Most dogs with healthy jaws and strong teeth can destroy a new toy within 10 seconds. They easily tear cotton, leather, and all the materials that usually make dog toys. So what can a pet owner do? Getting the Super Chewer Box might be your best bet. 

Let’s check out this subscription and see how it measures up to dogs’ jaws:

Super Chewer Bark Box Review

In a quest to find the best chewing entertainment for dogs, we came across BarkBox — a monthly subscription of yummy treats and Super Chewer toys. At first, our team was skeptical. After all, our dogs had torn apart hundreds of toys within minutes. So the BarkBox toys’ durability caught us by surprise. 

The Super Chewer items survived the pressure of our dog’s teeth, but did they survive the pressure we put them through? Let’s get into our Super Chewer box review and see the details. 

What Is Super Chewer?

What kicked off as an ambition to make the world more peaceful and comforting for dogs and their owners soon became a brand that delivers dog toys. Barkbox’s Super Chewer offers the toughest and most durable items for your pet’s entertainment.

The toys have a strong build quality that will outlast most of those available at local pet stores. Plus, you can choose between plenty of Super Chewer box options. 

The subscription-based service will deliver a box at your door every month. It consists of:

  • Two tough toys
  • Two bags of treats
  • Two meaty chews

Customer reviews for the Barkbox Super Chewer seemed promising, showing signs of both owner and dog satisfaction. Many subscribers also mentioned that their dogs couldn’t wait until their Super Chewer BarkBox arrived, which piqued our curiosity to try out the service ourselves. 

The Company Behind Super Chewer 

All the glory goes to BarkBox for creating a stunning brand that provides subscription-based super tough and durable dog toys. The company started in 2011 after facing tough times in a different field. Its owners were always fond of dogs, and they tried several dog-centered business ventures before settling on BarkBox. 

The tremendous success of the Super Chewer Box is mainly due to its tough and durable toys that don’t fall apart in a minute. Three friends, Carly Strife, Matt Meeker, and Henrik Werdelin, found the company. In April 2013, the trio raised $6.7 million in venture funding for Barkbox and comfortably surpassed their $25 million run rate the same year. 

Super chewer box with toys, treats, and chews

What Do You Get With the Super Chewer Subscription Box?

The monthly subscription offers toys, treats, and Super Chewers at your doorstep. And the best thing is that it’s highly customizable. You can choose which products to include and even pick the ratio of toys to treats and Super Chewers. 

When placing your first order, you can select which ingredients to include or avoid. The Super Chewer box is an excellent addition to the best dog food for allergies, so you don’t have to worry about the contents.

The toys are made from rubber and nylon. Also, the chew has a bumpy texture that cleans your dog’s teeth. The Super Chew Barkbox fits right in with other dental chews for dogs and even offers a treat dispenser with an irresistible peanut scent. 

Super Chewer Box Theme 

The frequent monthly themes will entertain your dog for weeks. From Halloween to Summer Time, you can find many toys and treats for all special events. Our dog loved everything that came with the Summer Camp theme. 

Still, the most popular among the Super Chewer box themes right now is the Halloween package. It includes:

  • Smashy Pumpkin toy
  • Egg Yolk Toy to keep up the Halloween spirit
  • Super Chewer candy toy
  • Biscuits
  • Jerky squares. 

You can dress your dog for Halloween, and the Smashy Pumpkin toy will match any costume. Perhaps that’s why this themed box is the most popular and frequently mentioned as the best Super Chewer box.

What’s The Difference Between BarkBox and Super Chewer? 

BarkBox and Super Chewer have only minor differences. 

The Super Chewer is a specialized box designed for tough dogs, so the package contains two Super Chewer toys that are incredibly sturdy. They’re made from premium quality material to withstand wear and tear. You can rest assured that your dog will finally have long-lasting entertainment. 

In contrast, BarkBox is a typical subscription-based box that contains only one chew. It’s more like a starter pack for new customers who want to understand the brand and test it out for their dogs. After all, your dog will have the final word. 

Super Chewer Box Price 

The first step of getting a Super Chewer Box is signing up on the BarkBox website. Then, you can select a plan that suits you:

  • Month-to-month payment
  • Six months payment
  • 12 months payment 

As soon as you order, the service will charge your account. You can expect billing on the first of each month. Remember that the more boxes you order, the bigger the discount you get. Also, you might come across Super Chewer BarkBox deals online.

Keep in mind that if you select a multi-monthly payment, you’ll be charged for the remaining months even if you cancel your subscription. For example, if you sign up for six months and cancel your plan in the third month, you’ll still be billed for the remaining months. We learned this the hard way.

That seems a bit unfair since the company probably makes the boxes in the month when they’re dispatched. But we understand that the ingredients and material for the contents are sourced earlier, and the company has to cover the costs. Still, our dog loved the box, and we couldn’t bring ourselves to cancel the subscription. 

Another crucial detail to note is that the auto-renewal subscription expires at the month’s end. If you don’t want to continue your subscription for another 6 or 12 months, you should go for the Super Chewer box cancellation or contact customer support. 

