Just Food For Dogs makes human-grade fresh-frozen meals for your pet. The brand takes pride in its open-to-the-public kitchens, where the team makes the food by hand. Its mission is to produce healthy meals with no harmful ingredients. 

Below you’ll find our research and opinions on the brand and its products. We’ll talk about the formulas, pros, cons and check some Just Food For Dogs reviews online:

Bottom Line

Just Food For Dogs recipes are among the top frozen food companies suitable for most four-legged friends. The brand stands out with its custom and vet-prescribed meals.

What Is Just Food For Dogs?

The brand’s main focus is its 12+ whole-food pet recipes. These are all freshly prepared with human-edible and balanced ingredients.

Just Food For Dogs stands out with its extensive research and vet collaboration. It all goes into formula development, making the food particularly beneficial for dogs with health problems. The company also tests humanely, adhering to AAFCO recommendations.

The Company Behind Just Food For Dogs

just food for dogs food and ingredients

Shawn Buckley founded Just Food For Dogs in 2010 when he started cooking for his own dogs. After learning about the low-quality ingredients and poor regulations in the pet food industry, the founder assembled a team of nutritionists and vets to create healthy fresh meals at affordable Just Food For Dogs prices.

The company’s mission is to improve the quality of life for our pets with formulas based on scientific research. Also, the brand has its own Nutrition Research Advisory Board, consisting of 13 DVMs, most of which are board-certified specialists. 

Just Food For Dogs commissions and publishes its own research and extensive testing that easily surpasses the minimum AAFCO requirements. Also, this is the first company to prove through studies that human-grade fresh food is 40% more digestible than similar kibble options.

Just Food For Dogs Formulas & Ingredients

The company offers seven daily recipes, each with one main protein source. You can thaw and serve Just For Dogs frozen food as freshly prepared meals. The whole-food formulas aim to please picky eaters and be as nutritional as possible.

Just Food For Dogs also has a vet-prescribed line of fresh food recommended for dogs with specific health issues. But to order that, you’ll need a prescription. Besides, you can consult a vet from the company and create a customized recipe to meet all the specific health requirements of your beloved pet.

The brand also offers a PantryFresh series that you can store for up to two years and refrigerate only once opened. You can also take advantage of the treats and supplement selection.

Main Formulas

Just Food For Dogs’ daily recipes are suitable for most dogs. Let’s explore some of its formulas:

Just Food For Dogs Chicken and Rice
just food for dogs chicken

It’s the most popular formula from the brand. The food mixes human-grade chicken thighs, liver, gizzard, long-grain rice, spinach, carrots, and apples. But is Just Food For Dogs good for puppies? The recipe is rich in calcium and phosphorus, making it great for young puppies and adult dogs. Here are some of the formula’s special points and Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Gluten-Free
  • No Preservatives
  • 43 calories per ounce
  • Crude Protein 8% (min)
  • Crude Fat 4% (min)
  • Price: $62.65 for a small box (7.8 lb) and $223.65  for a large one (31.5 lb)

This recipe is low in fat and suitable for dogs with gluten intolerance.

Just Food For Dogs Beef and Russet Potato

This recipe is an alternative to dog food without chicken. That said, it’s a bit higher in calories and fat, containing human-grade ground beef and beef liver, russet and sweet potatoes, and other fruits and vegetables.

 It’s a fully balanced meal for active adult dogs and underweight ones. Let’s look at some of the formula’s advantages and Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Gluten-Free
  • Grain-Free
  • No Preservatives
  • No Growth Hormones
  • 44 calories per ounce
  • Crude Protein 8.5% (min)
  • Crude Fat 7% (min)
  • Price: $69.65 for a small box (7.8 lb) and $244.65 for a large one (31.5 lb)

This Just For Dogs frozen food recipe has no artificial additives and is a balanced solution for grain-free food.

Turkey & Whole Wheat Macaroni

It’s a more exotic formula with Carolina turkey and liver, pasta from Southern California, and vegetables. From the three formulas, this one has the highest protein and caloric value. Also, it’s the most affordable option. 

