Dogs need attention, affection, and care. This includes bathing, grooming, sheltering, medical check-ups, exercise, and feeding. 

Besides, let’s be honest; everything on that list can cost a colossal amount of money. Even if we put all that aside, we lead busy lives with little to no time for proper pet care. 

But should these reasons deter you from getting a pet companion?

No! The workaround is to get one of the low maintenance dogs below.

Let’s get this show on the road and find out which are the easiest breeds to take care of.

Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

This list features furry pals among the lowest maintenance dogs in terms of grooming, exercise, interaction, and attention. Every species we discuss below will highlight exactly why they’re easy to care for. 

boston terrier

1. Boston Terrier 

Commonly known as the dog in a tuxedo because of its characteristic black and white coat, the Boston Terrier is the ideal town dog. This breed’s calm demeanor is part and parcel of why it’s among the lowest maintenance dogs to have in your apartment. You can leave a Boston Terrier alone at home, and it won’t cause you any trouble.

First of all, they’re cost-effective in terms of grooming. A bath with treated water once a week is enough to maintain the dog’s hygiene. Besides, their coat is easy to maintain since it grows no longer than a few inches.

The Boston Terrier needs only a bit of exercise, like walking or running, which you can do indoors, on the balcony, or around the block. These are some solid reasons why they’re the best low maintenance dogs.

manchester terrier

2. Manchester Terrier

The Manchester Terrier is part of the group of low maintenance dogs that don’t shed. Their sleek coat needs very little care. A bath with treated water will eradicate and keep away the fleas and parasites. With this canine in your household, you won’t have to worry about dog hair sticking to your furniture or the costly grooming sessions other dogs require.


3. Dachshund 

The Dachshund’s playful nature makes it a low maintenance dog because you can essentially throw anything (toy, frisbee, or a stick), and they’ll play along. Once they have something to keep them busy, they’ll be out of your hair. This breed also actively runs around the apartment, so it gets enough exercise, and the need to take them on a walk won’t be an everyday struggle.


4. Chihuahua

Among the most popular low maintenance dog breeds is the small and compact Chihuahua. These little balls of fun are the most easy-going pet any dog owner will ever have. Whatever their hair length, you only need to groom it with a soft brush which only takes a few minutes.

Chihuahuas are incredibly adaptable to any environment, be it the country or city. What’s more, their exercise routine is not strict. They can get enough exercise moving around the house or escorting you to take the trash out. Overall, they’re one of the most low maintenance small dogs to have at home.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed is an incredible dog with the rare gift of sensing its master’s temperament. So, they become excellent companions that know when they’re needed and when they’re not. You can get to work and do your chores without them standing in your way. It’s easy to see why they’re among the low maintenance small dogs that you can keep. 

french bulldog

6. French Bulldog

This furry pal has a thin coat that needs very minimal grooming sessions per month. They also don’t require much exercise, ticking all the boxes to categorize them as easy to take care of.

Despite their low tolerance to loneliness, you could train your French Bulldog from a young age to get used to your schedule. Once that’s over, you can leave it alone for a few hours, and it’ll be okay by itself.


7. Pug

If there’s a breed that loves to just lay back and chill, this is it. Pugs are low energy dogs that relish lounging undisturbed. Once they put their head down to rest, they can stay in that position for hours unless called or alerted. 

They have a short coat, so grooming is manageable — a simple wash and dry will do. Pugs need a simple exercise routine, qualifying them as one of the easiest dogs to take care of. 


8. Greyhound 

It may come as a surprise that these swift dogs are low-maintenance, but they are. They love the outdoors, but aside from that, they could very well join your Pug on the couch for a rest. 

Generally, greyhounds don’t need much exercise since they get what they need from short bursts of energy when they race or run. Their coat is also easy to keep neat with no effort. 


9. Maltese

The Maltese are true lap dogs that adore being held close by their owners. You can count on them to follow you around like a shadow. And it’s through these back and forth runs that they garner the needed exercise. 

The other excellent characteristic of the Maltese is that they’re low maintenance hypoallergenic dogs. There are more non-shedding breeds you can consider. It makes them great companions that won’t leave you sneezing or cleaning after their hair everywhere. 

But if you’re dealing with allergies, you could add an air purifier for dog hair to reduce the symptoms as much as possible. 


