Are you a sucker for fluffy dogs? Does your heart melt every time you see one? Do you find it hard to resist running your fingers through their soft cloud-like fur? You’re not alone. 

It’s scientifically proven that cute fluffy dogs bring joy and comfort. So, if you’re ready to fill your life with an abundance of love, you’re in the right place. 

We’ll take a close look at furballs of different sizes, needs and personalities. You’ll learn which ones are more open to cuddling, more cooperative, hypoallergenic, low-shedding and easier to maintain. Let’s get started.

Types of Fluffy Dogs

Furballs come in all sizes: 

  • Small — 2 to 22 pounds
  • Medium — 24 to 57 pounds
  • Large — 59 to 99 pounds
  • Extra-large or giant dogs — 100 or more pounds

All of them shed to some degree, but we can roughly divide them into low-shedders and heavy-shedders. The allergenic potential of fluffy dogs is closely related to how much they shed as the hair can contain allergens. 

But a low-shedding dog can also give you a runny nose or a skin rash. This is because dogs spread allergens in the air through their dander, urine and saliva, too. Still, some breeds are more likely to cause allergies, so we’ll divide them into hypoallergenic and highly allergenic dogs.  

To help you decide which furball suits you best, we created a list of fluffy dogs that’s as diverse as possible.

Small Fluffy Dogs 

Generally, small dogs weigh between two and 22 pounds, with the teacup subcategory being the tiniest — up to four pounds. Some fluffy teacup dogs include Pomeranians, Maltese, Yorkies, Shih Tzus, and Poodles. 


1. Pomeranian

Weighing between three and seven pounds, the Pomeranian is the smallest fluffy dog breed that you can get. But don’t let their size fool you. 

Lively, alert, and curious about the world around them, Poms are not your typical fluffy lap dogs. They’re excellent watchdogs with a surprisingly loud bark and a personality as big as New York. It might strike you as charming, but it can often lead to disaster whenever they decide to harass much bigger dogs in the park. Luckily, this behavior is typical only with new acquaintances. 

Otherwise, they’re friendly and get along with all family members and the animals they’re raised with. The only thing that might change your mind about adopting a Pomeranian is their high-shedding coat.

2. West Highland White Terrier

Affectionately called Westies, these cute dogs have piercing dark eyes and fur that shapes their face round. Some argue they’re the most photogenic of all the fluffy dog breeds out there. 

At home, they can be your calm couch companion, but outdoors they show their true colors. Independent and lively at heart, they’ll be happy to run around the park and hike with you all day. 

Originally bred to hunt rats, these tiny fluffy dogs have a strong prey drive. They’ll run after anything that moves and bark at visitors and animals walking past your front door. This can be pretty noisy, which is why training at an early age is a must. Their hunting nature makes them especially interested in toys, to the point of being possessive and stubborn.  

Fluffy Medium-sized Dogs 

Medium-sized fluffy dog breeds weigh from about 24 to 57 pounds. 

chow chow dog in the woods

3. Chow Chow

If you are looking for dogs with soft fur, look no further. Chow Chows have the coat of a teddy bear. 

Believed to have originated in northern China, somewhere between 150 and 200 BCE, they’re also one of the oldest dog breeds

Chow Chows are particularly clean, which makes them perfect house pets. They housebreak easily, carry little dog odour, and are very meticulous self-groomers. 

With their cushion-like fur, sunken eyes and rounded ears, these adorable fluffy dogs that look like teddy bears sure seem cuddly. But be careful. They’re one of the least affectionate dogs and can even get aggressive. That’s why training and early socialization play a significant role, but they’re generally overly protective of their owners. 

4. Samoyed

Samoyeds are fluffy medium-sized dogs with prick ears, a plumed tail curled over their backs, and a dense weather-resistant coat. This ancient breed served as valuable companions of the Siberian people. They herded reindeer, pulled sleds, and warmed their owners at night. 

Samoyeds are friendly, intelligent, and rather stubborn dogs with a strong instinct to chase smaller creatures. They have a temperament that you might value in the wilderness but not in your yard. Their digging habits can cause problems, especially if your fence isn’t buried deep enough, as they may find a way to dig under it and run away.

Large Fluffy Dog Breeds 

Large dogs weigh between 59 to 99 pounds. Here are our favorite big fluffy dogs.

