Are you curious to find out what the most popular cat breeds are? Who wouldn’t be? Cats allure us with their fluffy coats, chunky paws, and breathtaking eyes.

Did you know that the first domesticated cat appeared around 10,000 years ago in the Middle East? To this day, we’re not sure why cats even bother with humans, but we certainly don’t mind having them around at all times. 

So let’s dive into the fascinating feline world.

Introducing the World of Purr-fect Cat Breeds

Some breeds are famous for their appearance, others for their ancestry, but they all win our hearts with their dignified manner.

Most Popular Cat Breeds in the World

Much like “The Aristocats”, these breeds are worth checking out. We can’t help but sing “Everybody wants to be a cat” as we go through these majestic representatives: 


If alien cats existed, they’d look like the Sphynx. These cats are a bundle of energy and always up for a performance, whether it’d be jumping from cupboards, perching on shoulders, or running from wall to wall. It’s a popular breed of cat that also enjoys cuddling. Since they don’t have fur, a nice cozy lap provides them with much-needed warmth. 

Fun Fact: The Sphynxs’s body temperature is four degrees warmer than other cats to protect them from the cold. 

Oriental Shorthair

The Oriental Shorthair is a brilliant cat with bat-like ears, elongated head, and slender legs. It’s a crossbreed between a Siamese, Abyssinian, and a Russian Blue, famous for its friendly but demanding temperament. Also, they’re among the coolest cat breeds and outstanding trick performers. 

Fun Fact: The Oriental Shorthair comes in 300 coat and pattern combinations, making it the most diverse cat breed globally. 

Domestic Shorthair

Big, chunky, furry, and one of the most popular cat breeds in the world — the Domestic Shorthair is a mix of breeds in all colors and sizes. While a cat DNA test won’t provide any specific ancestry details, it’s believed that this cat made its way to America by sailing on the Mayflower as rodent control. That’s why their thrill for hunting has little to do with hunger, and they can spend around six hours just tracking their prey. While this breed’s variety knows no bounds, all representatives share common traits, including muscular bodies, rounded heads and paws, and medium-length tails. 

Fun Fact: 90–95% of American house cats are Domestic Shorthair, so the US is home to around 80 million of these pets. 


We can’t talk about famous cat breeds without mentioning the Ragdoll. Like rag doll toys, these creatures can’t help but turn limp when picked up. They’re medium to large cats with a striking semi-long coat that’s silky and plush to the touch. The breed has large eyes in astonishing blue shades. 

Fun Fact: The cat Josephine can be traced as the Ragdolls’ ancestor. In 1946, Josephine’s unique kittens caught the attention of Ann Baker. She saw that as a business opportunity and founded her cat association. Baker had very strict rules regarding this popular breed of cats, and breeders had to pay a licensing fee and commission every time they sell a kitten from her breed line.


The Abyssinian has a reddish coat and bright almond-shaped eyes. These cuties are active, lively, and, like the Siamese, want to spend as much time as possible with their owners. They’re known as the “clowns of the cat world” as they’ll constantly amuse you with acrobatic stunts. But that’s not their only nickname. These felines are also called “energizer bunnies,” as they’re always on the move.


It’s no surprise that they’re among the most common cat breeds in the US. They charm us with their beautiful blue eyes, luxurious coats, and distinct personalities. Siamese cats interact with their owners in many ways, the most vocal being their pitched cry, known as “meezer.” Owning a Siamese is a big commitment. They don’t fare well in situations where they’re left alone, and some can get melancholy.

Fun Fact: Siamese cats originated in Siam (today’s Thailand). They were known as good fortune cats, making them popular pets among the royal families and religious leaders.

Exotic Shorthair

Exotics are the short-haired version of the Persian cat. Like their fluffy cousins, these cats are peaceful and affectionate. Their mellow nature makes them ideal for apartments. They have round faces and thick bodies. Curious and playful, they get on well with cats and dogs, so they fall among the most popular friendly cat breeds. You don’t need to decide between cats vs dogs, as Exotics can live in perfect harmony with any pet.

