Are you having difficulty controlling your big furry pal during walks? The best harness for large dogs might be your salvation. 

All dog owners need a harness. It relieves the tension on the dog’s neck and distributes it throughout the body to alleviate pressure. But there are many types of harnesses, making it challenging to choose the right one for your pet.

We held a quick review session, so you don’t have to. By the time you’re done with this article, you’ll be an expert in dog harnesses. Let’s get started. 

Our Methodology for Large Breed Dog Harnesses 

Without proper evaluation criteria supporting our findings, everything goes to waste. Here’s what we discovered.

Safety & Comfort

The first rule in picking a harness is that it should be comfy and safe. Fortunately, most of the items we tested are just that. The soft and airy cushioning was the crucial aspect of comfort. We also like how most harnesses are made of metal, adding to their safety.


Large dogs are often too strong to control, and that’s why you need an ultra-durable harness. Many of them are made from rigid nylon material. For even more durability, some can even resist rain or harsh climate changes. 

Ease of Use 

The good news is that every strong dog harness for a big dog on the list below wasn’t complicated to put on. Every product had buckles for opening and securing the harness. We even tried one in dual colors, so you can quickly tell which side goes where.


Even if you don’t find the exact fit for your dog, adjustments are here to save the day. Luckily, every company made its products with straps. You usually place them around the neck, chest, and ribs.


The most popular extra feature we came across was the handle. It’s ideal if your dog suffers from bad joints or displaced hips, as you can move it around and help it climb. Other qualities worth noting are reflective straps and ID tag pockets.

Warranty & Replacements 

Unfortunately, many companies don’t do much to guarantee quality. Still, one comfort harness for large dogs pleasantly surprised us by offering a lifetime guarantee. If you go for that one, you get a lifetime of supplies in case of manufacturing defects.

Customer Reviews

We appreciate customer reviews above all. If you want the truth and nothing but the truth, do what we did, and read the reviews. Always double-check the product quality, no matter how appealing it looks.

Kurgo Journey Air Dog Harness

Kurgo Journey harness

Kurgo Journey is the top-shelf harness for large breed dogs that like to run, hike, and walk aggressively. It’s made of breathable ripstop fabric. Plus, it reflects at night and has a back handle. There are two available sizes and six colors.

Designed for active dogs that tend to rip your hand off during walks, Kugo Journey is a breathable V-neck harness with a convenient handle on the back. It’s made of durable ripstop fabric with padding on the chest.

Thanks to the customizable four adjustment points, this is an outstanding no-pull harness for large dogs of any breed. Kurgo Journey features front and back leash attachments, aluminum hardware, and reflective trims for night-time visibility. Plus, you can get it in many colors, like red, black, blue, orange, purple, and pink. It comes in sizes L and XL. The company’s Lifetime Guarantee policy covers every manufacturing defect. 

Product Specifics:

  • Made in the US
  • Sizes L & XL
  • Six color options
  • V-neck
  • Back handle
  • Front & back leash attachments
  • Four adjustment points
  • Aluminum hardware
  • Lifetime Guarantee


  • Breathable
  • Reflective
  • Comfortable chest padding
  • Customizable


  • Your dog might chew up the fabric
  • Lose on the neck


Why we choose this product: Kurgo Journey’s harness features an airy mesh and padded chest for increased comfort. It has a handle for easy lift and reflective trim for better night-time visibility. 

2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness

Hounds Design harness

It’s the top chest harness for large dogs recommended by trainers and vets. The Freedom No Pull dog harness has two connections and four adjustment points. It’s made of nylon and Swiss velvet lining with stainless steel hardware. Available in three sizes and 19 colors. Backed up by a chewing warranty. 

The Freedom No Pull dog harness is a positive reinforcement training tool with two connection points. The back connection is a martingale loop, whereas the front one lets you steer and redirect your dog upon walking. 

It’s famous as the top-notch training harness for large dogs recommended by professionals. It features stainless steel hardware and four adjustment points. Also, it’s made of nylon with Swiss velvet lining. You can get it in three sizes: L (28” x 32”), XL (32” x 38”), and XXL (38” x 44”) and 19 colors. The harness is backed up by 2 Hounds warranty in case of chewing accidents. 