5. Bergamasco Sheepdog

Bergamasco Sheepdogs were initially bred as herding dogs in the Alpine town of Bergamo. 

Thanks to their superb hearing and awareness of their surroundings, you can always rely on these intelligent fluffy dogs to alert you of people approaching your home. 

Still, they only get violent if there’s a real threat and are actually considered one of the calmest dog breeds in the world. Their peaceful and incredibly social nature makes them excellent child companions. Also, they often serve as therapy dogs for disabled children. 

Contrary to all expectations, the Bergamasco Sheepdog’s thick, multi-layer coat is easy to maintain. It doesn’t need brushing and requires only a few baths a year. So they’re the perfect fluffy non shedding dogs if you’re worried about hair on your couch.  

old english sheepdog in contest ring

6. Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdogs, also known as Bobtails, are big fluffy dogs, famous for their shaggy coats. Initially bred for driving cattle, they’re pretty lively and need a lot of exercise. They can be your fun-loving playmates but are also intelligent, protective watchdogs with a loud, ringing bark

They’re one of the fluffiest dogs on earth, with long hair growing everywhere, including their face and eyes. If you’re a clean freak, Bobtails may not be the best fluffy dogs for you. They’re heavy shedders, and apart from regular brushing to keep them tangle-free, they also require monthly visits to a grooming salon. 

But if you can get past the expensive and time-consuming maintenance, your dedication will be rewarded. Bobtails are loyal friends who live for their families and even develop separation anxiety if left alone for too long.

Giant Fluffy Dogs

Extra-large or giant dogs weigh over 100 pounds. Let’s see some examples of the best giant fluffy dogs:

Tibetan Mastiff resting on blanket in the mountain

7. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiffs are huge fluffy dogs from Tibet that are believed to have been around for centuries. The male ones can weigh from 100 to 160 pounds and even more. But apart from their intimidating size, they’re loving and gentle. Still, sometimes they can also be stubborn and disobedient

Because of their size, Tibetan Mastiffs aren’t suitable for an apartment. They need to have access to a large yard for exercise. Just make sure the yard is fenced securely, or your pet might run away. 

Tibetan Mastiffs are defensive of their territory. To prevent aggressive territorial behavior, avoid leaving them outside for too long or taking the same route on daily walks.          

8. Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terriers stand between large and giant fluffy dogs. They’re a mix of 17 breeds and were used as working dogs for the army of the former USSR. 

In the 1950s, when their number outweighed the needs of the Russian army, many Blackies were sold to civilians. Soon after, Russians learned how affectionate, peaceful and intelligent these creatures can be. They enjoy spending time with their people and are good children companions. But if left alone for too long, Blackies may develop separation anxiety and engage in destructive behavior.    

Black Russian Terriers don’t shed much, but they need more grooming than many other fluffy dog breeds. You need to brush their coat thoroughly at least three times a week, so it doesn’t develop tangles and mats. Plus, you need to clip them several times a year. To avoid the mess, we advise going to a professional groomer. 

Fluffy Dogs That Don’t Shed

If you want a cuddly furball, but you can’t cope with the constant fur-picking off your furniture, don’t give up on your dream just yet. The solution might hide in the best fluffy non-shedding dogs. 

Remember that the curlier the dog is, the less it sheds. So Poodles, Doodles and Airedales are perfect for a hair-free home. 

The first breeds that come to mind when mentioning fluffy non-shedding dogs are Poodles and Bichon Frises.

poodle dog in the grass

9. Poodle

The authentic and elaborate Poodle haircut requires significant professional grooming. But if you’re not interested in winning any dog shows or simply find this look a bit silly, there are plenty of other less extravagant haircuts you can choose. It’s essential to groom your Poodle regularly, every four to six weeks, to prevent skin infections at their hair roots. You can buy some pet clippers and learn to do the job yourself. 

Apart from their prissy looks, Poodles are very intelligent, easy to train, active, and funny dogs that love their family and get along with pets and strangers. It’s no surprise that they’re known as one of the best low-allergen fluffy dogs in the US. What’s more, they were the sixth most popular dog breed in 2020. 

10. Bichon Frise

It’s one of the very fluffy dog breeds that’s virtually shed-free. Bred to be companion dogs, Bichons are sensitive and affectionate. They’re also active, light-hearted, and playful. But because of their petite figure, they can easily get injured, so you should avoid rough play. 

