Regular grooming is a necessary step in taking care of your furry pal. Your dog will look good, and you’ll notice many other benefits like less shedding, better hygiene, and early detection of fleas and skin health issues.

You can learn to groom your dog or simply pay a professional to do the work. If you live in Dallas, Texas, we’ll help you find the top 10 services for dog grooming in Dallas. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Why Do Dogs Need Grooming?

A good professional can make your pup look like a movie star, and grooming is essential for proper pet care. 

Brushing a dog’s coat helps with shedding and removing dandruff and dirt. Also, it’s like a massage, so it allows the skin to produce its natural oils that keep the fur healthy.

Even if your dog doesn’t have skin issues, they may develop them, and you can manage them successfully if a groomer detects them on time. Also, dogs with skin problems should get regular baths with special shampoos. That can help them ease or treat their condition.

The best dog grooming services include ear cleaning because many dogs are prone to ear infections, especially breeds that like swimming. Bad ear hygiene may lead to severe health issues.

Top 10 Dallas Groomers

Since this should be a regular part of your four-legged friend’s life, you should choose the best grooming salon. Your baby needs to feel safe, secure, and comfortable while spending time in its dog’s spaw. So, let’s check out what Dallas offers:

Urban Dog

Urban Dog is for you, if you want a grooming salon where you can speak both English and Spanish. Its grooming sessions include:

  • Bath
  • Drying
  • Brushing
  • Haircuts
  • Paw pad trimming
  • Nail trimming

A big plus is that this is among the groomers in Dallas with a self-service option, meaning you can bring your dog and groom it yourself. Also, you can buy dog food, treats, and supplements. But that’s not all. After a successful grooming session, the team can take photos of your perfect furry baby.

Park Cities Pet Salon

Here’s another Dallas grooming salon that offers excellent pet care. Its grooming services include:

  • Bath
  • Brushing
  • Haircuts
  • Nail clipping
  • Ear cleaning

One huge advantage is that the salon offers anal gland expression. Also, during the shedding season, you should consider the so-called furminator-treatment.” It consists of three steps:

  • Shampoo for lifting dead hair follicles
  • A solution to loosen dead hair
  • Blow-drying to get rid of unnecessary hair

The procedure lasts just 20 minutes. 

If you own a cat, you can take advantage of the cat grooming here, too. Read more on the website.

dog getting its hair cut

Oak Clips — Oak Cliff

This Dallas grooming business takes care of cats and dogs. The service includes a brush and bath package where your furry friend would get pad shaving, body wash, nailing clipping, and ear cleaning.

If you choose the grooming option, your pet will receive:

  • Good bath
  • Cut
  • Brush
  • Style
  • Dental care — teeth brushing

Also, the salon offers various natural and organic pet products you can purchase for your pal. This grooming service was chosen as the Best Pet Service in Oat Cliff. Check its Facebook profile.

Ardy’s For Paws

If you have a dog that weighs 40 lbs or less, this grooming salon is for you. It started in 1972, but it doesn’t take cats. The team has many years of experience, and it offers a bath package with a specific shampoo for your dog’s needs. The service also includes ear cleaning, nail clipping, and gland checking.

Ardy’s For Paws is among the low-cost dog grooming options in Dallas. It also offers maintenance trim: bath package plus light trimming of the tail, feet, and face. Additionally, a grooming package includes the bath package plus a haircut suitable for your dog’s breed. You can pay extra for teeth brushing and nail grinding.

Kibble Pet Grooming

Kibble Pet deserves a place on our list because it uses only organic and natural products that are free of toxins and SLS and are pH-balanced. Also, it doesn’t charge you extra for premium products. The salon offers:

  • Haircutting
  • Nail clipping
  • Ear cleaning
  • Blow-drying
  • Tick and flea cleansing

What’s more, Kibble Pet includes facial brightening and toothbrushing services. You can find it in three locations in Dallas: The Hill, Hillcrest Village, and Preston Center.

Pet Bar Inc.

This salon offers pet grooming in Highland Park, with three locations in Dallas and more on the way. You can take your pet and use the self-service wash. If you aren’t in the mood to do the work, Pet Bar will do it for you, including:

  • Bath
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Drying
  • Brushing

Professional groomers perform the service, and they take care of each dog depending on its breed. If you can’t take your dog to the salon, Pet Bar provides a Pet Taxi service. You can also take advantage of the monthly membership for unlimited brushing and baths.

Lakewood Mobile Pet Grooming

This grooming business landed on our list because it puts pet safety first. If your furry friend is afraid, the team will try techniques to calm them down. And if that doesn’t work, they’d cancel the procedure. This mobile pet grooming in Dallas offers:

  • Bathing service — bathing, brushing, cleaning ears, removing ear hair, nail clipping, anal gland expression, and cologne
  • Full grooming service — bathing, haircutting, brushing, blow-drying, cleaning ears, removing ear hair, nail clipping, anal gland expression, and cologne
  • Nail trim package — nail clipping, filing, teeth brushing, quick coat brushing, and ear cleaning

You can also choose four additional services for $20. Prices vary depending on the dog breed and size.