Product Specifics:

  • Made in the US
  • Sizes L–XXL
  • 19 colors
  • Nylon & Swiss velvet lining
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Chewing Warranty


  • Customizable 
  • Double connection leash
  • Velvet prevents rubbing


  • Doesn’t stay fixed 
  • May not endure very aggressive pulling


Why we choose this product: 2 Hounds knows its chewing customers and offers replacements. Plus, the harness is ideal for training as it has connection points on the front and back. 

Ruffwear Front Range® Dog Harness

Ruffwear harness

The Front Range could be the top-tier mesh harness for large breed dogs that fit its 32” x 42” size. It’s made from polyester ripstop and is available in eight colors. You can adjust it in four places and use the two leash attachments. Plus, it comes with a warranty. 

The Front Range is a foam-padded dog harness that’s manufactured in Vietnam. The V-ring leash attachment placed on the back is ideal for everyday walks. What’s more, Ruffwear added another attachment on the front to redirect dogs that pull. 

It could easily be the leading dog safety harness for large dogs, featuring four adjustment points. Also, it has a pocket for dog tags and reflective trim for better visibility. It’s made of polyester ripstop and knit mesh lining. The harness measures 32” x 42” and comes in eight colors. Plus, Ruffwear backs up this product with a quality guarantee.

Product Specifics:

  • Made in Vietnam
  • 32” x 42”
  • Eight colors
  • Polyester ripstop material
  • Knit mesh lining
  • Closed-cell foam
  • Two leash attachments
  • Quality guarantee


  • Breathable
  • Adjustable 
  • Comfortable
  • Ideal for dogs that pull


  • May not withstand aggressive chewing
  • Some struggle to adjust it


Why we choose this product: The Front Range is a comfortably padded dog harness with breathable mesh and two leash attachments. Aluminum, nylon, and polyester make this harness very durable. Also, it’s backed by a quality guarantee. 

Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness

Rabbitgoo harness

Rabbitgoo is a padded harness made of durable nylon. It has two metal leash attachments and four adjustment straps. The harness is reflective and comes in 16 colors. Plus, it has a handle. It’s the best dog harness for large dogs available in sizes L and XL.

Featured as Amazon’s Choice for the finest Rabbitgoo harness, this product is designed for all-day comfort. It’s made from resistant nylon cloth with padded air mesh. You can adjust the harness using its four straps and secure it with two side buckles. 

Rabbitgoo has two leash metal attachments, which we appreciate. You can control your dog using the top handle. If your pets enjoy night-time walks, the reflective strips might make this the leading harness for your large dogs. The harness is available in 16 colors and two sizes — L and XL. 

Product Specifics:

  • Made in China
  • Sizes L & XL
  • 16 colors
  • Nylon cloth
  • Padded air mesh
  • Top handle
  • Two metal leash attachments


  • Adjustable
  • Reflective
  • Breathable


  • Doesn’t fit giant breeds
  • Adjusting the straps might be challenging


Why we choose this product: Rabbitgoo’s harness is durable and comfy yet budget-friendly. We like how secure it is, making it nearly impossible for dogs to take it off. Plus, it’s Amazon’s choice for “best product.”

EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Harness

Ezydog travel harness

EzyDog is the finest car safety harness for large dogs and an award-winning product for comfort and control. It comes with CrossLink webbing, a padded chest plate, aluminum alloy glides, and dual buckles. 

EzyDog is an excellent choice for dogs that are always on the go and frequently spend time in the car. It’s an award-winning comfort and control harness with an EVA chest pad and CrossLink technology webbing. 

This is the top-shelf car harness for large dogs featuring aluminum alloy glides and dual buckle closure. The webbing is made of the same material as seatbelts and has been tested for safety and security. Also, the harness is molded to the dog’s body, and the cushioned chest increases comfort. 

Product Specifics:

  • Made in the US
  • 19” x 42”
  • Black color
  • EVA chest pad
  • CrossLink technology webbing
  • Aluminum alloy glides
  • Dual buckles


  • Award-winning harness
  • One-time adjustment
  • Crash-tested


  • Pricy for some
  • Some dogs can get out of it


Why we choose this product: EzyDog is a crash-tested and award-winning dog safety harness with an ergonomically molded chest plate. It features CrossLink technology webbing and dual buckle closure that’s both safe and secure. 

OneTigris Tactical Vest

OneTigris vest

OneTigris is the best harness for big service dogs. It measures 22” x 42” and comes in green, brown, and black. The harness is adjustable, waterproof, and padded. It features MOLLE webbing, a handle, and two leash attachments. 

