Many HempMy Pet reviews recommend this company’s CBD oils and treats. Customers praise its products and how they’ve helped their pets by soothing pain, alleviating anxiety and depression, and promoting sleep and wellness.

But is HempMy Pet really worth it, or are these reviews just a marketing trick? And how are its high prices justified?

We’ll cover that and more:

All About HempMy Pet

HempMy Pet is a company focused on producing the best pet-friendly CBD oils and dog treats. It’s been on the market since 2016. For this time, HempMy Pet became one of the most talked-about CBD pet brands in the US.

Even though there aren’t many HempMy Pet reviews, the ones we found are all the rave about its oils’ abilities to soothe pain, relieve arthritis and anxiety, and improve the general well-being of pets.

HempMy Pet was co-founded by Marc Brannigan and Natalie Mondine in Boulder, Colorado. That’s also where the company grows its organic hemp. HempMy Pet tests its cannabinoid concentrations in third-party labs to ensure the quality and consistency of its products. Plus, the company doesn’t go over the recommended THC levels of 0.3%.

This CBD brand advocates animal rights. All its products are cruelty-free and vegan, except for its pumpkin biscuits that contain eggs. What’s more, HempMy Pet donates products to animal rescues and sanctuaries. The founders believe that CBD-rich hemp oil can be beneficial to rescue dogs’ physical and mental health.

HempMy Pet reviews online appreciate the brand’s effort into its high-quality products. For example, HempMy Pet always uses the same strain of hemp to ensure the same potency and consistency. Also, it only works with natural 100% organic ingredients and plants its own hemp.

People’s CBD for dogs reviews reveal incredible stories about the impact of this plant extract on their pets’ lives. The unique CBD properties inspired HempMy Pet to create the company and provide the best pet CBD on the market.

As for the other ingredients the brand uses, they’re always human-grade, organic, and US-sourced. Its products contain three carrier oil types needed for better CBD absorption — hemp, coconut, and virgin olive oil. They’re all great for your fluffy companion’s health.

Though HempMy Pet reviews are scarce, you can see how much love this brand receives from expert reviewers. It’s proof that a company doesn’t need hundreds of products to be successful.


  • High-quality products
  • Different carrier oils
  • Informative dosage chart on-site
  • Certificate of analysis on all products


  • Not much variety
  • No organic certification to support claims
  • No reviews on independent platforms

But let’s discuss HempMy Pet’s CBD oils and biscuits, and see if they’re truly worth the hype.

HempMy Pet CBD Oil

hempmypet hemp seed oil

HempMy Pet CBD oil reviews praise its healing abilities. Customers talk about the oil relieving their dogs’ depression, alleviating pain, and promoting sounder sleep.

Some reviewers also recommend it as one of the best joint supplements for dogs they’ve used.

This CBD oil comes in two strengths — 250 mg (for small dogs and cats) and 1000 mg (for large dogs and humans).

In terms of dosage, HempMy Pet recommends starting low at 1–2 mg/10 lb and increasing to 2–3 mg/10 lb if needed. Also, they have a detailed chart online, so it’s pretty easy to determine how much your pet needs.

HempMy Pet CBD for Horses

hemp-infused olive oil

HempMy Pet also has a CBD oil formula for horses. But it’s a bit different from their dog one.

HempMy Pet CBD for horses infuses the brand’s proprietary full-spectrum Cherry Abacus Hemp Extract with virgin olive oil.

The extract is rich in CBD, CBG, CBC, and terpenes. 

The two main types of hemp plants are Indica and Sativa. The hemp is Indica-dominated. This means that it will help with relaxation, promote sleep, and soothe pain

The highly potent oil comes at 5000 mg CBD. It’s perfect for larger animals like horses and even humans. It’s also convenient if you have multiple pets. So you can buy one bottle for the whole family.

HempMy Pet recommends starting slowly to avoid side effects. For an average horse (1,000 – 1,200 lbs), 40 mg or two pumps should be enough.

HempMy Pet Organic Dog Biscuits

hempmypet organic dog biscuits

These are every dog parent’s dreams. They’re gluten-free and full of healthy nutritional ingredients like pumpkin, apples, and eggs. Most importantly, they contain full-spectrum CBD-infused coconut oil.

These yummy treats come in two strengths and flavors:

  • Small dogs (2 mg per treat) — Peanut Butter Banana and Pumpkin Harvest
  • Large dogs (5 mg per treat) — Pumpkin Harvest

Even though these treats aren’t specifically for cats, they’re easy to break into smaller pieces. Also, they’re free from harmful ingredients and scents, so your kitty can enjoy the benefits safely.

HempMy Pet hemp dog treats are a favorite among customers. Many report calmer and happier pups. Plus, pet parents say their dogs are moving more easily and without pain. 

On the negative side, these biscuits are quite pricey for their quantity — only 15 in the large dog bag. It’s a frequent complaint in many HempMy Pet reviews. They’re only meant as a snack, but for a large dog, you might have to buy a pack every other week. 

HempMy Pet Hemp Infused Coconut Oil

hemp-infused coconut oil

This high-quality CBD-infused oil comes with all the benefits in a big 5 fl. oz glass jar.

The HempMy Pet coconut oil comes in two strengths — 100 mg and 500 mg. Also, it has only the best unrefined coconut oil, enriched with the brand’s own full-spectrum hemp extract.

