Many Honest Paws reviews recommend this pet CBD company. Over 90% of all customers love its products and believe they soothe pain and anxiety and make walking easier for pets with joint problems.

Honest Pets uses 100% organic hemp for extracting CBD. It offers a great range of CBD oils and treats, with customer service that’s among the best ones we’ve ever experienced.

But what makes this company special, and why do customers love it so much? Keep on reading to find out:

All About Honest Paws

There are hundreds of positive Honest Paws CBD oil reviews on the company’s website, Trustpilot, BBB, and Amazon. The brand specializes in high-quality CBD for pets. But with the growing number of such brands on the market, we can’t help but wonder what makes this one different?

Honest Paws was founded by Erik and Chelsea Rivera in 2015 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Chelsea’s dog developed seizures, and after the vet told her how many side effects the medications would have, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She discovered CBD and decided to try it on her pup in the hope that it will help. Miraculously, her pup got better, and the seizures disappeared. After seeing the product’s amazing effects on her dog, the idea of Honest Paws was born.

Customers’ reviews for Honest Paws purity and effectiveness speak volumes about the company. To ensure product quality, Honest Paws tests its CBD oil in third-party laboratories. But it doesn’t stop there and also checks for other cannabinoid contents, pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and terpenes.

The company displays all certificates of analysis on its website. If that’s not enough, Honest Paws is also a member of the National Hemp Association and accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2018. Also, Honest Paw’s products are made from 100% USDA organic CBD oil and certified by the National Animal Supplement Council.

CBD oil for dogs has grown popular these days for its amazing abilities to soothe pain, improve mobility, and decrease anxiety and depression. Honest Paws CBD oil contains only the best quality Colorado-grown hemp, as well as barley, coconut oil, eggs, oats, turmeric, and peanut butter — all organic.

What’s more, judging by Honest Paws CBD oil reviews, this company’s products are also highly valued for their minimal THC content and environment-friendly CO2 CBD extraction method.

The popular pet CBD brand offers products for every pet’s needs — oils, treats, and even probiotics for dogs.


  • Worldwide shipping
  • Lab testing
  • Many saving opportunities
  • Organic certification


  • No CBD treats for cats
  • Short cancellation period

So let’s take a look at its most famous products.

Honest Paws CBD Oils for Dogs

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system responsible for multiple body functions like hormone regulation, pain and inflammation responses, and emotional balance.

That’s why the company created its Honest Paws CBD oil in four main varieties — all organic, gluten- and soy-free: 

honest paws calm cbd oil for dogs

Calming — This blend of organic full-spectrum CBD oil and chamomile promotes relaxation, happiness, and healthier brain function. CBD oil for dogs reviews on the Honest Paws website praise it for calming down their anxious pups.

honest paws cbd oil for dogs mobility

Mobility — The oil contains turmeric to relieve the daily discomfort of pups with joint issues. It’s supposed to help with occasional stiffness caused by daily exercise and aging. 

honest paws cbd oil for dogs wellness

Wellness — This is Honest Paw’s basic CBD oil formula, perfect for overall health and fitness. It’s free of GMOs, soy, and corn and aims to make your pooch’s life better.

honest paws relief

Relief — Honest Paws Relief CBD oil contains ginger to promote faster healing after an incident or surgery. It also contributes to dogs’ comfort — Honest Paws pain relief reviews mention that the oil has helped their pets’ leg pain. Plus, it’s increased their activity level and overall health.

All of Honest Paws’ CBD oils come in four strengths (except Relief which comes in three) — 125 mg (small dogs), 250 mg (medium), 500 mg (large), 1000 mg (extra strength). What’s more, if your pup has problems eating the oil directly, you can try pouring it over their best wet dog food.  

Honest Paws recommends giving your pup one full dropper a day of the strength appropriate for its weight. 

