Do you want to know more about a specific Golden Retriever mix?

You’re not alone. These pups are among the most popular breeds worldwide. 

We’ve compiled a list of all the Retriever mixes you must see. 

Golden Retriever Mix

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), Golden Retrievers rank third in US popularity. The sweet and goofy smile attracts families and children alike. 

Golden Retrievers are incredibly loyal, protective, patient, energetic, and a brilliant family dogs. These characteristics also make them one of the best service animals.

While males are between 23–24 inches and weigh 65–75 lbs, females are between 21–22 inches and 55–65 lbs. 

Caring for a large breed like the Golden Retriever takes some work, but they aren’t usually fussy or difficult. They’re workaholics, and their job is bringing you joy. 

If you think they’re cute, wait until you see some of these adorable Golden Retriever cross breeds. Let’s not drag this out and get some cuteness overload.

1. German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

These two large breeds make some of the cutest puppies. Both are very protective, so if you’re looking for a pup that’s got your back, this is the perfect fit.

Looks-wise, these pups got the best from both sides — the goofy Retriever smile and the gorgeous Shepherd color coat.

Since it’s a mix of two larger breeds, the puppies need space and time to play each day. They’re great with kids, patient, loving, and always ready for a good cuddle. 

These dogs are super bright and love to train, so you can take advantage of this and go beyond the basics. 

2. Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

This is a medium to large size breed with a luscious, beautiful coat. If you’re looking for an adventure partner, it could be a match made in heaven.

They’re pretty energetic, so you better have the time to work with them. If you want this mix but don’t have space or time, a dog treadmill might be a good solution.

They’re incredibly loyal and have an athletic build. Plus, their face, eyes, and golden smile are adorable. These dogs are one of the most family-friendly breeds you’ll find. 

3. Golden Retriever Husky Mix

This pupper, commonly known as a Goberian, is quite intelligent. 

They’re super friendly with everyone, including kids and other puppers. But they need proper exercise to avoid antisocial behavior.

This Golden Retriever mix will be perfect if you live in colder climates, especially if you enjoy a long jog or hike. Their coats do well with the cold so don’t worry.

You might be lucky enough to get the golden Retriever coat and the distinctive Husky blue eyes. 

4. Golden Retriever Lab Mix

If I ever pictured a match made in pupper heaven, this would be it. The Goldador is a sweet, loving, and energetic breed. Not to mention the Labrador Retriever is among the most popular breeds in the US. 

These devoted doggos are the perfect fit for any household. This half Golden Retriever pup is the happiest when you’re in a good mood. You can take advantage of this and teach your pup some awesome tricks like handshaking and rolling over. 

They aren’t finicky and don’t require much grooming

5. Golden Retriever Corgi Mix

The Golden Retriever isn’t the only sought-after mix. Some Corgi mixed breeds are too fluffy to handle, and their cute little butts get me every time.

And one of the adorable crossbreeds is the Golden Retriever Corgi Mix. The pup has the Retriever look and gorgeous little Corgi legs. It gives it that famous waddle that makes everyone gush over their cuteness. 

These puppers make great family dogs. But if you think only kids are naughty, think again. This mix is cheeky, and knows its cuteness level can help it get away with murder. 

6. Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix

The Gollie is a ball of love. This gorgeous Golden Retriever hybrid adores people and gets along with everyone. It takes them a bit to warm up, but be ready for some serious cuddle sessions after that.

The Border Collie is brilliant and part of the herding pup group. Add to that the Retriever’s sporting nature, and you’ve got one energetic puppy that loves to run and get up to mischief. 

golden retriever mixed puppy sitting in a bowl

7. Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This is one of the cutest breed mixes we’ve ever seen. 

It’s the perfect mix of both dogs. Think of a shrunk down Retriever with even more dopey eyes than before, and voila, you have the Golden Dox.

That’s the official name of this Retriever mix puppy. But I like Golden Weenie way better because that face just looks like a goofball waiting to be loved.

