Finding the right name for your dog can be a hard and tiresome task. If you’re looking for exotic and unique ideas, picturesque Hawaii and its language offer plenty of inspiration.

We have a list of the best Hawaiian dog names in every category you can think of. Let’s get started:

Famous Hawaiian Words as Dog Names

Words and symbols of these islands make great names:

  • Aloha — Besides “hello,” this word also means “goodbye” and “love.” 
  • Hula — This is the famous Hawaii dance. If you’ve seen people with flowers on their necks dancing, this is what we’re talking about. It’s an excellent name for your energetic female pooch.
  • Honu — if you’re an animal lover, you’ve heard of the most famous Hawaiian turtle. This indigenous reptile is a symbol of wisdom and good luck. Hence, Honu makes an awesome name for an intelligent dog.
  • Kialoa — Hawaiian for “canoe.” Paddling is a very popular sport among the Hawaiian people. If you have a swimming dog, this can be a great name to single out that trait. 
  • Nalu — Hawaiian for “wave” or “surf.” Where better to surf than on those picturesque tropical beaches? It can be the best name for a Poodle that loves to swim.
  • Shaka — a very famous hand gesture where you extend your thumb and pinkie finger. This is another way to say “Aloha” and one of the many beautiful Hawaiian girl dog names.
  • Kīlauea — means “volcano.” The country has many, two of which are still active. Kilauea may be the best name if your dog is as fierce as a volcano.
  • Mahalo — “Thank you” in Hawaiian. It’s a great name to show how thankful you are for your pooch.

Many people also find inspiration in the names of Hawaiian islands and cities. Check the list below to see if any of them will spark your inspiration.

Dog Names Inspired by Hawaiian Islands and Cities

From Waikiki to Maui, many dogs are named after Hawaiian islands or cities. Let’s start with the top island dog names:

  • Hawaii — also known as the “Big Island.” It makes a good name for a big dog or one with a massive attitude. 
  • Kahoʻolawe — This is the smallest island, mostly known as a former naval site. Shorten it to Kaho, and you get an awesome name for a small dog. 
  • Kauai — It’s a super cute name. In the past, this island was popular for its many sugar plantations. 
  • Lanai —That’s where the famous Captain Cook died. Aside from historical sites, this small island is also popular for its pineapple plantation. It can be another cute name for your dog. 
  • Maui — The Maui dog name is quite popular. It could suit your stunning pooch or its wild character. Why? It’s among the top tourist destinations — home to great volcanoes and a place of breathtaking tropical scenes.
  • Moloka‘i — Also known as “the friendly island,” it makes a great name for your four-legged best friend. 
  • Niʻihau — It’s one of the smallest islands in the Hawaiian archipelago.
  • O‘ahu — The most sought-after tourist destination of all Hawaiian islands could be an excellent name if you own a popular breed.

Now, let’s see the names of the most popular cities for more ideas.

Dog Names Inspired by Hawaiian Cities

City names can provide a lot of inspiration. Names like Kona are the most common, but here are some other cities that can be just as good:

  • Honolulu — The capital of Hawaii and the largest city can be an awesome name for big dogs.
  • Kona — a city located on the Big Island that’s best known for coffee exports. It can be a great tag for your big or black dog
  • Manele — an awesome name for a white puppy. Manele Bay is popular for its stunning sandy white beach.
  • Hapuna — a good name for a white or beautiful dog. It’s known for one of the most beautiful white Hawaiian beaches. 
  • Koloa — a town that’s among the top Hawaiian dog names.
  • Pearl  — Pearl City is best known for Pearl Harbor. 
  • Waikiki — Who hasn’t heard of the famous Waikiki Beach? If you’re a beach lover, you can name your dog after it.

Hawaiian culture and mythology can also be a rich source of name ideas for your pet.

Dog Names Inspired by Hawaiian History and Culture

Known for their spirits and gods, Hawaiian mythology and culture are a great source for awesome dog names. Aside from volcanoes and beaches, there are many sacred places, altars, and temples that sound mystical. 

So, why not use more Hawaiian words for dog names? Let’s check them out:

  • Kāne — the leader of the four most famous Gods in Hawaii
  • — god of war
  • Lono — god of agriculture
  • Kanaloa — god of the oceans
  • Laka — legendary hero
  • Haumia — god of wild plants 
  • Papa — god of nature
  • Pele — god of the elements

Aside from these very famous deities, we have a lot more ideas.