10. Pomeranian

This toy breed is one of the many friendly, low maintenance dogs with a cheerful and outgoing disposition. The Pomeranians are super-intelligent animals, that you can train in no time. A few days of teaching them common dog commands will set you on a path of great understanding and companionship.

Engaging this canine in some playful rounds at home is also enough exercise for them. 


11. Papillon

The Papillon is a small dog breed that always seems happy. If you take a closer look, you might even notice a smile on their faces. Besides, they’re extremely friendly and very low-maintenance.

As long as you brush their fur after a bath and engage them in a game of fetch here and there, they’re good to go.


12. Havanese

The Havanese is a self-entertainer with no problem being left alone for hours. They’re one of the easiest dog breeds to have in a town complex or even the countryside.

Since these dogs are so great at staying busy, they get their daily dose of exercise by running up and down, chasing the wind, or rolling around chewing their favorite toy. So, the Havanese is one of the best dogs that can be left alone with no repercussions. Plus, they rarely bark or cause trouble.

West Highland White Terrier

13. West Highland White Terrier

If you are looking into low maintenance medium-sized dogs, then the West Highland White Terrier is the perfect contender. They’re easy-going with a moderate energy level. This breed is also trainable and needs only a few grooming sessions to trim off their hair. It can take months before having to do it again. Other than that, a brush after a bath is enough.

Brussels griffon

14. Brussel Griffon

The Brussel is a lovely chap that tends to be silly or goofy at times. They’re always lively, jumping up and down all over the place. This constant movement earns them their daily workout and reduces the need to take them out on a walk often. 

Their grooming is as basic as passing a brush over their manes after a bath. Overall, they remain low maintenance pets.


15. Mastiff 

The Mastiff is one of the low energy dogs with a hobby of laying around doing nothing. You certainly don’t have to take them on a daily walk. When they’re young, Mastiff dogs can be very agile and goofy, but once they get older, their favorite place to chill becomes the couch. 

All in all, they’re an adorable and valuable member of the family. If you were to describe the Mastiff in one phrase — low maintenance large dogs is spot-on!

bull mastiff

16. Bull Mastiff

If you are looking for a big dog that’s low-maintenance but has a bit more personality than the Mastiff, go for the Bull Mastiff. Despite its outward appearance, which may seem ferocious, this dog is amiable and calm around its kin.

The Bull Mastiff is the easiest dog to own. All they need is a walk a day and a bath every other day. Grooming their fur is also highly manageable, and you should do it at least once a week or every other week if it’s super short.

rat terrier

17. Rat Terrier

Of all the best low maintenance dogs, we bet Rat Terriers are the most social. They love being around people and, like other calm canine breeds, very few things can bother them. 

The only thing you might have to pay attention to is their sensitive nature. But you can manage that by training them from a young age. That said, they’re eager to follow commands and grooming isn’t challenging, making them the best low maintenance dogs for apartments. 

Once trained, you may leave them at home knowing they’ll remain calm. And when you come back, they’ll welcome you with joyous pounces.

18. Broholmer

The Broholmer loves the outdoors but likes staying close to its owners. So, when you go for a hike, bike ride, or just a picnic, they’re the best canines to bring along. 

Because of the breed’s calm demeanor, they’re the most low maintenance outdoor dog breeds. The Broholmer’s coat is easily manageable with a bath, and that’s it. If you love some company that won’t cost you much, then this breed is the one for you.

basset hound

19. Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is the kind of low maintenance dog that will be there, and you might not even notice. They’re incredibly patient and may sometimes seem aloof, but they’re still caring.

The Basset Hound is also great around other dogs and causes no problems with barking or growling. Their coat is easy to manage with occasional brushing. Overall, they can easily pass as suitable low maintenance dogs for seniors, singles, and families.

20. Tosa

The Tosa is a gigantic canine that’s very tranquil. They’re also fantastic guard dogs that will come to your rescue when you need them the most. Plus, they’re patient and loyal.

Tosas are low maintenance guard dogs. All you have to do is offer them a daily ten-minute walk. It will keep them healthy, agile and ready to face any danger.

border terrier

21. Border Terrier

Border Terriers enjoy being indoors and outdoors. At home, they’ll follow all the routines strictly, be it for mealtime or playing. 

They respond well to other people outside, remaining alert around their master. They might need a place to run free like a park, but other than that, they’re probably the easiest dogs to own.