OneTigris is a lightweight and waterproof harness made of heavy-duty nylon and comfortable inner padding. It has adjustable straps across the neck and chest, as well as front and back leash attachments. Also, the vest has a back handle for added body control.

It’s the top dog harness for large service dogs because it has double-sided MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing. The vest is 22″ x 42″ and is available in ranger green, coyote brown, and black. Plus, you can customize the harness with patches and badges. When you purchase this vest, you’ll even receive an OneTigris patch.

Product Specifics:

  • 22” x 42”
  • Green, brown, and black options
  • Heavy-duty nylon
  • Inner padding
  • Front & back leash attachments
  • Back handle
  • MOLLE webbing


  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable straps
  • Helps to carry supplies
  • Comes with OneTigris patch


  • May not fit all large breeds
  • Doesn’t reflect at night


Why we choose this product: OneTigris has MOLLE webbing that helps dogs carry supplies. It’s waterproof and heavy-duty. Plus, you can decorate it with patches and badges. 

Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness

Julius K9 harness

A reflective and waterproof harness with Eco-Tex inner liner. It’s made of nylon, with heavy-duty buckles and a steel D-ring leash attachment. Also, it has a back handle, making it the best dog harness for pulling. It comes in two sizes and seven colors. 

Julius-K9 is primarily designed for service and rescue dogs, yet any average pooch can benefit from it. It’s made from nylon with a breathable Eco-Tex inner liner that’s comfortable on the skin. 

Its buckles are German-made. They don’t break nor freeze. Plus, the harness is waterproof. The D-ring from durable steel and the back handle make this the ideal harness for dogs that pull. Also, the material reflects, so it’s ideal for night-time walks. There are two sizes for big dogs, measuring 28” x 37.5” and 32.5” x 46.5”, and seven color options. 

Product Specifics:

  • Made in the US
  • 28” x 37.5” and 32.5” x 46.5”
  • Seven colors
  • Nylon
  • Eco-Tex inner liner
  • Back handle
  • Steel D-ring leash attachment


  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable straps
  • Breathable
  • Reflective at night
  • Break-proof & freeze-resistant buckles


  • May not fit properly for some
  • May be easy to slip out of


Why we choose this product: Julius-K9 provides comfort and freedom of movement. It’s ideal for rescue and service dogs, featuring German-made buckles, waterproof nylon, and steel leash attachment. 

Hurtta Weekend Warrior Dog Harness

Hurtta weekend harness

Based in Finland, this is the best large breed dog harness for active pets. It comes in two sizes and eight colors. It’s climate-resistant and made from breathable and non-toxic materials. You can adjust it around the neck and chest and attach it to a collar with the D-shape connector. 

Hurtta claims to have tested its product on more than 200 dogs. The harness aims for safety and features reflective prints and a strong top handle. Also, this vest is climate-proof, made of cooling, non-toxic materials. 

It could easily be the best dog harness for big dogs with an active lifestyle. You can adjust it with the neck and chest straps and connect it to a collar using the metal D-shape attachment. The two sizes for large breeds measure 32” x 39” and 39” x 47”. Also, you can choose between eight colors.

Product Specifics:

  • Made in Finland
  • 32” x 39” and 39” x 47” sizes
  • Eight colors
  • Back handle
  • Chest straps
  • D-shape attachment


  • Tested on more than 200 dogs
  • Reflects at night
  • Climate-proof material
  • Non-toxic


  • Straps may rub under the legs
  • Some found the measurements odd


Why we choose this product: Hurtta is a climate-proof, pet-safe, and cooling harness for large furry friends. It has been tested on more than 200 dogs. Also, it’s reflective and adjustable.  

Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Harness

Mighty paw vehicle harness

Mighty Paw is a safety vehicle vest with luminous stitching and metal hardware. It has a cushioned chest and four adjustable slides. This is the best seat belt harness for large dogs, and you can also use it on regular walks. It’s available in two sizes.

Amazon chose the Mighty Paw as the finest car harness produced by the firm. It’s made from all metal hardware and has soft chest padding. Also, it has reflective stitching for even better security on the road.

The large dog harness has four glides and two leash attachments. We appreciate its multi-purpose design, meaning you can use it both as a car vest or a regular harness for daily walks. Plus, the material is weatherproof. Mighty Paw’s sizes for large breeds measure 17–26″ x 24–35″ and 22–33″ x 28–43″.

