with a waterproof and battery-free collar key, 18-volt transformer, and 6 ft power cord. The installation and programming are simple. Plus, it’s adjustable on a variety of walls and doors. 

This easily adjustable pet door can be installed on different types of walls and standard doors. Its ABS panel responds to a coded key inside a lightweight, battery-free dog collar. 

The door works on electricity and has a rust-proof aluminum tunnel between the inner and outer frames and a stainless steel deadbolt. You can choose between white or bronze color. 

These automatic doggy doors come with two waterproof collar keys and programming instructions printed inside the motor cover. Also, it has an 18-volt transformer and a 6 ft power cord. It’s big enough to fit pets up to 125 lbs.


  • One-touch programming
  • Battery-free and waterproof collar 
  • Adjustable on a variety of walls and regular doors 
  • Stainless steel deadbolt 
  • Rust-proof aluminum tunnel 
  • Instructions included
  • Won’t close if obstructed


  • Weak insulation 
  • Loud noise 


Best for: It’s a dog door with an effortless setup — perfect if you don’t like complex installations. This is the best pet door with a collar key, as it’s lightweight and doesn’t need a battery. The system also supports thousands of keys, making it perfect for kennels.

Why we chose this product: It’s suitable for larger dogs, up to 125 lbs, and supports hundreds of collar IDs. You can install it on walls and doors without worrying about the interior design, as it comes in white and bronze colors. The rust-proof aluminum and stainless steel deadbolt guarantee product durability. 

Armor Flex Air Tight Pet Door for Door or Wall

Armor Flex Pet Door

High-security magnetic pet door that seals the entrance vertically upon every pass. The segments are flexible yet insulating. The dimensions suit medium to extra large dogs and can be installed on walls and doors. This is the best secure dog door, as it comes with a tamper-proof security panel. 

The Armor Flex pet door has a patent-pending flap. Its individual interlocking segments provide horizontal rigidity and fully compress the seals around the opening. 

The airtight seal keeps wind and dirt out while providing vertical flexibility so pets can pass through easily and safely. This is the best lockable dog door with stainless steel hardware, durable heavy-gauge aluminum, and a bulletproof composite flap

You can install Armor Flex doors quickly and easily in any wall or door. They’re available in medium, large and extra-large sizes. The tamper-proof security panel provides a high level of safety.


  • Keeps wind and dirt out
  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel 
  • Bulletproof flap 
  • Tamper-proof security panel 
  • Suitable for walls and doors
  • Industrial powder coat 


  • The bottom magnet might start to separate. 
  • No instruction sheet


Best for: This product is perfect for those who prefer the traditional flap pet doors but are looking for a more advanced one that’s durable and with higher security. 

Why we chose this product: The quality and durability of this remote doggy door grabbed our attention. Its hardware is made of heavy-gauge stainless steel with solid magnets that insulate and protect the house from wind, water, and dirt. This door is very secure, as it has a bulletproof flap and tamper-resistant security panel. 

AutoSlide iLock Smart Tag Pet Door

iLock Smart Tag Pet Door

Short Description: The best RFID sensor dog door with a white tag that operates on electricity. It can detect pets from a 3,6 ft and 10ft distance and opens depending on your pet’s size. The door offers a variety of software modes and a two-year warranty. Plus, it comes with a DVD and instructions manual for an effortless installation.

This DIY motorized unit opens and closes sliding glass doors. It comes in white and runs off of 110-volt power. 

It’s a doggy door with a sensor that responds to RFID tag collars and supports up to four tags. You can adjust how wide to open the door. The sensor works from a range of 3,6 ft to 10 ft. 

This product comes with two RFID collar tags. Also, you can activate optional upgrades such as the iLock Motor (automatically locks the door upon opening and closing), Elite System (power boost for larger and heavier doors), and four software modes (Unsecure, Secure, Toggle, and Pet mode). It comes with a two-year warranty


  • Installation booklet and DVD
  • Two-year warranty 
  • Works on existing sliding glass doors
  • iLock Motor that locks the door after opening and closing
  • Elite System that opens heavier doors


  • Installation might be challenging
  • Large pet tag 


Best for: This is the best electronic dog door for households that don’t want to compromise their decor and space with pet doors. It’s a great DIY project if you’re looking for a more independent way of letting your pets out.

Why we chose this product: Instead of installing a dog door, you can use your existing sliding glass door. The smart system can be adjusted to your dog’s width, and you can also choose between four modes for your dog’s needs. 

PetDoors High Tech Power Pet Automatic Patio Pet Door

PetDoors Automatic Pet Door

An aluminum-framed pet door designed explicitly for patio glass doors. It comes in white, with medium and large size options. The auto dog door opener channels an MS-4 collar key from a 10 ft distance. You can choose to run it on battery or electricity. It has four system functions — in/out/locked/unlocked. 

This electronic dog door for a sliding glass door is the only one of its kind. The aluminum-framed panel opens and closes by detecting the water-resistant ultrasonic MS-4 collar key. 

