Have you tried everything to train your dog, but nothing seems to work? You’re not alone. That’s why pup owners are looking for the best dog training collar.

The US pet industry is worth over $100 billion, and it’s all because we love our animals. So why is only 4% of the US dog population properly trained?

If you ask us, training is the number one priority of a pup owner. But hugs come in a close second. 

We’re here to help you understand the different types of dog collars and how they work. Let’s dive right in. 

Are Training Collars Safe?

Training collars are all different, and some are safer than others.

Aversion collars include shock, prong, and choke collars. These devices aren’t safe unless you’re professionally trained, or it’s an emergency. Shock collars can hurt your animal, especially if it’s small. Besides, they can be seriously dangerous if used on aggressive dogs.

In contrast, vibration, sound, and spray functions are all safe and humane ways to train your pupper. Your dog may get a fright or dislike the feeling, but it’s not painful like aversion collars.

How We Evaluated the Top Dog Training Collar

There’s a lot to consider on each collar. Here’s what we looked for.


We made sure to include collars with different remote ranges. If your pup lives in the city, the average 900–1,000 feet are perfect. But it won’t help much when you’re working with farm dogs. So we included remotes that can reach half a mile, with the longest range being seven miles. 


We want our pups to be comfortable, especially with new products. When we compare dog training collars, we find that most aren’t for long-term wear and should be adjusted every few hours to prevent skin damage. Safe and comfortable materials include nylon and polyester for the collar and plastic for the device. 

Single or Multi Settings

You can use the settings to show your dog what’s correct. Most collars have up to three modes.

Our list includes vibration, static, sound, and spray options. After all, what works for one pup might not work for another, so variety is key. 

Remote Control Size & Weight

We considered the size, weight, durability, and shape. Some remotes are small and lightweight. Others are bulkier, but that’s usually due to a larger screen for features like GPS.

Extra Features

Corrective dog collar reviews show extra features depending on what you’re looking for. For instance, a waterproof collar and remote are great. You won’t have to worry if it’s raining or your pup suddenly dives into the water. A GPS feature is suitable for pups running in big open spaces like a farm. It’s a bonus if you can control multiple pups with one remote.

Ease of Use

Ever gotten a product that takes weeks to figure out how it works? It’s the worst. That’s why we prefer simple devices, especially when controlling a wireless dog training collar. You’ll find only user-friendly tried and tested products on our list. 


The average warranty of dog training collars is one year. But that depends on where your product comes from. Manufacturers will cover products themselves, whereas third-party sellers typically use the selling sites’ return policy — usually 30 days.


The prices for these devices range from under $100 to over $500. It all depends on what you’re looking for. Also, consider whether the extra money is worth the package. With devices like these, you often get what you pay for. Cheaply made training collars don’t last long.


We don’t trust product descriptions. We delve deeper to find all the needed information to make an informed decision. It’s a game of pros and cons for each product. Electronic collars reviews help us see the nitty-gritty that’s not necessarily on the product’s website.

WOLFWILL Waterproof Rechargeable Humane Remote Dog Training Collar

WOLFWILL Waterproof Rechargeable

Waterproof collar with a remote range of 1,900 feet. You can stop unwanted behavior by tone, vibration, and light. The collar is durable, and the LCD screen helps you see what’s happening. 

This collar is perfect for pups between 22–88 lbs. It has an impressive remote range of 1,900 feet. So no matter how far your pup gets, you could train it through the collar. It’s suitable for dogs that tend to run away when it’s time for training.

The collar is made of ABS material, which is comfortable and durable. It has three modes — vibration, lights, and tone. Also, the device is 100% waterproof.

Its batteries charge within two hours. Plus, the automatic power-saving mode makes it the best rechargeable dog training collar. 

The remote has an LCD screen that shows what’s going on. Also, you can control two collars simultaneously. With only three buttons, it’s super easy to operate. So if the remote’s in your pocket, you can press a button without even looking. 

But you shouldn’t use the collar for more than 12 consecutive hours as it may damage the skin. Try to adjust the collar position every one to two hours. 

