Training is a vital part of having a puppy, but along with it comes the dog training cost, and you need to prepare for everything involved.

We’ve broken down everything you need to know about what it takes to train a dog and the costs involved. You’ll learn about:

How Much Does It Cost to Train a Dog?

Training a dog is all about being a responsible owner. But you can do that in many ways, and we’re here to help you figure out which is the best option for you.

Factors That Impact the Price

Many aspects impact the price of training your dog. That includes the classes you choose, the type of training involved, your pup’s specific needs, and any accessories you may need for the process.

Dog Training Price List

Let’s start by looking at the pricing for different dog training classes.

Private Training

Private dog lessons happen with a dedicated trainer at a designated area or your house. You’ll work directly with the trainer on specific things you want to teach your puppy. You’ll be learning just as much as your dog, so it’s a win-win situation. 

Private lessons are a good option if you’re on a tight time limit for training or if your dog has behavioral issues that may not be suitable for a group setting.

The private dog training cost varies based on your location. We’ve seen examples from $89– $400 an hour

Buying lessons in bundles can lower the price of each class, but we recommend researching the options in your area first. We’ll tell you how to find a trainer shortly.

Group Training

Training in groups is the most popular option as it saves you quite a lot of money. Each group has around 10 dogs working together on the same training techniques. For instance, basic dog commands are mandatory in a school for puppies.

Group classes can also focus on obedience training, reducing anxiety, and stopping growling. The great thing about them is the socialization your pup gets. You can’t mimic that at home. Plus, your furry pal will be ready to be around other people and other dogs in no time. That’s why puppy classes are usually in a group setting

Training classes for dogs range from about $50 per session to a basic six-week course for around $120. If you happen to have a problematic dog, a five-week course could be between $200 and $300.

Board and Train

Think of it as a pup boarding school. You drop your doggo off, and it lives and learns with trainers

The trainers teach your dog throughout the day with breaks and walks in between. The awesome aspect of these facilities is that your dog gets a lot of personal attention, which may help it learn quicker.

The school lasts at least two weeks, and the boarding dog training cost is anywhere between $1,000 and $2,500

But some schools also have options where you drop your dog off in the morning and fetch it later, like a doggie day camp. That said, these don’t yield the same results as boarding. 

Boarding isn’t a quick fix. You need to continue training your dog when it comes back home. We like to think of it as a boot camp for our furry pals. They get all the essentials down, and you continue at home. 

Not all dogs are suitable for boarding. They should be able to stay in a crate and feel comfortable around other dogs and people. 

Dog Obedience Training Cost

Now that we know a bit about puppy classes, obedience training is the next step up. It’s like extra lessons to help your pup advance in training.

Puppy classes are all about socialization and getting your doggo used to different environments. Your pup may learn a few tricks along the way, and most importantly, potty training. In contrast, obedience training focuses on commands, including sit, stay, leash training, and vocal commands.

While socialization is vital, obedience training could be the difference between life and death.  

Ok, that sounds a bit dramatic. But the average cost of dog training is nothing compared to the lives you could save.

A pupper running around during an emergency can be deadly for you and the dog. Say your house is on fire and your dog doesn’t come to you when called. You’re not very likely to run away without your furry bestie in tow, and nobody wants to make that choice.

The most crucial part of obedience training is your dog knowing what to do when you command it. You need to ensure that your dog will obey you no matter the environment. 

One-on-one training works best, and the obedience school for dogs’ cost can set you back around $40–$120 an hour.

A black dog jumping hurdles

Specialized Dog Training Price List

Hold onto your hats because the specialized dog training price is seriously high. 

Service Dogs

These pups provide vital help for those who need it most. They include:

  • Seeing-eye dogs
  • Hearing dogs
  • Mobility pups
  • Psychiatric service dogs

Training these dogs can take upwards of a year and requires a serious amount of time and dedication. The service dog training cost can be as much as between $17,000 and $40,000.

Guard Training

Another essential job dogs have is to keep us safe.

If you have epilepsy or diabetes, having an attack can hurt you. Protection dogs can let you know when you’re about to have one so you can prepare your body. 

The protection dog training cost varies, but it’s around $120 per hour on average. Also, some breeds are more suitable for these positions, like the German Shepherd and Labradoodle

Therapy Training

Therapy dogs differ from service dogs in that they help and comfort people with anxiety and PTSD

The dog can sense when its owner isn’t feeling good and comfort them to bring down stress levels. But these dogs aren’t service animals and don’t have the same privileges. 

Therapy dogs work particularly well in hospitals and homes for the elderly or children. They provide a much-needed sense of calm and comfort.

The therapy dog training cost is about $250 for eight sessions.

The Low Down on Puppies

You should begin training your puppy ASAP — the earlier, the better. That gives you time to stop unwanted behavior. You can start by teaching your dog easy tricks in the first few months. 

The Best Age to Start Dog Training

Your pup can start classes as early as seven weeks old. But be sure that it’s up to date on all its vaccines. To help you out, have a look at this vaccine schedule. 

If you’re looking for low-cost dog training, puppy classes are excellent for stopping bad behavior in its tracks, including barking, unwanted urination, and chewing

But training needs to be consistent. So, even if you take your dog to classes, be sure to continue teaching it at home. 

Puppy Training Cost

A puppy socialization class is similar to group classes. It’s all about introducing your doggo to other puppies and people. 

Price-wise, puppy classes cost around $120 for six weeks.

How to Pick a Dog Trainer

Finding the right trainer is crucial for ensuring a swift and easy process. You want one who aligns with your values. If you insist on positive reinforcement (as you should), you need a trainer who works this way. 

So, how much does it cost to train a dog? Prices vary, so we always recommend you look at online reviews and ask other owners for recommendations.

Additional Gear Costs

Here are a few items that can help you when training your dog.


The collar is a vital part of the training process. An excellent option is Educator Remote Dog Training Collar on Amazon. Training can be a little tough at times, and pups need the extra nudge. This collar vibrates and gives a low electric stimulation between 1–100, giving you full control. 

We also highly recommend a GPS locator for dogs to keep track of your pup. Plus, most attach seamlessly to the collar.


Dog trainer prices usually include harness training since this basic equipment can be your best friend. 

A heavy-duty harness is perfect for training guard dogs or those with aggressive tendencies. We like Auroth Tactical Dog Harness on Amazon. It’s an excellent option since it has 900D nylon and strong stitching, making it suitable for all field use.

If you prefer leashes, we also have leash training tips for you.


A clicker is a brilliant way to use positive reinforcement. Plus, it doesn’t hurt or harm your pup. Instead, you can combine the device sound with treats to let your dog know it’s doing the right thing.

And it’s among the cheapest equipment on the dog training cost list. A popular choice is PetSafe Clik-R on Amazon as it’s compact and affordable — the perfect training buddy. In time, when you remove the treats, your pup will associate the clicking sound with good behavior.


Here’s your dog’s favorite training tool. If you’re looking for a surefire way to train your dog, treats are a winner. Just try not to feed too much as they should only make up 10% of a dog’s diet.

Some treats, like Blue Buffalo Dog Treats on Amazon, are specifically for training purposes. They’re bite-sized and provide all the nutrients your dog needs. Plus, they taste delicious. 

The Final Verdict on Dog Training Cost

The dog training price varies a lot based on the type of training you choose. A group class can cost around $50 a session, while a private one-on-one lesson can set you back between $80–$400. In contrast, boarding school for dogs is $1,500–$2,500. 

You have many options, but one thing is for sure — puppy and dog training is an absolute must.

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