Product Specifics:

  • Made in the US
  • Sizes L and XL
  • Black color
  • Metal Hardware
  • Padded chest area
  • Tri-glide attachments
  • Front & back leash rings


  • Reflective stitching
  • Adjustable 
  • Weatherproof
  • Multi-purpose design


  • May not fit deep-chested dogs
  • Not chew-proof


Why we choose this product: Mighty Paw is suitable for both on and off-road adventures. It has two leash attachments, and it’s adjustable by four slides. The vest is cushioned and weather-resistant.

Barkbay No Pull Dog Harness

Barkbay no pull harness

Barkbay is a large breed vest made of non-irritating padded material. It features reflective webbing and zinc alloy hardware. You can use it as a large dog harness for walking and driving. Comes in two sizes and 12 colors.  

Barkbay is an air mesh harness for active breeds. It can resist aggressive pulling and rough weather conditions. You can find it in 12 colors and two sizes for large breeds: L (27–32”) and XL (31–38”). 

The harness features rip-resistant nylon and chest padding that doesn’t irritate the skin. Also, it has zinc alloy hardware, including two leash attachments and adjustment straps. It’s among the finest harnesses for large dogs that like night walks and car rides. Barkbay features reflective webbing and a handle for seat belt attachment. Plus, it has an ID pocket. 

Product Specifics:

  • Air mesh nylon
  • Padded chest
  • Sizes L and XL
  • 12 colors
  • Zinc alloy hardware
  • Two leash attachments
  • Back handle
  • ID pocket


  • Reflective
  • Multi-purpose
  • Rip-resistant
  • Anti-chafe
  • Adjustable straps


  • Gets dirty quickly
  • Straps are hard to adjust


Why we choose this product: Barkbay does it all — it prevents pulling, choking and keeps your dog safe during car rides. The tough nylon is weather-resistant and, for added durability, the harness is made of zinc alloy hardware. 

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

Petsafe easy walk

PetSafe is a no-pull dog harness with a patented front loop. Amazon’s bestseller features snap buckles, metal hardware, and dual-color straps. Since it’s open and lightweight, it’s the ideal running harness for large dogs. Comes in two sizes and eight colors. 

PetSafe ensures easy walks with its patented front loop dog harness. It’s Amazon’s best-selling dog halter harness recommended by vets and dog trainers. The design is far more open than others, which allows better mobility and comfort.

You put the harness on the dog’s body with the two snap buckles. PetSafe uses metal hardware for its leash attachments and adjustment straps. Also, it’s the top pick dog harness for large dogs that pull and choke. The vest has dual-color straps in eight colors and two sizes for large dogs — L and XL.

Product Specifics:

  • Made in the US
  • Sizes L and XL
  • Eight colors
  • Made of nylon
  • Metal hardware
  • Front & back leash attachments
  • Two snap buckles


  • No.1 Bestseller
  • Lightweight & comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Dual-color straps identify top & bottom


  • Non-reflective
  • May cause rashes


Why we choose this product: PetSafe is a less-coverage harness designed to keep dogs cool and comfortable. It’s the number one bestseller on Amazon. Plus, it was made over 15 years ago by a veterinary behaviorist. 

PetSafe CareLift Support Harness

Petsafe carelift

CareLift is the best harness for large dogs that lunge, seniors, or post-surgery pets. It’s fully adjustable, with two rubber handles and a leash. Also, it’s made of breathable mesh with added padding. The hardware is metal. Besides, the harness can support dogs up to 130 lbs. 

PetSafe’s mission is to assist seniors, disabled, and post-recovery pets. The CareLift harness provides full-body support, grips, and a leash for simpler lifting. It consists of breathable mesh and has replaceable padding.

This is great harness support for older large dogs, as it’s designed to carry up to 130 lbs. The harness supports the hips, chest, and waist. Plus, it’s fully adjustable. The hardware is metal, and the handles are rubber, providing a firmer grip. 

Product Specifics:

  • Made of breathable mesh
  • Padded design
  • For 70–130lb dogs
  • Metal hardware
  • Rubber handles
  • Lifting leash


  • Full-body support
  • Easy lift & carry
  • Ideal for immobile pets


  • Lacks instructions
  • Difficult to put on painful legs


Why we choose this product: CareLift offers a convenient way to help your immobile dog get in the car, up the stairs, and take a potty break. It has two rubber handles and a leash. Also, it’s built in a way that provides full-body support.

