If you don’t want to leave your pet alone when you go shopping, you’ll be glad to know that many stores now open their doors to dogs. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the most popular dog-friendly stores in the US and their pet rules.

So, grab your dog and see if your favorite store is on the list! You’ll read about:

Shopping Rules for Dogs

As much as you trust your dog, you cannot always predict how it’ll react in certain situations. 

Even if you socialized your pet and trained it properly, sometimes bringing it to a store could be challenging, especially in big retail chains. 

Crowded places can cause stress to dogs and humans. Sometimes, even preparing treats to calm an anxious dog won’t be enough to make your pet behave. Obedience training is a common solution to this problem.

When you bring your dog to a pet-friendly store, you must obey certain rules. That includes avoiding potty accidents, preventing barking, and having your dog walk by your side on a short leash.

If your dog follows these rules, you’ll be more than welcome in dog-friendly stores across the US.

Training Your Dog to Avoid Awkward Situations

Are you unsure whether your dog won’t get distracted and too excited in a crowded place? Try teaching it some basic dog obedience commands

You can begin by researching “Are there any dog-friendly stores near me?” and picking the smallest and least crowded ones for your dog’s first visit.

Your Dog’s Basic Obedience Skills Are Important 

Your dog can be an obedient little puppy while playing in the park and still have a problem adjusting to social situations like going into dog-friendly stores and restaurants. 

You should start by testing your dog’s obedience skills in a place with many distractions and strangers. Try dog commands like “Sit” or “Come here” and see how it goes.

Remember that not every shopper will be comfortable with your dog walking on a loose leash, so it’s better to keep it close to you and make sure your pet doesn’t mind that.

Another essential aspect is to potty train your puppy. Some dogs may get too excited or even anxious in new surroundings, and that’s when a potty accident can occur. Make sure your dog has finished the potty duties before going into a store.

You also might experience nuisance barking while shopping with your fur buddy. Try using sound training collars for dogs during your walks in the park. Observe the situations when your dog is more likely to bark and patiently teach it to stop this behavior.

These are just some general commands your dogs need to know before going into dog-friendly retail stores and malls. 

Now let’s see where you can shop together.

10 Dog-Friendly Stores Across the US

Every pet-friendly store gets a bonus point from us for hospitality and understanding.

So, we selected the 10 most popular dog-friendly places across the US where you can shop with your dog without any disturbances.

Are Dogs Allowed in Home Depot?

If you’re thinking about remodeling the kitchen or landscaping the garden, Home Depot is the right spot for you. But what’s the purpose of shopping if your dog can’t approve of the new coffee table? 

Don’t worry! Home Depot has pet-friendly stores that allow leashed dogs inside. The wide aisles are perfect for large dogs, so you won’t have to worry about your pet accidentally breaking something.

Some customers complained of their dogs being turned away from a store. So are dogs allowed in Home Depot? We suggest calling beforehand and asking. There are many Home Depot stores across the country, and some have different working principles.

Does Tractor Supply Allows Dogs?

Tractor Supply Co. stands proudly on our list of dog-friendly retail stores. This national retail brand is a big fan of dogs and will gladly welcome your pet in all locations. 

Among the countless products, you can shop for farm tools, working clothes, or animal supplies. And what dog wouldn’t enjoy being surrounded by food and toys?

Nordstrom vs Dogs

Are there any pet-friendly stores in Dallas? You bet there are! That’s where you can find most of the Nordstrom stores in the US, and the brand has been loyal to dogs for over 30 years. 

If you’re in the mood for a good fashion makeover, feel free to take your dog. Nordstrom staff won’t mind a well-behaved dog in the store.

Plus, there’s the hashtag #dogsofnordstorm, so feel free to take a picture of your little cutie. Nordstrom will love to see its smallest customers happy and comfortable in the stores.

Is the Apple Store a Dog-Friendly Store?

Is your dog a tech fan? If you don’t take it on a trip to the Apple Store, you’ll never know. This store allows well-behaved and on-leash dogs only. Although there’s no official Apple policy about pets, most stores across the US are happy to welcome your dog. 

But you should be extra cautious while walking your dog in the Apple Store. They can sometimes be crowded. Also, it’s better to call the store beforehand as not every Apple Store is pet-friendly.

Is Bass Pro Among the Pet-Friendly Stores in the US?

Bass Pro is a sporting goods store that allows and even wants your dog. The brand often organizes Dog Days events where your pet can meet many fur buddies. So, you can expect many happy shopping days for you and your dog!

PetSmart Is Pet Approved

In many malls that allow dogs, you’ll find a PetSmart shop. And if you can’t find it, your dog surely will. After all, PetSmart is full of delicious dog food and treats.

The stores are happy to have dogs that are leashed or in a carrier. Another condition is that your dog must have all the vaccines.

Besides that, PetSmart employees love dogs, so prepare your furry pal for lots of cuddling and free treats.

Orvis Loves Dogs

If dogs can pick, Orvis would be among their favorite brands. These are 100% dog-friendly chain stores with the best dog products. 

Orvis has chosen August as a special dog month and offers unique ways to celebrate that. Also, by signing up for the Dog Club program, your dog will receive a surprise gift.

What’s more, this chain also has a contest for cover dog photos. So, make a grooming appointment and prepare your dog to be the star of the show.

Bed Bath & Beyond 

Bed Bath & Beyond offers everything for your home. If you want to redecorate, this is the right place, and who will be a better shopping pal than your dog?

You can bring your doggo to Bed Bath & Beyond as long as your pet is well-behaved and leashed. Plus, you’ll find plenty of dog goodies there, too.

Are Dogs Allowed in Cabela’s?

Cabela’s offers high-quality hunting gear. So if you have a Golden Retriever, Wirehaired Griffon, or Labrador Retriever, you can take it along with you. 

All breeds are welcomed here, but not every Cabela’s store is pet-friendly. Some only allow service dogs.

But before you start judging this brand, keep in mind that some of Cabela’s stores have indoor and outdoor dog kennels. So if you can’t bring your dog inside, you can leave it nearby. The brand wants to keep its customers at any cost.

Harbor Freight Tools

Harbor Freight is also a dog-friendly place, so get ready for a real “handy” shopping spree. Here you can find every tool you need at an affordable price.

Some stores and restaurants don’t allow pets, and employees may not be happy if you show up with your dog. 

Let’s explore the most popular stores in the US with strict animal policies.

Does Target Allow Dogs?

Target’s clear no-pet policy states that whether you own a Chihuahua or a Pit Bull, the rules are the same for everyone. So, does Target allow dogs? Sadly, no.

IKEA and Animals

It’s such a pity that Ikea doesn’t allow dogs in its stores. Just imagine your furry pal trying every single sofa inside. It would be a real dog paradise.

Are Dogs Allowed in Walmart? 

Walmart will gladly welcome a service dog defined as ADA. These dogs are trained to perform tasks for individuals with disabilities. Sadly, Walmart doesn’t allow any other dogs. 

Grocery Stores and Animals

You may not need a new shirt every day, but you cannot live without food. So, what grocery stores allow dogs? 

Besides service dogs, grocery stores don’t allow animals. That’s due to the strict health code rules prohibiting animals from being in stores with food. 

Wrap Up

You don’t have to leave your dog at home next time you go shopping. Nowadays, many dog-friendly stores will welcome your furry pal.

But if you want successful shopping with your dog, potty and leash training are a must. Also, you’ll need to find a way to stop your dog from barking at strangers.

Stores like Nordstrom, Apple, and Home Depot are among those that would be delighted to welcome your dog. The stores that don’t allow animals are just missing out on all the fun and joy.

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