Dog and cat owners alike love this product. HempMy Pet for dogs reviews praise the product for soothing arthritic pain and increasing mobility in older pups. In contrast, the oil offers cats stress relief and promotes better sleep.

Surprisingly, HempMy Pet says its oil is full-spectrum, but the lab results draw a different picture. The product’s certificate of analysis shows that the oil contains only CBD and no other cannabinoids.

Read more customer reviews on HempMy Pet

HempMy Pet Pricing, Discounts & Options

Not one HempMy Pet price review complains about the company’s high prices. Compared to similar brands that use high-quality ingredients (like Honest Paws or Holistapet), the company’s products are pretty expensive.

While it’s true that organic ingredients don’t come cheap, we couldn’t find any certification for their organic origin. What’s more, HempMy Pet grows its own hemp, so shouldn’t that make the products cheaper than those of brands that use sourced hemp?

Saving Opportunities

You can find several HempMy Pet discounts online. But not many saving opportunities are available on-site, especially compared to other brands.

Here are all the discounts and saving opportunities on the net and on-site:

  • HempMy Pet coupon code — HMPWelcome20 for 20% off
  • Bundles discount — save $20–$30
  • Subscription discount — up to $30 off
  • Free shipping and handling in the US

Warranty, Shipping & Return Policies

HempMy Pet believes in its products’ benefits and quality, which is why it offers a 30 and 60-day return policy. But while the former is only for unopened products, it’s unclear whether the latter only applies to opened or new ones.

On a happier note, the brand ships to all 50 states and most countries — a feature highly praised in HempMy Pet reviews. The company mentions that it doesn’t ship to some countries, but we couldn’t find a list, so it’s best to contact them and ask.

Still, HempMy Pet offers free shipping on all US orders.

Customer Service

If you need to contact HempMy Pet, you can do it by email, phone call, or by submitting a support ticket.

We didn’t find any HempMy Pet complaints about its customer service. The support team replies to most reviews and readily assists if help is needed. 

HempMy Pet Reputation — Reviews and Testimonials

There aren’t many HempMy Pet for cats and dogs reviews on Trustpilot, BBB, or Facebook. But the ones we found are primarily 5-star with some occasional complaints, usually consenting to delayed shipping.

Generally, customers love HempMy Pet’s products for treating their pooches’ stiff joints, anxiety, and pain. Also, they value that all CBD products are suitable for human consumption. So the whole family can enjoy the calming effects.

But customers aren’t fond of the high prices with few discounts. Most of us can agree that while quality comes first, the price comes second. And if it’s much higher than the one of the competitors, other brands will probably win. So it won’t hurt to see a few more HempMy Pet CBD discount options.

HempMy Pet Alternatives

Are you wondering which CBD brand is the best for your pet? Here’s how HempMy Pet measures up to the rest. 

HempMy Pet vs. Holistapet

Holistapet offers a wider range of products — CBD cat treats, three kinds of dog treats, tablets, shampoo, and even horse pellets.

The company also has a lot of discounts and coupons for purchases from their site. Plus, it’s BBB-accredited and offers a free return of unopened products. But Holistapet will also refund you if you’re dissatisfied with your order.

In contrast, HempMy Pet customer reviews are higher and with fewer complaints. Still, this might be a result of the fewer reviews. In HempMy Pet’s defense, the brand offers excellent high-quality products and grows its own hemp.

HempMy Pet vs. Honest Paws

Honest Paws is an incredible 100% organic pet CBD company that’s proven itself as one of the best. Customers praise it for the healing properties of its products in multiple reviews across Trustpilot, BBB, and their own site.

The brand also has a nice variety focused on four common pet problems — Relief (pain), Mobility (joints), Calm (anxiety), and Wellness (overall health). These oils and treats are a favorite among customers whose pets have struggled with these ailments.

In contrast, HempMy Pet products reviews love the oil versatility the brand offers. Usually, CBD companies go for hemp seed oil only. But olive and coconut oil are also very beneficial for our pets, especially for their skin and fur. So it’s nice to see that HempMy Pet formulates its products differently.

Both companies have excellent customer support. Whichever you choose, you won’t make a mistake.

HempMy Pet vs. Paw CBD

Paw CBD offers a wide range of CBD products for dogs and cats. It has five strengths of CBD oil in two flavors — peanut butter and natural. Also, this brand has kidney support treats for cats — a valuable supplement for aging kittens. Paw CBD’s products are cheaper than those of HempMy Pet, too.

But HempMy Pet uses ingredients that are organic and GMO-free. Also, it has CBD oil for horses and CBD-infused coconut oil. Plus, customers love and recommend them, claiming that their pets have never felt better since their products.

Both CBD brands are great, so why don’t you try them and see which one your pet prefers?

Wrap Up — Is HempMy Pet Worth It?

HempMy Pet is an excellent CBD pet company. It offers various products that soothe pain, help with arthritis, and promote better health and relaxation. Also, the brand uses high-quality organic ingredients and grows its own hemp.

Still, like any company, HempMy Pet has its flaws. It doesn’t have many reviews aside from the ones on its website. Also, the company doesn’t offer any cat products.

But HempMy Pet reviews are more than 90% positive. People love this brand’s products, and the number of incredible testimonials speaks volumes about its reliability and effectiveness.

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