How often do you buy an entire bag of new premium food only to find out that your dog couldn’t care less about it? Dogs can be very picky, and they can’t tell us what they enjoy and need.

Still, if you can get free dog food samples, you can avoid bad purchases and save some money. So we’ll give you the best options and tell you which brands offer freebies. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Taste Before You Buy — What Are Free Dog Food Samples?

Free samples let pet owners try various foods and products before buying. It’s an excellent opportunity to find yummy dog food for your fussy pal. Also, brands use this opportunity to market their products to potential clients.

You can get cheap dog food samples in many places. You’ll often find them on the manufacturer’s website, retailer sites, physical shops, and even your vet. Plus, getting pet freebies on the spot eliminates the issue of shipping and additional costs.

Diving Into the World of Free Stuff 

Many brands offer small and cheap dog food samples, and some have entirely free options. That said, going for anything free without looking into the product information or the terms and conditions might be a bad idea.

Make sure you read the fine print and the terms for getting the freebie before signing up for it. Some companies don’t ship internationally or have other limitations. Also, numerous free pet food samples online have higher shipping costs or require other purchases.

Companies That Offer Free Dog Food Samples

It’s not so easy to sample dog food anymore. Manufacturing costs are higher, and companies are aware of people trying to take advantage. But free samples still exist, mostly in pet stores or on the sites of premium brands. Some popular companies also offer freebies, like the Purina free samples of dog food. Let’s explore all the options.


Zignature offers dry and wet food with high-quality meat as the main ingredient and low-carbohydrate ingredients (low-glycemic carbs).

How to get free dog food samples from the brand? You can find Zignature’s free samples (4 oz) in the stores of its retail partners or request them via the company website (ships only in the US).

Essence Pet Foods

Essence Pet Foods sources various meats and fish from around the world to produce pet food rich in healthy protein. 

There’s not much information about free samples on the company’s website. Still, the team is very responsive on social media and has confirmed that you can send a direct message on Facebook requesting a free dog food trial. Also, you can find brand samples on sites like

Barky’s Inn

Barky’s Inn is a company that offers services like dog boarding, daycare, and even pet taxis. Also, it works with a hand-picked network of high-quality dog food brands like Fromm, Nature’s Logic, NutriSource, Weruva, and The Honest Kitchen.

The brand lets you sample dog food to assist picky eaters in searching for a healthier, tastier diet. If you live in Arizona, you can receive samples by calling the company.

Mike Ritland Co

Mike Ritland Co. is a company that offers dog food, treats, and accessories, aimed specifically at dogs going through training. Its products are shipped worldwide.

You can order free sample packs of dry dog food and treats through the brand’s website. The food sample is 0.44 lb, and the treats are 1 oz.

Orijen or Acana Dog Food

Both Orijen and Acana manufacture biologically appropriate dog food with a high concentration of animal products and protein. The brands fall under the same company — Champion Petfoods. That’s why you can get free trial dog food in one place. Check them out at

Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild is a company that focuses on using real meat in its recipes. It even adds exotic options, like bison, boar, or duck.

To request a sample from this brand, you can call the team or ask your local retailer. While the company is in the US, it also has international distributors.

Dog eating food

Companies That Offer Cheap Dog Food Samples

Nowadays, cheap dog food samples, kits, and boxes are more popular than pet freebies. The packages include a selection of various products. In some cases, you can even tailor them specifically to your dog.


Pawtree produces its food in the US and formulates grain-free recipes without dangerous by-products, corn, wheat, or soy. 

The company has a limited-time offer for free samples with a $2.95 shipping fee. To request grain-free dog food samples, you need to fill in a form on the website. Also, its trial packs and sample kits are affordable, like the Variety Sample 2-Pack Canned Cat Food Pâté for $6.99.

Luke’s All Natural

Luke’s All Natural is an online store for cat and dog food. It provides a variety of food, treats, supplements, medicine, accessories, and toys. 

The brand offers a selection of mixed samples from different companies. It aims to tailor the perfect dog food trial packs for your pet, so you should note the dog’s breed, size, age, and special needs. The package costs $19.99 and weighs 6–8 lb.  

Pet Purveyor  

Pet Purveyor is a pet store in Tampa, Florida that sells high-quality, organic, and eco-conscious food and goods. You can visit the physical shop or order cheap dog food sample packs from the website. 

