Many people dream of living in a house with a beautiful green yard. This family scene is even more wonderful with a dog running around. All is nice until you notice your grass is dying, and you start wondering, “Does dog pee kill grass?”

Many pet owners have properties with urine patches of burnt grass due to their dogs. So, you just need to learn how to prevent dog pee from destroying the grass. Let’s find out:

Why Does Dog Pee Kill Grass?

Once you get yellow patches on your grass, removing them can be challenging. Also, you need to understand what kills your grass. When you know the cause, you can take measures to prevent it from happening again.

Contrary to popular belief, the acidic content of dog urine doesn’t burn the grass.

Dog’s urine contains urea, a form of nitrogen that comes from digesting proteins. Since dog food contains large amounts of protein, that translates to a lot of nitrogen in your pet’s urine. Luckily, this isn’t a concern for your dog’s health.

But high nitrogen concentration isn’t good for the health of your lawn. While a small amount is a good grass fertilizer, if lots of it is in a small area, that results in burnt grass. So when your pet does its business on the same spot, you’ll later notice dog urine spots on the grass.

Besides destroying your grass, urine has a distinct odor caused by bacteria that produce ammonia. You can get rid of the smell with an odor eliminator or try natural solutions like baking soda or white vinegar.

Can Diet Make Urine More Destructive?

Does dog pee kill grass because of your pet’s diet? The food your pal eats can affect the urine’s nitrogen content, leading to lawn damage. Food with more processed proteins can create more nitrogen.

To ensure your pet eats real fresh food and prevent it from killing grass, you should consider preparing the meal at home. Although it takes more time, it’s cheaper and healthier. But you shouldn’t make dietary changes to your dog’s menu without consulting your vet.

Does Gender Affect Urine Damage?

Many dog owners believe that their female dog’s urine is more destructive than a male’s. But is that true? Does female dog pee kill grass? The answer isn’t in different nitrogen levels but in the way male and female dogs pee.

While males lift their legs, and their urine spreads over a bigger area, females usually squat, creating a puddle on a smaller grass area. So that’s why it’s more common to see damaged patches in spots where female dogs do their business.

Any dog that squats to urinate will cause more lawn damage. So, if you wonder, “Does male dog pee kill grass more than female?” the answer is no.

Can Water Consumption Make Urine More Destructive?

Do you know how you can save your lawn naturally without any struggle? All you have to do is to ensure your furry pal stays hydrated. Drinking more water can impact the urine nitrogen concentration, so that’s how to neutralize dog urine on grass.

Drinking more water is also great for your pup’s health. If your doggo doesn’t hydrate enough, you can encourage it by following these tips:

  • Change the water frequently.
  • Put water bowls in many places around your home.
  • Add water to your dog’s food.
  • Make the water tasty. Try adding a bit of peanut butter or a few drops of tuna juice and stir it.
  • Get a dog fountain from Amazon, so your pal will always have clean, fresh, and cold water.
  • Try different water bowls.
dog sniffing grass

How to Detect the Cause of Damaged Grass

You can immediately notice if your dog pee has harmed your yard. You’ll see yellow or brown patches depending on the lawn’s state. This means the grass is dying.

So, how does dog pee kill grass? We know it has to do with the nitrogen content in the urine. But is your furry friend to blame for your dead grass? Here’s how to check:

  • You cannot easily pull up the grass. If you can do that with no force, the roots are weak. In this case, a lawn fungus or a grub might be the cause because dog urine doesn’t affect the roots’ strength.
  • Around the dead grass edge, you see a ring of dark green grass. It happens when the soil contains a small nitrogen amount

When your dog does its business, the urine spreads differently. So, in some spots, instead of getting too much nitrogen, the grass gets just a little boost that helps it grow green.

How to Prevent Dog Pee From Killing Grass

Most people already know that grass and dog urine aren’t best friends. So, if your dog causes the grass to turn yellow, you need to figure out how to solve that. Read some suggestions below.

New Pee Area

If you want to learn how to neutralize dog urine on grass, the most effective way is to train your dog to relieve itself in another place. For example, you can look for a hidden grass area or a non-grassy one.

Although training is a good idea, it can be challenging. You need lots of patience to teach a dog where to do its business. You can try a citrus spray to deter your pet from the old pee spot because dogs don’t like that smell.

When it’s too cold for a walk in the winter, consider getting a doggy litter box on Amazon. That’s an easy and effective way to prevent dog pee from ruining the grass. It’s also an excellent idea for small dogs.

Here are some tips that can help in potty training your dog:

  • Choose a safe spot for your dog to pee.
  • Keep your dog’s “toilet” clean. You can leave a bit of its dog poop on the spot as a reminder. If you leave a lot, your dog may look for another place.
  • When you get to the pee spot outside, use a command word. After your pet relieves itself in the designated place, offer praise and reward.
  • In the beginning, keep your dog on a leash until you fix the problems with your dog’s behavior regarding peeing.
  • If your dog doesn’t want to pee in the chosen spot, don’t reward it and go back inside. Try again a bit later.
  • To learn how to stop a dog from urinating in a certain spot outside, you should pay attention to body language. Dogs usually show when they want to relieve themselves. They start pacing, sniffing, or spinning around. If you notice these signs, take your dog to the designated spot.

Food and Hydration

Your pet’s diet and habits can affect the nitrogen amount in the urine and your lawn health. So, proper nutrition can keep the urine from harming your grass. Drinking plenty of water and taking an adequate nutrient amount can reduce the destructive power of your dog’s urine.

Neutralizing the Area

You can’t entirely prevent your dog from peeing on the grass. But there are ways to reduce the lawn damage the urine causes.

To avoid dog spots on the lawn, you can dilute the nitrogen. Keep an eye on your dog and immediately after it pees, use the hose or a glass of water on the spot. That’s how you can decrease the burn effect in time.

Dog Rocks

Although these dog rocks on Amazon seem somewhat mystical, they can truly work. They’re made from a type of paramagnetic igneous rock naturally occurring in Australia. They can remove various impurities and nitrogen from your dog’s water.

Put these rocks in your dog’s bowl or fountain to remove excess nitrogen. So, instead of being destructive, your dog’s urine will serve as fertilizer and nourish your lawn.

How to Get Rid of Dog Pee Spots on Grass

Even after you’ve successfully diluted your dog’s urine, the grass may still remain yellow for a long time.

Luckily, you can take these simple steps to keep your grass looking good:

  • Water and fertilizer: Good fertilizer and regular watering can revitalize your yellow grass.
  • Replant with stronger dog pee-resistant grass. For example, Kentucky Bluegrass is among the most sensitive ones to dog pee, while Perennial Ryegrass is one of the most resistant.
  • Repair treatment: Use soil cleansers and organic enzymes to remove salts from the grass.

Trying everything in your power won’t be in vain. You need to be consistent and patient to revitalize your grass.


So, does dog pee kill grass? It does. If you share your yard with a furry pal, maintaining the grass clean and green isn’t easy.

Having a beautiful lawn is a lot of work, but it’s worth it. By providing proper training for your dog and persisting with lawn care, you can enjoy your green grass for a long time. To make things easier, you can even get some fake grass for your dog to pee on.

Don’t give up on revitalizing the urine patches. It’s a small price to pay for all the love and happiness your furry pal gives you.

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