The Automatic Deadbolt Locking System stops raccoons or other dogs from entering your home. Also, the Automatic Safety Retract feature reopens the door if your pet stands at the entrance. 

You’ll find it in medium and large sizes, and you can choose between electrical or battery operation. Apart from the in/out mode, you can adjust the electric dog door to stay entirely locked or unlocked. The system can detect the collar key up to 10 ft. 

In case of product malfunctions, the company offers a one-year warranty and a 30-day return. 


  • Automatic Deadbolt Locking System 
  • Dual-pane, Low-E glass panel 
  • Four-way locking system
  • One-year warranty and 30-day return
  • Automatic Safety feature 
  • Insulates the room 
  • No tools needed for installation 


  • Noisy openings and closings 
  • Lacks better directions 
  • Might freeze at a low temperature


Best for: Households with a patio glass door entrance might benefit from these automatic dog doors. You can rest assured that this door only grants access to your pets and blocks the exit for intruders. 

Why we chose this product: This is the only product you can install on a glass door. It has a four-way locking mode, a deadbolt locking system, and an automatic safety feature. Most importantly, the door comes with a one-year warranty and a 30-day return. 

A Guide Towards the Finest Electronic Pet Door

Do you want your pet to have a fancy gateway in the house? We’ll tell you what to look for. Let’s dive right in. 

How to Pick the Right One?

There are many things to consider before buying an electronic door for your pooch — and here, we cover them all. Take notes and let’s check out the top five factors.

Dog Size 

The ideal dog door is about two inches higher and wider than your dog. Luckily, size options range from the smallest to the biggest. Just remember to measure your dog’s height and width before buying.

Number of Pets 

If you live with several pets, they should all pass through the door with an installed dog door. So consider the size of your biggest pet before picking one. Some have huge memory storage and offer more than one collar key.

Place of Installment 

You can adjust dog doors on walls, doors, or sliding glass doors. Entry doors and patio glass doors are the easier options. In contrast, wall doors require a bit of handy work, especially if it’s concrete. 

Features to Consider 

Unique features sound great, but do you and your dog need them? Think about that before buying a door for your furball. 


With smart dog doors, you’re in control. You can adjust the mode with one click. Consider a dog door with a timer or app-linked smart door that observes your puppy’s movements. 

Flap Style 

There are two flap styles on the market — automatic and manual. If your dog likes to open the door with its head, then a manual one would do the job. But there are excellent automatic sensor doors that open by detecting your pet’s collar key or microchip. 


Most sensors respond to ultrasonic MS-4 keys, RFID tags, or microchips. If your dog isn’t microchipped, go for the first two options. The sensors work by detecting the collars from a given distance range, mostly up to 10 ft. 

Power Source 

When picking the optimal smart dog door, you can choose between a battery or an electrical power source. If you have a plug-in nearby, an electrical door will save you money on batteries every few months. 

Energy Efficiency 

Apart from providing excellent security, the doors need to be energy efficient, as well. Search for those that insulate and keep cold and warm temperatures out. We recommend doors that resist wind, rain, and snow, with flaps that protect from UV rays and hot temperatures.


There are two types of door designs — metal and plastic. With smaller dogs, the plastic one fits just fine. But if you have a bigger pup with destructive tendencies, consider getting a door with an aluminum dog door built-in. 


Some companies promise the highest quality products for a price. But you may find cheaper products of excellent durability, efficiency, and quality. If you’re lucky, you may find a few on sale, too.

Understanding Smart Dog Doors — What Are They and How Do They Work? 

A smart dog door is a high-tech, safer model of a regular pet door. The technology gets your pet in and out, triggered by a collar microchip or a unique tag. 

Most of these products are battery-powered or tap directly into the wall. The ideal smart dog door has settings like automatic locking/opening, timers, and security features that allow only your pets to pass. Despite our technological advancements, WiFi dog doors remain uncommon.

Types of Electronic Dog Doors 

We divided dog doors by sensor, flap, and place of installment. Let’s check the differences. 

Sensor Type

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) — It’s an automatic dog door, synched with RFID collar tags, that responds and communicates via radio waves. The sensors can detect the tags up to 10 ft. 

Microchip Sensor — These sensors activate through your pet’s embedded microchip. They usually have massive memory storage and automatically lock when they detect non-microchipped animals. 

Magnetic — Dog doors that run on multi-magnets and don’t need batteries. Magnetic collar keys are a bit thicker and heavier than standard door collar keys. 

Ultrasonic Waves — This high-tech pet door usually runs on a battery or electricity. The door is opened with an ultrasonic collar key with a battery similar to those in a watch.

Flap Type

Single/Double flap — A single flap door has one flap, generally on the inside. In contrast, a double flap door has a flap on the interior and the exterior.

