The next big thing after buying a Husky is naming it. If you’ve recently become a parent of one, check out the list of Husky names below for the best ideas.

From cliches to unique names, the choices are endless. For instance, you could name your pet Blue after its eyes, Trouble for its never-ending mischief, or Togo or Balto for honoring the Husky heroes from the 1920s. It’s all up to you.

If it seems like you had many names on your mind at first, but now you’re stuck on just a few, we’re here to give you an awesome list of Husky dog names for your new pet.

Before You Pick a Name, Let’s Get to Know the Siberian Husky

What are good Husky names? Before we find that out, we should first learn what kind of a dog we’re dealing with. 

Huskies are outgoing, energetic, and adorable. They’re medium in size but have great stamina. Their elegant appearance, big sweet eyes, and pointy ears, ranks them among the most popular dogs worldwide. 

Bred to pull sleds in the cold Siberia, Huskies are pack animals that love to be around dogs and people. They’re the friendliest puppies, so it’s unsurprising there are many popular Husky names. These dogs bond with whoever comes their way. So Huskies are excellent companions and awesome pets for families with children

But remember that they’re escape masters. If bored, they’ll find a way to run out, even if that means they have to dig through the ground to do so. A GPS dog tag and wireless dog training collar are a must with this breed.

While Huskies are unique in many ways, they stand out as one of the most vocal breeds. They bark very little but howl a lot. They’ve found a smart way to communicate with people and the world.

The Results Are In — Here Are the Best Names

How to give an awesome yet catchy name to one of these unique and beautiful creatures? Let’s explore all options — from the coolest to most exotic ones. We’ve made detailed lists of the best Husky names in several categories.

Male Husky Names

Are you sweating over naming your adorable male pup? Here are our top suggestions:

  1. Loki
  2. Apollo
  3. Thor
  4. Kai
  5. Rocky
  6. Balto
  7. Togo
  8. Storm
  9. Hugo
  10. Bear
  11. Poppy
  12. Luke
  13. Marley
  14. Ozzy
  15. Alfie

Female Husky Names

When it comes to dogs, I don’t abide by the rule of male vs. female names. But Ozzy is hardly the right name for a female puppy. Here are the best ones:

  1. Luna
  2. Koda
  3. Bella
  4. Nova
  5. Foxy
  6. Nala
  7. Blue
  8. Dakota
  9. Shadow
  10. Sky
  11. Zoey
  12. Lucy
  13. Winter
  14. Strom
  15. Sasha

Strong and Dominant Husky Names

Stamina and strength are among the most impressive Husky characteristics. If you want to make that clear and name your pooch after its endurance, here are some great Husky names to consider: 

  1. Alpha
  2. Jet
  3. Bolt
  4. Blaze
  5. Turbo
  6. Togo
  7. Thor
  8. Axel
  9. Hunter
  10. Wolf
  11. Knox
  12. Frost
  13. Storm
  14. Comet
  15. Triton

Adorable Husky Dog Names

As cute as these dogs are, they won’t always please you. They usually have their own agenda. Huskies are stubborn and famous for getting themselves in trouble. But they’re undoubtedly adorable. And that often helps them to get away with anything. 

Consider these cute Husky names to single out that trait: 

  1. Sweetie
  2. Faith
  3. Pickle
  4. Poppy
  5. Leo
  6. Cloud
  7. Bluebell
  8. Poppet
  9. Boo
  10. Tate
  11. Joy
  12. Gizmo
  13. Pixie
  14. Blue
  15. Sky

Cool Husky Names for the Badass Ones

What’s a proper name for that badass of yours? These seem to be the most popular options: 

  1. Boots
  2. Paisley
  3. Rocket
  4. Stardust
  5. Yogi
  6. Astra
  7. Auggie
  8. Delta
  9. Elsa
  10. Iris
  11. Marvel
  12. Ripley
  13. Ace
  14. Buddy
  15. Dash
siberian husky