Honest Paws CBD Dog Treats

honest paws cbd treats

To complement its great oil selection, Honest Paws also has CBD dog treats. It’s another pawsome way to enrich your pup’s diet while having fun. Here are the options:

  • Calm Bites — These yummy treats with organic barley, oats, peanut butter, and full-spectrum hemp oil have the same benefits as the Calm CBD oil. With their organic ingredients, your pup will be happy and chill. According to Honest Paws’ calm bites reviews, these bites are every doggy’s favorite.
  • Relief Bites These bites are with organic turmeric, peanut butter,  barley, and oats and give your pet the relief it needs. Dog owners love this product. Their reviews praise its fast effect in easing pain and bringing joy back into their dogs’ lives.
  • Mobility Soft Chews — The Mobility chews contain Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine HCL, Hyaluronic Acid, and Boswellia Serrata Powder. Even though these ingredients don’t sound food-related, they’ll support your dog’s bone and cartilage function and keep your pet active.
  • Calm Soft Chews — Nice, soft bites, which are perfect for dogs that might have a hard time chewing the normal ones. They have added L-theanine and tryptophan for better sleep and stress relief. Honest Paws calming reviews on multiple platforms agree that these chews calm down even the most easily excitable puppers.
  • Wellness Bites — The unique ingredient in these treats is the shredded coconut that makes them irresistible to all pups. These are also enriched with full-spectrum CBD oil. The brand claims they help the overall well-being of your dog.  

Just like most CBD pet treats, the price might put you off, especially if you have a large dog. With only 30 treats per pack, your big friend will finish them in around 10 days.

But what impressed us in Honest Paws reviews is how much customers adore these dog treats. With 5 mg of CBD per treat, they’re great for both small and big fluffs. You can also break them in half for a tiny puppy or a cat.

Honest Paws Wellness CBD Oil for Cats

cbd oil for cats honest paws

Honest Paws has a smart way of keeping our beloved feline creatures at ease. Their Wellness CBD oil for cats is the same as the one for dogs. So they market the same product with different labels for dogs and cats.

That seems weird to us, and we found more than one Honest Paws CBD oil for cats review that wondered about it, too.

Still, it’s a fantastic 100% organic hemp oil. It has 150 mg of CBD, other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, which are responsible for the plant’s aroma, flavor, and antioxidant effect. 

Honest Paws CBD Wellness Oil for Horses

honest paws cbd oil for horses

Did you know you can also give CBD oil to your horse? Horses train hard every day, so their joints suffer constantly.

Honest Paws’ CBD oil for horses is highly potent — 1500 mg of CBD per bottle. It might seem a lot, but other CBD pet companies usually offer a much higher concentration. For example, Canna Pet’s horse oil has over 8,000 mg of CBD. So our only concern about this product is that it might not be potent enough.

But the few existing Honest Paws reviews on this oil seem to find it effective. They report that it helps with joint stiffness and signs of aging.

Honest Paws Calm Peanut Butter

honest paws cbd peanut butter

Doesn’t CBD-infused peanut butter for dogs sound delicious? And our good boys and girls deserve no less.

Honest Paws’ peanut butter has 160 mg of organic CBD. It’s a yummy and healthy snack for our furry friends, with many vitamins (A, D, E, and K) and peanut proteins.

What’s more, Honest Paws creamy CBD-infused peanut butter reviews share that it’s aided their pups with anxiety and calmed them. Also, one user mentioned that giving their dog medicine is much easier with this butter.

In terms of dosage, Honest Paws recommends giving your small doggy (under 25 lbs) half a tablespoon and your large ones (over 25 lbs) — no more than two tablespoons daily. 

Read more customer reviews on Honest Paws

Honest Paws Pricing, Discounts & Options

This company cares about its fluffy users. Its products aren’t the cheapest on the market, but they’re worth the higher price.

After all, organic ingredients, an expensive eco-friendly extraction method, and testing all products for their CBD content and purity isn’t cheap. Not to mention the years it took for Honest Paws to formulate its products. You can rest assured that you’re buying quality and safety.

Saving Opportunities

The great news is that you can always find an Honest Paws coupon on the brand’s website. Here are a few more of their money-saving deals:  

  • Auto-refill and save 15% — subscribe to monthly delivery and save money
  • Refer a friend — give your friends $20 off and receive $20 once they make a purchase for a minimum of $40
  • Free shipping over $48 in the US
  • Find an extra Honest Paws discount online

Warranty, Shipping & Return Policies

Honest Paws believes in its products’ effectiveness. That’s why the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If your pet doesn’t like the product, you can return it and get a refund.

Even though the brand receives almost no negative feedback, most Honest Paws bad reviews are usually about the shipping. The company says its products arrive in 3–14 days, depending on the chosen delivery option.

But some customers report much longer waiting times. The good news is that such cases seem rare.