Schottish Fold

This breed was initially named Lops, after the lop-eared rabbit. But in 1966, these cats were officially named Schottish Fold to honor their extraordinary trait and birthplace. Everything about them is round — their bodies, faces, muzzles, and eyes. They’re also sweet, laid-back, and kind. And even though they’re pretty clever, they aren’t demanding or pushy. Schottish Folds usually don’t shy away from strangers as they love people. 

Fun Fact: You can’t see their folds when they’re babies because all kittens are born with straight ears. 

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are at the top of the biggest domesticated cat breeds. They’re so goofy that they’re also called clown cats. Many cat owners love these large cats because of their laid-back nature and kind personality. They’re considered brilliant and can recognize words and commands. In contrast to other cats, these giants adore spending time in snow and water. 

Fun Fact: The Maine Coon has a ringtail similar to a raccoon, which is why ‘coon’ was added to their breed name. 


It’s difficult to resist the allure of a long-haired Persian cat. They have lovely silk fur, charming smooshed faces, and a pleasant temperament. Unsurprisingly, this is among the world’s most popular long-haired cat breeds. They have a long history of being wonderful lap cats and affectionate friends.

Fun Fact: Persians have been a historically popular cat breed among celebrities and royal families. Queen Victoria had two, as well as Merlyn Monroe and Florence Nightingale. 


Is this gorgeous feline a cat or a tiny leopard? It’s both! The Bengal cat is a hybrid between the Asian Leopard cat and a domestic cat. They’re gifted with a luxurious coat filled with gorgeous spots called rosettes. Even though they’re domestic, these cats remain curious, strong-willed, and demanding. They’re incredible at jumping, leaping, and performing air tricks. 


The majestic Savannah is among the most popular exotic cat breeds worldwide. It’s bigger than a regular cat and can grow up to 17 inches. The African Serval is its wild predecessor. These cats have a beautiful spotted coat, large ears, and a thin frame. Also, they’re very inquisitive and enjoy human company. But to get their affection, you must provide plenty of playtime.

The Meaning Behind the Strange & Puzzling Cat Language

Even popular cats can behave in ways we find unusual. But there are logical and reasonable explanations behind their bizarre behavior. Let’s see what they are. 

Ears bent forward: The cat’s telling you that it’s curious and ready to play. 

Flat, pinned back ears: Your cat’s probably irritated, intimidated, or fearful. 

The feline love for boxes: Small spaces make cats feel safe as opposed to sleeping in an open area where predators might attack them. 

Putting its paws on your face: When your cat gently touches your face, that’s a sign of love. But if it slaps you, your cat might be annoyed by you.

Kneading: Even the most popular cat breeds love making biscuits with their paws. If a cat starts rubbing up against you or kneading, it wants to leave a scent on you. They do this as a sign of ownership and affection. 

Showing off the butt: In cat language, turning their butts and lifting their tails is like hugging or greeting a friend in human language.

Winking: Whether it’s from its favorite cat tree or the sofa, when your cat winks at you, it gives you a “cat kiss.” It means that your pet feels comfortable and safe around you. 

Rolling: All pets, including the most popular cats, like to roll around on the floor. Cats like attention and one way to ask for it is to roll at your feet. 

Bringing dead animals: Cats are born hunters, so sometimes they bring you a dead present to show how much they love and appreciate you.

Wrap up of the Mysterious & Most Popular Cat Breeds of 2022

Have you ever wondered how many cats are in the world? Considering we have to count all domestic, stray, and feral cats, it’s challenging to come up with a precise number.

There are many beautiful feline breeds out there, but the best one is probably laying on your lap right now. While some cats, like the Domestic Shorthair, are natural hunters, others, like the Ragdoll, are more laid-back. In any case, even the most popular cat breeds have a rather peculiar persona. So make sure to get acquainted with their behavior, or you might end up getting scratched.

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