The company offers samples from Dr. Harvey’s, Sojos, Grandma Lucy’s, and Primal. The prices range from $1 to $7, and international shipping is available.

NomNom Variety Pack

NomNom is a San Francisco-based company that produces human-grade pre-portioned fresh pet food. You can store it in the fridge or freezer.

The brand’s variety pack sample costs $15 and includes four recipes, 150g each. You can order the dog food sample box from the official website, and shipping is free on orders over $30.

Great Lakes Food Samples

Great Lakes offers 100% grain-free dog food for optimal digestion. You can get dry food and treats, all made in the US.

The company offers samples of its food for puppies, with each one-pound bag selling for $5.50. Also, you can purchase three bags for $13. Try it for yourself to see if it matches the top high-quality puppy food.

Other Dog Freebies & Samples

Did you know you can also find free or cheap supplements, treats, and other dog products? Sometimes companies have giveaways on special days or give discounts to their loyal customers. Let’s look at the options:

PetSmart Free Birthday Treats

PetSmart has stores across Canada and the US, offering food, supplies, medicine, and services for all kinds of pets. The brand often has sales and participates in charities.

Once you create a profile on PetSmart’s site as a regular client, you’ll have access to free dog treat samples and discounts. That includes free treats for your dog’s birthday, points for every $1 spent in stores or online, and exclusive member-only offers.

Nupro Natural Pet Supplements

Nupro was created in 1989 with the passion for developing balanced supplements, rich in vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and fatty acids

To receive free dog samples from the brand, you need to give it a call. The support team will advise you on the best choice for your four-legged friend.

Flush Doggy Poop Bags

Flush Doggy provides eco bags for dog waste. You can either toss them in the trash or flush them down the toilet because they’re water-soluble. 

Talk about free dog stuff you wouldn’t expect, right? To request a sample, you need to fill out a form on the company’s website and leave a like on its Facebook page.

Yoos Essential Oil Collar

Yoos is a unique, essential oil collar intended to relieve joint stiffness and mobility issues. It comes in two sizes.

You can request a free collar as long as you’re a US citizen. Do that by filling the form on the website with information about your dog’s age, breed, weight, and potential mobility issues. Direct free samples from manufacturers are always safer, and a collar is a pretty essential item.

Advet Shampoo Sample

AdVet offers high-quality dog shampoos for all breeds and even puppies. To test if your dog enjoys the brand, you can order cheap samples of 15 ml (50 fl oz) for $0.95 from AdVet’s site. Also, you can find the samples in other online pet stores.

Eli & Jojo

Eli & Jojo produce clean and organic dog treats with US-sourced ingredients. The brand even has various decorated treats, including birthday cakes.

If you order a sample set from the website, your dog can taste these treats almost for free. You can select a set of three samples for $0.01, plus $2.00 for shipping.

Things to Consider

Dog food samples for picky eaters sound great, but you shouldn’t jump blindly at the opportunity just because it’s cheap or free. Whenever you order samples online, read all requirements and conditions. You don’t want to accidentally sign up for an ongoing service or receive products you don’t need. Here are a few more things to consider:

  • Request samples from brands and retailers you can trust, and make sure the food hasn’t been recently recalled. 
  • Research the food carefully and make sure it’s suitable for your dog.
  • Check expiry dates, ingredients, and packaging for damaged parts or holes.

Use but Don’t Abuse 

Samples can help you find the best products for your dog. That said, you can’t feed your pet only with them. It’s almost impossible logistically, and constantly switching between foods may upset your dog’s stomach

If companies realize someone abuses their policies, they could discontinue their free puppy food samples for you and other pet owners that may benefit from them. 

If the family budget is really tight, some organizations specifically help dog owners with financial struggles. For instance, PetSmart is one such company. Alternatively, if you have time and experience in the kitchen, you can try a good homemade dog food recipe.


Sample dog food can be crucial in changing your dog’s diet for the better and even improving its health. For instance, if your dog refuses to eat, trying out different brands can help you find your pet’s new favorite food. Plus, saving a few bucks is always welcome.

Physical and online stores can be a reliable source of freebies, as long as you make sure to research the product and read the terms of the purchase. Free dog food samples can even help you find the best food for a pet with health issues. As long as you don’t abuse the system, the world of dog freebies can be quite useful and fun.

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