Who can resist the elegance and posh style of long haired dogs? Small, medium, or large, they certainly draw everyone’s attention. 

So let’s indulge in a list of long-haired dog breeds and find the one you like best. 

Types of Long-Haired Dogs

We’ll cover the finest specimens in each size category and more. Some are the perfect lap dogs, while others are famous for their guarding and hunting skills.

Also, you’d be surprised to learn that there are long-haired dogs that don’t shed. 

We’ll dive deep into the dog breeds’ personalities and cover the essential facts for each. So here’s our list of the best dogs with long hair.

Small Long-Haired Dogs

Not every tiny dog is a lap dog. Still, they’re cuddlers by nature and little bundles of joy. If you want a small dog with long hair, here are the top five breeds that will make your days more active and fulfilling. 

Shih Tzu

Did you know that the Shih Tzu hair can reach the ground if you don’t trim and cut it? 

Although these tiny long-haired dogs are considered low maintenance, they still require regular brushing, bathing, and trimming for their coats to look beautiful. If possible, we even recommend professional grooming. But at least their coat is hypoallergenic and sheds to a minimum. 

Personality-wise, Shih Tzus are outgoing and happy dogs. It’s best to take them on short daily walks outside, but sometimes even a fair amount of indoor activities can be sufficient. Shih Tzus get on well with all family members, including children and other pets.

English Toy Spaniel

The English Toy Spaniel also has a place among the little dogs with long hair.

These dogs were bred for king companions, so they’re gentle, loving, and playful little dogs that want to please their owners. English Toy Spaniels are easy to train, but they can sometimes be stubborn. Besides, they’re considered small hunting dogs.  

Their long, silky, curly hair needs brushing at least twice a week. If you don’t groom it enough, the hair can tangle, mat, and cause skin allergies. Also, they shed quite a bit.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies might be bossy, but they’re affectionate and lovely little lap dogs.

They’re considered high-maintenance puppies that need professional expertise. But you can learn a few tips on grooming them at home and dealing with that yourself. When it comes to shedding, they’re among the long-haired, non shedding dogs that are hypoallergenic. 

The Yorkshire Terrier has hair similar to humans. Its long, silky coat needs daily brushing, and we recommend weekly bathing, too. 


These outgoing, intelligent dogs are the only native breed of Cuba. Their name comes from the capital — Havana. 

Havanese puppies have a double coat with low shedding and are hypoallergenic. These tiny, long-haired dogs need daily brushing to keep their coats silky and shiny and prevent matting.

They’re an intelligent and social breed that can adjust well even to small apartments. Havanese dogs need moderate daily exercise. Also, they’re excellent with children and other pets. 

white fluffy lhasa apso with blue ribbons sitting in the park

Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso is a thousand-year-old breed and yet another famous long-haired dog. These dogs are intelligent and confident. They guarded isolated places and monasteries in the Himalayan Mountains, making them excellent guard dogs. Plus, the Lhasa Apso shed very little and infrequently.

Their coat needs regular brushing and bathing. Depending on the “hairstyle” you like (a puppy cut or long hair), it’ll need brushing two to three times a week. You should bathe them between grooming or every two weeks.

Medium Sized Long-Haired Dogs

Here’s a list of five medium to large dogs, all praised for their long hair, beauty, and personality. 

Tibetan Terrier

It’s another watchdog of the Buddhist monasteries. These puppies are famous as the “holy dogs of Tibet.” They’re cute, long-haired dogs that are also brilliant and sensitive. Tibetan Terriers need moderate exercise and do well with children and other pets.

If you think grooming is exhausting, you’ll find it enjoyable with this breed. Although they can do without it, grooming provides a precious opportunity to bond with your furball. Their shedding is also minimal, making them low-maintenance dogs. 

Fun fact: They’re called terriers only because of their size.


Every time I think of a long-haired dog with a posh look, I imagine a Poodle. Their elegant and stylish appearance makes them popular worldwide. Plus, it’s a long-haired show dog that’s among the most intelligent breeds, so it’s easy to train

Judging by their look, you could rightfully guess that Poodles are high maintenance, even if they shed little. Regular trims and daily brushing are a must. Also, we highly recommend professional grooming. But if you choose to do it yourself at home, always look for the best dog clippers.

