Dogs love swimming just as much as we do, but it’s challenging to find a safe and easy way to get them out of the water. That’s where a dog pool ramp comes in. Grabbing your dog by the collar or legs can injure both you and your pet. 

Placing a dog pool ramp is an excellent solution, and we’ll tell you why. Let’s see what you need to look for and choose the best for your mermaid pooch. 

Our Methodology for This Research 

Let’s show you what aspects came into play for our assessment. 


The most prominent material for dog pool ramps was engineered plastic. We also found designs with anodized aluminum construction and a mesh netted platform. The hardware is stainless steel or plastic, while the legs are rubberized to prevent pool damage. 


We found some heavy-duty dog ramps for water exits that carry up to 500 lbs. Since they’re intended to stay in the water, most are resistant to UV rays, chemicals, chlorine, and mildew. 

Non-slip surface / Grip 

When designing a dog ramp, the ultimate goal is to create a surface with strong tractive force. The most popular option for a firm grip was a rubberized surface. Other slip-proof surfaces include a mesh, raised ribs, or drilled holes. 

Installation & Instructions

Many dog ramps are already fully assembled, but some come with instructions for a few simple steps. We also found foldable ramps for easier storage and transport. 


Manufacturers always ensure customers of their good-quality doggie pool ramp. But that’s not always the case. Malfunctions sometimes happen, so most companies offer warranties from one to five years.

Users’ Opinion

That’s one of the vital aspects for us, as customers are always sincere. So we dug deep into the ratings and comments. We double-checked the qualities of each product to form an honest opinion. 

WaterDog Adventure Gear Dog Ladder for Swimming Pool

WaterDog ladder

In-ground and above-ground pool stairs for dogs in black and yellow. They’re suitable for any breed up to 130 lbs. The ladder is made in the US from engineered plastic and stainless steel hardware and has a one-year warranty.

WaterDog’s PM-6 are well-constructed stairs positioned at a 45° angle, 4” high each. They’re six steps in total, made of engineered plastic and stainless steel, with a capacity of up to 130 lbs.

These pool stairs for dogs are slip-resistant, and the hardware is rust-proof. They’re secured by attaching two pivot mounts on a flat and sturdy surface. The yellow color allows pets to better navigate the exit route. WaterDog’s products are made in the US and have a one-year warranty. These steps offer decent traction, sturdiness, and great weight capacity — an excellent solution for any size and breed. 

Product Specifics: 

  • Made in the US
  • Six steps 4” high
  • 45° angle
  • Engineered plastic & stainless steel
  • Yellow
  • One year warranty


  • Doesn’t damage the pool’s sides or bottom 
  • 130 lbs capacity
  • Slip-resistant & rust-proof 


  • Anchor bolts might be missing
  • Shipping isn’t free 


Why we choose this product: The engineered plastic and stainless steel hardware provide a sturdy-looking construction. Once installed, the dog pool ladder can hold up to 130 lbs. The 45° angle allows a comfortable step. Plus, the yellow is easily noticeable in the water. 

Skamper Ramp Super

Skamper Ramp

Dog ramp for an inground pool, patios, boats, and vehicles. It supports small to medium-sized dogs. The ramp is plastic and has a rubberized surface with circular holes. It’s attached to the pool with ropes and hardware. 

The Skamper Ramp Super is a US-made floating dog ramp for your pool, but you can also use it for cars, boats, truck beds, and patios. It’s 27 x 3 x 14 inches and weighs only 4 lbs. The ramp is white and made of plastic, with a rubberized surface and circular holes for extra traction. As for the setup, this ramp has two ropes that should be secured to the side of the pool.

We like that when you don’t need it, you can easily flip it out of the pool. Plus, it’s easily portable as you can snap it in half. Another excellent feature is its resistance to UV and chemicals, meaning it won’t go yellow, crack, or grow mildew. You can easily wash this ramp with soap and water. Owners report that it might be clunky for larger dogs. Since it’s the cheapest dog ramp for a swimming pool on our list, we recommend it as a budget-friendly alternative for small to medium-sized dogs.

