Chihuahua is the smallest dog with the biggest energy. It’s not afraid of anything and will try to fight a giant dog in the park while you hide behind the bush.

If you’re thinking about getting a Chihuahua, you’ve probably heard the notorious rumors about the breed’s personality.

They’re undoubtedly biters, but are they capable of hurting or even killing people?

Let’s clear things up and see if you should be worried about the Chihuahua bite force.

Small Dog — Big Bite

When we say “the smallest dog,” we imagine one that looks and behaves like an angel, but that’s not the case with this breed.

It’s an aggressive dog, prone to nipping and biting. Besides love and cuddles, you may get small bruises here and there, because any Chihuahua bites. If not trained right, Chihuahuas use that as a defense mechanism against strangers and other animals, even if not directly attacked.

Having a toy-sized body doesn’t harm their confidence, and they’ll make it clear that you shouldn’t mess with them. 

Reasons Why Chihuahuas Bite

If you already have a Chihuahua or are considering getting one, it’s crucial to know why Chihuahuas bite. Sometimes even their owner might feel attacked by this wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

One of the reasons why these dogs bite is teething. This stage usually passes as soon as their teeth come out, but if not trained well, that habit may turn into aggressive and uncontrolled behavior later in life. 

Also, these dogs hate to be disturbed while sleeping. So, do Chihuahua bites hurt? Wake your dog suddenly, and we guarantee that you won’t do it again.

Chihuahuas aren’t generous by nature. If they possess something valuable, like toys or snacks, they’ll bite everyone they consider a potential threat to their belongings.

They also can become aggressive and start to bite if they’re going through separation anxiety, pain, injury, or fear.

The Shocking Bite Force PSI of the Chihuahua

It’s extraordinary how their tiny appearance doesn’t cooperate with their strong bite force. Don’t underestimate these dogs, or you’ll get bitten and attacked.

But Chihuahuas can bite you even if not provoked. You might think they do this out of love and affection if that makes you feel better.

Is 3,900 PSI Bite Force Too High?

This PSI bite force is high even for a lion. Some researchers stated that the Chihuahua bite force is 3,900 PSI, but compared to other animals, that statement can be considered false. For example, the crocodile has the strongest bite, with 3,700 PSI, and the bite force of a tiger is 1,050 PSI. 

No matter how powerful their bite is, we simply cannot put the Chihuahua next to these strong animals.

What Is the PSI of a Chihuahua Bite?

To determine the PSI of a dog bite, scientists consider the breed’s size of the skull and jaw, among other factors. Even if they use digital bite meters, sometimes dogs won’t give their best bite like they do with food and toys.

The Chihuahua bite force PSI is around 100–180 PSI, and it’s a pretty strong bite force for such a small dog.

Is the Chihuahua’s Bite Really That Dangerous? 

Many pet owners love Chihuahuas. They’re adorable and brilliant dogs. Their reputation for being aggressive is due to that biting tendency. But this bad habit can become dangerous only if they’re not trained or cared for properly.

We cannot blame owners entirely, but a happy and loved dog cannot show aggression all the time. Like any other breed, a Chihuahua can bite when it senses danger in its surroundings. 

So, these little dogs cannot be that dangerous. If the dog is vaccinated, trained, sterilized, and socialized from a young age, pet owners don’t have to worry much about its behavior. Judging by their look, Chihuahuas are far from what’s considered a scary dog breed. 

Chihuahua’s Bite vs Other Dogs

Sometimes, Chihuahuas don’t realize how small they are and tend to be bossy around other dogs. They’ll only get along with dogs that are obedient to their needs and accept that the Chihuahua is the alpha.

Chihuahua bite statistics show many dogs above this breed on the list of the strongest PSI bite forces. The following table will help you to see the big picture:

BreedBite Force PSI
Chihuahua100–180 PSI
Pomeranian100–200 PSI
American Bulldog305 PSI
Cane Corso700 PSI
English Bulldog210 PSI
German Shepherd238 PSI
Dogo Argentino500 PSI

You shouldn’t underestimate the bite force of a Chihuahua. Considering their size and weight, these dogs can play with the “big boys” without a problem.

Reported Incidents Caused by Chihuahua Dogs

Like any other dog, if you mess with a Chihuahua, you’ll provoke some unwanted attitude that can end with dire consequences. 

There are some reported incidents that deserve attention. For instance, there have been Chihuahuas attacking children, and smaller animals and even killing a human.

Are There Any Reports of Fatal Chihuahua Attacks

Accidents happen all the time. But are Chihuahuas aggressive to the point of killing someone? 

From 2005 to 2018, there were two cases in the US in which Chihuahuas were guilty of someone’s death. 

But how can a dog of such size and weight kill anyone? We shouldn’t jump to conclusions. We don’t know anything about the circumstances and the well-being of the dogs involved in fatal accidents.

In contrast, Pit Bulls are guilty of 284 murder cases across the US, making the Chihuahua look far from life-threatening. 

Should Pet Owners Be Worried About Their Well-Being?

Pet owners shouldn’t be worried about whether their Chihuahua will harm them. It’s rather absurd to talk about murdering a family member. 

Considering how much bite force a Chihuahua has, it can be only dangerous for small children and elderly people. Even in those cases, they cannot be aggressive to the extent of killing.

Every responsible pet owner will know how to handle their dog’s aggressive behavior. For starters, it’s crucial to let the dog know the boundaries between playing games and violence.

Can a Chihuahua Bite Off My Finger? 

These dogs cannot bite your finger off, but they can still hurt you really bad. 

If a Chihuahua bites you or someone you know, you need to disinfect the wound and put a bandage on it to heal correctly. As for the dog, make sure you know how to calm an angry dog without causing trauma and disobedience. 

What Can You Do to Help Your Dog?

Like any breed, if you care and work on your dog’s well-being, you’ll receive love and protection in return. If your Chihuahua suffers from anger issues and is prone to biting, here’s what else might help:

  • Mental and physical stimulation
  • Good diet
  • Neutering or spaying
  • Giving it something to bite on, like indestructible chew toys for dogs
  • Coming up with punishments that you’ll use whenever the dog bites aggressively
  • Early socialization with people and animals

These are some tips that may help you train your Chihuahua not to bite. 

But keep in mind that Chihuahua puppies are more likely to stop biting if you train them from a young age instead of waiting for them to grow older.

Don’t Be Ashamed to Seek Professional Help

If your adult Chihuahua hasn’t outgrown its biting habit, you should call your vet or get a professional dog trainer

Some signs that indicate toxic behavior in your dog are:

  •  Biting for no reason
  •  Barking and nipping at familiar and non-familiar people and animals
  •  Refusing to obey your commands to stop bitting 

Remember that you’re not a bad pet parent if you ask for help. Chihuahuas are still loveable dogs with fun personalities. 

So, do Chihuahuas bite? They do, and perhaps pet owners will never know why. The least you can do is let your dog know that it’s hurting people and animals, which isn’t good behavior.

Final Verdict

The Chihuahua bite force remains high for such a small dog. But compared to other breeds, Chihuahuas are pure saints.

While there are some reported incidents with Chihuahuas, don’t judge too fast. These cuties deserve a chance. If you train them, they can become your most loved family member. Chihuahuas can’t bite your finger off, but their aggression can get on your nerves. You can manage that by giving calming treats to your dog, lots of love, and attention. After all, it takes a village to raise a dog!

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