Siberian Husky Names 

Looking for unique names for Siberian Husky puppies? The Chukchi people in cold Siberia bred these dogs. So let’s look at some Siberian names and words that you might like for your pet: 

  1. Silla
  2. Tatuk
  3. Neko
  4. Sakari
  5. Uki
  6. Miki
  7. Yuka
  8. Nanuk
  9. Yura
  10. Chinook
  11. Aanaq
  12. Ayiina
  13. Belek
  14. Chamuk
  15. Natena

Husky Dog Names Inspired From Alaska

Although they have Siberian origins, they gained popularity as race dogs in cold Alaska. And the state offers many great and unique names that inspire. Here are the best Husky names from Alaska: 

  1. Coldfoot
  2. Wiseman
  3. Sitka
  4. Nome
  5. Bona
  6. Kodiak
  7. Yukon
  8. Frontier
  9. Borealis
  10. Ice
  11. Igloo
  12. Tundra
  13. Glacier
  14. Aurora
  15. Eyak

White Husky Names

If you wanna praise your Husky’s fluffy white coat, here are a few suggestions for your name list: 

  1. Blizzard
  2. Chalkie
  3. Snowball
  4. Crystal
  5. Ghost
  6. Pearl
  7. Misty
  8. Daisy
  9. Casper
  10. Dusty
  11. Nova
  12. Icewind
  13. Whitney
  14. Fiona
  15. Finn
  16. Guinevere
  17. Bianca
  18. Gwen

Perfect Names for Red Huskies

Foxy might be a cliche, but numerous exotic Husky names describe their elegant red color and freckles. Here are the best ones:

  1. Coco
  2. Teddy
  3. Hershey
  4. Fudge
  5. Cinnamon
  6. Ginger
  7. Pepper
  8. Ruby
  9. Hazel
  10. Sandy
  11. Amaretto
  12. Biscuit
  13. Tanner
  14. Rusty
  15. Mocha

Perfect Names for Black Huskies

Since dominantly black Huskies are incredibly rare, why not choose unique Husky names for them? Here are a few we have in mind: 

  1. Panter
  2. Owl
  3. Maple
  4. Shadow
  5. Grizzly
  6. Diesel
  7. Midnight
  8. Raven
  9. Cosmos
  10. Tux
  11. Panther
  12. Nyx
  13. Chaplin
  14. Onyx
  15. Blake

Husky Names From Movies

Movies can be a creative source for memorable names. From dog characters to leading roles, here are some great matches: 

  1. Gus
  2. Diesel
  3. Mack
  4. Sniff
  5. Yodel
  6. Scooper
  7. Duchess
  8. Demon
  9. Max
  10. Maya
  11. Truman
  12. Dewey
  13. Old Jack
  14. Shorty
  15. Balto

Husky Names Inspired From Cartoon Characters

Many cartoons feature the breed. So they’re yet another source of good names for Huskies. 

  1. Bolt
  2. Arrow
  3. Snoopy
  4. Dug
  5. Francis
  6. Tito
  7. Goofy
  8. Marlin
  9. Stitch
  10. Chip
  11. Astro
  12. Balto
  13. Gromit
  14. Finn
  15. Rigby

Funny Husky Names

A funny name is usually a winner. To spark your imagination, here are some funny Husky name ideas: 

  1. Pancake
  2. Bing Bong
  3. Chewy
  4. Devil Dog
  5. Sailor
  6. Fatboy
  7. Fuzzy Wuzzy
  8. Gangsta
  9. Ice Cube
  10. Pacman
  11. Snowman
  12. Taco
  13. Waffle
  14. Milkshake
  15. Sailor

Axel or Zoey? What’s Gonna Be?

Now that you have a list of over 200 Husky names, the choice is all yours. Just keep it short and easy so your dog remembers it.

Huskies are a never-ending source of fun, entertainment, and love. Cherish your time with them to the fullest. But if you still haven’t decided on a name, you can look at more creative pet names for inspiration.

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