You can return the product in 30 days if you’re not satisfied. There’s also an extended two and three years protection plan sold separately. 

Most customers are delighted, especially those with deaf dogs. That alone makes it one of the best vibrating collars for deaf dogs. Still, some customers complained about the weight and fit of the collar. 


  • Mid-price range
  • Waterproof
  • LCD screen
  • Quick battery charge


  • Should be adjusted every few hours
  • Not for smaller pups
  • Somewhat bulky


Why we choose this product: This dog training collar has three different modes, so you can see what your pup’s most responsive to. It’s humane, and the price is excellent for what’s included. 

PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer — 3 in 1 Dog Training Solution

PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer

Dog training collar that uses spray, vibrations, and sound to help prevent your pup’s undesirable behavior. It’s a humane option that works from as far as 900 feet. 

This collar fits pups from 8 lbs up and has the largest adjustment for necks — 27 inches.

It’s a dog collar with a speaker, effective up to 900 feet. Plus, it comes with three training solutions — an audible tone, spray, or vibrations. The spray is either citronella or unscented. One of each is included with the collar, which has 35 sprays. You can then buy the cartridges separately at $9.95 each. 

The remote and collar are waterproof, with 40-hour battery life. The remote can control up to two collars at once. Its plastic buttons can be challenging to see, so follow the instructions to learn which button corresponds to the function.

The best dog training collar reviews show most pup parents were happy. But others mentioned the citronella smell as too potent.


  • Three training options
  • 900 feet range
  • Pre-filled cartridges
  • Long battery life
  • Control two collars at once


  • Expensive
  • Scent can be overwhelming.
  • Buttons aren’t very clear.


Why we choose this product: The 900 feet range is excellent for far roaming pups. You could also add a scent, which will help training as dogs generally don’t like citronella. Besides, the long battery life is a massive plus. 

GoodBoy Mini — Suitable for Extra Small to Medium Dogs (5–15 lbs)

GoodBoy Mini

Small and dainty training collar for pups and kitties. The sound and vibration modes are humane and safe. The remote has a display. It’s easy to use and can work on two collars at once. 

This puppy training collar makes the perfect fit for extra small pups and can be adjusted to medium-sized puppers up to 15 lbs.

The remote works from 1,000 feet away and is easy to use. It has a sleek user-friendly design with a display and buttons. You can also connect it to a second collar. The collar has two modes — one-level sound and then a vibration setting with nine adjustable modes

This vibrating dog collar is very lightweight, which works well for small doggos. You can even use it on your kitty.

The battery life lasts up to a week. There’s a safe standby mode when the collar isn’t active for about five minutes. You get 16 hours of continuous use after a full charge.

Most pup and kitty parents were delighted with this collar. But some found it didn’t work as well because of cheap materials. 


  • Suitable for extra small pups and kitties
  • Remote with a 1,000 feet range
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight remote
  • Affordable


  • Collar material might not be too sturdy
  • Remote connection issues


Why we choose this product: The bark and training collar combo has a long-lasting battery that’s great for on-the-go pup parents. Plus, the 1,000 feet remote range helps you stay connected, and the humane modes are all great. 

PetSafe Remote Trainer Dog Collar

PetSafe Remote Trainer

Dog training collar suitable for 8 lbs pups and up. The maximum neck size is 23 inches. Both the collar and remote are waterproof, with a 900-foot range. It has three training modes — vibration, sound, and static.

This is a strong contender for the top dog training collar suitable for smaller and larger pups, with an adjustable strap. It’s made from nylon and plastic, so it’s durable and comfortable.

The remote is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, making it easy to change settings. Also, it has a 900-foot range

There are three different training modes — vibration, static, and sound. You can choose the best for your pup, depending on its size, but static isn’t good for a pup less than a year old.

Both the remote and collar are waterproof, making it one of the best waterproof dog training collars. The battery lasts for 40 hours and only takes two hours to recharge. 


  • Waterproof remote and collar
  • 900-foot range
  • Remote is light and easy to navigate.
  • Long battery life
  • Durable and adjustable collar


  • Expensive
  • Static should only be used by professionals. 