Product Specifics: 

  • Made in the US 
  • 27 x 3 x 14 inches, 4 lbs
  • Plastic, rubberized surface with holes 
  • Secured with ropes & hardware 


  • UV & chemical-resistant
  • Lightweight & easily portable 
  • Cleaning with soap and water


  • Not suitable for large breeds
  • Some ramps delivered without holes 


Why we choose this product: The Skamper Ramp Super is a low-cost and simple-to-set-up option. It’s very lightweight to move around but also compact for storage. Pets can easily grasp the rubber surface and safely get out of the pool. 

PetStep Ramp & Pool Kit Bundle

PetStep Ramp Pool

Rubberized, non-slip plastic ramp for small to medium-sized dogs. No assembly is required, except for attaching two aluminum legs that hold the ramp into the pool. It comes in gray and beige, with a five-year warranty. 

If you’re looking for a pool ramp with no anchor requirements, PetStep is the right choice for you. When fully deployed, it’s 70 x 17 x 3 inches and weighs 29 lbs. The construction is plastic, while the walking surface is ribbed and rubberized. The ramp comes in gray and beige. For added sturdiness, it has aluminum legs and rubber feet. Also, you can fold it for portability.

This dog pool ramp withstands up to 500 lbs and comes with a five-year warranty. We appreciate that it’s UV-protected and rust-proof. But some customers say that it might be too narrow for larger dogs to walk and pass through without slipping. All in all, it’s a durable and sturdy design for small to medium-sized dogs that would be of great help for reaching heightened surfaces.

Product Specifics: 

  • 70 x 17 x 3 inches, 29lbs
  • Gray & beige 
  • Fiberglass-reinforced plastic
  • Aluminum legs & rubber feet 
  • Five-year warranty


  • Ribbed & rubberized for a strong grip 
  • UV & rust-proof
  • Supports up to 500 lbs 


  • Not good for larger breeds
  • Legs might not fit every pool


Why we choose this product: This dog pool safety ramp gets tightly secured to the pool with its rubber legs. Also, the rubber ridges allow dogs to tightly grip onto the ramp. Plus, the ramp can support even the heaviest pets. 

KHTS6310 Dog Pool Exit Ramp

KHTS6310 exit ramp

US-made dog ramp with raised ribs and non-slip, waterproof platform. It’s designed for small to medium dogs, with weight bags and rubber-tipped legs. The ramp is black with yellow stripes and comes with a two-year warranty. 

Here’s the most high-end product on our list. This pool ramp offers an attractive design and ergonomic qualities. It measures 36 x 16 x 6 inches, and it’s made in the US. We like that the ramp comes with a two-year money-back guarantee since it’s more expensive than the rest. The pet pool ramp has a PVC framework, stainless steel screws, and rubber-tipped legs. Its platform is made of plastic sheets with raised ribs and waterproof weight bags. The bags need to be filled with sand to hold the dog’s weight.

Apart from an aesthetically pleasing look, the black and yellow combo is the best for pet vision. The ramp is UV-resistant, and you can adjust the support struts to any pool ridge. Customers say that it’s lightweight and sturdy. Even though it’s not for larger breeds, it’s strong enough to hold off heavier pets.

Product Specifics: 

  • 36 x 16 x 6 inches
  • Water- and slip-proof 
  • Black with yellow stripes
  • Made in the US
  • Two-year warranty


  • Yellow color eases pet’s vision 
  • The rubber tipped legs hold onto any pool ridge
  • UV resistant, PVC dog pool ramp 


  • Too narrow for larger breeds 
  • Pricey 


Why we choose this product: The ramp is lightweight, portable, and sturdy. The striped design is aesthetic and will catch your dog’s attention while it’s swimming. Plus, it’s UV-resistant. 