This breed will have you running around and playing fetch in no time. Don’t let those little legs fool you. They’re just as energetic as their full-grown Retriever counterparts. 

Golden Weenies are a small to medium breed. So they don’t need as much space as larger breeds, but they should still get enough exercise. 

8. Golden Retriever Poodle Mix

This gorgeous breed ranges from small to large, depending on its Poodle parent. And their looks make them designer dogs. 

Goldendoodles mix the body structure of a Retriever with the fur of a Poodle. This coat is highly sought after since it’s perfect for people suffering from allergies.

It’s a hypoallergenic Golden Retriever mix that’s loving and gentle, which is great if you have little ones running around. They’re brilliant and love to train. Plus, they’re a perfect choice for first-time owners. Trust us, these furballs will show you what’s what.  

9. Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel Mix 

Here’s a mix of two pretty popular breeds. They come in a range of colors like brown, black, and white, which might also combine to make a unique pup.

This Golden mix dog is usually smaller than the Retriever and has cute floppy ears. What’s more, they’re very attached to their owners and dislike being alone much. These pups will do anything from chilling to a five-hour hike. They need at least one hour of exercise a day.

10. Golden Retriever Pitbull Mix

This uncommon mix is one of the most devoted and loving companions.

Sadly, most people run as soon as they hear about Pitbulls. But trust us, these pups are often misunderstood and misrepresented.

The mix almost always has the prevailing characteristics of one parent, so you could either get a little Pitbull with a lot of Retriever or the other way around. 

Because of this massive difference, it’s challenging to describe the crossbreed personality. But one thing is sure — your pup will be loyal and loving no matter what. These traits are huge in both parents. 

11. Great Pyrenees Golden Retriever Mix 

This gorgeous breed is stunning in stature and nature. They’re bigger than the Retriever, meaning you’ll need a lot of space. Proper care is also vital, particularly when it comes to grooming and choosing the right dog food for large breeds.

But this pup rarely realizes its size. It’ll shove itself in your face and lie on you like it’s a lap dog. 

They’re lovable and always want to cuddle, but they also require a lot of time outdoors. Generally, these pups aren’t good for small houses and apartments, so make sure you have plenty of space and time to exercise your pupper.

12. Rottweiler Golden Retriever Mix

Here’s an interesting mix. It usually has the shape of the Retriever and the Rottie’s beautiful deep colors. 

Their fur is medium to long, so grooming is a must. Remember, we can’t tell you with certainty what qualities a mixed pupper will have, as they vary for each dog.

This breed balances the parents’ genes quite well. But like with all dogs, they need training and socialization. 

13. Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix

You read that right. If you’ve always dreamed of having a Retriever but live in a small space, this could be a perfect choice. While they’re suitable for apartment living, these pups still require daily exercise. 

The mix retains the long beautiful coat of the large breed, but stays much smaller thanks to the other parent. Generally, they’re between 15–30 lbs

The shape and size depend on the Chihuahua type. If bred with a supermini, you can expect a pretty miniature Retriever version.

14. Bernese Mountain Dog Golden Retriever Mix

Pick the best features of each parent, and that’s what you get with this adorable crossbreed.

Like the Bernese Mountain Dog, they’re pretty massive and can weigh up to 115 pounds. These puppies are bred for the cold and have a double coat for protection. But this means grooming and lots of it, so keep your brush handy.

They’re energetic and made for long-distance travel, so if you’re active, this is the right breed for you. Plus, the mix is brilliant with kids and fun-loving addition to any family. 

15. Irish Setter Golden Retriever Mix

Turns out that the Golden Irish is not a drink. It’s the name of this popular mix. These pups are large, standing between 22–26 inches and weighing 60–75 pounds

Like with any of these mixes, colors can vary — more golden or classic reddish gold. Either way, their smiles and loving nature makes them one of the sweetest crossbreeds. 

This Golden Retriever mix doesn’t only like walking and running. If you enjoy swimming, this breed will gladly join you as it’s a brilliant swimmer.