22. Whippet

Remember the Greyhound? The Whippet is a miniature version of that breed. 

Their calm and relaxed demeanor make caring for these dogs a breeze. When you leave the house for work and come back, it’d be no surprise to find your dog in the same position you left it. This qualifies them as dogs that can be left alone without getting depressed.

They adapt well to city life, and the noise doesn’t bother them. In short, they’re undoubtedly the best low maintenance dogs for first-time owners. Whippets have short fur, so grooming is close to never. Still, it’s a good idea to do it every once in a while.

italian Greyhound

23. Italian Greyhound

These dogs are also city lovers that adapt well to the apartment lifestyle. They don’t mind staying exclusively at home as they can get their daily dose of exercise by simply following you around. 

The Italian Greyhound’s coat requires a trim once every two months. Still, the breed is a low maintenance dog that won’t take too much of your time. 

irish wolfhound

24. Irish Wolfhound

This gigantic sweetheart can brighten anyone’s day. Similar to Greyhounds, they’re excellent runners that love the outdoors. But one run a day is enough. As a result, you may need a nearby place with an open field to let them run free and get their daily exercise. The grooming is pretty standard — run a brush through their fur at least once every two weeks. 

They might be huge, but they’re not the best guard dogs since they’re very agreeable animals. That’s why they have a place on our low maintenance dogs list.

Miniature Schnauzers

25. Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers are eager to grasp commands fast. And once that’s set, you’ll have no trouble keeping them around.

This breed is fantastic around kids, and seniors also find it a charmer. You might have to pass a brush through their luscious hair from time to time, but that’s the price for them keeping you company. If you’re looking for low maintenance dogs for the elderly or your family, consider the Miniature Schnauzers.

tibetan spaniel

26. Tibetan Spaniel

The last breed of low maintenance dogs belongs to the toy group canines, meaning they can entertain themselves very well. As long as they have a toy around or something interesting to tag on, they’ll be fine.

The Tibetan Spaniel is calm and obedient, following every command you issue. Their grooming isn’t demanding, and you can do it only once a week to avoid hair tangling. All in all, everything else is pretty manageable. 

How to Care for Low-Maintenance Dogs

Even though low maintenance dogs have only a few demands, that doesn’t mean you can ignore them entirely. They have basic needs you should take care of.

Here’s the minimum effort you’ll have to make as a responsible dog owner.


As you can guess, feeding your low maintenance dog daily is a must. Ideally, it should get at least one main meal in the evening and treats during the day. 

Always make sure you’re feeding your dog nutritionally balanced meals in the right proportions. That depends on the dog’s size and energy level. You should also check the list of foods dogs shouldn’t eat to avoid the risk of harming your puppy. 


The same way you enjoy your bath time, these low maintenance dogs appreciate getting clean. So, you should never fail to bathe your dog when needed.

Make sure to clean your pet with warm water and use appropriate treatment to kill any parasites during at least one of the weekly showers. Remember to also wash the dogs’ ears and paws to remove any stuck dirt or parasites.


Whether your dog’s a lazy bone, like the Mastiff, or a busy buddy, like the Chihuahua, ensure it gets the exercise it needs. 

Take your four-legged friend for a walk, engage it in a vigorous play like fetch, go for a jog with it, or simply let it run free in the park.

A great way to find a range of different toys and puzzles is a pup subscription service, delivering fun items each month.

By offering your dog ample exercise, you help it burn calories and stay fit. Dealing with an obese dog is no joke. Your pet will live the longest if it’s in good shape. Besides, it’s an excellent way to burn a few pounds yourself. Not that we’re saying you need that. 


Grooming low maintenance dog breeds should be done at least twice a month after giving them a good rub down. 

If your pet has long hair, use a soft brush to detangle it. If it goes over the dog’s face, use sharp scissors to carefully cut off some of it so that your dog has a clear vision. 

As for short hair, pass a brush over the coat to remove any dirt that didn’t wash off. Or you can always schedule a dog groomer session and pamper your furry pal. 


This low maintenance dogs list includes 26 breeds you can choose from. Remember that every canine has its needs, and try to do the bare minimum for your dog’s healthy life. 

Some canines, like the Irish Wolfhound, will require extra exercise, while others won’t need any, like the Chihuahua. But they still need primary care like feeding, cleaning, and physical activity. 

So, which of the low maintenance dogs would you pick for a pet? 

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