As it’s the daughter company of the popular CBD brand for humans — cbdMD, we weren’t surprised to find Paw CBD reviews that praise its products and their efficacy.

How does Paw CBD differ from other CBD pet brands? Is it the ingredients or its CBD extraction methods?

Read till the end and find out:

All About Paw CBD

Paw CBD is the daughter company of the famous cbdMD, which focuses on CBD products for humans. It was founded in 2019 in Charlotte, North Carolina, and specializes in pet-friendly CBD oils and treats. For this review, we’ll use the two companies’ names interchangeably.

Many cbdMD reviews for dogs and cats talk about how much they love the brand’s products. And one of the reasons why it’s so popular is the care with which the company creates its products. All ingredients are 100% all-natural, and the CBD comes from organic and non-GMO US hemp grown in the US.

What’s more, Paw CBD tests its oils and treats in a third-party ISO-certified lab to ensure they’re THC-free and clear of harmful substances. Besides, the company is working hard on its mission to “make the very best CBD oil for your pets to help unleash their potential.”

Paw CBD of cbdMD uses only the highest quality hemp, sourced locally from US farms. Plus, it formulates products with its own Superior Broad Spectrum CBD, which combines CBD, CBG, and CBN. Also, these oils and treats provide essential dog vitamins and minerals like iron, magnesium, and calcium.

An interesting fact about Paw CBD is that they use Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) oil as their CBD carrier. It’s a dietary supplement that aids in lowering the “bad” cholesterol while increasing the “good.”

Another unique thing about Paw CBD is the brand’s CBD extraction method. In contrast to other CBD brands, it uses an ethanol extraction process to create CBD isolate. Then, the company combines the isolate with useful cannabinoids and terpenes like CBG and CBN to create a broad spectrum oil.

Paw CBD has treats and oils for both dogs and cats. The company was honored with “Dog Calming Product of 2021” by the Pet Independent Innovation Awards. It has an excellent selection of CBD tinctures and treats that makes administration more manageable and pleasant.


  • Cheaper than most CBD pet brands
  • Variety of CBD strengths and flavors
  • Many saving opportunities


  • Lab results only available with batch number
  • Occasional bad customer service

Now, let’s look into Paw CBD’s most beloved products and find out what makes them special.

Paw CBD Oil Tinctures For Dogs

paw cbd oils for dogs

These CBD oils claim to relieve stress and anxiety, complement wellness, and support physical comfort. They’re all-natural, and cbdMD pet reviews love them.

What’s great about these oils is that they come in two forms, seven strengths, and two flavors — a uniquely wide variety for a CBD pet company. This diversity makes it easier for a customer to choose the right products for their pet.

The first form these CBD tinctures come in is the original oils perfect for general wellness support. They’re all available in two flavors — natural and peanut butter. Multiple Paw CBD reviews online recommend their soothing qualities.

  • 150 mg — up to 15 lbs (5mg/ml)
  • 300 mg — 15–25 lbs (10mg/ml)
  • 750 mg — 25–50 lbs (25mg/ml)
  • 1500 mg — 50–100 lbs (50mg/ml)
  • 3000 mg — 100+ lbs (100mg/ml) 

The other kind of Paw CBD’s tinctures is the Calm series. These oils are enriched with melatonin, passionflower, valerian, chamomile, and lemon balm to aid relaxation, promote better sleep, and soothe pain. Here, you have two options:

  • 250 mg — dogs up to 50 lbs (1 ml daily dosage)
  • 500 mg — dogs over 50 lbs (2 ml daily dosage)

They also enjoy a five-star rating from cbdMD pet CBD oil reviews online.

Paw CBD Hard Chews For Dogs

paw cbd hard chews for dogs

These treats are made only of natural, wholesome ingredients with no additives or preservatives. Also, they’re yummy and come in two pet-friendly flavors — baked cheese and peanut butter.

The treats are a user-favorite, judging by more than one cbdMD pet CBD oil review that mentions them. Customers claim the chews alleviate pain, anxiety and calm down stressed-out puppies. As a result, vet visits become easier and road trips — bearable. 

