Ever since we started researching CBD products for pets, we’ve been seeing King Kanine product recommendations everywhere. So we simply had to do a King Kanine CBD review and see what the hype is all about.

People love this CBD brand and swear by its efficacy in decreasing their beloved pets’ pain, anxiety, and even seizures. The company also offers excellent variety — deshedding combs, CBD oils, treats, and shampoos.

So let’s dive in and see what makes this brand so special. And considering the prices, it should be one of a kind.

All About King Kanine

Tons of King Kanine CBD oil reviews confirm that customers adore the brand.

Founded in 2015 by Jeff Riman, King Kanine is a fantastic organic and all-natural CBD pet company. Its first product was the King Komb, which was inspired by the shedding problem of the founder’s Great Dane, Mojo. But after the five-star reviews started coming, the company decided to widen its product range.

All King Kanine’s CBD oils and treats are tested in a third-party laboratory and manufactured in its GMP and ISO-90001 Certified FDA facility. This way, the brand can ensure its quality, purity, and potency. All lab results are also provided on-site so that every customer can check them.

Going through King Kanine CBD reviews, we realized everybody reported their pets to be in the best health after using the brand’s products. No wonder the company’s mission is to promote pet wellness inside and out — their customers swear by their products.

But what’s a CBD wellness company without its excellent organic ingredients? At King Kanine, every ingredient is sourced locally from organic farms in the US. The company also grows its own organic hemp and extracts CBD through a CO2 process — the gold standard of plant extraction.

A unique aspect of King Kanine is that the brand uses different carrier oils than most CBD companies — the Copaiba & Krill Oil and DHA mix promotes wound healing, healthy skin, and brain and heart development. Several King Kanine for cats reviews also mention that their kitties love the taste.

King Kanine is a well-known CBD pet company. It has a wide range of products, and King Kanine CBD for dogs reviews show that dog owners adore them.


  • Shop by breed and city
  • Multiple discounts
  • Track order on-site
  • Return opened and unopened products


  • High price
  • Treats only available in one strength
  • Occasional bad customer service

But let’s dive deeper into the brand’s most famous CBD oils, treats, and tools, so you can decide whether to give them a try or not.

King Kanine Kalm CBD Oil

king kalm 300 mg

This amazing CBD oil is formulated with the brand’s proprietary Broad Spectrum CBD oil combined with Copaiba essential oil.

King Kanine CBD oil reviews claim that it alleviates anxiety and discomfort, soothes pain, and reduces inflammation. The oils come in four different strengths so all kinds of pets (and even you) can enjoy their calming benefits:

  • 600 mg — the most potent of the oils, suitable for large dogs, horses, and humans
  • 300 mg — made with Omega-3 rich krill oil, perfect for medium-sized dogs
  • 150 mg — combines the effects of Broad Spectrum CBD, krill, and hemp oil, and it’s good for smaller pups
  • 75mg — for small animals, and the perfect cat CBD oil

King Kanine recommends starting slowly to avoid CBD oil side effects like vomiting and diarrhea. Every product comes with a dosing chart, so you can easily estimate how much to give to your fluff.

King Kanine Dog Treats

king kalm dog treats

These crunchy treats are organic, gluten-free, and formulated by King Kanine’s licensed holistic physician and nutritionist. They’re baked slowly at a low temperature and then dehydrated to preserve their nutritional value. Also, these King Kanine CBD joint chews for dogs do wonders for hyperactive pets and those with anxiety or depression. Combining these with the best dental chews for dogs will ensure your pup’s mental and physical happiness. 

King Kanine offers three types of crunchy dog and cat treats. Every 8 oz crunch bag contains around 40 treats, each with 3–4mg CBD. You also get to choose between three tasty flavors:

  • Apple Cinnamon — these biscuits contain oats, apples, cinnamon, turmeric, and a pinch of black pepper
  • Blueberry — the sweet potato, eggs, and blueberries in these cookies make them an excellent CBD treat for your pooch
  • Honey Oats — with oats, almonds, honey, turmeric, and CBD

Sadly, like all other CBD treats, these are pretty expensive for the amount you get. If you have a large dog, you might need a few packs a month.

