Our pets seem the most beautiful to us. They might be a little overweight, clumsy, or droll around all day, but they’re our best friends, and our love is unconditional.

Beauty remains in the eye of the beholder. So, why are some breeds considered more beautiful than others? And what are the most beautiful dog breeds?

Keep reading to find out:

What Makes the Most Beautiful Breeds So Special?

Although beauty will always be subjective, let’s look at some common characteristics that make a breed stand out:

Mesmerizing Coats

The first thing we notice about a dog is its coat. Fur can tell you a lot about a dog’s overall health, so it plays a significant role in our ranking process.

The most attention-grabbing coats look soft, shiny, and clean. Whether you prefer long or short-haired breeds, the best-looking dogs always have healthy coats.

Unique Colors and Patterns

Dogs come in a wide variety of colors. For example, one of the most colorful dog breeds, the Afghan Hound, can come in nine colors. But unique coat colors make one dog breed stick out.

Although some prefer single-solid colored dogs, interesting patterns undoubtedly attract a lot of attention. From spotted Dalmatians and the sable-coated Alaskan Malamute to tuxedo-patterned Boston Terriers, the list of extraordinary coats is long.

Captivating Eyes

The eyes are among the most appealing features. A killer pair can disarm anyone, even if you have a heart of stone.

Many say that the prettiest dogs and breeds have cold blue or gray eyes, but others insist that dogs with different eye colors are the most stunning. Where do you stand?

Intelligence and Personality

Besides physical features, a dog’s intelligence and personality are also essential. It’s not all about the looks.

Even the most beautiful dogs can be off-putting if their personality and intelligence don’t match their appearance. A unique set of traits accompanied by good looks is the ultimate match.  

Top 15 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

With over 350 breeds worldwide, it’s challenging to single out the most beautiful ones. Still, we did our best and compiled a list of 15 dogs that most people consider attractive. So, here it is:

1. Golden Retriever — The Super Adorable Family Dog 

When we think of this dog, the first thing we imagine is that long, silky, golden coat. Whether straight or wavy, a Golden Retriever’s fur always catches the sunlight, and that dazzling glow leaves you breathless.

The Golden Retriever is intelligent, friendly, and with a stunning golden coat. It’s the world’s most beautiful dog for a reason. These puppies are playful and always ready to please, perfect for families with children.

They’re cheerful, loyal, and good-natured. Such a smiling face with a lovely personality will undoubtedly steal your heart.

2. Siberian Husky — The Breathtaking Sled Dog

With their lush feathery coat, radiant almond-shaped blue or brown eyes, and athletic body, it’s no wonder many believe the Siberian Husky is the prettiest dog in the world. Their incredible white, black, or brown pattern enhances their appearance even more.

But it’s no secret that Siberian Huskies are beautiful from the inside, too. They have the perfect mix of laid-back and playful personalities. Siberian Huskies are also smart, super friendly, and incredibly fond of their families. 

Standing at 21–24 inches high, these wolf-looking dogs are highly energetic. So, if you’re looking for a jogging partner, look no further.

3. Labrador Retrievers — The Picture-Perfect Dogs

America’s all-time favorite breed is famous for its short, smooth coat and unique “otter tail.” Initially bred as fisherman’s helpers, these good-looking dogs are also excellent swimmers.

Labrador Retrievers come in three colors. But whether they’re black, yellow, or chocolate, they’re picture-perfect dogs.

These cuties are born hunters, making them the perfect match for active families. Also, they’re highly social and intelligent, so learning new tricks won’t be a problem. Easy-going Labrador Retrievers are among the best low-maintenance dogs for busy people. They’re not demanding at all.

4. Samoyed — The Lovely Marshmallow Dog

Samoyeds are famous for their gorgeous coat, coming from cold Siberia. Their pure white, thick, fluffy fur is stunning and protects them from harsh weather.

This gorgeous dog has a unique smile that earned its nickname — “The Smiling Sammy.” These medium-sized, lovely dogs with a heart of gold are sure to win anyone over.

They’re friendly, devoted, and overall happy pups. But they may have a streak of stubbornness now and then, making them a little bit harder to train.

german shepherd lying in the grass

5. German Shepherd — The Handsome Police Dog

Although they were initially bred as working dogs, German Shepherds are now leading police dogs and admired Hollywood stars. Their journey wasn’t easy, but they’re the perfect match for many jobs, thanks to their dedicated work ethic and high trainability.