Why we choose this product: The long-distance range on this waterproof collar is a big plus. Also, it can be challenging to find a collar suitable for different-sized pups. 

PATPET P-C80 Lightweight Remote Dog Training Collar

PATPET P-C80 Lightweight

Light and easy-to-use dog training collar that’s waterproof, durable, and with a range of 984 feet. It has three different training modes — shock, vibration, and sound. Also, the handy display helps you see the settings you’re on.

This pup collar is excellent for smaller dogs with neck sizes of about ten inches or up to 25 inches. 

It’s waterproof and adjustable, so you can maneuver it to fit your dog. Plus, this collar is lightweight and made from plastic and silicone. 

The remote is easy to use and can reach 984 feet away. There are three modes —  static, vibration, and sound with 16 levels of stimulation. It’s one of the most inclusive and best waterproof dog training collars. 

The batteries recharge quickly, too. But we don’t recommend constant use over 12 hours, and you should try to readjust the collar every two hours to prevent skin damage. Yet this goes for most collars on this list. 

100% of pup parents that used the collar recommend it to others. Reviews are quite good, specifically praising the waterproof feature.


  • 984-foot range
  • Waterproof collar
  • Durable collar made from plastic and silicone
  • 16 levels of stimulation
  • Mid-price range


  • Small display
  • Shock can be dangerous on aggressive dogs.


Why we choose this product: The lightweight collar is great for pups that enjoy running around without being weighed down. You can also use it on smaller pups. Plus, the price is good for what’s included. 

Educator by E-Collar Technologies 1/2 Mile Range Waterproof Dog Training Collar

Educator by E-Collar Technologies

User-friendly dog training collar for pups bigger than 8 lbs. Training modes include vibration, sound, and shock. The remote has half a mile radius. It’s simple to use and fits easily in the palm of your hand.

Educator collars can fit all breeds or any pup over 5 lbs. The BioThane material is durable, waterproof, and comfortable.

Its vibration, sound, and static modes can change depending on your pup’s behavior. You can adjust them with the lightweight remote, which has half a mile radius and fits easily in the palm of your hand. Plus, it has easily accessible buttons, making it one of the top contenders when we compare all dog training collars. 

The blue light on the small display helps you navigate the buttons, whether day or night. Also, you can control two collars at once. 

It comes with a two-year warranty. Most owners were happy with the product, but some found the remote difficult to use and the battery life too short.


  • Half a mile remote range
  • Big range for adjusting the collar
  • Two-year warranty
  • Waterproof collar
  • Remote can control two collars


  • Small display
  • Expensive


Why we choose this product: The lightweight collar is suitable for a wide range of pups. The half-mile remote radius is one of the longest on our list. Also, the small-sized remote is easy to maneuver. 

Positive Pet™ Dog Training Collar

Positive Pet™

Human and comfortable dog training collar with vibrations that help behavioral training. The remote range is 55 feet, and the collar has three attachments with different size bumps for longer fur.

This training collar is suitable for pups with a neck between 8–26 inches, making it great for smaller dogs and cats, too. You can cut the collar to the needed length.

It’s made from soft nylon, making it very comfortable for your pet. You can use the vibrations to train your animal and prevent unwanted behavior.

The remote has a range of 55 feet, with three attachments — smooth, small, or large bumps. They depend on the length of your puppy’s fur. Fitted for your dog to feel the vibrations, it’s easily the best dog training collar for a German Shepherd.

The one-button remote is easy and straightforward. Also, the product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and one year warranty.

The battery has 53 hours of use on standby. It takes five to eight hours to recharge. 


  • Soft nylon material
  • 55-foot range
  • Three attachments for different length fur
  • Long battery life
  • One year warranty


  • Takes longer to charge
  • Only one mode


Why we choose this product: The training vibration is entirely safe for your dog. Pet training collar reviews confirm the huge size variation, making this collar suitable even for kitties. 

SportDOG TEK Series 1.5 GPS Dog Tracking and Training System


Dog training collar for pups with a neck size between 11–23 inches. There are 99 levels of static that you can control from up to seven miles away. It tracks 12 dogs and has an LCD screen. 

