Are you thinking of getting a Flame Point Siamese? It’s a beautiful cat breed. The mating between a Siamese and a red or orange American Shorthair produces this reddish-gold creature with striking blue eyes. 

The breed brings together its parents’ distinct personality traits. You can easily recognize it by its red, flame-like points. Due to their unusual appearance, intelligence, and outgoing personality, these cats have grown in popularity worldwide. Let’s learn more about the breed, including:

Let’s start at the beginning.

Origin & History of the Flame Point Siamese Cat

The Flame Point Siamese mix, also known as Red Point Siamese, is a relatively young breed. It’s existed for less than 100 years. The breed originated in the UK in 1930 and has been incredibly rare ever since. 

It took some time for clubs to recognize the breed, but it still gathered many fans. These cats were first accepted for CFA registration in 1967

The term “Flame point” came about with the color similarity to a flame or fire. Flame Point cats are just one of the many Siamese breeds — others have cream, chocolate, blue, or even lilac points.

How Did the Flame Point Siamese Cat Become Popular?

Their striking colors helped. It’s very challenging to breed these cats with orange point patterns, making them rare. Once these cats were bred in the UK, it wasn’t too long before their popularity exploded. By the 1950s and 1960s, they had gained popularity worldwide. 

Incredibly loving and with a high companionship need, the Flame Point Siamese are the happiest wherever their owners are. They’ll love to stay by your side while you work or watch TV. But having a rare breed comes at a price.

Physical Appearance

The Flame Point Siamese characteristics don’t differ much from other modern Siamese cats. They all have slim bodies and strong legs. But instead of black or dark brown patterns, a Flame Point Siamese has red or orange markings. Also, it has an ivory, cream-colored body with darker markings on the face, paws, ears, and tail. All the kittens are born white, so it may take a year before color points appear. 

The typical cat of this breed has an average height of 16–21 inches. Males tend to weigh a bit more, generally between 9–14 pounds. 

Living With a Flame Point Siamese 

Siamese cats are among the oldest domesticated cat breeds. They were guards to royals and still carry an elegant look. 

The cross between the Siamese and American Shorthair is unique. Here are several reasons why.

Flame Point Siamese Temperament & Intelligence

These cats are sweet, social, and highly intelligent. They combine the best qualities of their parents. And since their activity levels differ, they’re equally happy to play and relax, making them excellent family pets.

With their vibrant personalities, Flame Point Siamese cats will keep you busy, and you’ll genuinely feel that you have a furry friend at home. To return the favor and keep your cat occupied while you’re gone, you can research and pick the best cat tree for your pet.

Note that Red Point Siamese is among the most vocal cat breeds. They use their voice to tell you what they want and how they feel.

cute siamese kitten

Food & Diet

Like most cats, this breed needs a balanced diet. Being ancestors of wild cats, they require a high protein intake, but it’s equally important to ensure it comes from a high-quality source.

To prevent Flame Point Siamese health issues, you should find a good dry and wet food combination. Monitoring your cat’s weight and keeping it active are the crucial factors that can improve its life.


Grooming a Flame Tip Siamese is easy because it has short hair and doesn’t shed much. To keep your cat’s coat looking healthy and shiny, brush it at least once a week. Note that the breed can be sensitive to harsh touches, so you should pick a soft brush, like the Celemoon on Amazon. 

There’s no need to worry about bathing either. Short-haired cats are generally self-sufficient in the cleaning department, but their nails need trimming every couple of weeks. You should also check their ears every now and then. All you need to do is remove the longest hairs, leaving a very short length for the most natural look.


You can tailor an individual preventive plan and avoid future risks if you know all the Flame Point Siamese health issues.  The main health problems that this breed is prone to include:

  • Polycystic Kidney Disease. These cats are prone to hereditary kidney problems, known as Polycystic Kidney Disease (Polycystic Renal Disease). Early symptoms include excessive drinking and urinating, which is another reason to monitor your cat’s behavior closely. 
  • Retinal atrophy. It’s an inherited late-onset blindness condition that comes with progressive degeneration of the retina’s photoreceptors (rods and cones).
  • Arthritis. Age, injury, and obesity are all factors contributing to arthritis. If your Flame Point Siamese is young, you can do your best to prevent this with proper diet and exercise.
  • PICA syndrome. A Red Siamese cat can also be prone to pica. Cats with this condition eat non-food items like plants, yarn, wool, clothing, and even electrical cords.

Future owners should know about these issues and be prepared to provide extra care. The breed lives long but needs constant monitoring. One of the best ways to increase its lifespan is to keep its weight within the norm.


The average Flame Point Siamese lifespan is 15–20 years. Thanks to better community education and advances in veterinary medicine, cats live longer today than they did in previous decades. But 20 years is still a really long lifespan for a cat. 

Diet and regular preventive veterinary care can help to keep your cat healthy. Plus, quality pet care can extend your feline’s life.

How Do You Get a Flame Point Siamese?

Since it’s a rare breed, you should purchase from a reputable breeder. Avoid pet shops. 

Make sure you visit the breeder’s home before committing to a purchase. Although each breeder has their own way of managing their cattery, the home should be clean and relatively odor-free. The kittens should look curious and full of energy. Also, responsible Flame Point Siamese breeders should offer a health guarantee and provide registration papers

How Much Does a Flame Point Siamese Cost?

The price usually ranges between $400 and $1000

If you buy a cat from well-known breeders, expect to pay more. The price can go as high as $2000 for a kitten. As a rare cat breed, these cats are among the more expensive ones. Still, it doesn’t hurt to check the local shelters instead and consider Flame Point Siamese for adoption. 

Fun and Interesting Facts

Aside from their charming appearance, these cats have amazing abilities and unique behavior. Here are five fun facts about this beloved breed:

  • Extroverts of the world. Ask any Flame Point Siamese lover, and they’ll confirm that the cats have lovely personalities. These social pets turn the charm up when they’re happily engaged with people.
  • Love to chatter. These cats make themselves heard. When they need your attention, they’ll let you know.
  • Bossy over other cats and even dogs. These cats begin to show a more dominant behavior once they reach about two years. Also, they’ll occasionally fight for territory or resources they value.
  • Only 25% of Flame Point Siamese cats are born female. They’re energetic and active, while male cats are calmer and quieter. 
  • They aren’t born with points. A Flame Point Siamese kitten enters this world with a pure white coat and no orange markings. Their first points usually appear in two years. 
  • They share many traits with the Flame Point Ragdolls. Both have bodies in an ivory shade of white with orange points on the head, legs and tail. The mix of these breeds is known as a Flame Point Siamese Ragdoll cross.

Training Tips

If you’ve chosen this breed, prepare to look after an energetic cat. As Flame Point Siamese cats have a playful nature, some crumbled paper or a toy can entertain them for hours, or at least until their next nap. They love interactive games and you can even teach them to fetch.

If you want to let your cat outside, start training it from a young age. Take it on walks around the garden or neighborhood and practice leaving it with a harness for short periods indoors. 


If you want a beautiful and exotic-looking cat, the Flame Point Siamese is an excellent choice. Its sweet and playful nature can bring joy to any home. While they can be vocal and territorial, if you get used to this cat, your life will change for the better.


How to tell if a Flame Point Siamese is purebred?

The best way to find out is to examine the fur. The most defining characteristic is a short cream coat with red points on different areas. Also, ask the breeder for paperwork or conduct a  cat breed DNA test.

Is Flame Point Siamese hypoallergenic?

Yes, it is. The Flame Point Siamese is recommended as one of the best breeds for people with allergies. Plus, you won’t have to spend hours grooming it.

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