Any dog owner will confirm how devoted, affectionate, and loyal these furry pets are. But all breeds have different traits, and some are faithful to a fault. So we set out to find the most loyal dog breeds in the world. 

We discovered that they’re confident, devoted, affectionate, and intelligent. Also, these dogs are ready to put their safety on the line to protect us. But what makes one dog more loyal than the other? Let’s learn more to answer that question.

Our List of the Most Loyal Dog Breeds

From therapy dogs to watchdogs to family pooches, we made a list of the 10 most loyal dog breeds in the world.

Among the top, you’ll find the famous Akita and the fierce little Chihuahua, but we also made sure to include different breeds for every taste. Some suit first-time owners fine, while others require an experienced person.

Read on and find out which loyal dog breed is the one for you!

Most Loyal Small Dog Breeds

If you’re into small dogs, these are the most affectionate and loyal tiny puppies you’ll meet.


You’ll often hear people describing this tiny barking lap dog as “clingy.” Hence, if you’re looking for a courageous, loyal, and affectionate small-sized dog, a Chihuahua is an excellent choice. 

They’re eager to please and will listen to you from the very beginning. Plus, they love to snuggle, so get ready to share the bed. Although small, Chihuahuas are surprisingly courageous. They’ll always check your surroundings for possible threats.


These awesome little dogs are living shadows. They love to be around you and enjoy your presence. Dachshunds are overprotective pooches and are among the dog breeds that get attached to one person in the family. So if you’re not living alone, early socialization for these pups is a must. 

Dachshunds take their role of guardians very seriously, and they’ll do anything to protect you if they sense a threat. Also, the breed has mastered reading people’s personalities. So don’t be surprised if your Dachshund becomes very alert and suspicious around specific individuals.

Yorkshire Terrier

Despite their size, Yorkshire Terriers make awesome watchdogs. They’re protective, notoriously loyal, and bark a lot. Besides, they love to cuddle and have fun. But if there’s a threat, that bundle of joy quickly transforms into a vocal guarding dog.

Their courageous and confident nature makes it impossible for a Yorkie to back down. The greatest example of the breed’s character is Smoky, a Yorkie that parachuted out of airplanes and went on more than 100 missions during World War II. So if you’re up for the most devoted dog breed of small size that’s also courageous and protective, this tiny Terrier can be a fantastic companion.

Cocker Spaniel

Some describe the breed’s loyalty as being able to “melt the coldest of hearts”. Although they’re working dogs, Spaniels would love to cuddle with you on the sofa or amuse you with their cheerful and loving temperament. They’ll glue to you and follow you around, so you’ll never feel lonely or bored again. 

But Cocker Spaniels have more to offer than their loyalty. They also have a warm personality, calmness, and superior intelligence. So if you’re looking for affectionate and faithful dogs that would place your safety above their own, Cocker Spaniels can be just that. 


You might be surprised to see the Beagle on our list. They might be known to sniff around a lot and get lost, but they’re still among the most loyal dogs worldwide. And as the owner of one, I assure you they are. As for the sniffing habit, a wireless dog training collar will do the trick. Besides, their loving and cheerful character is beyond amazing.

Beagles are among the favorite breeds of Queen Elizabeth II. They’re active but low-maintenance dogs. Also, Beagles love to cuddle and stay by your side at all times. Keep in mind that these energetic pooches will need some of your time, too. So if you want one, get ready to run and play to tire them out.

akita service dog running

Large Loyal Dog Breeds

A dog’s loyalty has nothing to do with its size. But if you prefer a large puppy, here’s a list of breeds known for their fidelity. 


It might sound like a cliche, but every time I think of the top loyal dog breeds in the world, the first pooch that comes to mind is Hachiko, the Japanese Akita. 

In the movie “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale”, which follows a real story, the dog waited nine years at the train station for his owner to come back from work. If that’s not devotion and loyalty, what is it? To praise the dog, the Japanese people put a statue of it at that particular train station in Tokyo. It’s still among the top landmarks in the capital.

But despite being among the most loyal dogs, the breed isn’t a good choice for first-time owners. If that sounds like you, read on to find the perfect dog for you. 


Have you seen the TV series Lassie? From the moment it aired, Collies became a symbol of loyalty and devotion. Plus, these vocal pooches are an embodiment of bravery and beauty. They might bark a lot, but that’s how they’ve saved many lives of animals and people. 

They were once the most famous dogs worldwide. Today, the AKC rankings show Collies as the 38th breed out of 201. Still, their status as the most loyal pets lives on. Aside from their devotion, Collies are brilliant and easy to train dogs. So they’re awesome pets, even for first-time dog owners. 

German Shepherd

We know this starts looking like a list of the most popular dog movies, but we can’t help it. Plus, they wouldn’t feature these breeds on screen if it wasn’t for their outstanding character. And you must have heard about Inspector Rex — the most famous German Shepherd. 

Ranked as the third most intelligent breed, these loyal companion dogs guard their owners until their last breath. Thanks to their brilliance, they’re also easy to train. 

German Shepherds are among the best serving dogs. They help people with disabilities and work closely with the police and military, which speaks volumes of their gentle character, patience, and devotion. 

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are so loyal that they’ll follow you anywhere anytime. Many of these dogs join law enforcement and help humans. So don’t be surprised if you get one, and your new pet tries to “assist” you whether you’re in the garden or doing the dishes. 

The cheerful and gentle character of these big loyal dogs also makes them good therapy dogs. These pals will gladly offer their furry shoulders to cry on when you’re feeling down. Who wouldn’t want that kind of affection and loyalty?

Keep in mind that they love to eat, especially while they’re still growing up. So you better find the healthiest dog food for large breeds to raise a healthy, big-hearted, loyal Retriever. 


Here’s another dog on our list that might surprise you. Sadly, most people consider this beautiful beast an aggressive breed. But fear leads to people misunderstanding the Rottweiler traits that rank it among the most loyal dog breeds.

These dogs have excellent guarding instincts that make them powerful furry friends to have. That said, they’re not suitable for all owners. They need a confident, committed, and responsible leader. And once they find a guardian, Rottweilers become loyal and devoted friends for life

Although they seem like tough pooches, they’re sensitive pals that also work great as therapy dogs. If you decide to get one, remember that they also need a fitting large dog harness.

Did Your Favorite Breed Make the List? We Have News for You

It’s challenging to cover all the dogs that deserve a spot among the most loyal dog breeds. Besides, all dogs were bred to assist us or be our companions, so we can say that all dogs are loyal to some extent.

Still, experienced trainers have some tricks that might help make any dog devoted to you. They say you should first gain the dog’s trust with games and treats. Also, a goodie box for dogs and lots of snuggles will surely help, too. In the end, we can’t determine the most loyal dog breeds only by genes. The love and devotion we give to our pooches have a big role to play. Loyalty, just as love, is a two-way street.

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