King Kalm Topicals Reviews

king kalm balm

King Kanine’s mission is to ensure the health of all pets inside and out. That’s why this pet CBD company develops not only CBD oils and treats but also topical creams and sprays.

  • Anti-Itch Spray — This amazing calming spray contains aloe vera, chamomile, and tea tree oil to soothe dermal abrasions, hot spots, and dry, cracked skin.
  • Dog Paw Balm — King Kanine CBD oil reviews love this balm. It aims to keep your puppy’s paws, snout, and elbows soft and hydrated. The balm’s ingredients include manuka honey, CBD, and coconut oil to relieve even the driest paws.
  • Cat and Dog Mange Management Spray — this antiseptic spray is specifically for soothing skin and paw problems. It has antibacterial properties to prevent potential infections.

You can find more than 50 positive King Kanine CBD oil for skin reviews on the brand’s website. Customers report decreased inflammation and itching right after the first use.

King Kanine Tools

king komb deshedding tool

One King Kanine CBD review that surprised us mentioned the superiority of King Kanine’s grooming tools and shampoo. What can be so unique about a brush or a pet deodorant spray?

While that remains somewhat of a mystery to us, customers love these products. And they seem great, if a bit expensive for what they are.

Here are the most famous ones:

  • King Komb Deshedding Tool — made out of rubber, this self-cleaning comb eliminates all the dead hair from your dog, cat, or horse. This way, it also removes dandruff, which can trigger allergies. The only King Kanine complaints about this product mention its price.
  • King Klean Natural Dog Shampoo — this organic shampoo has six great ingredients — coconut oil, jojoba oil, lemongrass, aloe vera, olive oil, and rosemary oil. These work together to soften and clean your puppy’s coat. 
  • King Klean Pet Bed Spray — a deodorant spray for your doggy’s bed. We all know how stinky a dog bed can get, so it’s nice to see a brand that recognizes this problem.

Read more customer reviews on King Kanine

King Kalm CBD Price Review — Discounts & Options

King Kanine believes in its products and loves its community. But their products are some of the most expensive on the market, and that’s begging for an explanation.

King Kanine CBD reviews repeatedly mention the incredibly high prices of the products compared to other brands. But what King Kanine does differently is that it offers organic, all-natural, and laboratory-tested CBD products.

Oh, wait. So do the other reputable CBD brands like Holistapet and Honest Paws.

The only difference is that King Kanine uses Copaiba & Shrill oil and DHA in its CBD oils. While these are truly beneficial for your furry friends, they don’t justify the high prices.

Still, King Kanine’s customers love it, and most don’t mind the high price. Also, this brand offers many discounts and coupons. So even though it’s high-end, you can still grab a deal. 

Saving Opportunities

You can find more than one King Kalm CBD coupon code on the brand’s website, as well as a whole wheel of codes and discounts (literally).

Here are all the currently available King Kanine saving opportunities:

  • Free domestic shipping on orders $100 and up
  • Sales on-site
  • Kanine Kash — earn points with every purchase
  • Join and earn a King Kanine CBD discount
  • Bundle discounts
  • Enter your email and turn the wheel of discounts

Warranty, Shipping & Return Policies

King Kanine trusts and believes in its products. That’s why all customers can return their orders within 30 days. This includes both unopened and opened products, as long as no more than 30% of the product has been used.

One King Kanine CBD review praised the company’s customer service for such returns. After all, when buying a CBD pet product, you can’t be sure if it’ll work for your furry pal. Animals are different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all cure.

King Kanine ships to all states and internationally. But, due to strict country CBD laws, the company cannot ship to Australia, Canada, Russia, New Zealand, Singapore & Malaysia.

Finally, if you wish to change your order before shipping, you should call King Kanine, as such changes cannot be executed by email.

Customer Service

The most common King Kanine complaints concern the brand’s customer service. On Facebook, several reviews mention delayed or missing responses, as well as the company’s failure to provide shipping information.