Paws Aboard Pool Pup Steps

Paws Aboard pup steps

Pool steps for dogs made of ABS plastic with a slip-resistant surface. They’re perfect for small, medium, and large dogs, withholding up to 150 lbs. You can use them for in-ground or above-ground swimming pools. 

Paws Aboard is a company developed by a pair of dog breeders. They design pet products like life jackets, rafts, training toys, and pet pool steps. Their steps are 18” wide and 10 ½” high, with a capacity to hold up to 150 lbs. As for depth, the first step is 14 ½” and the second is 8 ½”. 

Pool Pup is made of ABS plastic that’s chlorine and UV-resistant and has a slip-proof surface for a firm grip. ABS plastic can withhold heavy physical impact due to its high tensile strength. But the steps’ screws are plastic, so they might not last long. We recommend replacing them with metal ones for extra durability. Considering the size, depth, and materials, we believe that these steps are perfect for larger and heavier dogs. Plus, you can use them as a dog ramp for an above-ground swimming pool.

Product Specifics: 

  • 21″ high, 28″ deep
  • ABS plastic 
  • Suitable for in-ground & above-ground pools


  • 150 lbs weight capacity 
  • Slip-proof, UV & chlorine-resistant 
  • High tensile strength


  • Plastic screws 
  • Doesn’t come fully assembled 


Why we choose this product: The Pool Pup Steps are made of high tensile ABS plastic that resists chemical corrosion and blocks UV rays. It has a 150 lbs capacity and serves as an excellent long-term solution for in-ground or above-ground pools.

Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder and Ramp

Paws Aboard ladder

Yellow doggy steps with a plastic rubberized surface. Suitable for small to medium-sized dogs. The steps come with a manual and fold in half for easier transport.

If your fluffy pal needs a boost from the pool, car, furniture, and boat, the Paws Aboard portable ladder will surely come in handy. It’s 70″ long and 17″ wide, so it’s less than 3 ft in length when folded in half. Also, it has handles for easy transport. The stairs have a catchy yellow color and plastic rubberized surface

Based on the width, the dog pool ramp steps are suitable for small to medium-sized dogs. By moving the arms inward, you can adjust the ladder to a smaller width. Based on customers’ reviews, these stairs might not hold larger and heavier dogs, as they’re too small and narrow. Paws Aboard comes with an instruction manual for easier installation. 

Product Specifics: 

  •  70” long and 17” wide
  • Plastic 
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized dogs
  • Instruction manual included
  • Yellow 


  • Folds in half & has handles 
  • Rubberized surface
  • Adjustable width
  • Suitable for pools and boats 


  • Not good for heavier and larger dogs
  • Small and narrow steps 


Why we choose this product: The Paws Aboard pool stairs for dogs are made of plastic rubberized surface for strong grip and easier climb. You can fold them in half and use them for pools, cars, and boats. 

Drifter Marine Dog Boarding Boat Ladder 7″ Hooks

Drifter Marine boat ladder

Mesh-netted dog pool ramp for above-ground pool and for inside pool. It’s suitable for dogs up to 125 lbs. The ladder has anodized aluminum construction, and the mesh is slip-proof. It’s foldable and has rubber guards to prevent scratching the boat or pool. 

Drifter Marine is a mesh-netted pool ramp for a dog with a 39” by 16” pad that holds up to 125 lbs. Its superpower is the anodized aluminum construction that’s incredibly durable and corrosion-resistant. Some dogs might not feel comfortable walking on the mesh, but it’s slip-proof and provides excellent traction. 

The ramp comes fully assembled, and you can hook it on any surface that’s at least 6” above water. The hooks and legs are covered with rubber guards to prevent scratching incidents. Also, this ramp is foldable, so you can easily store and transport it. Apart from in-ground pools and boats, you can use it as a dog pool ladder for above-ground pools. Overall, this is an excellent heavy-duty platform that’s an easy addition to pools and boats. 

