Dogs are man’s best friends. So, we like to take them wherever we go, whether it’s the Apple Store, Old Navy, or grocery stores.

But since companies have different pet policies, things can get a bit tricky. Not every store is pet-friendly, which can be a problem if you can’t leave your furry friend home alone.

So, are dogs allowed in Home Depot? It depends. Let’s discuss the Home Depot dog policy and give you the latest information.

Keep reading to find out:

Can I Bring My Dog to Home Depot?

With over 2,300 locations in the US, Mexico, and Canada, Home Depot is a world-famous chain of home improvement stores. Almost every bigger city in the US has one. But are dogs allowed in Home Depot?

Yes. Most Home Depots allow customers to bring in their dogs. Although that’s not the official company policy, and the stores might not have a dog-friendly sign, employees usually won’t say anything.

But what’s the official Home Depot pet policy? Let’s find out.

The Official Home Depot Pet Policy

According to the company’s official pet policy, only service dogs can roam freely inside the stores. That means employees can deny entry to other dogs at any time.

But fortunately, many Home Depot stores across the US don’t strictly follow this rule. So, the loose approach leads many people to believe that Home Depot is a dog-friendly store.

Dogs are welcome as long as they’re disciplined and don’t disturb others. If your dog is well-behaved and on a leash, you won’t have any problem going inside the store. But be ready to clean after your pet if there’s an accident.

Some stores may still ban your dog from entering, and they have every right to do so. The decision is made at the corporate level. It’s up to the store manager to decide whether dogs can go in or not.

So, does Home Depot allow dogs according to its official pet policy? No, it doesn’t. But, in reality, the stores don’t enforce this rule.

Are Most Home Depot Stores Pet-Friendly?

While people have listed most Home Depot stores as dog-friendly, that doesn’t necessarily mean every store welcomes non-service dogs. Some won’t bother to say anything, but others won’t allow your dog to enter.

The Pet-Friendly Policy Can Vary by Location

Given the lax approach to the official company’s pet policy, you’ve probably wondered, “Does Home Depot allow dogs at my nearby store?” It depends on your location.

The overall impression is that employees are usually happy to see dogs inside the stores. Those lovely people in orange vests are often super friendly and might even offer your dog some treats.

But sometimes, management might not be that open and relaxed about the pet policy. So, before your next trip to a local Home Depot, it’s best to give the store a call and double-check whether your puppy can go inside or not.

Are Dogs Allowed in Home Depot During COVID-19?

The global pandemic took us all by surprise. We had to adapt and rise above the situation during these challenging times.

Fortunately, some things remained the same, like the lax approach to Home Depot’s pet policy. So, even during COVID-19, it’s up to the local store management to make the final decision. 

They may or may not allow dogs inside, but every Home Depot store permits licensed service dogs.

curly service dog

Why Home Depot in Canada Has Strict Rules for Dogs

Unlike its US neighbors who have a loose approach, Home Depot Canada strictly follows the rules. Although it has the same official dog policy, Canadians firmly don’t allow other animals in the stores. Only service dogs are allowed in Home Depot Canada. 

The decision to ban pets stems from an incident in April 2011, when a customer’s dog bit off the tip of an employee’s nose. The accident happened in Ottawa when the employee tried to pet the dog. After the incident, the Home Depot management decided it was best to ban dogs from all the stores across Canada.   

Service Dogs Get Special Treatment

Based on the official company’s policy, only licensed service dogs are allowed in Home Depot in 2022. So, service dogs can always enter no matter the store’s location. That’s because the company sees them as working animals. 

Service dogs help disabled customers, so their presence is necessary.

Some employees also use service dogs in their day-to-day life, and they need them while working. For example, if you visit the store in St. Louis, Minnesota, you’ll meet Fritta, Breena, and Truffles.

But remember that emotional support animals aren’t recognized as working animals. They don’t get special treatment.

How to Prepare Your Fur Buddy for a Shopping Spree in Home Depot

If you plan to take your furry pal on your next shopping trip to Home Depot, here are some handy tips:

Put Your Dog on a Leash

Since leashed dogs are allowed in Home Depot, do your best to follow this rule. For everybody’s safety, unleashed dogs are a loud no, so don’t be surprised if employees ask you to leave the store.

If your puppy struggles with the leash, try some useful leash training tips, and get your Fido ready for its next Home Depot visit. It’s always nice to see a well-trained dog that doesn’t pose a danger to others.

Don’t Forget the Potty “Duties”

Home Depot trips can last forever, and dogs usually don’t mind where they’ll do their business. Training is essential, so ensure to find a practical potty train approach.

Even if you’re in Home Depot and pets can come inside, that doesn’t mean employees are in charge of cleaning after them. Responsible owners carry poop bags and don’t wait for others to clean up their dog’s mess.

Lots of Treats and Toys

Sometimes a trip to Home Depot can be a bit overwhelming, or your dog might get bored. So, always keep the best calming treats for upset dogs near you, and bring their favorite toys to keep those paws busy.

Shopping usually takes a long time, so don’t forget to bring a practical water dispenser for dogs. You don’t want your dog to dehydrate.

Other Pet-Friendly Stores

Besides Home Depot, many other companies will happily welcome dogs inside their stores, including: 


According to the company’s policy, only service dogs are allowed in Lowes. But it seems that, just like at Home Depot, store managers have the final word.

The overall impression is that you won’t have any problems if you put a leash on your dog. But to be 100% sure whether your local store allows dogs, call, check the website or send an email.

Pottery Barn

The luxurious furniture store is very relaxed about dogs coming into their stores. But it still requires that they have a leash on.

Barnes and Noble

Although the general feeling is that dogs are allowed in Barnes and Noble, the well-known bookstore doesn’t allow pets in its cafes. So it’s good to know that the pet-friendly policy only applies to bookstores, not coffee shops.

Bass Pro Shops

The famous store allows leashed dogs and even encourages its customers to come shopping with their furry friends.

But if you don’t clean after your dog, you might face a fine. So, before your next trip to Bass Pro, don’t forget to pack poop bags.

These aren’t the only stores that allow dogs. Some more honorable mentions include:

  • Macy’s
  • Pet Smart
  • TJ Maxx
  • John Lewis
  • Pet Co
  • HomeBase
  • Nordstrom
  •  Cabela’s

So, grab a leash and head to your favorite store without hesitation.

Final Thoughts — Are Dogs Allowed in Home Depot?

Despite the official company’s policy, which states that only service dogs are permitted, many stores don’t follow the rule firmly. It’s all up to the local store manager. So, before taking your dog to the nearby Home Depot, check its pet policy first.

Although rare, employees may not allow you to go inside. But most customers feel that Home Depot is pet-friendly regardless of its official policy. After all, the chain posted a photo of an adorable Yorkshire Terrier in one of its signature orange buckets on Twitter. If that doesn’t say dogs are welcome, I don’t know what will.

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