Pawlished Pooch

It’s a pet grooming Dallas business located in Oak Cliff. The professionals here can take care of any dog breed and size. But if you choose this spaw for your pet, you need to ensure it’s vaccinated. The salon offers:

  • Tender brushing
  • Bathing with premium shampoo for your pup
  • Ear trimming
  • Eye and ear cleaning
  • Haircuts
  • Blow-drying
  • Teeth brushing
  • Nail polish and grinding
  • De-shedding
  • De-matting
  • Anal gland expression

If you want to treat your furry companion, expect to pay $5–$20, depending on what you choose.

Billi Bonze

Family groomers in Dallas own this business. If your dog is stressed, you should try Billi Bonze’s spaw, which includes everything your pup needs to feel great. The grooming service consists of:

  • Bathing
  • Brushing
  • Eye and ear cleaning
  • Pad trimming
  • Sanitary trimming
  • Nail clipping
  • De-shedding
  • Haircuts
  • Conditioning

The salon works with a team of great professionals, and the prices depend on your dog’s coat condition and breed. Ensure your pal is vaccinated before taking it to Bonze. Also, you’ll find toys, treats, and natural products at this salon.

Downtown Dogs Dallas

Last but not least, dog grooming in Dallas wouldn’t be the same without Downton Dogs, which offers grooming, dog boarding, daycare, and training. The team also helps with rescuing pets. The grooming services consist of:

  • Nail trimming
  • Filing
  • Ear cleaning
  • Paw pad trimming
  • Flea dips
  • Double organic shampoo
  • Sanitary clipping
  • Soothing shampoo
  • Blow-drying

Since grooming depends on the breed, so do the prices. But if there are any additional charges, the team would first ask you for approval.

Grooming isn’t just bathing your dog. It includes many aspects that help maintain your four-legged friend’s hygiene. Here’s what grooming services cover:

Dog Baths

Every dirty dog needs a proper bath. Even if your dog doesn’t jump in mud poodles, it still needs regular bathing. 

Groomers in the dog wash Dallas businesses may use various anti-tick or anti-flea shampoos as prevention or remove the bugs from your pal’s coat. Sometimes, bathing comes with trimming and brushing.

Nail Trimming

Many dog owners don’t know how to trim their pal’s nails properly. Since trimming is crucial for your pet’s health, groomers can help you. Plus, they use quality dog clippers

Damaged or long nails may cause your furry baby lots of pain. Make sure to maintain a good nail length.

dog getting its nails trimmed

Ear and Eye Cleaning

Ears are prone to infections. So, your dog needs to get its ear wax removed from time to time to maintain its hygiene. 

Groomers usually use an ear wash solution to eliminate ear wax buildup. To clean the eyes, professionals use wipes or cotton pads to remove the dirt around.

Hair Brushing and Trimming

The best dog groomers use special brushes for every type of fur to remove dead hair. Also, brushing detangles the dog’s coat, preventing painful skin issues. Plus, it helps in maintaining a healthy and shiny coat.

Trimming a dog’s hair improves your pet’s appearance and skin air circulation. So, in summer, your dog will feel cooler if you do it regularly.

Teeth Brushing

Regular teeth brushing helps prevent tartar and remove plaque. But not all groomers offer this service, so you may have to learn how to brush your dog’s teeth yourself.

It’s essential to use a dog brush. Also, remember never to use human toothpaste because it contains chemicals toxic to dogs.

Anal Gland Expression

If your furry friend has problems emptying its anal glands, it may suffer irritation, swelling, and pain. This condition can cause bowel movement issues and a fishy odor. Besides, anal glands are crucial for socialization since dogs sniff each other’s behinds to get to know one another.

Not all dog grooming services in Dallas Tx offer this option. But ensure to hire a professional for this checkup and procedure if necessary.

Grooming Tools

You can learn to groom your dog, but you’ll need some or all of the following tools:

  • Pet bathing and cleaning products: wet and dry shampoos, conditioners, and wipes
  • Bathing and grooming gloves
  • Dog hairdryer
  • Slicker brush — great for all breeds
  • De-matting comb — for untangling long dog hair
  • De-shedding tool — removes dead hair
  • Scissors/Clippers
  • Thinning shears — reduces hair without cutting length
  • Nail clippers
  • Paw balm — for moisturizing your dog’s paws
  • Ear wipes and washes — remove ear dirt
  • Dog toothpaste and toothbrush — to maintain dental hygiene

If you cannot always take your dog to pet grooming Dallas salons, invest in some tools and do it yourself at home. Spend some time and effort in learning how to use them correctly. You can do your own research online or ask a professional groomer for advice.

In any case, taking your four-legged friend to a groomer every once in a while is a good idea.

Wrap Up

Your pup is your world, and it deserves the best of everything. If you want to avoid skin health issues caused by dirt and bugs and maintain your pet’s good appearance, regular grooming sessions are in order.

Professional groomers take really good care of their furry clients. Some even do anal gland expression, which can be crucial for your dog’s health.

When your dog spends some relaxing time in dog grooming Dallas salons, keep in mind that your groomer has given their best to make your pup comfortable and happy. So, you should tip your groomers to show them appreciation.

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