Also, these dogs are pretty smart. So, you’ll have to keep both their bodies and minds in shape. Pup puzzles like the Outward Hound Smart Puzzle Game are an excellent choice for this breed. 

young golden retriever smiling in the grass

16. Golden Retriever Beagle Mix

This beautiful breed is easy-going and trainable. You might end up with a pup that wants to sniff its way through life, but that makes them all the cuter.

If you have a sniffer, ensure your dog’s on a leash when you’re outside. Since instincts are hard to fight, your pet will struggle to see, hear, or focus on anything else but the smell it’s after.

These mixed dogs are on the medium side, like the Beagle, so they shouldn’t be too challenging to handle if they do go on a sniffing adventure. 

17. Golden Retriever Chow Mix

Prepare yourself for a fluff frenzy. This breed is super relaxed and always ready to chill on the sofa. It’s the perfect companion for a lazy Sunday evening.

They love to cuddle, and their smiles will tell you how happy they are. Retrievers and Chows make great guard dogs individually, so this mix will keep you safe.

As relaxed as they are, you’ll know if something isn’t right.

18. St.Bernard Golden Retriever Mix

We don’t pick favorites, but I do love St. Bernard’s cuddles. They truly are the living embodiment of a teddy bear.

Both breeds are fantastic with kids and have the patience to help them along. It’s kind of like a who’s training who situation but in a good way.

Bernards are massive and fluffy, and this mix will most likely inherit that. These pups are bred for colder climates and can get huge, with some weighing 220 pounds. 

They’re incredibly lovable, but remember, it’s a heavy-duty breed.

19. Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix

These two breeds can’t be any more different. The Pom is a tiny, fluffy lap dog. The Retriever is…well, to put it lightly, not. 

This breed has a beautiful, luscious coat and usually has the Retriever’s size. They’re loyal without fault and an excellent family-friendly breed.

Since the coats tend to be more like the Pomeranian, they take some grooming. But it’s worth having those gorgeous little faces looking at you in admiration. Also, they’re people-pleasers, and their owner is the almighty in their eyes. 

20. Golden Retriever Malamute Mix

Historically, this is one of the older mixes on our list. They’ve been bred since the 1800s and remain popular to this day. 

They’re super high energy, and training is necessary. Also, these pups are fun-loving with a side of sass. Be ready for a good old stare-off if your dog eats the toilet paper.

This larger breed has the classic double coat, so prepare yourself for a lot of shedding. 

21. Samoyed Golden Retriever Mix

Like the Retriever, the Samoyed is loyal, gentle, and a great family-friendly breed

They’re a medium-sized breed that needs exercise, both mentally and physically. Luckily, teaching this pup some tricks won’t be a challenge.

They have very thick fur that’s perfect for colder climates. If you live in a warmer place, we recommend making friends with the local groomer.  

22. Golden Retriever Pug Mix

Get ready for wrinkle overload. Based on the parents’ genes, a dog of this mix could be small to medium in size. 

They’re a super kind breed that’s incredibly cute. But these pups are protective, meaning the cuteness fades if an intruder is nearby.

The mix is also quite playful, so be ready for some rough and tumble play.  

23. Boxer Golden Retriever Mix

This stocky mix can weigh between 60–75 pounds. Their coats range from short to long, so they come with year-long shedding.

Boxers are a bit hyperactive, which makes training essential. But it can be tricky, so stay patient and consistent. 

These dogs love to play. What’s more, they build a strong bond with their owner. You’ll get a serious companion that’s loyal and protective. 

24. Great Dane Golden Retriever Mix

The Great Dane is a giant breed, and there’s no stopping that big gene. 

These puppers can be huge, weighing as much as 200 pounds and reaching 33 inches. So you can imagine the space they need. Apartment living is probably not on the cards. 

Despite the size, this breed is lovable, gentle, and patient. They love humans and will be the designated nanny of the house whether you like it or not.

