Have you always wanted to get a pup, but your place just isn’t big enough for it? 

We’ve got you covered. 

Here are the best indoor dogs to find the most suitable furry companion for your house and lifestyle. 

Best Indoor Dogs

While some pups need the outdoors to keep them going, others feel good spending most of their time indoors. If a cuddly apartment companion is what you’re after, then this is the right place for you.

Best Small Indoor Dogs

Small pups make some of the best pets for indoor living. Many of them don’t need that much exercise, so even apartments can be a good option. 

1. Brussels Griffon

This small breed comes with massive personalities and adores its owners.

These devoted dogs weigh between 8–10 pounds. Plus, they only require around 30 minutes of exercise a day, which can be a walk or just a game of fetch inside the house.

What’s more, cuddles are the last thing you’ll lack with this loveable breed. When they aren’t by your side, you’ll find these great indoor dogs cuddled up somewhere warm. 

Known for its human-like features, including the eyes and my absolute favorite, the mustache, the Brussels Griffon will have you laughing at its well-behaved personality.

2. Pug

We often mention pugs as one of the best indoor dogs, and for a good reason.

They don’t require a lot of exercise and thrive in a home environment. This breed weighs between 14–18 pounds, which is perfect for smaller homes. Plus, they’re also great with kids. 

A walk around the block or a game of fetch is usually enough for this pint-sized pup. Its mouth is relatively small, so the frisbee is out. 

Pugs’ tiny legs can’t move very fast, but they can do long-distance walks if their owners are up for it. Still, it’s not a necessity like with some of the larger breeds.

3. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are the smallest breed globally and some of the best indoor dogs that don’t shed — perfect for allergy-prone owners. Plus, because of their size, between 3–6 pounds,  whatever hair they do shed is too little to notice.

The breed is perfect for small living spaces as walking from one end of your home to the other could be enough for their tiny legs.

They’ll try to keep up with you but can’t. If your dog starts panting, that’s a surefire way to know it’s too much. It’s a good thing they’re small, so you can pick them up if they’re too tired.  

Small puppy with a tennis ball in its mouth

Best Indoor Lap Dogs

Now, onto some of the cutest puppies around. They love their owners dearly and rely on them for affection. 

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This dog was bred to be the perfect lap dog. It’s a gorgeous breed weighing a mere 13–18 pounds, making it very easy to bring them along wherever you go.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are gentle, loving, and care greatly about their owners. These pooches make the best indoor dogs for apartments.

Their little legs are stronger than you might think, so they’ll enjoy the occasional walk. But they’re just as happy to spend their days lazing around the house.

You’ll find a faithful companion in this dog. They’re some of the best calm dog breeds for a small home.

5. Tibetan Spaniel

This mighty breed may be small, but it has the confidence of a king

As far as these pups are concerned, they’re the best. While we don’t play favorites here, we can’t stop smiling at their cute little faces that always look ready for a cuddle.

Weighing in between 9–15 pounds, Tibetan Spaniels are one of the best dogs for inside the house. They build a powerful bond with their owner, so be ready for a little partner in crime.

The Tibetan Spaniel enjoys a walk. If you’re a jogger or runner, don’t fret, as they can and will keep up with you. 

6. Bolognese

If you’re looking for mom’s famous pasta recipe, you’ve come to the wrong place. But this breed does come from Italy, and more precisely from a city called Bologna. 

These gorgeous pups look like they came out of the best 80s movies. Their coats are pure white and fluffy like those tease comb commercials. 

The Bolognese weighs 5.5–9 pounds and is now officially on my list of the best and cutest indoor dogs.

Remember that you can’t leave them alone for long periods because they’ll miss you like crazy. So unless your office is pup-friendly, we don’t recommend this breed if you can’t handle its neediness.

Best Medium-Sized Indoor Dogs

Medium-sized breeds are perfect for those who want a sturdy dog that’s not the size of a horse. 

7. Basset Hound

I fell in love with this breed after watching 101 Dalmatians as a kid. It’s the floppy ears; they get me every time. And much like in the movie, these pups are detectives without a fault. Anything out of the norm will alert them.

Weighing 40–65 pounds, they certainly aren’t lap dogs, but they’re some of the most loyal breeds you’ll ever find. Basset Hounds are calm and generally get along with everyone, so they’re easily one of the best indoor dogs for families.

The biggest issue you’ll have is saying no to those droopy eyes that make them look desperate. But don’t give in; you can fight the cuteness. 

8. English Bulldog

Bulldogs are family-orientated. They want to show love and be loved. Their constant unimpressed face makes them hilarious when they attempt to look happy.

The breed is stocky and can weigh up to 50 pounds. But due to their pushed-in nose, they can’t exercise the way other pups might. 

A good game of fetch and a walk around the block is usually enough for this breed, making them one of the best medium-sized dog breeds for apartment living.

Be warned about bedtime. These dogs snore so loud you might think a dragon’s invading your house. 

9. The Standard Poodle

Standard here means it’s the original size of 60–70 pounds, not a toy or miniature Poodle puppy. The poodle is a proud and loyal breed that makes for a lifelong companion.

There’s a myth of them being a bit prissy, but don’t be fooled. While these dogs are intelligent and active, they’ll get down in the mud like any other pupper.

Standard Poodles are very calm-natured and love human companionship, so they deserve a spot in our inside dog breeds list.

They do need to stay active. It helps if you have a swimming pool for the puppies to play in. But walking, jogging, and playing with interactive dog toys are also great for their physical and mental well-being. 

Basset hound lying down on a dog bed with face squished up against the side

Best Large Indoor Dogs

Large breeds usually don’t come to mind when thinking about the best inside dogs, but you might be pleasantly surprised. 