It’s one of the dog training collars that are particularly good for bigger dogs with a neck size between 11–23 inches. 

This device is more for outdoor pups in big open spaces. The remote has a seven-mile range and a GPS tracking system that keeps track of up to 12 dogs.

There are 99 modes of static stimulation. The large LCD screen helps you see what settings each pup is on and tracks where they are. It’s easily one of the best hunting dog collars. 

The collar has a one-year warranty. There’s also a helpful support team waiting to help you and explain everything. 

The batteries last 24 hours with continuous use, and the collar is waterproof. 


  • 7-mile remote radius
  • 99 static modes
  • GPS tracking system
  • LCD screen
  • Tracks 12 dogs at once


  • Expensive
  • Remote is quite bulky.
  • Only one mode


Why we choose this product: The seven-mile remote range is massive. Also, we love the built-in GPS that helps you keep an eye on your pup. Plus, the 99 modes offer great variety. 

PetSafe Vibration Bark Control Collar

PetSafe Vibration

Training dog collar activated by barking. It vibrates, which gets harder as barking continues. The collar is waterproof and has an automatic shut-off after 80 seconds of continuous barking so that it won’t hurt your animal. 

Here’s a training collar that doesn’t require a remote. Instead, it activates a vibration mode when your dog barks, making it an incredible wireless dog training collar. If the barking continues, vibrations increase to show your pup the behavior is incorrect.

There’s an automatic shut-off in case the vibrations continue over 80 seconds. The technology also recognizes if the barking comes from another pup. 

This device is for pups of 8 lbs and over, with the largest adjustment being for dogs with a neck over 28 inches. 

It’s straightforward. You just put it on, and that’s it. Plus, the collar is waterproof, so if it rains, there’s no danger for your pet. 

According to corrective dog collar reviews, most pup parents love the device. Some found it would go off without the dog barking, but it’s not a common complaint.


  • No remote needed
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Waterproof collar
  • Mid-range price


  • Only one mode
  • No control of the collar


Why we choose this product: This device is the only one on our list without a remote, and it’s a fantastic bark and training collar combo. It makes the job less stressful for pup owners who might worry about using training modes themselves. Also, the vibration is humane and won’t harm your upper. 

Pet Union PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar

Pet Union

Easy to use training collar with vibration, static, and sound modes for unwanted behaviors like barking. It can also help with obedience training. There are different levels you can control with the remote.

It’s one of the most popular professional dog training collars. The device has three modes — static, sound, and vibration. Both the static and the vibration have different levels you can control.

The LCD screen on the remote makes it easy to see the settings you’re on and if they’re appropriate for your pup’s size. The screen has a backlight so that you can use it day or night.

The shock setting is only for emergencies and not regular training. If aggression is an issue, be careful which settings you use and always take your dog out on a leash. 

The dog training collar can help with barking, sitting, obedience, and leash training. When not in use, the auto power mode will put the collar on standby, saving battery life. Plus, it’s waterproof. 

You can contact the manufacturer’s experts at any time if you need any help or advice. 


  • LCD screen
  • Waterproof
  • Standby safety mode
  • Cheaper
  • Easy to use remote


  • Static levels go up to high levels.
  • Not great quality


Why we choose this product: This is one of the more professional dog training collars that are popular among trainers. It can help with barking, obedience, and leash training. The device is waterproof and easy to use.

Buyer’s Guide to the Optimal Training Collar

Let’s go through everything you should be on the lookout for. 

What to Consider?

Here are the most important aspects you should know regarding the best electronic dog training collar. 