Honest Paws also has a 30-minute cancellation option. So after you place an order, you’ll have half an hour to reconsider. That might seem too little, but to ensure fast shipping, the employees pack and send orders immediately after receiving them.

If you exceed this period, you’ll need to pay a $5 fee for returns, shipping, and processing

On a happier note, Honest Paws has free shipping for orders above $48.

Customer Service

Honest Paws has fantastic customer service. All its clients love the products. 

And even those who’ve had issues claim that the employees were very caring and helpful. That’s also apparent from their responses to the hundreds of Honest Paws CBD reviews. 

The company takes the time to respond to every review and answer all customer questions (unlike some of its competitors…Canna-Pet, we’re looking at you).

You can also contact its customer service by email, phone call, or a support ticket.

Honest Paws Reputation — Reviews and Testimonials

Honestly (he-he), Honest Paws’ reputation is outstanding. It’s astonishing how few negative reviews it has and how well the customer support handles them.

Let’s dive into the comment section and see what people like the most and the least about the company.

Honest Paws has a certificate of analysis for all its products. Most high-quality CBD companies test their oils for concentration and purity. That’s a vital step of the process, and showing the results online proves the brand’s trust in its products’ quality.

Customers love Honest Paws’ transparency.

But most importantly, they enjoy its products. You’ll find numerous reviews and testimonials on Trustpilot, BBB, Amazon, and the official website. They all share how much Honest Paws’ CBD oils and treats have helped pets.

From arthritic pain to anxiety, depression, and even cancer — buyers praise Honest Paws’ products and recommend them to their friends.

With so many Honest Paws CBD oil reviews, of course, there are a few bad ones, too. But most of those have nothing to do with the product’s efficacy or quality. What customers seem to complain about is either shipping delays or customer service.

Honest Paws Alternatives

Honest Paws is an excellent CBD company and a treasure for anxious, hyperactive, and arthritic pets. Its products contain only certified organic ingredients and highly potent full-spectrum hemp oil. Also, Honest Paws reviews are mostly five-star, with a rating of 4.5–4.9/5 on various platforms.

But with so many pet CBD companies on the market, how do you know which one suits your pet? We’re here to help you out.

Honest Paws vs. King Kanine

Both companies offer lab-tested organic CBD pet products that customers love. Their variety is also similar, with a wide range of high-quality products.

What makes Honest Paws different is its CBD oil for horses, missing from King Kanine’s selection. They also offer CBD oils, specialized in easing various pet issues. Meanwhile, King Kanine only has one type of oil in different strengths. 

Not one Honest Paws calming aid review praises it for product variability. In contrast, King Kanine offers brushing equipment. Also, the brand has one of the most famous dog trainers on board — César Millán. 

Overall, these two companies are excellent. So why don’t you just try both and see which one suits your fur baby better?

Honest Paws vs. Holistapet

Both brands use full-spectrum CBD in their product formulations, but what distinguishes Honest Paws is their organic certification. While Holistapet claims to be organic, we found no certificate that proves this.

In Holistapet’s defense, the brand has CBD treats for cats, and its products are a bit cheaper. Honest Paws CBD reviews, on the other hand, love the brand’s transparency and amazing customer service.

Overall, both brands use high-quality full-spectrum CBD and amazing natural ingredients. Whichever you choose, you won’t regret it.

Honest Paws vs. cbdMD

What’s nice about cbdMD is its variety. The brand has different flavors of CBD oils and dog treats, making its products yummier for our pups. They’re also cheaper than Honest Paws’ and offer higher CBD concentrations.

In contrast, cbdMD has CBD oils for humans, so you and your pet can relax together.

Still, Honest Paws company reviews are higher. It also has better customer support and more reliable shipping.

Wrap Up — Is Honest Paws Worth It?

Honest Paws is an organic company for high-quality full-spectrum CBD oils and treats for dogs, cats, and horses. The brand offers a wide range of CBD oils specifically for anxiety, joint stiffness, pain, and general wellness.

This company’s products are a bit more expensive than those of other CBD brands. But Honest Paws justifies its prices with high quality, constant development, and eco-friendly CBD extraction methods.

There are numerous Honest Paws reviews on Trustpilot, Facebook, and on-site. Plus, more than 90% of them are five-star. People praise the brand’s products for soothing their pets’ pain and calming them down. 

So, if your pet is experiencing discomfort — why not give Honest Pets a try?

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