We recommended it as high-quality large breed dog food and for dogs that need to gain weight. These are some of the recipe’s characteristics and its Guaranteed Analysis:

  • No Preservatives
  • No Growth Hormones
  • 49 calories per ounce
  • Crude Protein 11% (min)
  • Crude Fat 4% (min)
  • Price: $59.15 for a small box (7.8 lb) and $209.65 for a large one (31.5 lb)

All three formulas are a good choice for most dogs. That said, if you have a growing puppy, The Chicken & White Rice would be more suitable, while the Beef & Russet Potato works great for active adult dogs. We recommend the Turkey recipe for large breeds.

just food for dogs turkey

Common Ingredients — Is Just Food For Dogs Good?

Each formula has one main protein source, with the most popular being chicken, beef, and turkey. Other options include venison, fish, and lamb. 

Beef is a source of high-quality protein, vitamins B12 and B6, and iron and zinc. Chicken and turkey provide leaner protein, also rich in selenium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, niacin, B5, and B6.

Just Food For Dogs has grain, grain-free, and some gluten-free meals. The company commonly uses rice, while its grain-free recipes contain russet and sweet potatoes. The long-grain white rice in the chicken recipe is a grain that’s more easily digested. It’s a source of iron, calcium, copper, magnesium, and manganese. 

Recipes from Just Food For Dogs supplement each meal with healthy veggies like sweet potatoes. They’re packed with vitamins B6, A, C, dietary fiber, and potassium. Russet potatoes have similar qualities and provide thiamine.

The company produces the food in its open-to-the-public kitchens in Delaware and California. Only some of its ingredients are exclusively marked as sourced from the US, like the cod, turkey, pasta, and rice. 

All meats, fruits, vegetables, and supplements in Just Food For Dogs’ frozen food formulas are USDA-approved for human consumption. If you’re looking for more innovative dog supplements, check out our overview of HempMy Pet CBD oil for dogs.

Just Food For Dogs Food Recalls

The brand has recalled its dog food only once back in January 2018. Just Food For Dogs pulled out three of its frozen formulas with green beans: Beef & Russet Potato, Fish & Sweet Potato, and Turducken.

A customer reported that her dogs started vomiting, so the company made tests and withdrew the latest batch of the recipes. It was all due to potential contamination with Listeria monocytogenes in the green beans. Just Food For Dogs delivery for these recipes was halted, and the brand quickly recalled the food and posted details about the case while also providing a refund for everyone who had purchased it.

Just Food For Dogs Pricing — How Much Does It Cost?

just food for dogs feeding calculato

Most freshly prepared human-grade food is customizable and needs a subscription. That’s why it’s hard to pinpoint an exact price. Still, most companies provide options ranging between $4 to $9 per day. It’s also worth noting that Just Food For Dogs is more affordable than some brands.

What sets the company apart is the opportunity to order various recipes without subscription and from other stores. Also, the Fresh Frozen daily recipes come in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Bigger boxes come cheaper.

Custom Just Food For Dogs recipes are also available. The formulation requires a $250 one-time fee and the medical records from your vet so that the company can create the best recipe with their medical professionals.

Saving Opportunities 

You can save 5% with each recurring package and an extra 35% with your first order.

By signing up for the auto-ship service, you also get free shipping. Plus, you can save some cash by picking up your online order from a local store.

Where to Buy

Take advantage of a Just Food For Dogs coupon and order from the company website, Petco, or Amazon. You can find Just Food For Dogs in the US at its retail kitchens, in some veterinary clinics, or Petco and Pet Food Express locations.

Contents and Packaging

The food is vacuum-sealed and frozen right after chilling. That helps the brand sustain the meals’ nutritional integrity. Also, the insulated (EPS) shipping containers are free of CFC and entirely recyclable, which makes the Just Food For Dogs prices even better.

Warranty, Shipping & Return Policies

The shipping fee for one-time Full Box orders is $10 in the US. In contrast, the subscription model for recurring orders has no shipping fee. Expect your order to arrive in 5 to 7 business days, excluding the day of the order, weekends, or major holidays.

Just Food For Dogs offers no trials. Still, the company gives a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and allows cancellation at any time. If you’re not entirely happy with the initial purchase, you’ll receive a refund (excluding shipping and delivery fees).