  • Your dog’s size: Measure before you shop. Some collars, like the GoodBoy Mini, are better for small dogs. Larger dogs will need a more durable collar, like the Positive Pet™ Dog Training Collar.
  • Range: Where do you plan on using the remote? At home, the average 1,000 feet is perfect. But suppose you want it for outdoor activities. In that case, a device with an extensive range like the SportDOG TEK Series will be more suitable. 
  • Number of dogs: All remote-controlled devices on our list are multi-dog training collars. Most can control up to two dogs.
  • Price: Our view is that you get what you pay for. We don’t recommend getting a cheap dog training collar. If you don’t need features like GPS, you can get a lower price. For a decent, well-made device, expect to pay between $65–$140
  • Ease of use: No one wants a device that’s difficult to use, especially when it comes to training your pup. If you’re after simplicity, we suggest the Educator by E-Collar that has only three buttons.  
  • Age of your pupper: Training collars aren’t suitable for dogs under six months old. But some devices, like the PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer, are better for older, more sensitive dogs.
  • Extra features: You can find features like GPS on the best training collar for hunting dogs. If you have a dog that loves the water or doesn’t mind going out in the rain, a waterproof collar is necessary. But most training collars already have this. 
  • Durability: Even the calmest pups can go a bit wild sometimes. You don’t want a device that will break as soon as your dog runs or knocks it onto something. One such durable option is the PetSafe Remote Trainer.
  • Adjustability: Pups grow quickly, especially between the recommended six months when you can start using the collar and a year old. So, you’ll need a versatile device, like the PATPET P-C80 that has good adjustability of 10–25 inches. 

Dog Training Collars — What Are They and How Do They Work?

You can use them to stop unwanted behavior and train your dog. For example, if your dog’s an excessive barker, vibration or sound will show your pet that’s unwanted behavior. It’s not intended to hurt the animal but rather to make your dog stop that behavior.

The devices work either with a remote or activate when they detect a bark. Most training collars use remotes to ensure the owner is in control at all times. 

Such collars can be very effective but only if you know how to use them, so always read the instructions carefully. We recommend trying the device on yourself. If the vibrating dog collar or shock is sore for you, it will be quite painful for your dog. You should only use shock modes in emergencies. For example, if your dog is loose from its leash and running to attack. 

Aggressive dogs don’t do well with these devices. It can make the situation and their temperament even worse. Also, be careful with extra small pups as they can only handle small levels of vibration and sound.

Finally, if your dog tends to run away, consider also a wireless dog fence for extra safety.

Types of Training Collars

Here’s what you should know about each type of training collars in order to pick the best one for your pup. 


These collars use specific tones to keep your pup focused. After some training, if your dog starts running and hears the beep, it should know to stop. But that’s not always enough, so a vibration mode can come in handy. 


The physically felt reaction to the behavior makes the best training collar for a deaf dog or for pups that don’t respond to sound as a deterrent. You can adjust the vibrations to suit your pup’s size. 


Usually, only professional trainers use shock mode. They know how to use the function safely to encourage wanted behavior. But shock can be useful in emergencies, particularly if other training methods haven’t been successful. For instance, if your dog’s chasing another dog and you know they have an aggressive history.


This is another humane way to control your pup. You can activate the spray by pressing a remote button, and it works well alongside a training leash. There’s a scented citronella spray or an unscented option. You should always consider the extra cost of spray cartridges. That can add up quickly.


We haven’t looked into these devices, but such collars use tones only pups can hear. They usually don’t like it at all. This stops the undesired behavior. 

What Behavior Could You Use the Finest Dog Training Devices For?

Some pups need a bit of extra help when it comes to training. Collars could help with the following:

  • Obedience training
  • Excessive barking
  • Lunging
  • Chasing tendencies
  • Faster learning
  • Improved command understanding
  • Jumping up on people

Collars are usually one of the last options when training your dog. You should always use positive reinforcement. 

Another good option if you only need to move your unruly pet is indestructible dog crate pads.

