If you want to give your dog something to chew on, you’ve probably considered Nylabones. Treats like these are supposedly good for the teeth, and give your dog something to do instead of tearing up your favorite slippers.

But there are a lot of mixed reviews. So are Nylabones safe for dogs? Well, let’s explore all the pros and cons of including them in your dog’s diet. We’ll go through all the facts as they stand:

What Is a Nylabone?

Manufacturing since 1955, the Nylabone brand prides itself on providing the best chew treats and toys for dogs of any breed or size. The company is popular among dog owners worldwide and uses veterinarian advice to create its products.

Unlike rib bones for dogs, Nylabones are generally made out of plastic. Also, they’re meant to be chewed on but not swallowed. They’re good for providing plenty of entertainment and even at-home dental care for your dog. 

Types and Flavors

The brand offers more than the classic bone. It also makes various chew treats and toys, edible versions of its flagship product, and a line specifically for puppies. Other products include: 

  • Power Chew
  • Dura Chew
  • Flexi Chew
  • Healthy Edibles
  • Primal Instinct
  • Nutri Dent

Many of the flavored Nylabone are safe to swallow treats made with real meat. Some of the chew toys also have flavors. Multiple online Nylabone reviews show that the Dura Chew is among the company’s most popular products. 

Nylabones vs Benebones — Pros and Cons

Another big player in the dog chew toy market is Benebones. Both brands are big names for chewing bones and dental dog care treats, but how do they stack up against each other? Let’s find out.


  • Pro: No artificial flavorings 
  • Pro: Promote oral health
  • Con: Not appropriate for aggressive chewers


  • Pro: Incredibly durable
  • Pro: Great for dogs’ teeth
  • Pro: Bacon flavor
  • Con: Made from Nylon, which can be dangerous for smaller breeds

Nylabone Benefits

Are Nylabones good for dogs? Yes! The brand manufactures and sells products with many benefits for dogs, including: 

  • Great outlet for a dog’s destructive behavior
  • Good for preventing boredom
  • Helps with stress and separation anxiety
  • Good for a dog’s dental health
  • Great for maintaining a dog’s healthy weight
  • Suitable for training a puppy
Dog with Nylabone

Are Nylabones Safe for Dogs?

Nylabone products are usually very safe for a dog to consume. They’re durable and reusable, hold plenty of flavor over time, and you can combine them with other dog treats and chews. 

Nylabones are made out of biodegradable materials. While that can be a challenge for puppies and older dogs, the company has product lines specifically for these age groups. 

But if you’re worried, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your dog eating Nylabone products. That’s always good practice whenever you introduce a new treat or toy. 

Disclaimer and Recalls

The official Nylabone disclaimer reminds consumers that the non-edible range isn’t meant for consumption. Also, the company states that tiny fibers bitten off during chewing could pass through a dog’s digestion without issue. If your pet swallows any bigger pieces, Nylabone advises you to contact a vet immediately. 

We also have to note that the brand has been forced to issue a recall over one of its products in the past. In 2015, the Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit was found to contain Salmonella traces. All products from this range, manufactured in April, could have been contaminated as a result.

A similar Nylabone recall was issued back in 2001. One of the leading chew toys, Nylabone Plaque Attackers, was found to be splintering during use. The company’s advice for owners stated that they should throw these old products away.

Possible Risks of Nylabones

Even with the recalls mentioned above, Nylabone products are still generally safe for your dog. But it’s crucial to note that they can carry risks over prolonged use. Be mindful of the following:

  • Nylabones can sometimes be too hard for your dog’s teeth, and your dog may suffer dental degradation trying to chew them.
  • An edible Nylabone swallowed can cause problems for your dog. If the pieces are too big, they could obstruct your pet’s digestive tract.
  • Some owners have found that Nylabone products can wear down quickly, especially if they have a frequent chewer. That can make any chew toy or treat dangerous to use.

To avoid such risks, you can try vet-recommended dog chews instead.

How to Choose the Right Nylabones for Your Dog

Depending on the dog’s age, size, typical behavior, and love of chewing, you can pick various Nylabone products for your four-legged friend. Plus, the brand makes both non-edible and edible chews and chews for dogs with powerful jaws. 

Ultimately, it’s up to which product your dog enjoys. But are Nylabones good for dogs? They are, as long as you buy the appropriate one for your dog’s age and chewing habits

Nylabone Safety Tips

Never leave your dog alone with a Nylabone. Keeping an eye on them while they’re chewing it will ensure your pet’s safety. 

Also, remember that all products wear down. Check the Nylabone frequently and throw it when you notice wear and tear.

Can Dogs Ingest Nylabone? 

As the official Nylabone disclaimer states, it’s normal for dogs to chew off tiny Nylabone pieces and swallow them without issue. As these fibers are too small to cause an obstruction, they’ll normally pass through your dog’s system.

But when it comes to biting off or breaking down bigger pieces, you shouldn’t allow your dog to continue using the chew. These pieces can easily get stuck in your dog’s system and even the airway. As a result, your pet will need immediate vet attention. 

What to Do if Your Dog Eats a Piece of Nylabone

While Nylabones are among the best ways to calm an anxious dog, they can also cause panic if your dog eats a non-edible one. If that happens, avoid further Nylabone problems by calling a vet immediately. 

If your pet swallows a big piece, there’s a good chance it could block your dog’s digestive system. Besides, it may also get stuck in the throat on the way down, in which case you’ll need a vet’s assistance as soon as possible.

When to Throw Away a Nylabone

You should throw away a Nylabone when it becomes too frayed, or you see pieces of it coming off or missing. You shouldn’t let your dog chew it past this point, as it could become a danger to its health. A broken Nylabone is much easier to swallow accidentally.

Nylabone Alternatives

There are many safe chewing toys for dogs on the market. If you don’t like or trust the Nylabone brand, you can choose from one of these alternatives: 

  • Bully Sticks — They’re excellent for dogs who love to chew, but note that they can carry a strong smell. 
  • Kong Toys — The Extreme Goodie Bone on Amazon is made of rubber, and you can fill it with treats for your dog’s enjoyment.
  • Beef Cheek Rolls — These Amazing Dog Treats on Amazon are great for powerful chewers and are protein-made rawhide alternatives. 
  • Raw BonesA clean, raw bone can be great for oral health and a wonderfully nutritious treat. Turkey bones for dogs are a brilliant chew alternative.


So, are Nylabones safe for dogs? Yes, Nylabones can be beneficial for dogs of all ages and sizes. 

If you’re still concerned about the brand, be sure to watch your dog when chewing a Nylabone. Also, throw away the bone before it becomes too frayed. Finally, you can check out our other articles on chew toys and how they affect your dog’s health.

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