25. Cocker Spaniel Golden Retriever Mix

These pups are known as miniature Golden Retrievers. They love being adored and adoring you in return.

This mix is super friendly. But like all puppers, you should supervise your smaller kids around them. 

Miniature Golden Retrievers can be a little sensitive, so you should treat them gently and with patience. Also, they have a big playful side. Get your sports shoes on and be ready for a long daily walk. 

two golden retriever dogs playing in a garden

26. Golden Retriever Aussie Mix

This beautiful breed comes in many colors, such as brown, white, gold, black, or a mix.

Their long hair means regular grooming is a must. But they aren’t too big. 

The breed needs space for all that energy, so mental and physical exercise is crucial. Don’t skip this, or you might have a bundle of destruction on your hands.  

They love to play and are the best cuddle buddy. 

27. Dalmatian Golden Retriever Mix

The sleek Dalmatian coat stands no chance against the Retriever’s fluffiness. It’s a fluffier mix in black and white with varying patterns, not necessarily the classic spots. 

They’re super friendly and have a powerful spirit that brings a smile to everyone. This breed is medium or large in size.

Get ready for lots of walking, running, jogging, and playing fetch. 

28. Golden Retriever Akita Mix

This breed has the Akita’s firm stance and build, mixed with the friendly demeanor and playfulness of the Retriever.

It’s quite big and can reach between 70–90 pounds. So they need space and a lot of physical activity. 

The inherited double coat from the Akita means lots of fur you’ll have to take care of. But this pup’s strong desire to protect and love its family is worth the extra grooming.

29. Doberman Golden Retriever Mix

Dobermans are among the best guard dogs. They’re instinctively protective and look fierce, sending any smart intruder packing.

Plus, this breed is loving and intelligent. They love to interact with people, whether it’s through play or training. Also, the pups need mental stimulation to keep them on their toes.

If you’re looking for a protective breed that doesn’t look threatening, this mix is for you. Their gorgeous goofy smile makes a huge difference. 

30. Jack Russell Golden Retriever Mix

This mix is adorably fluffy. It usually takes the Retriever coat and the Jack Russell size. But it’s still challenging to give exact information on this mix because the parents are quite different. It all depends on which genes are stronger.

But one thing is sure. This breed will stay medium and keep you occupied outdoors.

31. Golden Retriever Greyhound Mix

Here’s a great running partner if you’re into that. The Greyhound is bred for running. And we expect nothing less from the fastest dog worldwide.

The playful Retriever characteristics make the breed on the go day and night. But when downtime comes, prepare to have your sofa taken up by this large mix. 

Training is always necessary for giant pups because they often don’t realize their own strength. And that could be dangerous for small kids and other dogs. But they’re smart, so training should be a walk in the park.

32. American Bulldog Golden Retriever Mix

This breed is 75 pounds of pure muscle. They’re always ready for a good rough and tumble play or a run in the park.

The Bulldogs’ stature mixes well with the Retriever’s, making a stocky and athletic mix. 

But bulldogs can have some genetic issues. So make sure to get certificates on their genetic lineage and learn what to look out for. 

The Golden American Bulldog could have some problems with other pups. That’s why early socialization and training are vital. 

Overall, they’re incredibly loving and will be happy with some good cuddles. 

golden retriever mix breed dogs sleeping in the grass

33. English Mastiff Golden Retriever Mix

This mix is huge, weighing more than 100 pounds. Also, they’re on the go at all times. Playing with the family, running in the yard, and a good long walk are all on the pups’ daily schedule.

You need to stay committed to this high-energy dog and provide proper exercise. Otherwise, it’s a one-way ticket to the town of destruction, and your furniture will never be the same again.

This Golden Retriever mix can get bored relatively quickly, so make sure you have enough time, space, and toys to keep it occupied. If you have kids, they would be best buddies, running around all afternoon.

34. Shih Tzu and Golden Retriever Mix

The Shih Tzu is a stunning pupper, but the Golden Shih Tzu is in a league of its own. 

