The pet food industry is a mess. It’s hard to get the facts when every company has been saying the same thing for years — dogs have to eat meat. But Wild Dog Food is here to challenge that idea.

The company disrupted the market with sustainable and clean protein-oriented dog food. Its success is all thanks to an ingredient that’s neither a plant-based nor meat-based protein. Instead, Wild Earth uses nutritional dried yeast. What’s that? Let’s check all the Wild Earth dog food reviews and find out.

What Is Wild Earth Dog Food?

A lot of people still have misconceptions about meatless dog food, which is understandable. Most vegan dog food kibbles lack the amino acids and high protein content of meat-based brands. 

But Wild Earth dog food isn’t just another vegan kibble being pushed to the masses. Firstly, it’s sustainable, which is great news for the environment. Secondly, it’s backed by science and gives furry family members all the necessary nutrition. 

The food achieves that by collecting all amino acids from one protein source ー nutritional yeast. Wild Earth pet food may be an ideal replacement for meat meals because it contains all nine amino acids found present in meat, eggs, dairy, and fish. 

The brand’s dried yeast is an AAFCO-approved pet food ingredient. After decades of study and use, the USDA has classified it as generally safe. The overall protein content in Wild Earth dog food is 31% — higher than most of the leading dog food brands. The food comes in 4 lb and 12 lb bags.

The Company Behind Wild Earth Dog Food

Ryan Bethencourt, a biotech entrepreneur, animal lover, and CEO of Wild Earth, founded the company in 2017. He wanted a way to feed our pets more safely, sustainably, and ethically. 

The California-based company got its success after Ryan presented Wild Earth dog food on Shark Tank. Mark Cuban, a well-known shark, saw the idea’s potential and made a significant investment of more than half a million dollars.

Ryan also has a sidekick — Dr. Erie Ward. The co-founder is a well-known vet with many years of expertise shared on Fox News, the Rachael Ray Show, and Good Morning America. 

Ryan and Erie developed the idea with their growing concerns about pet food. It’s full of ingredients we can’t even pronounce, fats and fillers that add to obesity. Plus, meat-based meals contribute to carbon emissions.

Their yeast high-protein is a great alternative to meat. The company offers cruelty-free pet food that solely uses cells and products of cells to create a clean protein source. Plus, vets agree that a plant-based diet is just as healthy as a meat-based one.


  • Kibble with plant-based protein from nutritional yeast
  • FDA & AAFCO confirm the yeast protein as safe
  • Recipe with natural prebiotic 
  • Full of dietary fibers for better digestion
  • Happiness Guarantee of 30 days for a full refund
  • No recalls


  • Wild Earth dog food reviews complained about a rising price
  • Not all ingredients are sourced in the US
  • No international shipping
Wild Earth Ingredients shown in three plates for sample

Wild Earth Ingredients

The main protein source Wild Earth uses comes from plants. Also, the food is made in the US, with sustainable ingredients sourced in the US, Latin America, Europe, and Asia (except for China). 

The food is free from fillers, artificial ingredients, or additives. Plus, there’s no corn, soy, or wheat in it. The components of every Wild Earth dog food formula are properly labeled. That said, let’s look at the most notable Wild Earth dog food ingredients:

  • Dried Yeast
  • Pea Protein
  • Potato Protein
  • Oats
  • Sweet Potato
  • Chickpeas
  • Flaxseed Meal
  • Canola Oil
  • Blueberries
  • Pumpkin
  • Spinach
  • L-Carnitine
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

Wild Earth dog food aims for full-body health. Although it’s a plant-based recipe, the protein content is over 31%, ideal for muscle building. It also has:

  • 10.5% fat
  • 5% fiber
  • 10% moisture

The dried yeast contains nine amino acids. Plus, peas are a rich source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Pumpkin, chickpeas, fiber, and oats contribute to lean mass, reduce constipation, and aid diabetes. Also, flaxseed, blueberries, and spinach are immunity superfoods, and canola oil supports healthy skin and coat.

Is Wild Earth Dog Food Safe?

Before we talk about safety, we must discuss dogs and their carnivore ancestors. The widespread belief is that dogs are exclusive meat-eaters. That partly stems from the fact that dogs are related to wolves and belong to the scientific order “carnivora.“ Despite its name, this order also includes herbivores and omnivores, such as Giant Pandas and Raccoons. 

The truth is, dogs have evolved differently from wolves over the years. One difference is that their genome has changed and enabled them to digest plant-based starches. Also, they now thrive on foods like fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains, meat, and fish.

So, is Wild Earth dog food good for dogs? Yes, because dogs are omnivores in nature. Still, a plant-based diet is highly risky for cats and some dogs. That’s why you should still keep an eye on your furry companion’s health if you put it on a vegan diet. One way to do that is to consult your vet before you start. 

Is Wild Earth Dog Food Suitable for Puppies?

Wild Earth makes it clear that their food isn’t appropriate for pups. Puppies are subject to a separate set of AAFCO nutritional guidelines. Sadly, Wild Earth dog food isn’t a suitable choice for your puppy.

Wild Earth Dog Food Benefits

Plants are valuable friends of any vegetarian dog food for allergies. And the best dog food for allergies contains ingredients similar to Wild Earth’s and goes easy on a dog’s tummy.

All-natural and filler-free, the formula has anti-inflammatory properties that help with arthritis and hip dysplasia. Your dog’s energy levels may also increase, resulting in lean muscle mass and healthy weight. 