Hawaiian Gods and Goddesses That Make Great Dog Names

Check these if you have a deep spiritual connection to your pet:

  • Akua — spirit
  • Haikili — god of thunder
  • Hina — moon goddess
  • Kana — demigod
  • Kapo — goddess of fertility
  • Kuula — goddess of fishermen
  • Lea — goddess of canoe builders
  • Namaka — goddess of the sea
  • Poliahu — goddess of snow
  • Huna — a temple
  • Pale — protector in Hawaiian

The islands’ culture and history are as rich as Hawaiian mythology. Below you’ll find some unique names inspired by them for all dog breeds — from the Pitbull Husky mix to the tiny Chihuahua.

white dog standing on the rocks of hawaiian beach

Dog Names Associated With Hawaiian Culture and History

The popular musical instrument Ukulele is a common symbol associated with Hawaiian culture. This might be the right match if you have a very vocal dog

Here are some more words that dog owners choose for their pets:

  • Lei — The flowers that Hawaiian people put on your neck to show hospitality and respect. What a great name for a dog!
  • Liliuokalani — The last queen of the Hawaiian Islands. It’s a perfect name for a royal dog. It might sound like one of those tough Hawaiian dog names, but you can shorten it to Lili for your female pup. 
  • Luau — a great name to address the funny side of your dog. Luau stands for a Hawaiian party, a long-standing tradition of food and fun.
  • Macadamia — One of the most famous nuts coming from Hawaii and another great name for a pet.

Last but not least, let’s see a list of some awesome male and female dog names.

Hawaiian Male and Female Dog

We’ve prepared a list of over 100 male, female and cute dog names. Hopefully, you’ll find inspiration in them.

Hawaiian Dog Names for a Boy

Here are some Hawaiian words that can make excellent names for your male dog: 

  • Aka — shadow
  • Akamai — clever
  • Amana — warrior
  • Amoka — strong
  • Analu — manly
  • Asera — lucky
  • Etana — strong
  • Ezra — help
  • Hale — healthy
  • Haukea — white snow
  • Hilo — the first night after the new moon
  • Hiwa — jet black or yet another Hawaiian word for a black dog
  • Kale — strong and manly
  • Kei — dignified
  • Kai — ocean
  • Kanoa — the free one
  • Kapena — captain
  • Kapono — righteous and moral
  • Keanu — breeze
  • Kilo — star watcher or daydreamer
  • Koa — fighter or warrior
  • Pekelo — stone
  • Pûkini — pudding
  • Loke — Hawaiian version of “rose”
  • Lui — well-known warrior
  • Malo — winner or victorious man
  • Mano — shark or lover
  • Nui — important
  • Pika — rock

Hawaiian Dog Names for Girls

If you got yourself a girl puppy, here are some unique ideas for naming her: 

  • Ala Muku — rainbow
  • Alani — orange fruit tree
  • Alika — truthful
  • Akela — lucky
  • Haimi — the seeker
  • Hanai — lucky
  • Hau — snow
  • Hoku — star
  • Ipo — sweetheart
  • Kala — princess
  • Kalia — beloved
  • Kamea — the one and only
  • Kaia — the sea
  • Kalani — the sky
  • Kalea — bright
  • Kani — sound
  • Kapua — flower
  • Kula — gold
  • Laki — lucky
  • Lani — sky
  • Leilani — royal child
  • Luana — happy
  • Mana — power
  • Mirena — beloved
  • Meka — eyes
  • Moana — It means “ocean,” but you might better know it as the name of a certain princess. If you’re a fan, check our list of Disney dog names.
  • Naia — dolphin
  • Noe — mist or rain
  • Nani — beauty
  • Olina — joyous
  • Ona — sweetness
  • Pepe — baby, among the best Hawaiian puppy names
  • Piki — peaches
  • Roselani — rose
  • Ula — red
  • Uilani — great beauty
  • Waha Nui — big mouth
  • Wahine — woman

How about some cute dog names? See the list below.

Cute Dog Name Ideas in Hawaiian 

If you’re looking for names to match your sweet pet, here are a few cute Hawaiian girl dog names and boy dog names:

  • Alamea — precious
  • Keiki — child
  • Kekoa — brave one
  • Makani — wind
  • Meli — honey
  • Moku — island
  • Anuenue — rainbow
  • Hoku — star
  • Honi — kiss
  • Ilio — dog in Hawaiian
  • Inoki — devoted
  • Kahoku — star
  • Kanaka — human
  • Kekipi — rebel
  • Kolohe — little rascal
  • Kono — invited
  • Lalama — daring
  • Lolo — crazy
  • Lupo — wolf
  • Makana — gift
  • Malia — peaceful
  • Mau Loa — forever
  • Noelani — girl from heaven
  • Ohana — family
  • Oke — oscar
  • Palani — free man
  • Pilikea — trouble)
  • Pualani — heavenly flower
  • Pupule — crazy
  • Wiwi — skinny

Other interesting names can be nature-related ones, such as Iwa and Iniki. You can also name your dog after the most damaging hurricanes in Hawaii or Mauna Kea — the tallest mountain on the islands.

Final Remarks

At the end of the day, naming your furry pal is a personal decision. Don’t sweat over it! Searching for inspiration can help, but you must decide at some point. 

Hawaiian dog names make great tags for dogs around the world. But naming your pet isn’t nearly as crucial as giving it all the love you have

If you just got a new puppy, consider welcoming it properly with some awesome gifts for dogs. Also, you must learn to take good care of your new best friend. Look for high-quality, specific food for puppies to ensure your pet grows strong and healthy. 

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