Product Specifics: 

  • Mesh-netted platform
  • Anodized aluminum construction
  • 39” x 16”
  • Foldable


  • Hold 120 lbs
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Slip-proof mesh
  • Strong traction


  • Might be small for large breeds
  • Some dogs might feel uncomfortable on the mesh 


Why we choose this product: Drifter Marine offers a foldable and easy-to-set dog ramp that’s strong enough to hold a 125 lbs dog. On top of that, it’s made from anodized aluminum, and the strong mesh provides a good paw grip. 

How to Find the Ideal Pool Ramp for Your Dog —  A Guide 

Since there are so many pool ramps to choose from, it’s essential to determine what will best serve your dog.

What to Look For

Choosing the best dog pool ramp can be tricky. Let’s see what you need to know to pick the right one. 

Where You’ll Use It 

First, before shopping for a pool ramp, consider the type of pool you have. Many ramps are designed to fit both in-ground and above-ground pools, especially if they attach with hooks. But some, like the dog stairs, need to be secured on a flat, sturdy surface.

Size/Weight Limit

Apart from finding the right fit for your pool, a pool ramp for animals needs to withhold the dog’s weight and be big enough to ensure a natural step flow. Consider the width and height of the steps or ramp. Some may be too small for bigger dogs or way too high for short-legged breeds. 

Tractive Force 

Since there’s water involved, dog ramps need to provide a strong grip to avoid accidental slips or injuries. Always look for platforms that have rubberized surfaces, raised ribs, or mesh that’ll secure a safe pool exit.


Some dog ramps can get damaged by the sun and water. If they break, your dog won’t be able to get out. So always look for a UV and chemical-resistant dog ramp for your backyard pool as they won’t get mildew or crack. 


Most doggy ramps are usually foldable, so you can use them on decks, pools, cars, or any heightened surface. Plus, portable models are easier to store and move around, too. 

What’s a Pool Ramp and How Does It Work?

Dog ladders and ramps have one aim — to provide a safe and secure passage when your dog’s in the pool. They’re usually attached to the side of the pool and fall in the water at a particular angle. The surface provides strong tractive force and is generally covered in rubber with ridges, holes, or mesh. Apart from indoor and outdoor pools, pool ramps can be a climbing platform for cars, boats, and decks.    

The Benefits of Having a Dog Ramp

Many dogs are skilled enough to get out of the water without the help of a dog ramp for a swimming pool. But others need the extra boost. Let’s see why a dog ramp for the pool is a good idea: 

  • Prevents injuries and drowning: With pool ramps and ladders, safety comes first. Your pooch will exit the pool with no struggle even when you’re not around. Plus, you’ll spare yourselves the bumps and bruises of trying to get a wiggling wet dog out of the water. 
  • Convenient for you and your dog: Thanks to pool ramps, your dog will get in and out of the pool without any assistance. Also, your dog will get a decent amount of exercise by playing in the pool. 
  • Helps your dog overcome its fear of water: Training your pooch on using a doggie pool ramp will help them gain more confidence when entering the water. Once they learn that pools are a safe place, they’ll enjoy it even more. 

Dog Ramp vs. Dog Steps for Pool

Dog pool steps are a fantastic option for strong and agile pets who can balance their bodies out of the water. A dog pool ramp is preferable for senior dogs and puppies. Adult dogs with joint issues find it difficult to climb out of the pool as bending their knees may cause great pain. Ramps are also better for puppies and short-legged dogs that can trip and fall down the steps, especially if they’re too steep.

At a Glance — Pool Ramp Reviews

WaterDog Adventure Gear Dog Ladder for Swimming Pool: Best overall

Skamper Ramp Super: Budget-friendly dog ramp 

PetStep Ramp & Pool Kit Bundle: Ramp for medium-sized dogs

KHTS6310 Dog Pool Exit Ramp: Finest looking design 

Paws Aboard PoolPup Steps: Stairs for larger & heavier dogs

Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder and Ramp: Portable ladder 

Drifter Marine Dog Boarding Boat Ladder 7″ Hooks: Mesh-netted ladder 

Tips & Tricks for Using a Ramp to Get Your Dog in the Pool

Always be patient. Some dogs take longer to trust pool ramps, while others get comfortable in the first hours. Either way, each dog should receive a proper introduction with no rush.