German Shepherds’ powerful, athletic body, wolf-like coat, and famous pointy ears make them one of the most beautiful large dog breeds. Their signature face markings and loving expressions complete their already appealing looks.

While they may seem serious at first, German Shepherds are very gentle and affectionate, especially towards their families. They’re also loyal, protective, confident, intelligent, and brave.

6. Saluki — The Ballerina of the Dog World 

The Saluki is incredibly tall and elegant, with long, silky hair. There’s no other breed like it.

These dogs have stunning posture, unique facial features, and iconic long, furry ears. Their slim body and long legs make them even more special. They stand out everywhere they go.

These gorgeous dogs come in many colors and patterns. Also, Salukis are among the oldest breeds and used to be Egyptian royal dogs.

Despite their aristocratic appearance, these dogs are very energetic and fast. They love a good chase but don’t be surprised if they lay their floppy ears on your lap at the end of the day. Keep in mind that these exotic-looking dogs are very reserved towards strangers.

7. Irish Setter — The Ginger Beauty 

Few breeds are as eye-catching as the Irish Setter. The long, silky-flowing, dark red fur gives this breed its iconic aesthetic.

The feathery fur on their tails, ears, and chest complements their beauty. But aside from their breathtaking flashy coats, these majestic-looking dogs also stand out as working dogs. 

Irish Setters are friendly, affectionate, and easy to train. Their fun and outgoing personality makes them ideal for active families with children. But like any other bird dog, they can be a little mischievous if you don’t give them enough attention.

8. Australian Shepherd — The Charming Cowboy

Despite their name, Australian Shepherds don’t come from Australia. The breed is from the US, and it’s among the most loved ones worldwide.

Their stunning bright-colored eyes and long, magnificently multicolored patterns are part of the breed’s signature look. That makes the Australian Shepherd a proud member of the “best looking dog in the world” club.

But it’s not all about their looks. Australian Shepherds are remarkably intelligent, hard-working dogs that don’t lay around all day. Also, they’re good with children and have a friendly attitude. In short, they have it all.

 9. Poodle — The Glamorous Babe

Poodles are among the most popular dogs at competitions, and there’s a good reason for that. Their fabulous hairstyles and exquisite movement make them quite unique.   

These impressive dogs have proud posture, flawless curls, and dropped ears. Their hypoallergenic coat also makes them an ideal choice for people with allergies.

Whether they’re standard, miniature, or toy, Poodles require much care. So, if you want the prettiest dog ever, be prepared for frequent grooming sessions.

Behind the glorious look is a pawtastically-intelligent, gentle soul that adores children. Poodles are also quite affectionate and love swimming.

10. Weimaraner — The Striking Silver Ghost

The Weimaraner was very popular among 19th-century German nobles. Born hunters, these dogs are constantly alert and incredibly devoted.

They’re always ready to play and need a lot of exercises to burn their erupting energy. Their admirable intelligence makes them easy to train, but they have a high prey drive, so keep them away from small animals.

The Weimaraner is famous for its distinctive appearance that will leave you hypnotized. Its soft, silver coat and grayish-blue eyes rank it among the most sleek dog breeds. Although some may find their signature blue eyes cold, Weimaraners are very loving and gentle with children.

11. Chow Chow — The Gentle Guardian

The adorable Chow Chow comes from China, and it’s a real-life teddy bear of the canine kingdom. With its fluffy, pleasant-to-the-touch fur, this dog resembles a friendly lion.

A stocky body and a black-blue tongue are just some of the breed’s unique features. You can find these dogs in black, red, blue, cinnamon, or cream.

Dog lovers usually describe Chow Chows as powerful, fiercely protective, and intelligent. As one of the most attractive dog breeds, they remain very popular.

Although they don’t like to cuddle, Chow Chows can be great family dogs with proper training. So, if you have an active life and are looking for a loyal friend, a Chow Chow can be a perfect choice.


12. Pomeranian — The Little Fluff

Do you need a playful and cute fur buddy that won’t take much space? Pomeranians are pretty and the best small dogs for first-time owners. So, if you live in a tiny apartment, they’ll be the perfect fit. 