Rozkitch Pet Dog Support Harness

Rozkitch back leg support

Rozkitch is a harness for supporting the back legs of seniors, injured, and immobile dogs. This is an easy walk dog harness featuring a padded handle. It’s made from padded mesh fabric, nylon webbing, and plastic hardware. Comes in two sizes for large breeds.

Rozkitch is a vet-approved harness for supporting the back legs. It aims to assist dogs that suffer from arthritis, hip dysplasia, surgery, or old age. The support harness is padded and layered in mesh fabric. 

Rozkitch’s large dog walking harness comes in two sizes for large breeds: L (16.9”–20.4”) and XL (20.8”–25.1”). The webbing is nylon and has plastic buckles and sliders for adjusting and securing it to your dog’s body. There’s a padded handle for a convenient lift.

Product Specifics:

  • Sizes L and XL
  • Black & blue color combo
  • Padded mesh fabric
  • Nylon webbing
  • Plastic hardware
  • Padded handle


  • Ideal for back leg support
  • Breathable material
  • Adjustable
  • Easy lift


  • Lacks instructions
  • May fall off 


Why we choose this product: If your dog has problems walking on its back legs, Rozkitch’s got your back. With this harness, you can help your dog maneuver around and do daily walks and potty breaks. It’s padded, breathable, and adjustable. 

Buyer’s guide

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your search for the ideal harness for large dogs that pull? Let’s guide you through the process and pick the finest for your pet.

How to Choose?

Our guide is quick, straightforward, and full of essential information. All you need to do is remember three things:

The Right Fit 

We appreciate how adjustable most harnesses are. But even though they come with a sizing chart, it’s better to measure your dog before buying. And yes, we have a guide for that, too. You’ll find it below. 


What do you need a large dog chest harness for? Make sure to select a design whether you need it for everyday walks, runs, or treks. Also, many harnesses are multifunctional, so you can even use them to secure your dog in the car properly.

Dog Weight & Breed 

Large breeds come in various shapes and sizes, making it challenging to find the proper harness. For example, deep-chested dogs may need something wider in that area. For breeds that tend to pull, it’s best to pick a harness that doesn’t rub on their skin, preferably a padded one. 

Types of Harnesses

There are four types of harnesses for dogs that pull that any pet parent needs to know about:

  • Back clip harnesses are ideal for dogs that are trained not to pull the leash. If your dog is a puller, this type of harness won’t help much. 
  • Front clip harnesses manage and constrain pulling caused by incredibly eager or aggressive dogs. The harness clasp on the chest lets you restrain and pivot your dog’s body.
  • Front & back clip harness is a mix of the first two types. It’s ideal for pet parents that like to walk their dogs casually yet have the security of the front clip if the dog starts to pull.
  • A Handle could be a helpful extra feature. It’s the best harness for large old age dogs and those suffering from post-surgery pain or inflamed joints.

Why a Harness Is Better Than a Leash?

The number one reason is alleviating pressure. A harness for large dogs can help neck tension by distributing it evenly throughout the body, which leads us to the second reason.

Harnesses aid mobility. They support the dog’s body during short walks and potty breaks. So, they’re ideal for seniors, arthritic, or post-surgery large dogs. But they can help you control a large breed, too.

Aggressive and reactive dogs aren’t easy to walk. That’s why a harness may serve as a training tool that improves their social behavior. For better results, you can even combine that with a vibrating dog training collar.

But aside from making walks easier, harnesses can also protect your pooch during car rides. Plus, many have areas to attach supplies, an ID tag pocket, or a GPS tracker for dogs

The Downside of Large Breed Harnesses 

Harnesses are far superior to walking your massive dog on a leash. But that doesn’t mean they are without drawbacks. 

For starters, harnesses for large breed dogs are much more complex in sizing. Regardless of how adjustable they are, they cover a huge body area, so finding the proper fit is more challenging.

While harnesses come with many attributes, they also come with a price tag. Whether it’s to help immobility or prevent pulling, they cost way more than a regular leash. 

Last but not least, harnesses may encourage pulling. That’s a bummer because many of us buy them for that sole reason. But that only happens with a back-clipping harness because it activates a dog’s opposing reflex, resulting in tugging.

The Truth About Doggy Harnesses

Like dog joint supplements, a harness can be a lifesaver for arthritic dogs and seniors. Still, everything comes at a price.

