Every dog owner would like to take their dog wherever they go. Sadly, that’s still impossible because many places and stores have “no dogs allowed” signs.

Lowe’s is one of the largest retailers worldwide. Many people love shopping there, but are dogs allowed in Lowe’s? Luckily, the answer is positive, but there are some rules and exceptions.

Let’s find out more about them and learn how you can go shopping with your four-legged friend. Here’s what we’ll discuss:

Are All Dogs Allowed in Lowe’s? 

Lowe’s welcomes people who own service dogs. In contrast, most stores don’t allow non-service dogs. Still, this rule varies depending on the store’s policy.

The Dog Policy at Lowe’s

Are you struggling to find the official dog policy for Lowe’s? You won’t find it under that name because there’s no special dog policy. You can check the rules for bringing your pet to Lowe’s in the Accessibility Policy.

So, is Lowe’s dog friendly? The policy says the company is open to welcoming service animals. We appreciate companies that think of people with disabilities in such ways. Service dogs are an essential part of their lives.

Everyone should be able to go wherever they want. Plus, the US has nearly 200,000 emotional support animals, and that’s a lot of potential customers.

Service Dogs Allowed in Lowe’s

According to ADA, here are the service dogs that are welcome in commercial business and corporate settings:

  • Dogs that assist people with vision problems
  • Dogs that assist people with hearing issues
  • Dogs that provide protection
  • Dogs that assist people in wheelchairs
  • Dogs that assist people with frequent seizures
  • Dogs that alert people to allergens
  • Dogs that help people with their medications or telephone
  • Dogs that provide help for people with mobility disabilities
  • Dogs that help people with neurological or psychological issues

By allowing service dogs in their stores, the owners show that they care for their customers. It’s a nice way to show they appreciate every client’s dignity, integration, and independence.

So, if you’re on your way to do some shopping at Lowe’s and you need your service dog, don’t worry — you’re both welcomed. But what if your pal isn’t a service dog?

Some Lowe’s stores allow non-service dogs, but others don’t. If the nearest store strictly follows Lowe’s dog policy, the staff will ask you for a document proving your furry friend is a service dog.

You should always carry your documentation with you to save yourself the trouble. If you doubt whether to take your non-service pal to Lowe’s, keep in mind that the stores allow only service dogs. You may have to leave your dog leashed in front of the building.

Advantages of Bringing Your Dog to Lowe’s

Shopping at Lowe’s can be fun, especially when you feel safe and secure around your pet. Since Lowe’s is dog friendly, your service dog can join you. Plus, shopping with your pet certainly has some advantages:

  • If you need assistance or support, and your pet provides that for you, you can go shopping safely.
  • You won’t worry about leaving your pet home alone.
  • You won’t have to pay for a dog sitter while you’re out shopping.
  • You won’t have to leave your dog in the car. That can be potentially dangerous, especially on hot days.
  • You won’t have to tie your dog outside and risk losing it.

Since people can shop at Lowe’s with a dog, customer numbers can only go higher and higher. That’s good for business, so it’s a win-win situation. The company makes more money while its customers feel happy, safe, and secure.

Lowe's supermarket

Disadvantages of Bringing Your Dog to Lowe’s

Like every life situation, this one also has its good and bad sides. Let’s discuss the disadvantages:

  • Every dog has a specific smell. But sometimes that can be very unpleasant, leading to complaints from other customers.
  • If nature’s calling your dog, they might urinate where they shouldn’t.
  • Some people are allergic to dogs’ dander and fur. And it doesn’t matter if customers come into close contact with your dog. The allergens can still be transmitted through the air. That could lead to an uncomfortable and even dangerous shopping experience.
  • Even though Lowe’s pet policy allows dogs, the staff cannot be sure of your pal’s character, and some dogs can be aggressive towards other people. There were situations where Lowe’s customers ended up bitten by someone’s dog.

These cons should make you aware of your dog’s hygiene, behavior, and other people’s reactions.

Consequences of Your Dog’s Misbehavior

We already mentioned some disadvantages of bringing your dog to Lowe’s store. But what would happen if your pal misbehaves while you’re in there? Remember that every manager has a different level of tolerance.

If your dog does something inappropriate, the staff will ask you to leave the store. But that’s only a solution for minor problems. In more severe situations, you should expect strict consequences. So, while dogs in Lowe’s are allowed, sometimes that comes at a price.

For instance, if your dog bites someone, the store manager may call the police, and you may have to answer for the damage. In 2014, Lowe’s was sued because an Akita attacked a three-year-old child. The attack was severe, and the child received more than fifty stitches.

Tips for Shopping at Lowe’s With Your Dog

If you’re thinking about bringing your dog to Lowe’s, you should prepare yourself to avoid unnecessary drama and incidents.

So, are dogs allowed in Lowe’s? Yes, they are, but you should assess your dog’s behavior and decide whether it’s a good idea to bring it along. Before going to the store, think of all the possible situations and what you would do if they happened. 

Reassure Yourself

Most people enjoy shopping and even do it to relax. Adding a pet to that only makes the experience better.

For peace of mind, call Lowe’s store before you visit and ask about the rules. That way, you’ll know in advance whether to bring your dog or not.

Carry a Leash

You should always have a leash with you, and your furry friend should wear it inside the store. If you have a big furry pal, consider getting a proper no-pull harness for large dogs.

That’s how you can prevent a possibly dangerous situation where your dog may attack other people or chase after something.

Training Commands

Having a dog is a huge responsibility. It’s not all love and cuddles. So you need to train your pet properly.

No matter the situation, you should be able to control your dog. For example, when shopping at Lowe’s, your dog may become loud. If that happens, you should know the best ways to calm down a barking dog in advance.

Keep Bags in Your Pocket

Is Lowe’s dog friendly? Yes, but it’s not “poop friendly.” No matter how well-trained your companion is, a dog’s nature remains unpredictable.

If an accident happens, you have to clean it up and inform a staff member so they can sanitize the place. Another thing that can help you avoid this unwanted situation is using dog pee diapers.

Knowing all this will ensure your comfortable shopping at Lowe’s with your doggo. Disrespecting rules or not being able to control your pet could result in unpleasant experiences.


So, are dogs allowed in Lowe’s? Fortunately, service dogs are allowed in Lowe’s stores.

As a responsible pet owner, you should be aware of the pros and cons of bringing your pet to Lowe’s. If your dog is well-behaved, you shouldn’t have any problems, but it’s good to be prepared.

Finally, if your pal isn’t a service dog, consider hiring a pet sitter or leave it at home. Either way, ensure proper care for your four-legged friend and respect the store’s policy.

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