In this ElleVet CBD review, we’ll answer your most pressing questions about this CBD pet company. If you’re wondering what it is or what are its best products for your dog, you’ll find everything out below.

ElleVet is a science-driven company to improve joint discomfort, stress, and the overall wellness of dogs and cats. So if you want to learn more about it, keep on reading.

All About ElleVet

ElleVet was founded in 2016 by Christian Kjaer and Amanda Howland. The idea of developing CBD for pets was born while they were sitting in the kitchen one evening. Five years of laborious research later, ElleVet became a reality — from a house kitchen to a multi-facility company with offices all around the US.

The brand developed its famous ElleVet CBD oil and other products in partnership with the renowned Dr. Joseph Wakshlag. He’s a professor of Nutrition and Sports Medicine at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and a well-known researcher.

ElleVet and Dr. Wakshlag (and a whole advisory board of vets, doctors, and professors) conducted CBD clinical trials on dogs with joint discomfort. Also, they did the first pharmacokinetic study, a safety study, and published a paper on the effects of CBD on dogs. 

During the 2019 pandemic, the founders of ElleVet Sciences started yet another project. They aimed to help the dogs of homeless people and provide free pet care. It’s hard not to like them.

This company’s products undergo vigorous testing — both in-house and at a third-party lab. ElleVet is Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) and National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) compliant and presents all its certificates of analysis on-site. 

If you need more reasons to like this brand, here’s its motto: “Do the right thing, do what is best for animals, trust science, and always be learning.”

To ensure it’s following that mission, the company sources its ElleVet CBD oil ingredients from local Colorado farms. For carrier oil, the vendor uses its own ElleVet™ Proprietary Complete-Spectrum Cannabinoids Blend — a broad spectrum CBD extract that combines the properties of multiple cannabinoids.

Some CBD benefits for your pup include reduced anxiety, pain relief, and an improved immune system. But is CBD safe for dogs? One of the essential factors that determine the safety of CBD dog products is the THC content. That’s why ElleVet’s oils and treats contain less than 0.3% THC (with ethanol extraction method). 


  • Option to order empty oil capsules
  • In-house and third-party lab testing
  • Developed by scientists


  • A bit expensive
  • Free shipping only over $150

The hundreds of ElleVet mobility chews and oils reviews are mostly five-star. People love this brand’s products and are ready to trust it with their pets. The company also offers CBD capsules and treats for situational anxiety. It even has CBD oils for cats, but sadly, no CBD cat treats, at least for now.

ElleVet Hemp CBD + CBDA Oil For Dogs

ellevet hemp cbd cbda oil for dogs

ElleVet mobility oil comes in 15 ml, 30 ml, and 60 ml. It consists of its proprietary blend of cannabinoids CBD + CBDA and was used in multiple clinical trials.

These oils come in one strength — the potent 70 mg/ml of CBD and CBDA. It sounds like a lot, but it’s excellent for bigger doggies. But what would your Chihuahua do with it? Don’t worry — all ElleVet oils come with a free syringe (the 30 ml also comes with a pipette), so you can administer big and small doses. 

These oils are excellent for joint discomfort, cognitive issues in senior dogs, itching and skin irritations, and stress. One ElleVet mobility review even mentioned how they helped the owner’s dog with its seizures and low appetite. 

ElleVet recommends a dose of 4.4 mg/lbs twice daily. But our tip is to start slow, especially if your pup has never been on CBD before. To determine the right CBD amount for your dog, consider its needs first, as all dogs differ in CBD requirements. 

ElleVet Hemp CBD + CBDA Mobility Chews

ellevet cbd chews

ElleVet hemp CBD+CBDA chews for small dogs contain 13 mg CBD+CBDA per chew, while the ones for large dogs have 17 mg each.

If your pup doesn’t like the ElleVet CBD oil for dogs, you don’t need to worry. You can try the chews, which contain glucosamine, chondroitin, peanut butter, and sweet potato, and will probably become your pup’s favorite pretty quickly.

Their ingredients, especially glucosamine and chondroitin, will support your dog’s joints and improve its mobility. The biscuits are also infused with the brand’s own CBD blend, so they’ll also calm down your anxious pet and care for its overall well-being.

ElleVet hemp CBD+CBDA chews for small dogs contain 13 mg CBD+CBDA per chew, while the ones for large dogs have 17 mg each. It’s a lot compared to other brands. Usually, CBD dog treats are infused with no more than 5 mg CBD. But the greater strength makes them more economical for puppies of all sizes.

ElleVet Products Hemp CBD + CBDA Soft Gels

ellevet hemp cbd cbda soft gels

These soft capsules are an excellent option for picky eaters who dislike the CBD taste or smell.

They’re filled with ElleVet’s proprietary CBD+CBDA blend and come in two sizes — for small dogs (6 mg CBD+CBDA per gel) and large dogs (19 mg CBD+CBDA per gel).

The ElleVet dosage guidelines on its soft gels are descriptive and easy to follow. The company has charts for different ailments and usually recommends a stronger dose for a week, followed by a milder one.

More than one ElleVet CBD review praises these CBD pills for their efficacy and ease of use. Owners love them, and dogs love them — it’s simply a fantastic product.

ElleVet Calm and Comfort Chews

ellevet calm and comfort chews

The Calm and Comfort chews by ElleVet are a fantastic way to soothe your pup’s situational anxiety.

Strong and effective, these treats are made for emergencies like fireworks or long trips.

The box contains three treats, and each is infused with 46 mg of CBD+CBDA — a huge amount you need to be careful with. Do not give these treats to your pup if it’s just starting with CBD. Even though it’s safe for dogs, ElleVet Sciences created this product with extra strength, and inexperienced users can get some side effects.