These unique CBD dog treats come in several strengths:

  • 150mg — 5 mg/treat CBD
  • 300mg — 10 mg/treat CBD 
  • 600mg — 20 mg/treat CBD

Regarding the cbdMD pet dosage for treats, the company recommends starting with one or two a day and gradually increase as needed.

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Paw CBD Chews For Dogs

paw cbd calming chews for dogs

Paw CBD by cbdMD is famous for its wide variety of CBD dog chews. What makes all of them even better is that each comes in three CBD strengths — 150 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg:

  • Paw CBD Calming Chews — with a Chamomile, passionflower, ginger, and L-tryptophan blend to soothe your dog’s anxiety and help it sleep better at night. With their natural turkey flavor, they’ll quickly become your puppy’s favorite.
  • Soft Chews — These gluten-free chicken and bacon-flavored soft treats are great for your senior dog’s teeth. Paw CBD claims the treats will make your puppy stress-free and happy.
  • Hip & Joint Chews — Paw CBD hip and joint reviews rave about these treats’ effectiveness. They contain a high-quality hemp extract of Cannabidiol, Cannabigerol, Cannabinol, Glucosamine HCL, and Omega-3 fatty acids. These ingredients will help your pup’s arthritis and assist in painless walking.

Paw CBD Peanut Butter

paw cbd peanut butter

You’ll find many cbdMD reviews online on Paw CBD’s peanut butter for dogs. People love this product and report their doggies feeling much more relaxed and happier after eating it. This yummy treat contains dry-roasted peanuts with no additives or preservatives.

It also comes in three strengths for puppies of all sizes:

  • 150 mg — Perfect for dogs under 50 lbs
  • 300 mg — Paw CBD reviews recommend this for pups between 25–75 lbs
  • 600 mg — Suitable for both medium and large dogs over 75 lbs

Paw CBD Oils Tinctures For Cats

paw cbd oil for cats

Paw CBD ratings are high for two main reasons — great prices and even greater variety.

Its oils for cats are also vegan, gluten- and THC-free, and enriched with the company’s Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula. Also, they come in two flavors — catnip and natural.

The company’s cat CBD line is better than those of many brands. The cat CBD tinctures come in two strengths, which is enough for domestic cats of all sizes:

  • 150 mg — Paw CBD reviews praise the calming and soothing effects of this oil. It’s perfect for smaller kittens up to 15 lbs.
  • 300 mg — an excellent choice for all cats over 15 lbs

Paw CBD Soft Chews For Cats

paw cbd soft chews for cats

There are two types of Paw CBD soft chews for cats — one for general wellbeing and one as a kidney supplement. They’re both gluten-free and easy on feline teeth. Also, the treats are enriched with Paw CBD’s Broad Spectrum CBD oil to help cats with anxiety and promote relaxation.

Both cat CBD treats come in two strengths:

  • 150 mg — for cats up to 12 lbs
  • 300 mg — for cats over 12 lbs

Also, you’ll find them in two flavors — Chicken & Catnip and Salmon.

The second type of Paw CBD cat treats is called Kidney Support. These chews contain Licorice and Astragalus root powder and Nettle leaf extract to support your kitty. Kidney issues, especially in older cats, aren’t uncommon.

Even though one cbdMD pet tinctures review suggested that not all cats love chewy treats, most customers adore these. Their cats enjoy the salmon flavor, and the benefits are visible even after a few treats.

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Paw CBD Pricing, Discounts & Options

Customers often share in their cbdMD dog treats reviews how affordable the brand is compared to similar CBD pet companies.

The reason behind that might be that this company doesn’t use organic ingredients. They’re usually more expensive. Also, the ethanol extraction that Paw CBD uses is cheaper than the CO2 method of other brands.

Some cbdMD and Canna-Pet reviews for dogs argue that the lower price is due to the MCT oil use of the former, which can sometimes be cheaper than hemp oil.

Saving Opportunities

To complement their lower prices, cbdMD for dogs and cats provides plenty of discount options:

  • Earn a point for every dollar spent and get a $1 discount for every 20 points
  • Leave a review to receive 250 points
  • Sign up for Paw CBD’s newsletter and earn 50 points
  • Sign up for an account and get 150 points
  • Paw CBD by cbdMD coupon code available online
  • Save money with CBD bundles
  • Autoship and save
  • Free 2–3 Day Shipping On All Orders in the US

Warranty, Shipping & Return Policies

Paw CBD offers free 2–3 day shipping on all US domestic orders (excluding US territories). The company will also ship your order on the same day if you place it before 11 AM Pacific Time, Monday to Friday. 