Pomeranians definitely deserved their spot on our list of the best-looking dog breeds. These little bundles of joy have tiny faces, small, foxy ears, and beady eyes. Their characteristic thick, fluffy, and double coat comes in many colors.

Although small, they have a big personality. They’re playful, loyal, intelligent, and friendly. But they’re also very suspicious of strangers.

13. Pharaoh Hound — The Gorgeous Hunter 

Meet the Pharaoh Hound. It has a unique appearance and a lovely personality. Its slim, sleek body, giant ears, and constant alert expression truly make it one of a kind.

Pharaoh Hounds are natural hunters. They’re super-fast and do well on rocky terrain. Also, they’re graceful, affectionate, and energetic. But this ancient breed is also among the most expensive dogs.

This is undoubtedly among the most beautiful and rare dog breeds, and we cannot get enough of it.

14. Papillon — The Butterfly Dog

Although they’re fairly small, you can easily spot Papillons from a distance. Their name is the French word for butterfly, and it suits them perfectly.

Papillons have soft fur, charming expressions, and long, butterfly-like ears that are an unforgettable sight. Different color combinations make them even more attractive.

The Papillon is a tiny pup with long ears — the perfect city dog. They’re incredibly agile and love to play, so keeping them occupied will save you from mischievous behavior.

These nice-looking dogs can be a bit shy and aloof. But that passes quickly, and they’re soon ready to make new friends.

15. Dalmatian — The Polka Dot Cutie 

These dogs are best known for their iconic appearance in the hit movie 101 Dalmatians, where they won the hearts of millions. Standing at around 22 inches, these slim dogs are pretty tall.

Dalmatians have a sleek, muscular body and a short coat that sheds a lot. Their iconic polka dot pattern gave rise to their reputation as one of the cutest dog breeds.

But the lovely Dalmatians are popular for more than just good looks. They’re brilliant, agile, and full of energy. No wonder they’re firefighters’ best friends.

Note that Dalmatians don’t do well with children or other dogs. So, early socialization is necessary.

Appearance or Personality — What’s More Important When Choosing a Pet?

Some people choose their pets only by looks, while others insist on a great personality. But both are equally important. Even good-looking dog breeds won’t be ideal if they don’t match your lifestyle. So, choose wisely.

Useful Tips on How to Choose the Right Dog for You 

Picking a pet is like choosing a best friend. Here are some practical tips to help you find the right dog for you:

  • Think about the dog’s size and the space you have
  • Pick a dog that matches your lifestyle
  • Consider the dog’s age
  • Explore different breeds
  • Evaluate the dog’s grooming needs
  • Consider the breed’s personality

Dog Care 101: Helpful Advice

Even the prettiest dogs and breeds need care, and here’s our best advice:

1. Food

A well-balanced diet affects the dog’s overall health. Always go for high-quality dog food to keep your pet in top shape.

It’s crucial to consider your dog’s needs. Opt for dog food that doesn’t contain chicken if you have to. And if you get a big dog, consider the best food for large puppies to meet its needs.

2. Training

Good behavior is half of a dog’s personality, so training is crucial. You can start by trying out useful commands to teach your dog. And if you don’t have the time, you can always sign up your pup for a training class.

3. Regular Vet Check-Ups

A healthy dog is a happy dog. And even aesthetic dog breeds need a reliable veterinarian. Plus, regular vet check-ups can help you prevent severe issues.

4. Grooming

Although this may not seem essential, you shouldn’t overlook it. Frequent brushing and occasional baths are necessary for keeping your dog in flawless condition.

Fun Facts About the Most Beautiful Dogs in the World

  • German Shepherds played an important role in the World Wars.
  • Pharaoh Hound can blush.
  • Dalmatians are born entirely white and develop their spots later on.
  • A Pomeranian was a part of Teddy Roosevelt’s family.
  • Marie Antoinette owned a Papillon.


Dogs are essential parts of our lives, and according to many people, the dogs listed above are one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world. Their unique features, stunning eyes, and mesmerizing coats make them stand out from the others.

But it’s not just about looks. Personalities matter, too.

So, if you are planning to get a new dog, remember that they are all beautiful in their way. No matter their appearance, they will be your best friend with a ton of love to give.

And the most important thing, always choose the pet that matches your lifestyle.

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