Lastly, meat-based foods contribute to carbon emissions, while Wild Earth protects the environment. Plus, it stands against animal cruelty, and that’s a big plus in our book. 

Wild Earth Dog Food Drawbacks

A minor drawback of this food is that it’s not grain-free. So far, there hasn’t been a Wild Earth dog food recall, but a bigger cause for concern is that it might have a link to Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM). 

DCM causes the heart to expand, which makes blood pumping difficult and results in congestive heart failure. On the other hand, plant-based protein is never the sole reason for DCM

Other Wild Earth Products

Wild Earth also offers supplements and dog treats. Its three types of supplements are all made from clean and natural ingredients. They include:

  • Hip and joint care with omega-3 fatty acids and anti-inflammatory turmeric
  • Skin and coat supplements rich in omega-3 fatty acids and flaxseed lignans 
  • Digestion and immunity support with mushrooms, prebiotics, probiotics, and pumpkin

Wild Earth treats are famous as “koji dog food.” Koji is a mushroom with a high protein source. Plus, you can choose from three flavors:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Strawberry & Beet
  • Banana & Cinnamon

The treats are vegan, natural, and clean. Like Wild Earth dog food, they contain 9 amino acids. The recipe includes whole foods like oats, pumpkin, peanut butter, and oats. Also, they’re free from fillers and artificial preservatives. Plus, they come with a Happiness Guarantee (30-day refund).

How Much Is Wild Earth Dog Food Worth?

Plant-based dog meals are more expensive than filler recipes because they require more care and attention. If you want to buy this food once, the 4 lb bag costs $29, and the 12 lb bag is $70.

The good news is that you can subscribe for auto-shipping. That way, you’ll save 20% on your first purchase and 10% on the next deliveries.

Warranty, Shipping & Return Policies

Wild Earth offers free shipping and flexible delivery. If your dog doesn’t enjoy the food, you can return it within 30 days for a complete refund. You may amend or cancel your order at any time through the website. 

Customer Service

Looking into Wild Earth dog food reviews for its customer service, we can say that the company is informative and quick. Also, it’s very active on social media. You can contact the team through email or online chat. The only drawback is the lack of phone support. 

Dog sitting next to the wild earth dog food

Wild Earth Dog Reputation

The vegan dog food has nearly five stars out of more than thousands of ratings on its website. On Amazon, the brand currently has 71% five-star reviews. 

Wild Earth dog food customer reviews share they noticed an improvement in their dog’s skin and reduced itchiness. Also, picky eaters love the kibble’s alluring smell, proving it’s great dog food for picky eaters, too.

Wild Earth dog food reviews confirm it’s a nutritious and sustainable choice for dogs. Plus, reputable scientists and veterinarians have crafted the recipe.

One fan of the brand shared that Wild Earth cured their dog’s allergies, which you can easily check with a dog allergy testing kit. Also, another customer’s pet suffered from stomach pain, and the owner was more than happy to report a noticeable improvement.  

As for the Wild Earth dog food complaints, many customers feel insecure about the DCM risk. Others say the kibble is too pricey for them, which is incredibly disappointing to owners of dogs that didn’t like the food. Also, some report bad diarrhea as a side effect. 

Read more customer reviews on Wild Earth.

Wild Earth Dog Food Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

The Wild Earth dog food reviews revealed the company’s competitionーV-dog, Natural Balance, and Halo. Let’s see how they measure up.

Wild Earth vs V-dog

These companies share a similar vision. They produce clean, cruelty-free food, yet Wild Earth contains 7% more protein. Both are AAFCO-approved and rich in taurine. Still, V-dog lacks a guaranteed amount of omega fatty acids, DHA, or prebiotics. 

Wild Earth vs Natural Balance

Natural Balance customers appreciate its affordability, as opposed to the pricey Wild Earth dog food. But this budget-friendly product isn’t as rich in protein as Wild Earth, containing only 18%. Still, both companies are AAFCO-approved and offer 100% vegan recipes. 

Wild Earth vs Halo

We checked the vegan dog food reviews for Halo, and many customers appreciate the high-quality organic formula. The company’s protein source comes from peas and chickpeas, and Wild Earth dog food also uses these ingredients. But unlike Wild Earth, Halo is grain and GMO-free. Also, it offers a 14-day refund guarantee, whereas Wild Earth gives you 30 days. 

Wrap Up — Is Wild Earth Dog Food Worth It?

Wild Earth has taken great care to develop dog food with nutritional yeast — a clean recipe that’s high in protein and appealing in taste.

We’re delighted to see that the food satisfies AAFCO criteria without using a single animal protein. Since meat diets account for a lot of the negative environmental effects on the planet, we celebrate all plant-based solutions.

What’s more, Wild Earth dog food ratings remain high and the brand hasn’t suffered any recalls. While some customers worry over recent reports that a plant-based diet may be a possible cause of DCM, the FDA has yet to establish a connection.

Wild Earth dog food reviews conclude that thе recipe is an excellent choice for a happy, healthy dog. Many customers saw improvement in their dog’s well-being with this kibble, including better skin and coat, and fewer allergy symptoms. If your pet is allergic to animal ingredients, Wild Earth’s food is a great alternative. 

Wild Earth Dog Food Breakdown

Quality Of Ingredients♥♥♥♥♥
Stamp of Approval♥♥♥♥♥
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