Place the ramp or ladder on a flat surface and let your dog sniff around to ensure that it’s a safe object that does no harm. 

After you install the ramp, it’s training time. For each step your dog makes, reward it with a treat. You should also consider grabbing some good dog toys to lure your pet into the water.

You can use the same method when it’s time to exit the pool, but it’s crucial to assist your pet the first few times. You can help your dog by placing its paws onto the dog pool ramp or give it a slight boost until your puppy learns where to step. 

In training sessions, it’s vital to use a life jacket. Besides, the best dog ramps for cars are similar to the ones for pools. So if your pooch has tried to climb a car ramp before, chances are it’ll quickly learn how to use it on the pool, too.

Additional Pool Accessories for Your Pup

Pool season is open, and summer is here, so get all your pup water accessories ready. 

For safe doggie swimming, the Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket on Amazon provides ultimate comfort and adjustable fit. It’s made of thick foam with an additional chin panel for head support. The life jacket is in neon orange and has reflective parts for better visibility. It’s an excellent addition when teaching your pet how to use a dog ramp for a swimming pool. 

Many dogs are afraid of deep pools, but they deserve to cool off during hot summer days. The SwimWays Paddle Paws Dog Raft on Amazon offers sturdy flotation thanks to the heavy-duty fabric and puncture-resistant construction. It measures 51.5 x 31 x 9 inches and supports up to 65 lbs. 

For playing fetch, we like the ChuckIt! Amphibious Bumper Floating Fetch Toy on Amazon. This fun and colorful chew toy is made of rubber, nylon, and EVA foam, which is very soft on a dog’s teeth. Plus, you can hold it by the knot for an even better throw. 

When the play comes to an end, you should have a towel nearby to dry your wet pooch. We recommend the Bone Dry Embroidered Pet Towel on Amazon. It’s a super-absorbent and durable towel made of comfortable microfiber.

Final Thoughts: The Safest Pool Exit for Your Dog + Our Top Pick 

As much as we love to play fetch in the water, our fluffy pals need to have a safe and secure pool exit. After we reviewed many swimming pool ramps for dogs, there’s one that caught our attention the most. 

The WaterDog Adventure Gear stairs have a flawless 5-star rating. They’re one of the safest methods for your dog to get in and out of the pool, and they follow the natural stepping of the paw. These stairs are sturdy and slip-resistant — carrying up to 130 lbs. Positioned at a 45-degree angle, they aim to prevent damaging the pool’s liners. The entire construction is rust and corrosion-proof — a perfect pool addition for every furry pooch. 

Does your dog have a fear of deep pools or doesn’t know how to swim yet? A dog swimming pool can cool it off even better during the hot summer days. Your dog will wade and lounge in pleasure. 


Are ramps or stairs better for dogs?

For senior dogs and dogs that suffer from arthritis, ramps are healthier and easier surfaces to climb on. As for stairs, short-legged dogs might have a hard time climbing onto them, so they’re the best choice for taller dogs who aren’t afraid to go up or down a narrow set of stairs. 

How to train a dog to walk on a pool ramp?

Let your dog get familiar with the pool ramp before placing it in the pool. Get into the pool and try to lead your pooch down the ramp with the help of treats or toys. The same goes for the exit. But this time, try to lift and place your dog’s paws onto the ramp so it can feel and learn how to properly grip onto the surface.

Can dogs climb pool ramps?

Unfortunately, dogs can’t use pool ladders as an escape route. The same goes for swim-outs and pool benches, as they may be too deep for some pets, especially smaller dogs. The easiest and safest exit from the water for your pet is a dog pool ramp. 

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