Still, you won’t find many of these reviews or any negative ones for that matter. King Kalm CBD reviews online seem in favor of the company and its products. Also, most people are happy with the customer support.

So, how can you reach King Kanine?

You can phone the company between 10 AM and 4 PM. Also, you can reach the team by email or message them on-site.

King Kanine CBD Review — What Do People Think About the Company?

The company has an almost five-star reputation, and people love all of its products.

On King Kanine’s website, you’ll see thousands of positive reviews. It’s both amazing and quite surprising. While this is a great brand, the lack of negative comments makes us wonder if they publish all reviews on their page.

In contrast, people can share whatever they want on Facebook, and we spotted some negative reviews. Customers share their unpleasant experiences with King Kanine’s customer service.

On a more positive note, the King Kanine ratings are incredibly high. People might dislike its customer service but love the products and their effects.

Many pet parents share that King Kanine’s CBD oils have changed the lives of their fluffy children forever. Some report lowered anxiety, others — improved sleep and appetite.

The King Komb is an all-time favorite to hundreds of users worldwide. What’s more, people enjoy the brand’s wide product selection. Customers appreciate that the company focuses not only on CBD pet foods but also offers tools and grooming necessities. 

King Kanine Alternatives

In the past few years, the market has been overflowing with CBD products. And as you’ll see, that has its pros and cons.

King Kalm CBD customer reviews are mostly positive. The brand has proved its quality over the years. But with so many other CBD pet companies, how do you know which one is the best for your animal?

King Kanine vs. Holistapet

Holistapet’s CBD dog treats selection is greater. Just like King Kanine, the brand offers three types of treats, but they’re also in the form of soft chews suitable for smaller puppies or senior dogs. Plus, Holistapet offers salmon treats for cats.

Both Holistapet’s and King Kanine’s CBD ingredients are organic and locally sourced. One difference is that the latter produces its own hemp and uses several oils in its formulations.

But the biggest difference is the price. Holistapet is around two times cheaper than King Kanine. In King Kanine’s defense, the brand has a greater product variety and more saving opportunities. Besides, it ships internationally.

King Kanine vs. Honest Paws

Compared to Honest Paws, King Kanine offers a variety of grooming equipment. Their famous King Komb is a deshedding tool that every pet owner would appreciate. Also, the brand has shopping by dog breed or town, which makes selecting the right product easier.

In contrast, Honest Paws has a CBD oil for horses. It’s a highly potent product that’s suitable for other big animals and even people.

King Kanine CBD products reviews, as well as those of Honest Paws, are all highly positive. Customers love these two brands and their CBD oils and treats. But Honest Paws has a lot more reviews, not only on its website but also on other platforms like Trustpilot.

King Kanine vs. Paw CBD

A significant advantage of Paw CBD is its products’ variability of CBD oil flavors. Also, this brand has cat CBD treats that support elderly kitties’ kidneys.  Not to mention how much cheaper its products are compared to King Kanine’s.

But if you read some of the King Kanine CBD reviews online, you’ll know how valued the brand is. Customers and their pets love King Kanine. Its oils have helped numerous dogs and cats overcome anxiety, arthritic pains, and even epileptic seizures.

No matter which of these brands you choose, you won’t regret it.

Wrap Up — Is King Kanine Worth It?

King Kanine is a remarkable CBD pet company that offers excellent product diversity and high quality. Its customers love its CBD oils and treats. Plus, people cherish the brand’s responsibility to sourcing only natural and healthy ingredients.

King Kanine’s site features hundreds of pet parent testimonials. They all agree that these CBD oils bring peace, pain relief, and health to their beloved pups and kittens.  

The only concern you might have is the high price. Even with the multiple discounts available on-site, King Kanine’s products cost way more than other reputable CBD pet brands.

Also, we found more than one King Kanine CBD review that mentions the occasional failure of its customer service to reply to emails or solve problems. Still, such comments are rare and don’t mention anything about the products’ quality.

Overall, King Kanine is definitely worth trying, and we’re sure you won’t regret it.

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