These cotton-ball dogs with fluffy tails and dark sparkly eyes will bring a smile to your face, but their cuteness comes at a cost. Bichons are pretty demanding. You need to brush them daily so their coats don’t get tangled, wash them every couple of weeks, and take them to a professional groomer at least once a month. Another disadvantage is their stubbornness, which makes housetraining challenging.    

Shedding Solutions 

There are plenty of fluffy dog breeds that will keep your home clean. But if your heart is set on a puppy that’s generous with hair, here are some dog shedding solutions that might be helpful:

  • Brush your dog regularly.
  • Use an appropriate shedding tool.
  • Feed your dog a healthy diet.
  • Keep it hydrated.
  • Buy acid supplements.
  • Keep allergies and fleas under control. 

Fluffy Hypoallergenic Dogs

Allergies can often trigger from a protein in the dog’s dander, saliva and urine. After being outdoors, fluffy dogs may bring allergens, like pollen, dirt and germs, which cannot be thoroughly removed by a quick cleaning of their paws. 

All these substances and organisms get trapped in your dog’s hair. So the less a dog sheds, the fewer allergens it will leave in your home. This makes non-shedding dogs better suited to allergy sufferers, but it doesn’t mean they’re 100% hypoallergenic.  

One way to prevent dog allergies is to choose the best air purifier on the market. It’s also how you can ensure that you breathe clean air at home. 

Another way is to pick a dog breed less likely to stimulate allergies. We already mentioned some — Poodles, Bichon Frises, and West Highland White Terriers. Here are a few other choices.

maltese dog

11. Maltese

Among the fluffy dogs that stay small is the elegant and charming Maltese. It’s believed to originate from the island of Malta, where it was bred as a household pet of wealthy families.

These fluffy lap dogs don’t need much outdoor exercise. But they’ll be happy to accompany you on walks, and they’ll enjoy running around your home or yard. Malteses are bright, curious, light-footed, and enjoy games of dexterity and intelligence. You can easily teach them to follow common dog commands and tricks.     

Affectionate and attached to their owners, Malteses are the perfect pet for any household. But you have to play with them properly. They’re small, fragile dogs that can easily get injured during rough games.

12. Portuguese Water Dog

These fluffy medium-sized dogs were once members of Portuguese fishing crews. They used to fetch lost fishing gear from the sea and even herd fish into the net. After almost disappearing at the beginning of the 20th century, when the fishing industry modernized, this breed was saved by a wealthy Portuguese dog lover.

Easily trainable and incredibly energetic, these furballs are perfect for active people. Unsurprisingly, they’re also a good match for swimmers and fishing enthusiasts. They need lots of exercise. Without enough stimulation, Portuguese Water Dogs might get bored and unruly.   

Fun-loving and emphatic, these fluffy hypoallergenic dogs are ideal for families and do well as therapy dogs, too.   

Grooming Tips

Aside from keeping your dog’s fur neat and clean, grooming is necessary for a happy and healthy pet. Let’s go over some of the grooming essentials for new pup owners.


Regular bathing will clean your dog’s skin, make its coat shinier, and remove any loose hair. But don’t do it too frequently, or you might dry out your pet’s skin. To prevent drying it from the shampoo, you could also get a conditioner.   


Fluffy dogs are especially prone to hair tangling, so improper grooming can result in knots and mats. Regular combing and brushing also help distribute the healthy oils along your dog’s hair. Just make sure you have a brush with long bristles that can reach the undercoat. To untangle small knots, consider using a detangling spray before brushing. You might have to cut out bigger knots. 


Hair around your dog’s eyes can shroud its vision and cause irritation and infection. So you should remove it when necessary with blunt-nosed scissors. Any extra hair around the mouth and anus can also be irritable and should be trimmed.

Wrap up

Fluffy dogs are adorable! There’s no question about it. But you still have to do your research before deciding on the best one for you. 

While early training and socialization play a crucial role, dog breeds still have characteristics and innate personality traits that you might not be able to change. 

For instance, Pomeranians are heavier shedders than Poodles. West Highland White Terriers are more cuddly than Chow Chows. And Old English Sheepdogs are louder than Bergamasco Sheepdogs. 

When it comes to grooming, fluffy dogs can be a handful. You have to accept that a beautiful, shiny and healthy coat takes time, money, and patience. But, then again, what good things don’t come at a price.

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