Dogs are the first domesticated animals, so it’s no surprise that they’re the most loved pets. So we’re often tempted to give them a taste of our food, but should we? Is it all good for them, too? And can dogs eat cabbage?

Many dog owners have doubts when it comes to this leafy vegetable. So let’s learn all we can about it:

The Canine Diet

Dogs are omnivores, meaning they can digest both meat and plant-based food. Even though there are plenty of quality canned dog food options on the market, we can’t help but share some of our food with them, too.

So, the next time you want to give your four-legged friend a healthy snack, remember that vegetables are an excellent option. Still, you have to be careful because not all of them are safe for dogs, and some can even be toxic.

But is cabbage poisonous to dogs? Fortunately, it’s not, and dogs can enjoy it freely as long as they like the taste. Still, always consider the breed’s needs. Some don’t require that many veggies, like the Golden Retriever breed-specific food.

Can Dogs Eat Cabbage?

Yes, they can. The lovely, low-cost vegetable is definitely safe for dogs, and they can even benefit from it. 

The leafy vegetable comes in many shapes and colors, including green, white, red, and purple. As a healthy snack, cabbage can provide much needed vitamins and minerals to a dog’s diet. Although it has very few calories, it offers a wide range of nutrients, including:

  •  Vitamin C
  •   Potassium
  •   Vitamin B1
  •   Vitamin B6
  •   Calcium
  •   Vitamin K
  •   Manganese

Cabbage is also a rich source of fiber and contains antioxidant compounds like polyphenols and sulfur. Plus, it takes care of hydration with its high levels of water.

What Types of Cabbage Can Dogs Consume?

Since cabbage varies in color, you may be wondering can dogs eat green cabbage and purple one, too? They can.

Dogs can consume any type of cabbage and receive nutritional benefits. Still, always keep in mind that moderation is key. That said, learn more and let your furry pal taste all it can. Is spinach bad for dogs? You should find out before giving it to your pet.

Well-groomed dogs lying in front of vegetables.

The Benefits of Cabbage for Dogs

Cabbage is a healthy vegetable for us, but is that true for our pets? Is cabbage good for dogs? It is. Cabbage comes with many health benefits for dogs. Here are the essential ones:

  • With its high levels of Vitamin C, cabbage can boost your dog’s immune system.
  • Its antioxidants are great for preventing cancer, especially those in red cabbage.
  • Cabbage has plenty of fibers, aiding digestion.
  • The leafy veggie is also beneficial for your dog’s skin.
  • Cabbage has antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It keeps your dog’s nerves and muscles healthy.

So, the next time you end up wondering, “Is cabbage good for dogs?”, remember all these health benefits.

How to Serve Cabbage to Your Dog

Can dogs eat raw cabbage? That’s often the first question owners ask. They can, but we cannot guarantee they’ll like it.

The taste of raw cabbage isn’t a favorite of many dogs, but there are always some exceptions. Don’t be afraid to offer your furry pal a small chunk of raw cabbage as a snack and see if it likes it or not.

If your pup doesn’t like raw cabbage, you can try serving it in other ways. So, can dogs eat cooked cabbage? They can, and they might like it better than its raw version.

Another way to introduce cabbage into your dog’s diet is to sprinkle it on meals. That way, your dog will gradually get familiar with the taste, and you’ll end up having one healthy pup. Last but not least, you can roast cabbage for your furry pal. And you might even garnish it with some asparagus for dogs.

Potential Risks of Cabbage

So is this veggie entirely safe for your pet? Or can cabbage be bad for dogs?

Even though cabbage can benefit your dog’s health, there are some potential risks.

Upset Stomach

Since cabbage contains high levels of fiber, some dogs may end up feeling bloated after eating it. Another unpleasant side effect is that the veggie can cause gas.

Too much cabbage can upset your dog’s stomach, which may lead to diarrhea. To avoid this, gradually introduce the leafy veggie into your dog’s diet and stick to smaller portions.

Allergic Reaction

Dogs and cabbage usually get along, but there are some exceptions. Although this vegetable isn’t an allergen for most dogs, you should still observe your dog for any warning signs after feeding it cabbage for the first time.


If a dog eats large amounts of raw cabbage for several days, that can cause hypothyroidism. That happens because the vegetable contains thiocyanate. But you can always lightly cook the raw cabbage to deactivate this compound.


Dogs eating cabbage as an occasional treat or meal is a pawsome idea. Don’t hesitate to introduce this veggie into your dog’s diet.

Even though some side effects may occur, they’re not something to worry about. If your dog reacts badly to cabbage, take it to the vet for a check-up.So, can dogs eat cabbage? Yes, they can. It’s a low-calorie, low-fat, and high-fiber snack that will provide your pet with many vitamins and minerals. But you should always keep in mind that moderation is key.

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