Tips On How to Use a Training Collar

Each device comes with its own instructions, but here are some general guidelines: 

  • Let your pup get used to the device before turning on any modes. You might not get it back on if your dog is scared of it from the beginning. We recommend at least a week.
  • Don’t use vibration or static on already aggressive dogs.
  • You should only try a training collar after you’ve tried every other type of positive reinforcement, like treats or a good belly scratch.
  • Don’t leave the collar on your dog for long periods. It can irritate the skin. Try to adjust the collar every few hours. Also, only use it when necessary, like those times during the day when your pup goes a bit crazy with barking.
  • The optimal dog control collar has different modes. They’ll help you evaluate which method works best for your dog. If the sound doesn’t work, you could try vibrations. 
  • These devices are not a form of corporal punishment. Please, don’t use them unnecessarily.
  • Always consult with a training professional to ensure you’re doing the right thing.
  • Keep your pup moving. Misbehavior often stems from boredom. If you can’t get out each day, we recommend looking into a treadmill for overactive dogs

At a Glance — Summary of the Top Picks 

  • Educator 1/2 Mile Range Waterproof Dog Training Collar: Best dog walking training collar overall
  • WOLFWILL Waterproof Rechargeable Humane Remote Dog Collar: Training collar for a deaf dog
  • PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer — 3 in 1 Dog Training Solution: Multi-dog training collar
  • GoodBoy Mini — Suitable for Extra Small to Medium Dogs: Small dog training collar
  • PetSafe Remote Trainer Dog Collar: Waterproof dog training collar
  • PATPET P-C80 Lightweight Remote Dog Training Collar: Dog training collar under $100
  • Positive Pet™ Dog Training Collar: Rechargeable dog training collar
  • SportDOG TEK Series 1.5 GPS Dog Tracking System: Hunting dog training collar
  • PetSafe Vibration Bark Control Collar: Wireless dog training collar 
  • Pet Union PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Collar: Collar for training dog in walking

Other Effective Products for Training Your Dog

If educator collars aren’t your style, try some of these alternatives:

Clicker: It makes use of a specific sound. But it’s different from a sound collar in that the noise is used as positive reinforcement. It usually starts with you giving a treat each time the clicker goes off after good behavior. Once the treats stop, the clicker is enough to let your dog know it did the right thing. We recommend the Downtown Pet Supply training dog clicker on Chewy.

Treats: They work well with added positive reinforcement from a clicker so that you don’t rely on treats all the time. We recommend Pet Botanics Training Reward Bacon Flavor dog treats on Chewy. They’re a delicious and healthy snack for all breeds.

Professional dog trainer: Many owners underestimate the meaning and importance of training, which is where dog collar trainers come in handy. It’s super cute when your dog knows how to shake your hand, but there’s a lot more that goes into training. Professional trainers know what to look out for and which training style is best. To find a trainer, take a look at the APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers).

Whistles: These devices look small, but they pack a serious punch. The sound is ultrasonic, meaning we can’t hear it, but our furry besties can. Whistles are suitable for different behavioral training situations and tricks. The ZelenDecor on Amazon is an excellent choice, and you can even change the frequency.

Books, training DVDs, and online courses: If you’re committed and diligent enough, you can train your pup at home. We recommend checking out the Train Your Dog course and Amazon’s dog training book collection for some great tips. 

Final Thoughts on Collars for Training Dogs + Our Top Pick

Training collars for dogs can be useful when training your pup, especially if other positive reinforcement methods haven’t worked. 

Vibration, sounds, static, and ultrasonic tones can help with unwanted behavior and keep your pupper safe. Dogs that run off can get hurt or hurt others. 

Our top pick is the Educator by E-Collar Technologies 1/2 Mile Range Waterproof dog training collar. It has everything needed to help your dog — an excellent remote range, three modes, and long battery life. Plus, it’s comfortable. 

If you don’t like any of the collars on our list, there are other options. It’s all about finding what works for your pup. 


Are dog training collars cruel?

Not necessarily. Cruelty comes when owners unnecessarily harm their animals, like shocking their dog with a collar for no reason. Also, static can be painful, so it’s best if you leave it to the professionals. 

Can I handle multiple dog training collars with one remote?

Yes, you can. Most training collars come with this function. If you have more than one dog that needs a little extra help with training, you can control two or more pups from one device. 

Is it safe to use a training collar on puppies?

It’s not recommended. Pups younger than six months shouldn’t be using these devices, not even if it’s the best dog training collar. They take time to train, so have patience. If your dog’s comfortable, you shouldn’t have problems with training. 

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