ElleVet Hemp CBD+CBDA Feline Oil

ellevet hemp cbd feline oil

It comes as no surprise that all ElleVet CBD oil for cats reviews are positive.

According to kitty owners, this oil works wonders for cats — it increases the appetite, provides comfort, and relieves stress. 

The cat oil comes at a lower strength of 70 mg/ml CBD+CBDA, and it’s suitable for felines up to 15 lbs. One ElleVet oil review mentioned that even if your cat doesn’t usually enjoy the CBD taste, the empty capsules that you can purchase free of charge make administration a piece of cake.  

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ElleVet Pricing, Discounts & Options

At first glance, ElleVet seems expensive. But compared to other brands, this company offers higher CBD concentrations and products solidly backed up by science. 

ElleVet CBD ratings are also incredibly high, which is a good sign — it might be a bit expensive, but people trust and value the company more than similar low-budget options.

The only question we have for this brand concerns its choice of cannabinoid extraction. While ethanol extraction isn’t bad, there’s a much better and more environmentally-friendly way to get CBD from cannabis. CO2 extraction is the best possible method, and we can’t help but wonder why this amazing science-based company isn’t using it.

The only reason we can think of is price-related — ethanol extraction is cheaper

Saving Opportunities

There aren’t many saving opportunities on the brand’s website. That’s something the company can benefit from — after all, who wouldn’t like an ElleVet discount or two?

Here are the only saving options:

  • Subscribe and save 25% off your first order and 15% off next orders 
  • Free shipping for orders over $150

Warranty, Shipping & Return Policies

The only ElleVet complaints we could find online were regarding the high price for free shipping. But the product prices are high enough. So if you buy a pack of doggy treats and a bottle of CBD oil, you’ll almost certainly qualify for free shipping. 

Another simultaneously good and bad thing about ElleVet is its return policy. Like many other brands, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. But it only refunds unopened products.

Customer Service

If you have questions, you can always contact the company’s customer support by phone, Facebook, or Instagram. One ElleVet CBD oil potency review shared that they had a problem calculating how much CBD to give their pet. Upon contact, the company’s customer support was really helpful in providing all the needed information.

So since there are no negative reviews about ElleVet’s customer service, it seems like it’s doing a good job. 

Brand Reputation — ElleVet CBD Review

What do people think about ElleVet? In short, they adore the brand’s products. 

There are hundreds of reviews on ElleVet’s website. All are positive, and even those struggling with the proper dosage or choosing the correct oil for their dogs were eventually happy with their purchase.

People share incredible stories of how this brand’s CBD oils, pills, and treats have helped their pets. Lowered anxiety, improved mobility and appetite, and decreased seizure episodes — all these benefits of CBD for dogs and more come with using ElleVet’s products.

Still, the lack of negative reviews is a bit weird. There should’ve been at least a few angry ones with so many users.

ElleVet Sciences Alternatives

Even though there are no negative ElleVet comments, one HempMy Pet review (another excellent CBD pet brand) complained about the lack of flavor varieties in CBD oils. ElleVet isn’t doing much in this department, either. Not all pets enjoy the CBD taste, so flavors like bacon would make it more appealing. 

But what about other brands? Let’s see how ElleVet compares to them.

ElleVet vs. Canna-Pet

Canna-Pet is a well-known and reliable company that aims to produce the best CBD oil for horses, dogs, and cats. It also offers a broader range of products than ElleVet. Its treats have three flavors. Besides, this company offers worldwide shipping — another thing that’s missing in ElleVet.

One ElleVet CBD oil price review stated the big difference between this company and Canna-Pet. They’re both excellent brands, but ElleVet’s oils and treats are much more expensive. Still, the company justifies its prices with astonishing research — a whole team of vets worked together to develop and test its products.

ElleVet vs. Pet Releaf

Pet Releaf is a company with a huge variety of CBD dog treats. But unlike ElleVet, Pet Releaf doesn’t offer high CBD concentrations, which can get expensive with a large pup. Also, it provides full-spectrum CBD instead of broad, which some customers believe to be the best option.

Even though Pet Releaf is an excellent company, our research for this ElleVet CBD review showed that ElleVet invests a lot more into science and technology. Plus, its products might be more expensive, but they also come in higher CBD strengths, making them more economical long-term.

So if you’re looking for fun and tasty treats — go for Pet Releaf. But if your pooch needs something stronger, ElleVet is the right choice.  

ElleVet vs. Austin and Kat

ElleVet hemp CBD+CBDA chews reviews are outstanding. People claim these have changed their puppies’ lives — their mobility improved, they appeared healthier, and some seniors started jumping again.

Austin and Kat is another fantastic CBD company for dogs and cats. It offers amazing products with holistic ingredients. Plus, the brand has free shipping above $50, which is significantly cheaper than ElleVet’s $150 limit.

While ElleVet only offers peanut butter treats for dogs, Austin and Kat has developed multiple flavors for different conditions. On the other hand, ElleVet uses its own proprietary CBD+CBDA blend to enhance the healing qualities of its oils.

Wrap Up — Is ElleVet Worth It?

ElleVet CBD oil, treats, and capsules were developed by scientists and subjected to multiple studies and trials. These experiments only proved how excellent these products are and confirmed the CBD’s efficacy in treating canine mobility issues.

What’s more, customers praise the brand’s effectiveness in treating anxiety and situational stress. Even cats benefit significantly from its feline CBD formula. They become calmer and gain a shinier coat. More than one ElleVet CBD review is in awe of this CBD brand, and we cannot disagree — it’s definitely worth a try.

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