A harness for large dogs serves as excellent full-body support that aids mobility, yet that might turn out to be the opposite for some dogs. For instance, active dogs find it hard to run wild with a harness as the bulky shape restricts their movement. 

We all know how aggressively large dogs can pull. No matter how much security these harnesses offer, they sometimes tend to hurt our pets by rubbing onto their skin, causing rashes. 

Last but not least, If your dog must wear a harness for strong dogs, you’ll have to put it on and off at least two or three times daily. Plus, you always need to be wary of triggers, which makes walks less enjoyable. 

The Easiest Way to Take Your Dog’s Measurements 

It’s standard advice to pick a harness based on weight, but dogs have a wide range of body shapes. The ideal solution is to measure your dog’s body, and the only thing you need is a tape measure. Here’s how to do that:

  • Wrap the tape measure directly over the dog’s shoulders and measure its neck. 
  • Next, fit the tape measure around the broadest portion of the chest and measure from the bottom of your dog’s rib cage.
  • To determine the proper harness for large dogs, consider the measurements together with your dog’s weight
  • Take notes and bring them with you next time you go shopping. Seek a harness that is two inches larger than the size you took.
  • Then, examine the weight range. If your dog’s weight falls within the collar’s weight range, that’s excellent. 

If your dog is between sizes, always go with the larger one and modify the harness afterward.

Summary of the Reviews

Kurgo Journey Air Dog Harness: Best overall 

2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness: Rub-free harness

Ruffwear Front Range® Dog Harness: Ripstop harness

Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness: Harness for dogs that pull heavily

EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Harness: Harness for car rides

OneTigris Tactical Vest: Harness for carrying supplies 

Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness: Harness crafted for better freedom of movement

Hurtta Weekend Warrior Dog Harness: Climate-proof harness

Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Harness: Multi-purpose design

Barkbay No Pull Dog Harness: Non-irritating, skin-friendly harness

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness: Comfort harness

PetSafe CareLift Support Harness: Harness for full-body support

Rozkitch Pet Dog Support Harness: Harness for back leg support 

Effective Alternatives & Additions to the Finest Walking Harness for Large Dogs

Are you the type of pet parent that goes everywhere with their furry pal? If so, consider these additions:

  • Putting a seatbelt while driving your car is a must, and that stands for your dog, too. We choose the COOYOO Dog Seat Belt on Amazon because it’s made of high-density nylon, stainless clips, and a comfortable bungee belt. Plus, it comes with a gift — a collapsible travel bowl. 
  • Does your pet have painful joints? Dog ramps are arthritic dogs’ best friends. We recommend the Pet Gear Reflective Foldable Dog Ramp on Chewy. It has a firm grip, a slip-resistant surface, and a handle for portability.
  • Installing a car seat for your dog may also help secure car rides. And there’s no easier choice than with the K&H Buckle N’ Go Dog Car Seat on Amazon. Your pet will have a safe, secure, and restrained location until you reach your destination.

Final Thoughts: Finding a Top-Notch Harness Was Hard but Not Impossible 

Let’s face it — big dogs are tough to handle, especially on a leash. That’s where a dog harness for large dogs steps in.

A harness keeps dogs safe and secure. Plus, it’s a comfortable walking aid for seniors and immobile dogs. Imagine if you can have all of this, plus a lifetime guarantee. The Kurgo’s Journey Air Dog Harness offers just that. 

It’s purposely built for active dogs, with ripstop fabric and rugged construction for durability. The harness has front and back leash attachments for training and control, air mesh padding, aluminum sliders, and durable quick-release buckles

Kurgo’s harness is ideal for doggy adventures. But before you go on your next trip, make sure to fuel your dog with the healthiest dog food for large breeds.


Is a harness better for big dogs?

A harness is essential for big breeds, especially when traveling through congested areas. Even if your huge dog isn’t a puller, a harness is better for its arms and back, providing more security and comfort on your daily walks.

What is the easiest dog harness to put on?

The PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness does the trick in no time. We like it because it’s specifically designed in two colors, so you can tell what goes on the top and bottom.

What harness is best for a large dog breed?

If you want to walk with your big pooch effortlessly, having a durable harness is a must. Aim for a padded harness, aluminum hardware, and ultra-durable fabric. That said, our choice for the best harness for large dogs is the Kurgo’s Journey Air Dog Harness.

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