You can apply for a refund within 30 days of the purchase, as long as you have a receipt or another proof of purchase. The brand implores you to contact the team if you receive any damaged goods with your Just Food for Dogs delivery.

Customer Service

The company website offers support by phone and email. You can call from 7 AM to 6 PM (PST) on weekdays and from 9:30 AM to 6 PM on weekends. The website also has an FAQ page.

The support team regularly replies to complaints on social media. People talk about it favorably, but we’ve noticed some complaints about its quality in recent years, due to the company’s growth.

just food for dogs employee petting a client

Just Food For Dogs Reputation — Reviews and Testimonials — What Do People Think About the Company?

Generally, the brand enjoys a good reputation online and is among the well-known freshly frozen dog food manufacturers. Of course, as with anything else, there are some Just Food For Dogs bad reviews, too.

Just Food For Dogs Reviews

There are almost 7,000 product reviews on the company’s website, with an average rating of 4.3 stars. Just Food For Dogs also sells some products on Amazon, with the PantryFresh line being the most popular. It has over 2,000 reviews, reaching 4.1 out of 5 stars.

A lot of the positive feedback (61% 5 stars) mentions noticeable health improvements or picky dogs loving the food. That said, 11% rated the food with 1 star and mostly complained about it looking old and smelling bad. Treats and the Just Food For Dogs supplement aren’t that popular but have better ratings.

At Petco, the product reviews aren’t more than a couple of hundred, and the site also offers frozen food options. The most popular Chicken & White Rice recipe enjoys a rating of 4.6. Here, the complaints are about delayed deliveries and food that had gone bad.

Overall, most Just Food For Dogs reviews are positive. Still, disappointed customers share similar complaints. While many trust the company, we advise you to be a bit cautious until you’ve tried it yourself.

Read more customer reviews on Just Food For Dogs.

Just Food For Dogs Alternatives — How Does It Compare?

Just Food For Dogs vs The Farmer’s Dog

the farmer's dog food ingredients

The Farmer’s Dog offers customized dietary plans based on your dog’s breed, weight, and health issues. The good news is that the company doesn’t require medical records to deliver its highly specialized prescription meals

The Farmer’s Dog food is fresh, not frozen, making it more appealing to dog owners, but shortening its shelf-life. Ultimately, if you like easily customizable and ready-to-serve food, you may prefer The Farmer’s Dog. But if you want to test various more affordable formulas, or your dog has health issues, Just Food For Dogs is a better choice. 

Just Food For Dogs vs Nom Nom 

While NomNom produces customizable pre-portioned fresh dog food, you need to portion the meals yourself using the Just Food For Dogs feeding guide. 

To improve pets’ digestion, NomNom also sells supplements and dog probiotics. No wonder why the company is often recommended for dogs with allergies. That said, Just Food For Dogs has a greater variety of recipes, while NomNom only offers four. The companies have similar ingredients, protein, and fat content.

Just Food For Dogs vs Ollie

dog eating ollie fresh food

Both brands deliver their food frozen and not pre-portioned. Like NomNom, Ollie has four main formulas customizable for each subscription. But this process isn’t that extensive. It only lists allergies and no other health concerns. So if your dog has specific health issues, Just Food For Dogs remains the better choice.

If you’re after flexible and fast shipping, as well as food that’s easy to select and customize, you should check out Ollie in more detail. 

Wrap up — Is Just Food For Dogs Worth It?

Just Food For Dogs reviews demonstrate that its freshly frozen food is well known and liked. Dog owners who want to provide more nutritional meals, especially for dogs with health issues, can rely on the brand’s team of specialists developing vet-prescribed recipes and personalized plans.

Compared to most fresh pet food companies, Just Food For Dogs makes it easy to test the food before subscribing or create custom plans by choosing one-time delivery.


  • Extensive testing and vet consultations 
  • Delicious and easier to digest
  • Subscription-based and one-time orders
  • Great variety of Just Food For Dogs recipes


  • Delayed deliveries and compromised quality
  • Too many vegetables
  • One food recall

Just Food for Dogs Breakdown

Products Quality****
Originality & Variety*****
Customer Service***
Smell and taste****
Transparency, Testing & Research*****
Prices  ***
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