They’re pretty rare. If you find one, grab it while you can, as you may not get another chance.

The breed has specific nutritional requirements, so make sure your pup’s getting the best dog food for a Shih Tzu.

These fluff balls will be the center of your heart and home. Since one parent is pretty tiny and the other isn’t, you’ll probably end up with a medium-sized breed.

They’re friendly and usually get along well with others. 

35. Golden Retriever Sheepdog Mix

Golden Sheepdogs are the perfect mix of Sheepdog looks and the glorious Retriever personality

But that wooly Sheepdog coat can be a lot to handle. It’s curly and will matt easily, so keep that brush handy.

You might not see much of the Golden, considering the Sheepdog is brown, grey, or black. But have no fear. That friendly Retriever temperament is in there, ready to play.

36. Maltese Golden Retriever Mix

Here’s another mix you might not expect. The fluffy tiny Maltese has little in common with the big Retriever, but the crossbreed is stunning. 

We can’t give you an exact size, but you’ll most likely get a slightly smaller Golden Retriever with a super fluffy coat

This pup is quite determined and loves to keep things interesting when it comes to playing. So try out different indestructible dog toys. This will keep them busy for hours, especially if there are treats involved.

37. Golden Retriever Schnauzer Mix

There are standard Schnauzer pups and miniatures. It’s a difference of about 20 pounds, so if you want a smaller mix, find out the parent’s size.

This mix has the all-famous adorable Schnauzer beard. It’s a Victorian detective ready to sniff out a crime.

The Golden Schnauzer is a mix of energy and intelligence, with a side helping of sass to keep you on your toes.

38. Rhodesian Ridgeback Golden Retriever Mix

The Ridgeback is a South African hunting dog that once battled and hunted lions. They come with some drooly and cuddly hugs. 

But the Golden Rideback is on another level of sweetness. They still have those protective instincts and weigh about 80 pounds, so you don’t want to mess with them.

This breed has a shorter coat than other Golden mixes, making them the perfect companion if you don’t want to groom your pet too often.  

They love to run around and be silly with their owners. Plus, they’re an excellent partner for a game of hide and seek. Still, you’ll need space for them to hide. 

39. Golden Retriever Pointer Mix

This breed is quite rare and a relatively new kid on the block. We’re learning more about them as owners come forward to share their experiences with the breed.

What we know so far is that they’re sweet-natured and love to run around and play. An hour a day is the minimum with this breed.

That said, a good old cuddle on the sofa is also a favorite.

mom and puppy golden retrievers sitting in the grass

40. Cavalier Golden Retriever Mix

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a famous breed with floppy ears and adorable eyes that could melt any heart. 

The size and weight of the mix range way too much to tell you what to expect. Still, meeting both parents could help estimate the pup you might get.

This pupper is owner-obsessed, so be ready for a faithful companion with a main goal to make you happy.

It’s a pup you can take along everywhere you go. 

Retriever Mixed Breeds — What to Look Out for

The most significant aspect to consider is size. If you want a Retriever but don’t have space, look into the mixes with a smaller breed, like the Chihuahua. 

With enough space, a more giant breed like the St. Bernard mix would be an excellent choice. 

To understand the types of Golden Retriever mixes, look at the characteristics of each breed to see if it fits your lifestyle. And don’t forget to select the most awesome name for your Golden Retriever pupper.

Be wary of breeders and try your best to find one with a good track record of healthy pups.

Golden Retriever Mix Puppies in a Nutshell

The Golden Retriever is a family favorite and one of the most popular breeds in the US. They’re sweet, lovable, caring, and patient. No wonder there are so many mixes. Who wouldn’t want part of this pup in their family?

These 40 mixes come in all shapes and sizes, so you can pick that suits your lifestyle and still have a breed with the best Retriever qualities.

A Golden Retriever mix is among the more popular ones with breeders. But you can find many of these pups in shelters. Try to adopt and don’t shop. Millions of pups need love, and your furry bestie could be waiting for you at the local shelter.

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