What’s more, the brand can deliver your cbdMD for dogs and cats to military bases with FedEx SmartPost. But this would take a little longer — 2–7 days.

One pro that Paw CBD by cbdMD reviews mention frequently is the company’s 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. So if you’re not satisfied with any of the products you ordered, you can safely return them to a Paw CBD office, and you’ll get a full-purchase refund.

But even though Paw CBD says that it will review your order to decide whether it’s eligible for a refund, the company doesn’t mention any criteria.  

Customer Service

While the brand’s overall rating in cbdMD company reviews is high, its customer service isn’t the best.

Way too many customers complain about lost packages, delayed shipping, and unattended issues. Unfortunately, even after customers contacted the support team for weeks, Paw CBD and cbdMD didn’t care enough to reply.

No matter how great a product is, the company behind it has to be respectable to its users. So for us, Paw CBD not attending to customers is a big red flag.  

Paw CBD Reviews and Testimonials

Apart from the unsatisfactory customer service, the company is doing well.

Paw CBD’s products have multiple five-star reviews on the company’s website, and people love them. Both dogs and cats show improvement after consuming these CBD oils and treats. They’re less anxious, their pain decreases, and sleep becomes a pleasure again.

One of the most common cbdMD pets complaints concerns the instructions where the dosing information is confusing. After all, the CBD dosage for dogs is not a one-size-fits-all. Even with the multiple CBD strengths, it would have been nice of Paw CBD to offer a more thorough and complete dosing chart.

Paw CBD Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

You can easily get lost in the diversity of products, brands, and CBD oil options for different dogs to choose from.

Paw CBD by cbdMD reviews praise the products, but how do they measure up to the other brands?

Paw CBD vs. HempMy Pet

HempMy Pet offers a nice range of CBD pet products. Its ingredients are organic and GMO-free. Also, it uses coconut and olive oil in its CBD recipes. Plus, the brand also has CBD oil for horses.

But Paw CBD has a wider product range that’s cheaper. Besides, its CBD tinctures come in five strengths and different flavors.

The Paw CBD cat soft chews reviews are also great — the brand’s kitty kidney support treats are a customers’ favorite.

Despite their differences, both companies are respectable.

Paw CBD vs. Holistapet

Holistapet is a fantastic organic CBD pet company. What makes it special is the additional ingredients that enrich its products —  blueberries, sweet potato, and flaxseed are just a few of the superfoods the company uses. 

Holistapet also has many more discount options on-site and offers CBD tablets and oil for horses.

In contrast, cbdMD Paw CBD for cats reviews seem more positive. This brand’s products are a lot cheaper and varied. Plus, it has CBD peanut butter, and who wouldn’t love that.

Paw CBD vs. Honest Paws

Honest Paws is a CBD company for pets with one of the highest ratings. Its customers love and swear by it — not only does it offer great quality, but also amazing customer service, which Paw CBD lacks.

Honest Paws uses full-spectrum organic CBD and all-natural ingredients. What’s more, the company has a CBD product for larger animals like horses.

In contrast, cbdMD Paw CBD for dogs reviews praise the company for its massive variety of CBD strengths and flavors. Also, its mother company, cbdMD, also offers human-grade CBD products, so you and your pet can enjoy its benefits together. 

Wrap Up — Is Paw CBD Worth It?

Paw CBD focuses on producing the best affordable CBD animal products. Its numerous CBD oil strengths and flavors, and the variety of CBD treats for cats and dogs, make it an amazing alternative to more expensive brands.

This company also uses only 100% all-natural ingredients. Plus, its CBD comes from organic hemp grown in the US. Another perk of Paw CBD is free US shipping and a 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases.

The only red flag we spotted in Paw CBD reviews was about the company’s customer support. Even though the complaints are a lot, they still can’t overshadow the positive reviews.

So would you try Paw CBD for your pet?

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