Here’s a breakdown of the price.


  • 12 months: $30/box + double first box 
  • 6 month: $35/box + double first box (the best bang for your buck)
  • 1 month: $45/box

Gift Boxes: 

  • 12 month: $360
  • 6 month: $210
  • 3 month: $109
  • 1 month: $45

All the pricing plans seem mediocre until you try the Extra Toy Club. For an additional $7, you can include an extra toy for your dog. That gives you the best bang for your buck because you won’t find such premium quality toys at your local pet shop.

Comparing Super Chewer box prices to other brands, we saw a few differences. For instance, Super Chewer doesn’t offer a three-month plan. The brand directly jumps from monthly to six months and then a year. That shows us how confident BarkBox is with its Super Chewer box. Besides, the yearly subscription is cheaper compared to similar services. You can find a deeper market analysis below. 

barkbox jurassic world

Super Chewer Box Return, Shipping, and Trial Product

We’re sad to report that Super Chewer doesn’t offer trial products. Still, our team was happy with the box we got, and so were our dogs. Plus, we didn’t have to pay any extra costs. That said, Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska-based customers need to pay an additional $8 for shipping

To deliver your box as quickly as possible, BarkBox uses FedEx and USPS. Canadian customers can expect it with DHL services. The Super Chewer box is shipped within the first week of the month, and the delivery takes around 2 to 8 business days. That said, customers in Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and some US territories will get their boxes within 8–12 business days. 

Priority shipments are well-treated, and the website doesn’t mention any additional charges. If your order is urgent, you can get it within 1–3 business days. Also, if your location changes to any US state with shipping charges, you’ll have to pay the cost of moving. 

Customer Service

The BarkBox Super Chewer customer service is remarkable. You can access live chat 24/7 on the BarkBox website. Alternatively, you can call the team that’s super friendly and responsive. The support has a unique way of communicating with customers, and the chat is dog-friendly (you’ll know when you try it). 

All in all, our team was happy to wait in the live chat queue because it didn’t take much time. The person on the other end didn’t seem robotic and had the right answers to all of our queries. 

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Is Super Chewer the best choice for your dog? Let’s check the competition to find out. 

bullymake box

BarkBox Super Chewer vs Bullymake

Nothing beats the feeling of a goodie box sitting on your porch, especially when it’s for your furry friend. We all love spoiling our dogs to see them wagging their tails in joy and excitement. 

But if you have a heavy chewer, you might need to research before getting a Super Box subscription. Don’t worry. You won’t have to pay out of your pocket to test both products. We’ve already done that, and below you can find an in-depth comparison between Super Chewer and Bullymake.


Dogs have likes and dislikes, but sometimes they should also avoid certain products. For example, if your dog has allergies, you need to customize your package to ensure your pet’s safety. Luckily, both Super Chewer and Bullymake offer this service, but which one is better for your dog? 

You can expect your delivery within 2 to 8 business days for both brands. The best part about the Super Chewer box is that you don’t have to provide proof if your dog has broken a toy. When we made a replacement claim, the company accepted it immediately. We can say that BarkBox definitely adheres to its customer-first philosophy.

The Toys 

To our surprise, both Bullymake and Super Chewer lasted longer than we expected

Still, while our new box was on its way, both Bullylmake and Super Chewer toys were quite beaten up. We have to say that our dogs enjoyed the Super Chewer toys more. Not to shame the other brand or anything, that’s just our dogs’ opinions. Plus, these toys are chew tested and dog-approved, which wins our trust even more. For all these reasons, we keep our Super Chewer subscription going.

kong box

Super Chewer Box vs Kong Club

Kong Club is slightly more expensive than Super Chewer at $34.99 for a monthly dog kit. The box contains toys and treats based on a wellness topic, and the brand is well-known worldwide for its durable toys.

You get many perks by becoming a member. For instance, you have access to pet coaching and a community of other pet owners and experts where you can exchange ideas or ask for advice. A Kong Club membership also includes 24/7 live support from vets. If you’re a first-time dog owner, all that help can be indispensable, and even an experienced one needs quick answers sometimes.

Overall, the Kong Club offers excellent value for money, but if you’re looking for more indestructible dog toys, Super Chewer is the way to go.

The Final Bark! 

After testing BarkBox Super Chewer for three months, we haven’t canceled our subscription. And we don’t plan on doing it soon either. Our dog gets addicted to every new Super Chewer box, so can’t let it miss out on the upcoming themes. We tried a few other brands, but this is the one we’re gonna stick to.

The competition was fierce, but Super Chewer had the final bark. We’re more than satisfied with the customer service, pricing, and durability. So, we rate the Super Chewer box a straight 9/10. In this dog fight, the Super Chewer might have taken the last bite, but we’ll see how long our dogs enjoy these lovely treats, toys, and gifts. For now, this subscription offers a perfect balance of flavor, fun, and chewing delights.

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