10. The Greyhound

Most people are usually astonished to find this breed among the best big indoor dogs because they weigh between 65–70 pounds.

They were built for racing, so it’s not hard to see where the confusion comes in. But when they’re not running around, these pups prefer to laze around or lie next to their owner’s feet during work hours.

The Greyhound does need exercise once a day and should have an area to race in. If you want to let them go without a leash, be sure the yard is safely secured with a regular or wireless dog fence

You may need to get a dedicated pup sofa for your place, as they like to take over. 

11. The Great Dane

This breed is one of the best indoor guard dogs you’ll ever find.

The Great Dane is caring and gentle, making it perfect for families. They’re also super patient, which is great if you have kids running around.

But the breed is very protective and will have you covered if an intruder invades your home.

They need daily exercise, and it better be more than just a stroll around the block. If you’re not close to a spacious area, look into another solution, like a treadmill for large dogs.

Despite weighing 140–175 pounds, these pups can even do well in apartments. Just be careful if you have small, fragile items around since their tails are mighty and will send your precious knick-knacks flying. 

12. Bergamasco

Although they look more like a Rastafarian than a pup, they’re still some of the best house dogs. 

These pups weigh between 70–84 pounds, but they’re very gentle, patient, and highly trainable.

Bergamasco’s long locks are its most distinctive feature, often making it look much larger than it is. Above all, these pups take protecting their families quite seriously, and no intruder would want to put up a fight with them.

The Bergamasco only needs moderate exercise and experience it as a bonding time with its owners. So whether it’s a walk or playtime with your pup, they’ll love every minute. 

Best Indoor Dogs for Kids

The relationship between man’s best friend and kids doesn’t go smoothly with all breeds. 

13. Dachshund

This tiny pooch is one of the top indoor dogs. Plus, they’re family-oriented and get along well with kids, too. Like with any pup you might get, training is a big part of dog care, so make sure you have the time for it. 

These dogs are tenacious, outgoing, and come in two different sizes. The standard is between 16–32 pounds, while the miniature is merely 11 pounds or under.

The Dachshund isn’t built for long-distance running, but it does need regular walks. If you have a yard, it will be an excellent place for some pup and human playtime.

14. Boston Terrier

Our little tuxedo friends are so brilliant that they frequently find a spot on our lists.

The Boston Terrier is one of the best indoor dog breeds because it’s compact, easy to walk, and doesn’t need too much exercise.

They’re great in urban areas, and a trip to the local cafe in the morning is precisely what this pup needs.

Most people love them, and the feeling’s mutual. These dogs are amiable and usually don’t make a fuss in a busy environment. Plus, they love a good play session with their owners, so try to make time for that each day.

15. Beagle

These floppy-eared pups are some of the best indoor dogs as they love being around their family at all times.

Whether it’s playing in the garden or relaxing on the sofa, your little companion will be right there beside you.

There are two varieties — under 20 and between 20–30 pounds, so pick the one that best suits your lifestyle. Their high energy makes them perfect for playing with the kids. At the end of the day, they’ll all be tired out and ready for bed.

If you don’t have kids or aren’t available time-wise, we advise getting this pooch a pal to avoid loneliness. They thrive on companionship.

small brown greyhound lying on a sofa

Best Low Maintenance Indoor Dogs

While no pup is maintenance-free, these pups need the least grooming care. 

 16. Italian Greyhound

These little miniatures look like their large counterparts above, just squished into a smaller package, making them some of the best indoor puppies.

They have the grace of an old Hollywood starlet. Italian Greyhounds know how great they look, and they act like it, too. These graceful creatures were bred as lap dogs and enjoy being with their owners, so be ready to always have a companion by your side.

The good news? This 7–14 pound pooch has incredibly short hair, so being covered in fur all day won’t be a concern. Plus, they rarely need bathing unless they get into a big mess, and even then, a quick rinse will be good enough. 

17. Whippet

It’s another breed similar to the famous Greyhound but in a much smaller package. The Whippet weighs only around 25–40 pounds.

The Whippet makes one of the best indoor dog breeds because of its gentle nature. They won’t be running around breaking everything in sight, and their small size helps with that, too.

But being part of the hound group, if you give them something to chase, they’ll reach lightning speed.

Whippets love to cozy up, so make sure you’ve got a blanket big enough for everyone. Plus, you won’t have to wash your dog every other day since their short, smooth coat doesn’t shed much.

18. Miniature Pinscher

Despite its average weight being between 8–10 pounds, this mini remains fearless. They believe they’re big dogs and act as such, making them all the more hilarious to look after.

Their coats are hard and very short, so they’re one of the easiest breeds to clean

Miniature Pinschers are among the best dog breeds for small houses. And it’s not only due to their appearance. They love one-on-one time with their owners and thrive on attention, making them perfect for a small space. 

Wrap Up

The best dogs for house pets come in all shapes and sizes.

In the small range, you have the Brussels Griffon, Pug, and Chihuahua.

If you’re looking for a full-time companion, consider the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Tibetan Spaniel, or Bolognese.

Medium-sized indoor pups are great for protection and big cuddles, including the Basset Hound, English Bulldog, and Standard Poodle. 

Large dogs need space, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the indoors. Breeds like the Great Dane, Greyhound, and Bergamasco are all great companions.

If you’re looking for an indoor pup that’s good with kids, consider the Dachshund, Boston Terrier, and Beagle.

Finally, the best indoor dogs with low maintenance include the Italian Greyhound, Whippet, and Miniature Pinscher.

Hope you’ll find the right furry companion for you.

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