Afghan Hound

No list of dogs with long hair can be complete without the Afgan Hound. It’s an active breed that’s difficult to train, so we don’t recommend them for first-time owners. Otherwise, these beauties are affectionate and friendly.

It’s an eye-catching, aristocratic, regal dog that sheds little, but it’s still high maintenance. Afghan Hounds need daily brushing and regular bathing to prevent their long hair from tangling and matting.

These long-haired hunting dogs require a significant amount of exercise. We don’t recommend walking them off-leash, even when trained constantly. Try to introduce a dog training collar early to ease the process.

English Setter

These elegant and charming long-haired dogs are remarkable. English Setters quickly befriend all family members. They’ll bark if someone is coming, but as soon as they’re welcomed, the dogs will get on with them.

Their coat color even has a special name — Belton. It describes the pattern. Although English Setters aren’t high maintenance, they shed quite a lot. It’s best to brush them weekly to prevent their coat from tangling and matting. 

English Setters were bred as sports dogs, so they need two hours of exercise daily.


If you’re looking for loyal, lovely, and friendly long-haired dogs, look no further than the Puli. These are excellent watch dogs that usually bond with one family member. Also, Pulis are active dogs that need an hour or so per day to burn their high energy.  

Their unique rope-like coat rarely sheds but still needs some grooming. After the dog’s first year, once the cords develop, you should brush or simply use your fingers to eliminate matting.

Large Long-Haired Dogs

Last but not least, here is a list of big dogs with long hair to consider. 

Note: Although it’s common, the big size doesn’t necessarily mean a highly energetic and temperamental dog. Even among giant breeds, you’ll find lapdogs and cuddlers at heart. 

Let’s see the most exquisite large dog breeds with long hair. 


If the unique coat of Puli amazes you, but you want an even larger dog, you’ll love the Komondor.  But these big long-haired dogs aren’t suitable for any dog lover. Since they’re guard dogs, Komondors are very loyal to their family but can be wary of strangers or anything else that might seem like a threat.

Their rope-like coat helps them rank among the world’s most recognizable breeds. Grooming is similar to that of a Puli. If you don’t brush it, you can use your fingers to help the cords develop and grow without matting.

white and brown collie on the sand


Have you seen the Lassie movie? The main star in it is a Collie. And just like the movie portrays them, they’re devoted, graceful, and loyal dogs that make excellent family pets. Plus, Collies are highly trainable and willing to please their owners.

You can brush these beauties weekly, but we recommend daily brushing to prevent the hair from matting. They do shed more in specific periods around the year.


This tall, long-haired dog has a unique and exquisite appearance. Borzois are calm and gentle. But they can be stubborn, so we recommend you start training as early as possible. Since they’re runners, a fenced yard is a must cause they’ll chase anything that moves. It’s best not to walk them off-leash or let them run loose.

Their silky and wavy hair needs regular grooming — two to three times a week. Also, be prepared to handle a lot of shedding in some periods.

Bergamasco Shepherd

Bergamasco Shepherd is a large breed long-haired dog with a unique coat. Although they’re big, these dogs are awesome with kids and make excellent family members. They’re brilliant, eager to please, and very protective of their family and household. Surprisingly enough, Bergamasco Shepherds don’t require much activity, and moderate exercises are sufficient for them.  

You’ll be happy to learn that they’re very low maintenance. Plus, these long-haired dogs don’t shed, and you don’t have to brush them.


This giant fluffy dog is famous for its big hairy eyebrows and beard. Briards are spirited, lovable, and loyal. They’re protective by nature, hence excellent guard dogs. Briards need an active lifestyle, with two to three hours of physical activity per day. They enjoy swimming and running but need mental stimulation, too. 

Like with most dogs with long hair, they also require a considerable amount of grooming. You need to brush them thoroughly, just right to the skin, several times per week. Also, they shed quite a lot, so we highly recommend doing it regularly. 

Which Long-Haired Dog Makes the Best Pet?

The size of long-haired dog breeds matters the most for some people, but others prefer to look at the personality and grooming requirements.      

If you’re looking for a low-shedding dog with long hair, consider getting a Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier, or Tibetian Terrier.

If you prefer long-haired dogs without much shedding that are low maintenance, the Bergamasco Shepherd, Puli, or Komondor, will suit you best.

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