Plastic, Vinyl, or Aluminum — Plastic dog doors are typically built on a plastic frame of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride). Vinyl sliding doors are from a plastic-based material that’s sturdy and lightweight. This automatic dog door doesn’t conduct heat as well as the aluminum. The frames and tracks on vinyl sliding doors are heavier and longer than on aluminum sliding doors. 

Installment Place 

Door — These doors allow your pet to come and go through the same door you use. They insulate the room and protect the entry from dirt, water, or snow. 

Wall — A wall dog door is a perfect choice for versatility. But it’s difficult to install and might be a problem if you’re not a handyman.

Sliding Glass Door — Sliding glass doors might be the optimal exterior doors with pet doors because they’re the easiest to install. You only have to attack these pre-made dog doors to your patio door.

Benefits of Electronic Dog Doors 

Electronic pet doors are the future. But what are their benefits? Read more to find out. 

Your Dog Will Have More Independence

These doors give your pet unrestricted access to bathroom breaks. When your dog has the freedom to do its business wherever it wishes, that can prevent many health problems and spare your precious floors from an accidental mess. Just make sure your pet also has a GPS dog collar so you can always know where it is.

More Play Time, Less Door Scratching

Dogs, like humans, need the freedom to explore the outdoors. And we all know how destructive they can get if they’re bored. The top smart pet door will grant them much-needed adventure. The best part is that your furniture will be spared.

Secure House for Peace of Mind  

Smart doors allow your pets to enter and exit the house without help but on your terms. In contrast to ordinary pet doors, the smart ones receive signals from collars or microchips, so the only one that can get in is your furry pal. Most importantly, the automatic locking feature will keep intruders out.

If you want your dog to run free in the backyard but worry about your pet getting out, a wireless fence for dogs is the way to go. These fences alert the dog when it’s too close to the fence, causing it to turn back. 

At a Glance — Our Top Picks

High Tech Power Pet Automatic Door Mount: Best overall 

SureFlap Microchip Cat Door:  Ideal locking pet door for cats

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor: Best plastic dog door 

PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors Electronic Automatic Wall Mounted: Wall dog door for extra large dogs 

Armor Flex Air Tight Pet Door for Door or Wall: Manual dog door 

AutoSlide iLock Smart Tag Pet Door: DIY pet door with a sensor 

PetDoors High Tech Power Pet Automatic Patio Pet Door: Smart pet entry for patio glass doors 

Measuring and Installing an Electronic Dog Door

First, raise your pet to its full height and find the highest point on the back that’s in between the shoulder blades. Then, measure your pet’s chest or hips, whichever is the widest, and add one or two inches. You can also follow our chart below. 

Once you have the measurements and the dog door, it’s time for installment. Here are the basic steps for installing your remote-controlled doggie door: 

  1. Prepare all necessary tools.
  2. Remove the door and lay it in a flat position (if it’s installed on doors).
  3. Follow the door template and outline an opening. 
  4. Mark points for screws. 
  5. Cut the opening. 
  6. Place the door frame and secure it with screws. 

Dog Door Sizes by Breed Chart 

Door Size Dimensions in InchesBreed Size Examples 
Small6 x 10 Cats, Yorkie, Pomeranian
Medium 9 x 13 Beagle, Poodle, Dachshund 
Large11 x 17Labrador, Bulldog, Doberman
Extra-Large 16 x 23 Great Dane, Rottweiler, Irish Wolfhound 

Final Thoughts + Our Top Pick

Freedom of movement is a dream come true for every dog. 

As pet owners, we sometimes struggle to find a balance between work and doggy hours. But an exterior door with a built-in pet door will do the job for you. They automatically open, close, and lock for extra security. Your sleep won’t get interrupted, and you’ll feel at peace during working hours. 

But you still have to choose the right dog door for your house and pet. So what’s the top pick?

The High Tech Power Pet Automatic Door Mount is the finest remote control dog door opener with an automatic opening and closing ultrasonic sensing system. On top of that, it features a four-way access setting. 

Electronic dog doors may have malfunction problems, but you’ll feel at peace with the one-year warranty on this one. The door is lightweight (2lb) and automatically re-opens whenever it senses a pup standing at the entrance. Plus, it can run on AC or battery power that is able to last up to three months.

Don’t have a yard? No problem. Your pooch can stay fit and active in your apartment, too. Consider getting a dog treadmill to keep your pet in shape.


Can a human fit through a dog door? 

A human can pass through, especially if the door is medium to large in size. But one of the main electronic dog doors advantages is that they provide extra security by locking the passage. Plus, you can adjust the settings.

Are electronic dog doors safe? 

Yes, they are. The best smart dog door should have safety features like reopening if your pooch stands at the entrance. On top of that, an automatic door may save your pooch’s life in case there’s a fire in your home.

Do dog doors decrease home value?

Dog doors usually don’t make any difference when it comes to satisfying realtors’ or buyers’ terms and conditions. Besides, most households have installed pet doors. But keep in mind where you put the dog door, as it can be a potential fire barrier.

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